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  1. Yeah, I expect that through process of elimination ( death) and merging story lines we will see a lot of POV's eliminated. My guesses for the major ones are that: Tyrion-Selmy-Dany-Victarion will whittle down to Tyrion-Dany Varys-Brienne-Jaime-Cercei will whittle down to Jaime-Varys Jon-Mel-Theon-Davos will whittle down to Davos and Theon ( for now) Euron, Sansa, and Samwell will probably endure the entire book independently. Not sure what will happen with Aegon or Arienne Martell.
  2. I just can't see it being Ramsey. There is too much information that he is unlikely to know ( pertaining to Mance, Val and his child) and because he is wrong about Theon and Jeyne's whereabouts. I only read the books once ( including the preview chapters of AWOW).....what are the timelines for the letter? Meaning did Jon's final chapter take place well after the last Theon chapter?
  3. I think Mel is misunderstood, much like Jaime before he started to have POV chapters.
  4. More or less was asking about the characters, but yeah, learning more about Ramsay would be cool....and then seeing him flayed would be better.
  5. Personally, there a few characters I really want to get to better in the next books. 1. Darkstar.....because he's a Dayne. 2. Archmaester Marwyn, the Mastiff....lie cause he's one the most knowledgable minds in Westeros...and he's up to some shit. 3.Euron.....because he's a very , very bad man. 4. Randall Tarly....loved him in the Brienne Chapter, seems like a hard ass, and I really miss Tywin. 5. Howlan Reed......can we finally meet this guy?
  6. Personally, I don't give a shit what we saw in the show....here's what I predict we will read..... 1. Roose and Ramsey will be safe behind the Walls of Winterfell. 2. Stannis' forces will smash the Freys at this town he is is camped in. 3. The Manderleys will not engage Stannis and the Northemen in Battle. 4. Rickon Stark, Davos, Osha, and a Host of Wildlings from the wall ( and possibly Jon ) will join the Manderleys and the remaining Stannis/ Northmen army and march on Winterfell. 5. Theon will either participate in, or witness Ramsey's death. 6. Theon will die at the Hands of either a Stark or Direwolf. 7. Once Winterfell is liberated from the Boltons , it's on to the Twins! *To me, it doesn't matter if Stannis survives or not.
  7. I think you're making too many assumptions about Asha's education and Knowledge base about the North. She is well travelled and her family's Leige Lord was Ned Stark....she is most likely way less ignorant than you make her out to be. You don't think she asked Maesters, or Nuncles about the people her Brother was being raised by?
  8. Does anyone know exactly how many days are in a Westerosi year? I never put much stock into ages in the books, and always assumed that since characters seem to act much older than they are they probably are much older. We assume that a 'Name day' occurs every 365 days....but what if it's more like every 450 days? That would make a 14 year old Jon Snow closer to 17-18 at the beginning of GOT. ...just saying....
  9. I think you nailed it...but I think if I were to make a single change it would be to swap out John Snow with Cercei Lannister. I have a feeling that John Snow's fate will be revealed at some point early, and through Davos, Theon, and perhaps one or more of Sansa, Arya or Bran's POV's, the build up for his return will occur. Seriously, with the gazillion questions that need answered in regards to Brienne, Jaime , Stoneheart, Aegon ect , I find it hard to believe it can be done with just 13 POV's.