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  1. Sansa is not Cersei. Sansa is dumb and unlucky. Cersei is an Uber Narcissist who is very, very lucky.
  2. Cersei has always been mad, evil, generaly twisted. She is narcisistic to the extreme, entitiled because she is a "Lannister" and she never intended for her marriage to Robert to "workout". At least in the books anyway. She even reflected happily and smugly that she fucked her brother Jaime on the day of her wedding. The problem with this show is that they have written her massive plot armor and bad fortune for Dany this year to bring down Dany's advantage and mark my words, The North, Jon and Dany with some allies will deal with the Night King and it will cost them plenty but the final battle will be for that throne on the show and the want Cersei as one contender.
  3. I believe in the books, the more beautiful Queen to cast Cersei down is Sansa. In the show, it has to be Dany. Although when Jon's parentage becomes known, he has already surrendered the North and its figurative crown to Dany. I will be interested to see how that is taken in Winterfell, especially by Sansa, Arya and their lords. Also, Sweet Robin as in WTF is he? Hopefully, LF will be gone by then as I cannot imagine he being alive if Varys and Tyrion know about him there.
  4. This was just an excuse to get Brienne down there in King's Landing for a big scene with Jaime, The Hound and whatever else.
  5. Not a half bad guess. Maybe Bran was born to defeat the Night's King or it is a so many thousands year cycle. They are the only ones that can defeat each other and the Night's King knows it. I have always thought that while Jon is unique, that he is somewhat a red herring. I think that Bran, atleast in the books is the "indespensible" one that the living needs.
  6. Jaime is not that remarkable.
  7. No, he needs to live to tell the tale.
  8. I remember when Varys presented Dany as the best option to overthrow Cersei and House Lannister, to Elia Sand of Dorne and Oleanna Tyrell of The Reach. He offered "Fire and Blood", now, him and his sock puppet, Tyrion are kinda freaking out that Dany is doing just that and I would say, for a righteous cause. Are the show runners forgetting what they had these characters say last year or does Varys have a legit right to be concerned?
  9. I do not think that Bran is the Night's King but I would be interested to see, since the NK is now a major player, if he had a namable identity before the Children turned him into what he is now and also, where has he been these last, say, ho 5-8 thousand years since the last time they showed up?
  10. Tyrion has a conflict of interest.
  11. not a problem. Just observing the show, Tyrion's body language and attitude coming up should cause concern for Dany, let alone all his military advise so far has been one disaster after another.
  12. Bran warging something or someone I think will do it.
  13. lying and deceiving someone or some party when trying to bridge a gap between them and another party is a bad way to start things off but that is all in the past now and has seemingly been brushed aside. Sorry, I am just not a Tyrion Fan boy.
  14. I would love him to be an ambassador sent to negotiate with the nights king.
  15. Tyrion is addicted to "the good life". The nights watch is not for him.