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  1. Bran knows, remember his visions in the promo for season 6? Sansa marrying Ramsay, willingly. He knows.
  2. I would be fine if D&D&C were producers, just not writers as they have had a very heavy hand in this show and well, have made creative decisions, seemingly for disturbing reasons, taking away too much spirit of the books.
  3. The show seems to have forgotten about Illyrio and Quaithe so it would not surprise me either way.
  4. I agree. Arya knows too much. No one ever leaves the KGB and I doubt no one ever leaves the Faceless Men. Arya is in real danger.
  5. They will do one at a time and that is if it resuns successful.
  6. I would not rule out Jagen re-appearing in Westeros before the show ends.
  7. Other than Cersei who at least in the books, is villain #1 of characters alive when the series starts, LF comes in a close # 2 as far as I can see.
  8. They way the swapped out Sansa and Jeyne Poole and also made Sansa a complete submissive, in many ways white washes Littlefinger which is infuriating. The Story of Jeyne Poole and her suffering is really at the hands of Littlefinger because as she tells theon and the state of her body before her wedding to Ramsay, she was basically whipped beaten and raped as part of her training under Littlefinger (with Cersei's blessing) in order to lean how to "please" a man. Her story is horrific but it is absolutely clear as to what kind of person Littlefinger is and that he has been doing that to a great many of his sex slaves that populate his brothels.
  9. Sansa would be appropriate but Bran is the head of his house and his abilities makes him aware of everything. He knows about LF and sansa, her complicancy. Sansa has enabled littlefinger as much as she has been victimized by him. I say Bran warg ghost and tare him to pieces.
  10. Exec producers.
  11. Disagree, went off rails when the played favorites with characters, whitewashing some, defiling others.
  12. No, it does not make me feel better because it is token title for GRRM because he signed away his leverage in exchange for dump trucks full of money.
  13. I would feel better if d&d were not involved.
  14. Just start a new one, I am sure o e is there too.
  15. Probably more for the books forum but the wall has to be warded by Night's Watch men "loyal to their vows" etc. I do think the books will line up with certain beliefs, ward effects etc but that is if GRRM ever finishes. Rickon will most likely get their first, either as a figure head with Regents or please forbid, a prisoner. Bran, who knows, Sansa, who knows but a legitimized Jon maybe, Arya who knows as well.