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  1. Do you think Aeron Greyjoy is the valonqar?

    Or ... Aeron has no knowledge of what Danny looks like, knows Euron plans on wedding her, and in his drug induced stupor imagines what the mother of dragons would look like.
  2. Do you think Aeron Greyjoy is the valonqar?

    No. It will be one of her actual brothers, most likely Jaime.
  3. Is Barristan Simply Wrong About Meraxes?

    Canon in that he wrote it, not that it's factual. There are plenty of characters who have said things that are not true.
  4. The show becoming the canon because it's the only one with a finished narrative, a punch in the smalls that is. How sad it's going to be when we all "misremember"; and all the snipped plots in the story never happened.
  5. I'd mention that he pitched GOT to D&B in 2006. It began development in 2007, and didn't really get rolling until 2010-2011. That is to say, all of this happened before book 5 - Aegon's coming out party - was published. Also, as the cannon isn't written, nothing D&B do moving forward can be considered cannon compliant or a departure until the books confirm or deny certain parts. We don't know how much end-game input GRRM has had in the show. And we don't know how much the story has changed in his head over the years. The gaps in publishing could very well be attributed to large scale changes being made. Perhaps the internet furor has illuminated plot holes he's no longer comfortable moving forward with. That he has struggled so long trying to figure out the knot or the time-hop could easily point to him changing some big parts of the game. And also - he couldn't really have shared the answers to these problems or the fallouts thereafter with D&B as they were moving past the timeline before he figured it out himself. I say Aegon for the IT for two reasons. 1 - I see no maturity or value in Danny's storyline if she never matures past, usurper's dogs/smash the wheel/my kingdom by right and if she wins these battles and then leaves Mereen as poor as she left Astapor. So, if she has an epiphany and realized her "children" were her people, and her home is where the heart is and yada yada, you'd see growth. 2 - The IT battle, once the focal point of the book, rightfully places into the periphery when the battle for the dawn begins. One thing about the books I've enjoyed is how something seems so important, and then as more things are revealed and the stakes are raised, the original prize's value is muted. Jon may be battling for humanity, Danny for humans, and Aegon for an uncomfortable chair. It's the kind of background prize you can give a background character and let it live on happily ever after.
  6. There's too much if Danny returns to Westeros. If (f)Aegon has usurped her in GRRM's end-game as the 7K ruler it could still end in 2 books. Winds - Clear up the North (humans), Whittle IT claimants down to Aegon vs Euron, Danny realizes Westeros is not her home. Spring - Clear up the North (others), Aegon wins the IT, Danny breaks Volantis, is Queen of a slave-free Slaver's Bay. (dragons' bay?)
  7. Assault Moat Cailin

    I guess I'm assuming a major woodland is not needed for 100 trees. I'm not asking for a huge forest, and it's not as though the entire area South of MC is a paved metropolis. Most siege engines are built nearby with growth on hand. If I didn't have a plethora of trees available, I'm supplementing my supply using house materials, gates, fences, bricks, stones... heck give me enough dirt and I'll have a usable walkway until the next rainfall. The point is, I'm not marching single file down that murder path, and I'm not rolling siege engines into a swamp. My hypothetical assault would be widening the road via sinking heavy, sturdy, materials into the marsh beside the road. Good points though.
  8. Assault Moat Cailin

    I did a summer building houses. I recall how difficult it was at a particular site to move the heavy equipment because of rain making a muddy, mucky, mess of everything. We laid a bunch of scrap wood down in paths to create a floor outside. Made a little road for the wheels on the heavy equipment to roll and stay above the mud. So if I wanted to negate the marsh, and use a traditional siege tower approach, I expect I would cut down a hundred trees and start laying them 2-deep into the marsh on either side of the road. Turn that thin road into a 4 lane highway, and run your siege up the gut. Takes maybe a week to prep.
  9. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    Apologies, misread. And cool heads up on the defunct world book. Thank you. I read the series, but never got drawn into any of the internet chatter for Malazan.
  10. Yea, horses are a good example. Dogs too. Could be why they died off. Look at the poor English Bulldog today. Bread to shit, most cannot even have natural birth anymore. Could be breeding up the aggression/warhorse in dragons bred down their ability to procreate properly.
  11. Other books similar to The world of ice and fire?

    The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson is another densely built world. It has more magic than GRRM, but is similar in the sense of gray characters against the trope standard of white vs black.
  12. Pennytree or why the Pink Letter mystery won't be solved

    George likes to motorboat?
  13. An idle thought re: the Greyjoy Rebellion

    Without positing on the OP, but you're answering your own question here. If the goal is to unite the realm through quashing a rebellion, it's best to do so against a firework than a long burning coal. The IB are more likely to score some early wins, drum up 7K outrage, motivate a coming together, then promptly burn out. Nothing kills patriotism quite so well as a protracted land war with minimal gains, far away from anything of note. (hello Operation Iraqi Freedom) The Dornish staying home and being boring is much less appealing if the goal is locking down the IT.
  14. Any Un-predicted Surprises?

    The way the series is written, and the amount of critical thinking that has gone into the text, it would only be bad writing for something completely unpredictable to occur. If UnGregor takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be Littlefinger, that would be surprising but also terrible. This book isn't Scooby Do. I think there are likely some final machinations down the road that could be outside of what people have theorized, but those theories would be drawn b/w WOW and ADOS.
  15. So my general question for this is: Can the 3 heads of the dragon just be symbolic of the 3 leaders who will be pivotal in the 3 world changing battles to come... and not necessarily mean that the 3 will team up to conquer those battles together? That they are only related in the looser terms, Targ blood, and a general premise of the ‘good side’ against the ‘bad side’. That there will not be a Power Rangers or Captain Planet moment when they all combine. That when the 3 heads win their respective battles there will be peace, prosperity, and capable leaders to forge ahead in a less bleak future. I ask for a couple reasons, just based on observations. Observation 1: As many have pointed out, there is simply not enough time/pages to wrap the story up in 2 books should Danny still need to do the many things on her assumed agenda. (Dothraki, Meereen, Volantis, Iron Born, Iron Throne, White Walkers, etc.) And in general, what is everyone else doing then if they need to wait for all these daring dos to unfold? Observation 2: No matter how you spin it, Tyrion being a “dragon” is contrived. Any scenario that puts Jon Snow, Aegon, and Danny in the same room in the near future is contrived. Observation 3: Aegon, real or not, makes more sense on the Iron Throne than Danny does. As far as character arcs go, Danny unrelenting in her quest for the Iron Throne shows no development. GRRM has certainly displayed a penchant for personal growth and development and for those growths (think Jamie) to lead people to actions they never would have imagined pursuing. It’s not too late for Danny to come of age. It took 2 books for Jamie. Danny has 2 left, and she was younger at the start. So far as the books go, then, I see 3 heads of the dragon and I see 3 central conflicts in the book. Dragons: Danny, Jon, Aegon. Conflicts: Slavery, White Walkers, 7K Supremacy/Iron Throne. These might not be created equal, but they have been central themes throughout the book. Allowing the 3 focal persons to resolve the 3 conflicts independently would smooth out the time line, keep things from coming across as too “plot”, and put together a reasonable path for the series finishing after TWOW and ADOS. The purpose of TWOW, then, would be to cut/organize POV characters and set up the final three showdowns. Danny can now spend TWOW traipsing about the grass desert, coming to terms with her change in desire from toppling 7K into toppling Slavery, and consolidating the strength and character POVs in Meereen to gear up for ADOS. Her story line in ADOS would be conquering Volantis, ending slavery, accepting that she will never sit the IT, and breaking the wheel or whatever she’d like to call it. The wheel now changing from 7 spokes into the chains and masters of a slave dominated society. After being overthrown, to not enslave the masters would be a break in what has become expected in a society of winners and slaves. Aegon can spend TWOW getting onto the IT and can spend ADOS staying on it. I’d take his story line of uniting the Dorne POVs and KL POV and likely the Jamie/Brienne at some point. Aegon can take the throne from the Lannisters, or at least de-throne them. That allows Euron to continue his interesting arc. Euron and Aegon can rumble for the rule of Westeros in ADOS. Maybe Littlefinger gets the Vale to tip the balance in KL and gets Sansa on the throne with Aegon. Maybe they factor more into the Northern plotline, who knows. Jon gets to settle up all the loose ends in the North in TWOW. If needed, he can wrangle in the Vale POVs too while he’s at it. Get a Stark in Winterfell (not Jon) and do some other stuff. By the time ADOS starts, the North power struggle is finished, leaving them ready for the final battle with the Night. Anyway, in a world where the series ends over the next 2 books, that's a way I could see it playing out.