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  1. Army Power of each house

    I know and Jon and Sansa could barely rub two loyal and uncowardly Northmen to fight for them and had to rely on a small army of Wildings to be the bulk of their forces. Cersei suddenly has over 10k to lose and still be formidable enough that they rather negotiate with her than try to force her ouf the Red Keep. Euron builds hundreds of ships in a few months with some sunken forrest as look at the iron islands, there cannot be that many trees to cut.
  2. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    an Oathbraker and/or desserter will always have that over his head. A once died and resurrected man with a good purpose for a desperate cause has the potential to rally masses to that cause.
  3. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    Well, then he is an Oathbreaker if he does not explain it. Reputations matter. Just ask Lady Bolton as in Sansa Stark Lannister Bolton.
  4. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    I agree that it was enough to obsolve him of his vows but it is/was significant enough to be spreading like wildfire across Westeros. He should be famous all over Nd the northern lords should have flocked to him, if,if he told them and showed them his wounds.
  5. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    They do not know, otherwise Ramsay himself would have taunted him about it. No, we ourselves do not need another explanation but Jon did look like a deserter, so that seems to have been brushed over and should be a serious question, giving that Sansa, if Jon had never died and was a deserter,would have been the obvious choice for ruler of the North. Also, surprising LIttlefinger never brought up the subject in his Weirwood speech to Sansa because I do not think he knows about Jon's resurrection either.
  6. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    I do not think Ramsay knew of Jon's resurrection and neither does it seem that the Northern (including Lyanna Mormont and Glover) and Vale lords do either, otherwise Jon would have showed them and the show would have referrenced it. Sansa knows, Davos, Mel and the Wildings know. So does the Night's watch at Castle Black and probably now the shadow Tower and East Watch by the bay. Jon I think broke no OATH, he fulfilled it. So, Maybe the episode namer of the production team should have come up with a different title for the episode?
  7. What if the night King cab take over the mountain?
  8. I am being sarcastic given ... just look in the Season 7 thread/spoilers/rumors.
  9. Stannis will still be King

    On the show, Stannis is gone. RIP, his legacy for the fictional future we will never see is that given the Lannister incest and the bastards as now common knowledge (in the world of AGOT Westeros/Essos and Cersei blowing up the trial via the Sept, Stannis was the true King of the Iron Throne, but never sat on it and that is all he will get of it.
  10. Prequel Discussion

    Start with the Conquest up to Robert's Rebellion, obviously spend greater time on the Dance of Dragons, The failed Conquest of Dorne, Dunk and Egg, The Blackfyre Rebellions leading up to the reign of the Mad King and the Rebellion. 10 years so long as D&D&C (the current show runners) have nothing to do with it.
  11. Given the rumored recent breakthrough the Lannisters have in cloning their armed forces, I bet Qyburn ("Q") has something up his sleeve.
  12. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I still think it was pretty raw that him and Ellaria just lived in the Brothel while staying in the Capital.
  13. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I am surprised and glad there will some interaction with the Starks and their Direwolves. I sure hope they do not have Bronn kill this one off.
  14. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Robert was not the best role model as far as personal behavior, alcoholic and constant womanizing. I would have reflected on him better if he was more or less, had one special lady that he loved but could not marry and had some kids that there was some affection with instead of screwing anything that moved and was female and then abandoning his kids as if they did not exist. That to me is the worst of the personal things he did, abandon his kids all over the place.
  15. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    agree with Cersei lying, she does it all the time. Robert never does that we see or retro prove that he has but no, not good that there is abuse like that in any relationship. Their marriage was toxic as hell but she was so politically and financially connected, unless the treason came out like maybe Varys, Renly and the Tyrells were aiming for, Cersei was not going anywhere and Robert was saddled with her whether he liked it or not. Cersei, unless or until was proven unfaithful, had him essentially by the Balls.