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  1. The Lannister backers are a minority and at this point, A very small minority. However, many can be bought which is something the Lannisters can do now and then.
  2. An insurance policy to make sure he never arrived anywhere to tell about his betrayal, especially Cat or someone whom would have gone to or come to see him.
  3. It is curious that a faceless man was captured and locked up in King's Landing or was he there on purpose to get into the cells? There is also no doubt that Littlefinger not just wanted Ned dead but after he betrayed him with the dagger and the Gold Cloaks, he NEEDED him dead, otherwise, if he took the Black, there was nothing to stop Ned from spilling the beans to an extent regarding Littlefinger without jeopardizing his hostage daughter Sansa. Littlefinger needed Ned dead and gone before he could run his mouth to people, like say that live in the Vale and of course back in the North.
  4. I think she is simply strong enough to rise above the institutional norms of her world. No one is going to make her do what she does not want to.
  5. The Manderly's intervened and took the lands so the Boltons could not have them but the Red Wedding happned and Wyman's remaining son was a hostage. Most of this took place while Robb was gone and the Boltons were already plotting against Robb at this time. LAdy Barbrey just strikes me as a very tough woman whom men seem to not want to "mess with".
  6. Lady Barbrey strikes me as a bit tough, strong, not exactly a push over and has probably been though all of what Lady Hornwood was though up until her kidnapping, forced marriage, rape and locked away in a room to starve ordeal.
  7. Littlefinger has more influence in the Vale than you think. Buying the debts of lords and ladies, blackmail and influence too. Now, the common foe is the Lannisters and the Vale has been chomping at the bits to fight, they wanted to join Robb. As far as the Ned thing, Aegon needs money and men to add to his forces. Food too, LF is hoarding that in particular and oh yes, Sansa is beautiful and a virgin, something Arianne of Dorne is not (since she has not been mentioned in a while here) I will just say it is a possibility. I am a SanSan believer myself. That is the one she really wants. She though, has very little agency at this time.
  8. Ned was an horable man, only dishonorable people hate such (ie, Lannisters, Freys, to name a couple) Viserys was an unknown to Westeros in all but name and not missed and as for Sansa, I am sure she would like to get undone from the farce of a marriage to the Imp. I think she would be happiest with The Hound myself but Littlefinger still has control over her and who would be a better groom for her and advantageous for him, Harry, heir to the Vale or Aegon Vi, King of Westeros? Aegon/FAegon needs allies with men, money and supplies (food). Littlefinger and the Vale have all but it will come at a price to be sure.
  9. Who did Ned "screw over"?
  10. We know that Tywin sanctions it knowingly without directly ordering too when the Mountain is told to take his men and cut loose on the Riverlands. Robb would punish such violations as rape. The Boltons probably do not care and the Karstarks, who knows. The Freys are also nasty when there are rumors about Black Walder and his own female kin.
  11. BalonwS ready to attack but didn't until Theon got there. Maybe he was anyway. However any potential leverage robb night have had over balon should not have been risked.
  12. No, not sure at all.
  13. No, it was foolish. What played out proved it.
  14. Robb trusted Theon to convince his father, Balon Greyjoy to atleast listen to his offer. Robb did not know Balon Greyjoy and apparently never considered that the Iron born would turn around and invade the North and that Theon would be able to take Winterfell. This was one of two times he should have listened to his mother, the other was warning about taking Lord Karstark's head.
  15. Robb was able to gauge Tywin Lannister as arrogant and Jaime Lannister (thanks to Gruncle Blackfish) as impatient /over agressive and exploited it successfully at RiverRun and The Whispering Wood. He was able to possible Warg (without telling anyone) greywind and finding a way around the Golden Tooth to destroy most of and put to route the new Lannister host at Oxcross. Robb never got much further as he did not heed his mother's voice and basically sent the Greyjoys their hostage back while leaving his Homeland exposed to easy invasion. it gets worse from there. GRRM said that Robb had to die as he was going to win everything and that his steamrolling success had to be stopped so that the rest of the story could unfold. Alexander the Great he was not but he sure humiliated Tywin to the point that he stooped so low as to help plan the Red Wedding.