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  1. They squandered the sympathy she garnered from her abuse with Ramsay to make her take it out on her own family and countrymen.
  2. In time she will. I am sure of it.
  3. I am sure Clapton, the designer herself will discuss if asked. she was rather proud of how she made Sansa's wedding dress tear away up the back seem for multiple takes if needed.
  4. Cersei, books and show was and is an elitist. She never wanted to marry Robert and be his Queen, she wanted to marry Rheagar and be HIS Queen. The prophecy on the show with Sexy Maggie the Frog gave insight to that. Cersei thinks Lannisters are better than Baratheons. That is why she had Joffrey ingrained into always saying he was from Both houses and halving his flag/colors, coat of arms for both houses. Lannister, because of their gold/wealth feel they are above everyone else etc. Long before her, other houses produced heirs to the Iron throne but their houses were not on the colors, Arryn, Hightower, Valeryon, Baratheon, Bracken and Martell. I hate to say it but it is no coincidence. That pattern is there for a purpose, same as Theon wearing Robb's outfit during Sansa's wedding and her dress that night etc, It is on purpose and that pattern is a nod to House Bolton for which she is now the defacto ruler.
  5. Gotta give them credit for accuracy but it is a sick reminder that it "tickled their fancy" to have her be Ramsay's rape bride in order give them creative satisfaction.
  6. Her skirt, zoom in. They are interconnected flayed men patterns.
  7. pelts are common, chains too on the pelt/capes but that Bolton pattern is distinctive and also is "keeping house Bolton alive" after her diatribe at Ramsay's end where "you and your house will go bye bye and be forgotten etc..." This has already brought back the Bolton baby prego rumors to some again. Ughh
  8. It is sick what they have done to her character and here it is. look at the recent pix, here https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/6e0wdy/sansa_stark_watching_the_hate_of_this_sub/The Bolton sigil is clear.
  9. As sick as it is, unless she is re-married, Lady Bolton. Just like Cersei is legally Cersei Baratheon but she is a show diva anyway, like Dany who still uses her title as "Khalesi" when it is convenient but then she did not want to be put away with the other Khalesis so I suppose Sansa can ask to be called what she wants but if she is wearing the Bolton sigil, she is sort of embracing that.
  10. It is the flayed man though, it was pointed out to me and yep, it is. Well, she is legally in their world, Lady Bolton. Just like in the books, Lady Barbrey Dunstin, who is widowed without children is Lady Dunstin, she was born a Rysewell.
  11. So, how does everyone like Sansa's Bolton Flayed Man connecting dress pattern? So much for your name, house etc will disappear right?
  12. She is like a big Sink Hole.
  13. Bran knows, remember his visions in the promo for season 6? Sansa marrying Ramsay, willingly. He knows.
  14. I would be fine if D&D&C were producers, just not writers as they have had a very heavy hand in this show and well, have made creative decisions, seemingly for disturbing reasons, taking away too much spirit of the books.
  15. The show seems to have forgotten about Illyrio and Quaithe so it would not surprise me either way.