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  1. Sansa is not taking Winterfell in the books, not ever. It is not her story.
  2. So, who was the oathebreaker?

    This show seems full of oathbrakers and Kinslayers. This show has seemingly eliminated the characters respect and fear of braking their own religous rules/doctrine and general practices. The sparrows on the show were obsessed with one thing branched in two, anti-gay sex and sex out of wedlock.
  3. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    The show is a major f up for sure. If Rheagar was gone from Lyanna that long, then it, atleast to me, makes it still a possibility that Jon is a Bastard yet. I will be interested in the polygamy if GRRM has Rheagar marrying Lyanna as Rheagar was still very much married to Ellia of Dorne.
  4. What was Rickon, Osha, and Smalljon doing through S4-5?

    Another f/ up with plot logic. The umbers never had to reclaim The Last Hearth from The Ironborn, so they have no excuse in refusing the watch help in repelling the Wildings, only to violate guest rights and side with the Bolton's because the Wildings were south of the wall as refugees, not invaders.
  5. Best acted scene in the series

    One scene in particular which shall not be mentioned.
  6. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    books - I think there is a lot of stuff that went down that we are not informed of yet. More people and maybe not all of them died there as we have been led to believe. There is still quite a mystery as to what happened there. I will be surprised if other named characters believed to be lost are hiding under other identities or hiding in general.
  7. Best acted scene in the series

    Alfie Allen, take your pic.
  8. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Not on show but books maybe, a long shot but we may have to wait years for that or may never know.
  9. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    That is always a possibility as far as Rheagar being there for the birth, otherwise, what was he doing there all that time but to altleast no make sure that his child would come into the World? However, maybe he had to leave to the status of the war as his family and allies were losing. I do also hold out that the Tower of Joy and who survived to leave there may not be as how we have been led to believe. The show already made some differences as to what we do know (2 KG on show, 3 in the book). The true story regarding what happened between Rheagar, Lyanna at the inner circle of who was in on "the know" is something I hope the books brings to light. We need those answers.
  10. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    I think it is certainly possible. The problem is, in the books we have not had the run down on the Tower of Joy yet, you may be right but then again, why did Rheagar wait so damn long after he knew Lyanna was pregnant to come and take control of anything other than the royal army for the one battle which he lost and his life with it? He seemingly was a away when everything went to shit and did nothing at all that we know of to stop the carnage. Nothing. He could have called for a truce behind his father's back but he seems cool with what happened to Lyanna's father, eldest brother and also did not seem to give a fig if Ned died. This and he supposedly LOVED HIS LYANNA? Pretty cold if you ask me and did she know what was going on in Westeros? Did she care? Did she try and have him intervene? Until lots of those questions are answered, well, light is not shining so bright on them at the time being.
  11. Little Things You Want in Season 7

    I hate to tell you but.......
  12. Olly didn't deserve that

    Olly was right in wanting to fight the Wildings when they came as invaders on the show. The Thenns (show deviation from books) pretty much guaranteed that. They were monsters and then we had Ygritte shooting everyone she saw except Gilly and baby Sam. Tormund was killing his villagers too. Olly had hate and bitterness in him, he at the end was pushed over the edge by Thorne who seemingly sought to use him as some legitimacy in killing Jon (so long as Olly took part) because of his sad personal story. Show creation all the way.
  13. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    It seems that now, when they have scrapped so much of the book intrigue and the series is running down to the end, they are still invested in an overdose of Cersei Lannister The Ruler, when they should have gotten rid of her a year sooner at least. No Great Northern Conspiracy, no Aegon, Arianne and a proper display of Dorne, no hostages taken at the Red Wedding to come into play etc. No Vale story. Now, it is filler, stupid suicidal wight hunt and other waste of time. Poorly planned and executed after Season 4 when it could be so much more. Emmy voting rules changed benefited them but the quality is down, the logic of characters motivations and actions are baffling and some how, the Lannisters have a super huge army that can take out The Reach, Dorne with a few Iron Born, lose a few in an ambush and yet have their enemies begging them to fight Along side of them. D&D&C are too damn invested in Lena Headey and House Lannister and it shows.
  14. What was Rickon, Osha, and Smalljon doing through S4-5?

    You know, is it not a plot hole, that the Umbers never helped Jon and the Night's watch when Maester Aemon sent out ravens imploring the realm for help and that an approaching horde was on their way to the Wall. Stannis saved them and then no one helped him after he saved the North. If it bothered the Umbers so damn bad and they had 2-3 k to send to fight along the Boltons, one would think they would have send aid to the Wall. A plot hole I say as they used the Wildings as an excuse to join the Boltons and betray Rickon, Osha and slaughter Shaggy Dog.
  15. Olly didn't deserve that

    In the books or show? Stannis saved the Watch and yes, actually the North from the Wildings by helping stop them at the wall. In the book, Jon's actions, including his aid and council to Stannis would be more grounds for what was done to him than in the show. The show murder of Jon made him look more like a martyr than in the book. Olly is a show creation.