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  1. Tyrion never even blinked when supporting the family treason. He could have told his father, suggested negotiation for surrender with concessions from stannis. He was a willing traitor and any claims he supports "justice" is utter Bullshit as everyone knows that Stannis is a just man. He wanted to make sure he inherited Casterly Rock. As for. cat, the reason she travelled with ser rodrick alone was because of the kingsroad was somewhat dangerous and to draw less attention. Shae testified against him because all she had was her life, in other words, everything, she had no agency, she was to testify or die. She was a prisoner. Tyrion murdered her out of deranged narcissistic hate. Tyrion is no hero.
  2. Tyrion knew that those kids were bastards and he fought off the true king in Stannis anyway. this makes him as guilty as any other high level Lannister. Shae was murdered by Tyrion out of spite. She was a paid Prostitute, not his lover. She did not love him but he was living a delusion with her. Regarding Cat, he should have known better. When Bran fell he trolls his own family, he suspected something when he returned to Winterfell after visiting the wall, Cat was not there, his reception, and when he saw her laying low at the Inn, he should have realized that she would have been in danger if recognized from potential kidnappers (high born lady, wife to hand of King in a run of the mill Inn) and exposes her out of his pride when he should have realized there was probably a good reason for her to be there and in the state that she was. Cat
  3. Well, if the Rickard Stark was to find out that his daughter was to be made a Co-Queen or something like that, or even Brandon, that would have made a difference right there. However, clearly based on what we know Rhaegar did Lyanna, The North, his wife Elia and Dorn really wrong as well as Robert. His father amplified that. He and his daddy doomed their house.
  4. Tyrion was complicit in the Twincest and their three treasonous inbred bastards. He knew. He served those same triators faithfully because he thought there was something in it for him, Casterly Rock and when he was denied that, he willingly married an extremely young, hostage teenage bride to steal Winterfell. Tyrion hid behind that Golden Lion and his daddy's gold until he lost it and then he got bitter about it. The saddest part of his life is Tysha. Slapping around the future King, as bad as Joffrey was, is/was pretty stupid. He also exposed Cat at the Inn where his better judgement was that she was scared and incognito. Again he gets himself into trouble and takes no resposibility for it. Not evil like Cersei or Littlefinger, Joffrey or Tywin but he is well on his way unless he has another life altering experience.
  5. That depends on the timeing. The when this would happen. If it had happened before he ran off "not so secretly" with Lyanna (everyone seems to know that he had her) then this all would have been prevented. Dorne might be pissed but the North might have benefited from it.
  6. Aerys was cruel and insane. Also, regarding Northern Independence, The North was sort of the outcasts to the rest of Westeros anyway. They were never married to the Iron Throne like other regions with the only exception to that being the Iron Born. The North was always sort of looked down upon as barbarians but they were known as great fighters, it took time for their armies to arrive in the South to fight for the Crown like in THE Dance of Dragons. The North also seem to have suffered in probably having been taxed by funds that most likely would have gone to the Night's Watch and the once all manned 19 or so castles. The Iron Throne never benefited the North in my view.
  7. Not a Demon Monkey but a nasty, greedy and generally rude little person. Abusive to women in general, arrogant and entitled and wreckless with his mouth. The people that seem to like him most usually sight that he slaps Joffrey and is not a fan of his sister. Well, that is fine but it is stupid to slap around the future KIng and think he will not seek retribution when he has the power and opportunity to do so.
  8. I care nothing for him.
  9. Jaime is a bit narcissistic and I am not sure there was as big a fight at the Tower as we have thought.
  10. I think Roose is dead and probably off page. Mancy, Ramsay or someone loyal to them. Probably Ramsay, the writing is on the wall, pregnant wife with legit kid etc. No one likes Ramsay, he is unreasonable and cruel. Ramsay thinks this strengthens his position but in fact it weakens it completely. The only reason all of the Northern Houses are not slaughtering the Boltons and Freys is because of the hostages at the Twins. Those hostages are about to be moved... Ramsay thinks fear of him is keeping him alive. He is in for a rude and scary awakening.
  11. He still has more lessons to learn as he is pretty nasty where the books left us offf regarding him.
  12. Given the optics of KL, Lannister lions flying everywhere, the bodies of the Targs lying there and Jaime seated on the Iron Thone with his sword dripping with the blood of the king he swore to protect, yep, Ned was right to think and feel that way. That would have been a good time for Jaime to speak up to everyone about what happened. Also, given him and his sister's actions for years, yep again, Ned thinking that the Lannisters wanted to take over KL and the Iron Throne for themselves was absolutely correct. Jaime was a tool and he never realized it until he adventured into the Riverlands in book 4,5.
  13. Rhaegar certainly stood behind his father and supported all of his actions once the fighting started and for that, he earned his death. He could have removed his own father after the murders in KL and the Kingsguard + most of the crownswords might have or simply would have helped him but no, he went out to fight and kill the Justified rebels. No sympathy for him from me. I really thing more happened at the Tower of Joy.
  14. I do hope the next book, if it ever comes out, will explore more into what exactly Blood Raven has been doing, if anything, other than observing from his Rooted Throne.
  15. if Marge had died at the Purple Wedding, The Tyrells would have been Fd. Would they expose any potential involvement by LF for some reason? Maybe, maybe not. Sansa still would be where she is and the trial of Tyrion would have been about the same but the Dornish would have had a massive uptick in power as Myrcella would have been wedded and bedded by Trystane as soon as she was flowered I am sure. Tommen would be King but a new alliance would be necessary for Tywin and the Lannisters. Tywin dying would have really made things interesting as the Tyrells would have maybe declared independence, went home or even led a coup and took the KL from the Lannisters after Tywin's death. As for a marriage alliance for Tommen, Shireen, depending on the timeline would have been mentioned, maybe, cough, cough, one of Walder Frey's daughters or grandaughters. Cersei would have not gone though all that she did with the Faith/High sparrow/walk of shame etc. Who knows what her mental state would have been. The truth is that in the books, the Tyrells basically saved The Lannisters collective asses and their alliance bascially led to Roose Bolton turning against Robb as they all knew, eventually the Westerlands and Reach armies would be headed for the Riverlands where Robb was essentually trapped South of the Twins. The Tyrell/Lannister alliance and their surprise victory at the Blackwater over True King Stannis changed everything.