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  1. Westeros has had a medieval society for supposedly thousands of years, ours lasted a few hundred.
  2. But they haven't advanced at all, all of recorded human history is only about 6000 yrs.the earliest form of writing, sumerians, cuneiform whatever, up to now, with space flight, penicillin, and Google, some the same amount of time.
  3. I've had mistrust for cotf before I read Dance, after reading Brans chapters in the cave I'm even more wary of them, their motivations, and those creepy undying trees that seem to enjoy blood. The Others take you, the Others take your eyes. In the books it's always the Others take someone or something but the WW never actually take anything but lives. The Cotf, however seem to have hunted and taken animals, humans and giants, and brought them back to BR cave to be placed in niches carved into the stone and Wed to the tree against their will. I say against their will because no Giant, Bear, or Wolf would willingly be Wed to a tree, allowing roots to grow through their bodies. I think these were early experiments with magic resulting in skinchanging and greenseeing.
  4. It could also be explained by the fact that when the NW started there was no written language for a few thousand years, only first men runes.
  5. I believe that A Game of Thrones is the book that gives the most insight when trying to predict future events. Thoughts?
  6. I have never trusted the histories of Westeros, especially the earlier tales which were all written down hundreds maybe thousands of years after the fact, and had been told countless times between the events themselves and the transcribing into "Andlish" Dawn Age 12,000 -10,000 yrs Before Aegons Conquest- Arrival of First men, beginning of conflict with CotF, lasts for centuries. Heroes age 10,000 BC CotF nearly wiped out, flood the neck, First men/Cotf sign a pact. Long Night 8,000 BC Men and Cotf join forces to beat back WW. Heroes age ends 6,000 bc when the andals arrive. I have always had a problem with this account, starting with the fact that Dawn should come after Night, not before. Men are not likely to have made peace with their enemy on the verge of extinction, Men would only be willing to make peace if they were truly threatened. I believe the old stories about the Others are actually referring to the CotF. CotF are the actual Others. In AGoT Old Nan is interrupted when she's about to talk more in depth about the Others, who hate iron (cotf- no metal), fire (an intruder in BR cave) , and the touch of the sun ( we see Leaf outside the cave only after night has fallen). Later, Maester Luwin is interrupted when he's about to talk about the Cotf. I believe Men crossed the Arm of Dorne during an Ice age around 8,000 yrs BC, serious conflict with CotF didn't start until hundreds of years later as more men kept encroaching. During this time the Ice age ended, flooding the Neck and sinking the Arm of Dorne. Men being bigger, stronger, and better armed were eventually going to drive the CotF to extinction. 6,500-5,500 BC Long Night, the CotF create the WW to combat Men, Men start losing the War and become willing to make Peace. The Pact is signed, ending the Long Night, the Wall is built, NW formed. Dawn of Heroes lasts till 2,500-1,500 bc, then the andals come to Westeros, write everything down.
  7. The amount of times Rhaegar is mentioned in Dany chapters is secondary in my mind to the many visions she has, being the face behind his helmet, seeing herself fighting as Rhaegar, the vision of him holding a baby(Jon) IMO.
  8. In the books the name Rhaegar is written nearly 160 times, 55 of those are Dany. Dany thinks about Rhaegar a lot, she sees him in visions, sees herself as Rhaegar, asks questions of those who knew him. The next three highest are Cersei-20(all from AFFC), Jaime-16(Storm-9, Feast-7, and Ned-15(AGoT). Jon thinks about Rhaegar 1 time, and he only thinks about him in passing as he is thinking about Donal Noye, the one armed blacksmith that forged Roberts War hammer,the one that crushed the life from the Targaryen Prince. Does this mean anything, no idea, but Dany is nearly obsessed with him.
  9. I think it's possible that he had good intentions, but is now a puppet, controlled by the Weir. the trees that never die being a single organism. Everything is cyclical. There is a natural cycle of birth, growth, and death in everything we know of, plants, people, planets, solar systems, even galaxies. Weir being an alien species, something like the single minded mold, byrum from Stephen Kings "Dreamcatcher"
  10. I think the dominant genes are usually from the matrilineal side. Of the current Starks with a Tully Mother only 1 of 5 has Stark Looks(Arya)& if, R+L=J, then Jon looks his Mother. The previous generation of Starks, (whose Mother was a Stark) 4 of 4 look Starkish. Ygritte speaks about the blood of her mother, and mothers mother, going back into the generations. This also explains the Valyrian tradition of sister marrying to keep whatever traits are passed down from the mothers side.
  11. Considering Roberts obvious respect and admiration for Ned, he Must have been a pretty good fighter. King Robert wouldn't have respected and loved Ned the way he did or considered him a Brother if the man wasn't. The two must have practiced together many times in the years together in the Eyrie, building their friendship through battles. Robert was one of the best fighters in Westeros, a man of Six and a half feet, very strong, and wielding a War Hammer, while Ned is of average height, and never described as a great fighter. Robert would never have respected, loved, and called him brother without Ned earning that respect, most likely through battle prowess.
  12. On the bolded, a Weir controls the flow of water, while simultaneously creating a pool, (Theme: Weir is what"souls" flow thru to the afterlife, while a pool of consciousness is collected). 2nd Weir definition is a type of Trap, usually made of Woven Branches.(lke a Throne made of woven branches, upon which Bran is currently sitting on) So, a Weir allows a steady flow through to the afterlife (V6), while Trapping those that had "Wed" the Tree, creating a Pool of all Consciousness, bound to the Weir. IMO this makes a lot of sense, but I try to keep my mind open, because we Know Nothing, and can only theorize.
  13. Wasn't meaning any offense, but sometimes people want to fit Ice & Fire in a certain idealogy, mythology, or whatever. It is impossible to do so, Ice & Fire being a blend of so many different influences, and unlike any other story!
  14. Weir could easily have been weird, no doubt. I was just saying that "weir" itself didn't have to evolve from another earlier word. He writes everything to be wide open to interpretation, so I try to not get stuck on any, always ready to look at a new angle. Because the only person that Knows what it All means is George