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  1. •Winter the ice dragon •Arya will kill Dany because she perceives her as a mad queen who burns the innocent. Paralleling Jaime and Arys. •Black cat in Kings Landing is Rhaella
  2. It's in the spoiler Tags on the op. My phone freezes everytime I hit a link. It was one I didn't recall either! That's why I was so interested. I can think of a few hints that they may know it's her. I was hoping for a nice thread with textual evidence as its one I don't remember ever reading. Thanks for the rundown!
  3. The link to the Grand Vale conspiracy in the compendium is not working for me. Can someone please give me a link or a quick rundown of the theory?
  4. I love the thought of the godswoods being thin places. Do you think there is a possibility that weirwood trees are indicative of possible thin places? Could they alternatively connect the thin places to one another? Did the red woman burning trees create some bad MOJO?
  5. I think he will die. Suicide for one reason or another. There's a reason his weakness has been shown over and over to be his sensitive nature. Plus I mean come on KINGS LANDING! Leave it to George to give the place a fantastically foreshadowed name.
  6. Barristan would beat Robert. Robert had extra angry energy for his bride napper on the trident that I don't feel he would have had vs Selmy on that day. He didn't last in the Kings guard that long without being smart about keeping his head on his shoulders.
  7. Sweetrobin drives me nuts. I wanna throw him out the moon door so he can't complain anymore. Patchface. Penny. I hate Penny. She's boring.
  8. I love the idea of Davos on the Iron throne. Any excuse to put him there and I can roll with the possibilities.
  9. Mance wrote the pink letter imho. The language. The use of the word bastard (which Ramsay hates) to bait Jon screams Mance calling in for reinforcement. The repetition at the end is more bait. The fact that there was no skin when Ramsay had supposedly just killed the spear wives. Screams Mance to me.
  10. As much as I would love to know the answer to where whores go. I think leaving what happened to Tysha should be one of those unanswered questions. Maybe scatter in a few more possible Tysha sightings like the sailors' wife that can be neither confirmed not denied as being her. If it is her I'm not sure I want her and Tyrion to meet back up as I'm sure she has some animosity about the whole incident. For all she knows he was in on it with Tywin.
  11. Jaime and Cersei dead. Joff would say something mouthy and be executed Ned style. The kings gotta have a killing for being duped into believing the incest babies were his. Send Tommen to the wall and Myrcella to the silent sisters.
  12. Dolorous Edd and Dany
  13. I actually kind of like this idea. (F)Arya is in WF or its at least her last known whereabouts. Maybe she comes upon Jon somehow (travel in this series not always making sense with the timelines anyways) & magics him back to life. She may find him more capable to find and save/help her other children. There's also always the possibility of remorse for how she treated him when she was alive.
  14. That would be amazing. I'm sure that cat has answers to some of our questions. He could follow Varys around for a day and let us know what he is up to!
  15. I would like to see Skagos and find out what's really up there. I would also like to see Highgarden and learn more about the Gardens and the layout because it's always described so beautifully.