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  1. Three word story (game)

    trashing about in
  2. There used to be swamps and bogs in Medieval Europe and there are still some in less densely populated areas (such as in areas that used to be off-limits during the Cold War). Not sure how much the lizard lions can be cited as an example since they live in a cold, northern swamp the likes of which exist in Europe but don't really house large reptiles in our world, and really the Nevk doresn't exactly bring the Everglades or the Bayou to mind, but rather the large swamps of parts of Scandinavia or the Baltic area, And southern Spain in very hot and dry, kind of like Dorne. But I agree that there are elements from various continents in Westeros, best example: Littlefinger's symbol is a mockingbird. There are no Mockingbirds native to Europe. So unless Baelish derives his emblem from some sort of mythical creature, Westeros features some new world fauna. Also iirc the Riverlands have redwoods. Redwoods aren't native to Europe either.
  3. Is Tysha in Sothoryos?

    Agreed. I don't really think we have time left to send someone to Sothoryos if he wants to finish in two books. And if Tysha is in Sothoryos but we never get to see it/hear about it/even get any sort of clue. Then that would be pretty pointless.
  4. Is Tysha in Sothoryos?

    Tysha = Daario Naharis? ^This. I doubt "Wherever Whores Go" is a specific place or that it was meant to be anything beyond "What do I know/care?". Though it does sound kinda like "Where the Wild Things Are", maybe they are islands next to each other and the kid from the book travels t that second island once he's grown up in the edgy sequel. Though I will admit that I am open to consider that she's the Sailor's Wife, if only because she has a daughter named Lanna (who might be Tyrions) since we've met another prostitute who had King Robert's child and named her Barra. Barra/Baratheon - Lanna/Lannister. At least this can be considered a clue.
  5. Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    So what I got from the OP is that they are implying that GRRM is endlessly plagiarizing himself again and again (like Rob Liefeld but less bad) to the point where we can glean info on (supposed) hidden mysteries in ASoIaF from his various other works. And somehow this makes Lyanna a super-special-awesome Greenseer who hands out Direwolf puppies to Starks in need. Serious mode: Yes, an author can have favourite tropes and themes, but skilled writers are capable of using those tropes in different ways that don't necessarily interconnect their works or make them mirror images of one another.
  6. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    OMG and it's a whole series...well I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway....
  7. I challenge you to justify supporting the Others winning

    There isn't one. GRRM can say they "aren't evil" as much and as loud as he wants, he has yet to even hint at that in the books. And it would be very hard to justify wholesale genocide and turning their victims into zombies. If there is something worse they are running from or some cosmic balance reason why they have to go South they could still at least TRY to communicate that...or at least not defile the dead of their victims by animating them to battle their former friends and loved ones. So, yes there can be a lot of justification for why the Others need to go south, but none for the way they go about it. Still wouldn't be their position to decide that for the humans and exterminate the good along with the bad.
  8. Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    I thought The World Of Warcraft was a MMO... Why can't we have nice Kings?
  9. The Others: Why now?

    I'm still saying they have noticed that the Night's Watch has dwindled to practically nothing. So they have decided that now would be a good time to attack. Of the reasons you named I only see 6 happening. 4 is only slightly less stupid than the "theory" that they come because "nasty awful" Catelyn despoiled the "pure purity pureness" of the "Perfect Northerners(tm)" with her "awful nasty Southron" Sept in Winterfell. I still say those words amount to nothing more than "someone has to hold down the fort"
  10. Why women don't take black

    Let's not argue about which inhumane cult with lifetime membership is the worse one. I know this comes down to personal preference, but if my only choice was between either death or joining the NW/SS, I'd rather be a Silent Sister in the Reach or the Crownlands than a NW member on the fracking Wall.
  11. Three word story (game)

    on the back
  12. King without Cock

    It would be nothing like the Norman Invasion and it would be something incredibly random and incredibly pointless. The Vikings had at least the intelligence to become sessile and farm their lands with the wealth they accured. The Ironborn are too stupid for even that, as history shows. Plus Theon doesn't possess very good leadership qualities. You don't even explain how this is supposed to go down. Does Theon just sit on down on the Throne say "it's my spot" and everybody shrugs and goes "okay"?
  13. Why Tywin doesn't use Faceless men to kill Stannis

    Yeop pretty much, they'd ask for Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella. Tywin's legacy for Stannis' legacy. Tywin is many horrible things, but he's no so blinded by hate that he would destroy himself just to destroy his enemy. It's Cersei who would be so dumb, but even with her a LOT more would have to happen before she gives up her kids just to kill a single enemy of hers.
  14. What would be the point of breaking the Seven Kingdoms up? They aren't separated by any language barrier, their cultural barriers are in most cases either non-existant (everything between the Neck and Dorne) or negligible. A unified land offers greater mobility and safety for trade. The Dornish were already making plans to restore the Targaryen dynasty and the Ironborn don't deserve to be independent. They need to be kept under the heel so they don't start raping and plundering the entire western coast again. Also what trouble would be "solved"? First you have the Ironborn on the loose again, and look at Euron to see what a "good" idea that is by itself, then you'll have several parties fight over the Crownlands, then the old border disputes between Dorne and the Stormlands/the reach flare up again. Tywin might move into the Riverlands, maybe into the Reach, because he most definitely would not be "fine" with having his power base ruined. The Tyrell's meanwhile are interested in safety not power, and without any sort of Crown authority backing those upjumped Stewards I can see several of the Reach houses rebelling in a heartbeat, plunging the whole region in civil war and making it easy fodder for the surrounding kingdoms. Congratulations! You have just started six mayor flashpoints. What trouble was "solved"? I really don't get where people get this nonsense idea that the Westeros would be better off being split up... Well...I suppose the only trouble that would be "solved" would be that the Dornish would have an easier time with their Targaryen restoration. They might be able to host Viserys, Daenerys and Rhaegar (if he is genuine) and start their reconquest sooner. Which of course means no Dragons for the War for the Dawn. Congratulations, you might have just doomed humanity.
  15. Why women don't take black

    Westeros is a extremely primitive, extremely patriarchal society with strong gender roles. In general Westerosi women are barred from martial carriers. The only female fighters we meet during the story are fighters either because of circumstance or because their fathers indulged their whims. Also PFFFFFFFT! Joining the cultist border patrol in the worst place in all of Westeros is not a "right"...in most cases it's a sentence! Most of the members of the Night's Watch are at the Wall because they were either pressured to take the black (usually at the PAIN OF DEATH) or outright forced. Where is there any "right" in there? Why force more innocents to suffer that fate?