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  1. Nah He was too busy warging Edmure, Daario and a random pheasant at the time.
  2. I noticed you feel attacked quite easily and seem to think in absolutes. I'm not talking about people who quote passages complete passages for clarity (to follow up on the other post that upset you so much) or notice some symbols that are definitely there. I'm talking about the more far-out cases that really quote whole chapters or who insist that every single thing in there series is a symbol (Sansa did something at the hur of the Bat -> it's because of her Whent heritage!!!11!!!!, some random black alley cat was described as a black bastard ->It's warged by Bloodraven!!!!!) Look up the Old Varys is a Merman crackpot to understand the levels I'm talking about. But if you choose to feel attacked, despite it not being my intention, there's not really anything I can do about it. I would like to say that I'm sorry, but I am not, so that would be lying.
  3. Thank you! I wish I could like your post just for that. The fandom has taken those things to ridiculous levels. Sadly i don't get the reference, but in my defense I'm quite sleep deprived and will go to bed after this message. Silly me! Character with Q.... OMG, she was Quinn Morgendorffer from Daria????
  4. I can only say again that I laughed out loud when the training method of the Unsullied was described. Such ridiculous, over-the-top villainy And I found a lot of what we saw of Ramsay very entertaining, he's just so happy about being a ridiculous cartoon bad guy.
  5. So...another joke thread, only this time it makes up a ridiculous theory for comedic effect rather than turning a simple fact into a theory?
  6. ^What he said. Also; is this even a theory if it doesn't quote entire chapters et verbatim, highlighting random words using HTML colours?
  7. Quaithe is the mother and daughter of Mellisandre. No but seriously, I'd say Quaithe of Asshai is Quaithe of Asshai and nobody else.
  8. What? Nah....! Next you're gonna tell us that the Mountain and the Hound are brothers (anybody remember that thread? ) Still I like this thread better than 95% of other crackpot threads.
  9. Yup definitely doesn't sound like Elves. No George, I believe you, the CotF aren't your version of Elves. No. Not at all. No. It's just a coincidence that they are long-lived, magical, close to nature and are past their prime and fading in the "world of men".
  10. Again. Even if that were the case. So. Freaking. What? What do you want now? Do you want us all to swear an oath how "nasty ebil and possibly smelly as well" Jon Snow is? Because I'd have to decline that, on account of multiple reasons. Yeah sucked to be those serving men I guess, but such is Westeros, it's a brutal, primitive society where people were in much higher risk of being killed than today. Nobody's gonna avenge the Boltons. Nobody. Anywhere. Ever. So Mance, and Jon, would still be safe. The Seven simply don't exist and the Old Gods are the uploaded minds of the Children of the Forest, who right now only care about how to deal with the Others. So there wouldn't be any divine retribution either. And this is a series where most heroic characters frequently do shady or downright repulsive things. This leads to the question....so what? To which nobody has given an answer yet.
  11. Or removing a problematic Warden of the north that caused strive and disunity throughout the region would have helped uniting the North against the Others... And sorry, I cannot take anybody seriously who calls Marsh "Poor Bowen Marsh" in a way that's not meant to be irronic. "Awww poor widdle Mawshy..." "Go 'way ebil Jon Snu, only wan be a gud Watch!" This is basically what I've been trying to explain for the last few days, thanks for listing it up like that again
  12. Oh man "for teh Watchz!!!!!!!!" eh? Sure thing Yes i fault Bowen. If Jon's death would stick, he would have killed one of the few people who actually recognize the actual threat the Others pose and is willing to do the dirty work that's needed to survive them. Yes, rules are important. But sometimes rules ought to be broken. Jon broke the rules by having Wildlings and Stannis at the wall, but well, it's the Apocalypse and old rules ought to be broken if anything in Westeros is supposed to survive. Blindly following rules isn't going to help anybody. And no I won't fault Jon for undertaking a covert operation to liberate his sister and then refusing the demands of a sadist to hand over civilians that are under his protection (remember the letter asks for Shireen, Mellisandre and Selyse as well) But then again the way you fault Jon, you probably also fault Jaime for preventing Aeries from blowing up King's Landing, eh? And still nobody has given me a good reason why I should care about whether what Mance did was "against the guest rights" in a series where the heroes of the story frequently act immoral. Either you guys really hate Jon and just want an echo chamber of that sentiment, or you guys really, really like Ramsay and want to defend your sweet little sadist. Or where those nameless serving men your favourite characters? You guys are really just blaming Mance for being smart about the whole thing. Also I just poked around google a bit, there's nothing that explicitly says that the Wildlings even hold the guest right that highly, recognize it by the same categories or indeed whether they have it at all... ^This.
  13. Aside form all the flaws of an idea like that: But that's the problem, the moment we accept the theory that the Seven work through human proxies, then we can't be sure anymore which actions are taken in their service and which are not. The Maiden is associated with virgins and singers. Maybe she sent Mance, a singer, to avenge and save Jeyne Pool (who until recently was a maiden) And actions in service of the gods couldn't be sins,now could they? So using that argument to expect divine wrath to rain down upon Mance/Jon/Mel for breaking the guest rights agains those "poor innocent widdle Boltons" (even if they had broken it) is basically useless. The Guest Right isn't so highly regarded because "the gods say so", but because it was an important custom that allowed violent societies (such as the Westerosi one) to function (and it was still broken often enough). And since society in the North and the Riverlands has all but collapsed anyway, well...
  14. Oh defenitely. And if there's a point when the Westerosi might accept the replacement of a Great House would be the return of the Targaryens and the War for the Dawn, definitely is it.
  15. I don't think a new house will be picked, unless Daenerys remains so pissed at the Baratheons that she personally makes sure that the name and colours never rise again. Consider that in the vale they are just preparing to turn Harry Hardying into Harry Arryn just so they can keep the ruling name and banner, I'm sure they can find some vaguely-Baratheon related person to become the next Lord Baratheon. Westeros likes continuity.