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  1. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    @ravenous reader while I don't have anything against the word plays and word puns etc, they are clever . Seams has enlightened me loads of times on older threads and you certainly have a grasp on it. Without sounding rude though I do think it can be over stretched and looked into a bit far. I do apologise, it's just my view. My confusion as to the frosting of the blade is that it seemed as though you were clearly stating that the Others spoken words were what caused the sword to frost over and I was just a bit stunned because a fellow detail obsessive like yourself would have surely noticed that the frosting over occurs during the duel, before the Other makes a sound, before we even know it can talk. I personally don't think there is any other interpretation for that other than the continuous clashing of the Others sword against Waymars had gradually turned it to frost, ready to shatter. No words played any part whatsoever. As to me not liking your "killing word" thread,maybe that is harsh, I'll say I'm not really in agreement. I think I've shown why I don't agree in regards to the frosting of the sword. I'll explain further. I do not really see the idea of Will summoning the Others. It's clear they have been following them all day long. The two experienced Rangers feel it, and know it, but they simply can not defy their commander and race hellbent home to the Wall. We know from Mance that they do not attack when the sun is still in the sky. We know from Tormund that they don't go away and simply stalk in the shadows, following. To me personally it's clear the Others are with us in the scene that whole final day, watching and waiting for the trap to fulfill its purpose and for night to fall fully before they appear from out of the shadows. I simply don't agree that Wills whisper summoned them, sorry. On the singers creating the Others. Sorry, I thought you mean that the Cotf created them, not a human Greenseer, my misunderstanding. In any event I don't agree with that either. I personally view the Others and their Ice spiders as creatures of Ice made flesh. A direct balance to the Wyverns and Dragons etc that are Fire made flesh. I therefore view their "creation", or evolution or whatever as to be a circumstance of the same event. I believe the Dragons came from Asshai originally. I believe all Wyverns, Wyrms and Dragons originally appeared in that region of the world and I think there is a connection to the black moon rock that fell from the sky. I think the Qartheen are nearly on the money. They claim that Dragons "came from the second moon". Well, not like they claim, like pouring forth from it as the tale tells us. But I think the cracking of the second moon and the pieces raining down on earth is the cause of the creation or evolution of these Fire creatures in Asshai. These magical Pieces fell in an already magical land and caused such magical upheaval I think this kick started this process. Now, balance. I believe balance is a big theme on this story. If this happened on the southern pole, I believe it's possible the same thing happened in the far Northern pole. Have I proof that pieces of black moon rock fell in the Lands of Always winter? Not yet, I wonder if the next books will help me there. I did a thread once that attempted to show this through Symbolism, could post the link if you care to read it some time?. I cant help thinking these powerful magical rocks and stones could have possibly corrupted beings to become what we see now? There is a tale in the world book I like: "Archmaester Fomas's Lies of the Ancients—though little regarded these days for its erroneous claims regarding the founding of Valyria and certain lineal claims in the Reach and westerlands—does speculate that the Others of legend were nothing more than a tribe of the First Men, ancestors of the wildlings, that had established itself in the far north. Because of the Long Night, these early wildlings were then pressured to begin a wave of conquests to the south. That they became monstrous in the tales told thereafter, according to Fomas, reflects the desire of the Night's Watch and the Starks to give themselves a more heroic identity as saviors of mankind, and not merely the beneficiaries of a struggle over dominion." Could the Others have been an ancient tribe of first men corrupted by magic stones? Crazy thoughts right?. I do think it's possible they originally tried to move south due to the Long Night though and it was a climate motivated migration. Obviously southern men weren't gonna be down with that shit so War and death ensued and the Others are viewed as the big bad. Fast forward thousands of years. I think the Others have there own Prophecy of a warrior of fire who will return to lead forces against them in war with Dragonsteel and Dragons to be used as weapons. This is why they have upped their activity, they wish to strike first for their own preservation. They thought they had "the one" in the Prologue but they weren't that lucky. They have since sent a stealth Wight mission to kill the leader of old foes the Nights Watch, they have tried to wipe out the watch at the fist, and they have been killing Wildlings massing a bigger Wight army. They wish to take the fight to the fire side first, before they can strike at them. To finish, I don't doubt there's a connection between the old species' such as the the Others and singers/Greenseers but im reluctant to believe it's a straight up - "they created them" sort of thing. Now, let's say the singers did something to upset the skies that sent a Comet crashing to the second moon, and indirectly caused the "creation" of the Others then I could get on board with that but the scene from the mummers screen adaptation is not something I'm impressed by. I think it's more complex than that. Ive rambled a bit here and it may seem a bit "out there" but these are my more recent thoughts on why/how the Others came to be. And we're wonderfully off topic haha.
  2. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    @ravenous reader You know RR, I can't wholly agree on this. It's cool we can derail, aside from Brans arc the Prologue is one of my favourite topics. Do you think that it's the Others words that make the sword freeze over?. "Again and again the swords met, until Will wanted to cover his ears against the strange anguished keening of their clash. Ser Waymar was panting from the effort now, his breath steaming in the moonlight. His blade was white with frost; the Other's danced with pale blue light." This is before the Other draws blood and even speaks. White with frost sounds like frozen over already to me.
  3. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    On this duel he is. Utterly defeated. Resorting to insults, going silent on the matter and finally resorting to denial is the last desperate actions of a done man trying to save face. Hahaha I agree with that bit though, we will meet Dorian martells family tree when he returns from each suspension lol. I actually preach that sage advice myself. I take it you don't actually mean that literally?. I have never been a fan of the idea that the singers actually purposely "created" the Others. Nope, doesn't sit well with me at all. Im not really on board with the killing word idea either. You know, its funny, i said this exact same thing yesterday in the "prologue mistake" thread. I don't think any words made the sword weaker or frost over at all. I think that the Others sword done that during the duel and the Other noticed that. Then they stop for that wee breather and Waymars panting. The swords do not clash again until after Waymar misses his parry and the Other sees the red blood on the floor. The lead Other now identifies Waymar as a mere mortal man with regular steel so he then mocks him, knowing that he is not "the one" carrying dragonsteel as dragonsteel never frosted over thousands of years back, so even though Waymar throws his whole might at his last shot the Other parries lazily because it has saw the frost and knows the duel is done and this is a mere boy who bleeds and can die. The swords clash after the frosting and it shatters. The official signal for the group that this is not "the one", so... well we all know what happens.
  4. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    I have never noticed or spoken with you once. Yes, let's not. You need not reply further.
  5. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    I have always viewed the languages as akin to each other in a sense and I've speculated that the Singers can converse with the Others, which in a round about way means that now Bran is wedded to that Godhood and all their knowledge, could he also learn to comprehend the speech of the Others like Brandon the builder learned to comprehend the speech of the Singers? Interesting to think so huh? DM is done, he hasn't been able to answer simple questions for two threads, instead he resorts to insults and crude comments about homosexuality and stuff, no wonder he has been suspended twice. He is a done man, soundly beaten in our saga.
  6. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    A lurker is someone who lurks around threads but doesn't comment. You though , actually decided to comment, so you elevated from lurker to poster(and that can apply regardless of how many posts you have), but, you did it with no intention of discussing the books as I suspected so my "presuming your mindset" as you call it was spot on wasn't it? You actually have no intention of discussing the topic. So what's your issue? Because I called you out on the truth?. So you said earlier you enjoy what I write yeah? Does that mean you frequent my threads but never engage? You opened this thread why? Because you thought it may be interesting like you say?. Well, why are you still here? Would you actually like to discuss this topic or did you just waste 30 mins of your life for nothing lol?. Where is this going bonkers..???
  7. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    The amount of posts you have means nothing to me, you can have two or twenty thousand and I wouldn't even notice. Lol, we all have lives away from here, what's your point? Now you seem sensitive. Nobody implied you never had a life. Look, i love this topic here though, and actually encourage people to discuss it. But, you actually have to come on and discuss it lol know what I mean?. If you come on the thread, at least have the intention to discuss the topic no? Isn't that what you started your account for? To discuss THE BOOKS? Or are you another Dorian Martells son who doesn't start threads but goes on others threads just to play around? I'm genuinely curious.
  8. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Didn't think you did haha. Off with you then, back to lurking around.
  9. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Another lurker unearthed lol. Where do you lot come from. Would you perhaps care to take your best shot at the book topic at hand and take up where Dorian Martells son gave up?. I'd love to hear your opinion, provided you have one that is? I assume you do since you have taken the time to create an account and elevate yourself from lurker to poster. Let's be hearing it then?.
  10. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Was thinking more on what you said here and it reminded me of the speech of the singers. "Brandon the Builder sought the aid of the children while raising the Wall. He was taken to a secret place to meet with them, but could not at first understand their speech, which was described as sounding like the song of stones in a brook, or the wind through leaves, or the rain upon the water." Because the spirits of the dead Greenseers and singers are now in the Weirwood trees, and Bran is now tapped into that Godhood after eating the Weirwood and blood paste, could this perhaps point to why Brans first attempts to talk while in the tree materialise as the "speech" of the singers?. Like he is talking through them or something and Ned is hearing Brans words in the language of the singers, those who sing the song of the earth. In Theons case, this is later, and Brans talents have perhaps grew? And enabled him to be clearer in his own speech?. Just throwing ideas out there folks. Thoughts @ravenous reader
  11. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Your spot on CP, I'm not but here you are fighting big bad DMs battles for him lol. There are three people, nope sorry, two now because thelittledragonthatcould gave up and left the forums, that have taken a personal dislike to me and let it show on these forums. I find it absolutely hilarious watching you all get in your feelings and resorting to personal attacks because you simply can not control yourselves. You Cleganes Pup were once just like DM and used to follow my threads around like a lost puppy but have since stopped commenting, although never stopped following evidently. And it seems you haven't 100% stopped commenting either. You know what the really funny part is. You guys actually seem to have such strong feelings toward me that I wonder if it bothers you in your day to day life. Me on the other hand, as harsh as this sounds, I could not care a fig for any of you three. You are simply three pictures on a screen that make words appear from time to time. I don't like you, or dislike you, I simply do not care about you. Don't get me wrong, there are absolutely wonderful people on here with brilliant attitudes who's opinions I value. Anyway, back on track. You would never ever catch me come on a thread any of you begin because I simply could not care. I'll pass it by without a second glance because I'm in control of my feelings and actions and wouldn't want any ill feeling on someone else's thread. You guys though lol, will continue to follow me around and project your dislike because... well, who cares why because it's you and it's your life not mine, your free to do what you like. But seriously, if you can't handle the chat over here without getting angry or in your feelings, think about staying away girls/guys because life and this forum is to be enjoyed. What will likely happen is that you will continue though and you, just like littledragonthatcould will just give up "one day", which I'm easy with and wouldn't lose sleep over, but DMs. No, he's got a forum death wish and is on only one course it seems. His third suspension looms I fear because he simply can not control his anger and let's it seep into his posts, and that my friend will be his downfall. Btw, if you care to weigh in on the topic of Bran, and what made Ned react at the tree, then by all means pick up where your buddy gave up and let's go there. Offers there, but remember, be nice! (said in a Dalton, Roadhouse voice).
  12. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Are you still here lol? Skulking around my thread posting non book related personal attacks and insults. The fact you keep coming back to me only to try and ridicule and manipulate, but not discuss the books, which I have asked you to do each time only highlights who took the loss here, and just how hard you took it. The offer still stands even now DM. If you can compose yourself and take a breather, and let go of this personal feeling you have toward me you are more than welcome to answer the questions I set you and defend your stance on the books. It amuses me to see you make a spectacle of yourself for sure, but when you wanna come back with book discussion, I'll be right here for you mate
  13. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Knew you were incapable. Says it all. The L goes to DM.
  14. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    LmL isn't Bran gazing into the past through the gates of the Weirwood tree network, as per Bloodravens words, a form of "time travel" in a sense?. When Bran slips his consciousness from his skin into the roots of the trees he feels he is there with his father in the tree at Winterfell in that "time" looking out the trees eyes. If time travel is simply the concept of movement between different points in time then wouldn't this be classed as a form of time travel?. Weve never had an answer from GRRM on the topic so we only have the text, but if "time" is not a concept the tree understands and the "past present and future" are one, then it would only seem like time travel to us, or Bran, but its still Brans consciousness in the tree feeling as though he is right there at that time with his father. And the fact GRRM confirms (IMO) that Brans actions cause Neds reactions then doesn't that only bolster the idea that this is indeed some form of "time travel" happening here?.
  15. Mistake in GOT Prologue? Nine days north of the Weeping Wall

    Could be both, but the grey eyed slender description and its similarity to Jon's is something I don't think can be coincidence.