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  1. George did base much of his story and the characters on actual history, but to say that this event or that character is synonomous with that historical event or this real person is inaccurate. There are similarities and parallels, but they are not the same thing.
  2. Not really. While she has had sex with her handmaidens on more than one occasion Dany never shown any actual attraction or desire towards women. It has more to do with them simply being willing and able to fullfill her sexual desires than her actually being attracted to them.
  3. Barristan was referring to Jaehaerys II in those parts, not the Conciliator.
  4. Renly was born in 277 AC, Rhaegar was born in 259. Unless Aerys was willing to wait for almost two decades this wouldn’t pan out.
  5. Just keep posting show spoilers, you'll get banned eventually.
  6. Yes, yes i would.
  7. They fought and they died for....... What? Those incestous abominations proved themselves to be good rulers, and none of the other kingdoms were ever enslaved, Aegon respected their laws and customs. They didn't want to lose their independence and they fought to keep it, that's admirable and understandable, but in the end, had the dornish bent the knee, they would not have lost much apart from their pride. My opinion is of course formed with the advantage of hindsight, so the dornish decision to fight Aegon was totally understandable.
  8. Ah, yes, we did see all the horror that was inflicted on the kingdoms that surrendered. Wait, no we did not. Dorne had likely lost a large percentage of it's population as a result of Aegon's Conquest, deaths that could have been avoided had Meria simply bent the knee. Also, i'm curious how you'd describe Torrhen Stark, since you rate his polar opposite so highly.
  9. What did the Fat Toad ever do, apart from causing thousands of deaths?
  10. Jaehaerys I and Garth Goldenhand are probably the best in westerosi history.
  11. I don't remember the wildling numbers being mentioned anywhere else other than what you mentioned. In the show, they say it's one hundred thousand several times, so i suppose i just assumed it was the same in the books. Though, i swear i remember someone in the books saying it was a hundred thousand.
  13. Can you give any quote support your claim?
  14. What, in the name of all that is good and holy on this earth, is that profile picture?!
  15. Mance had a hundred thousand men, but only a third of them were fighters.
  16. I'm not sure where i read this, but i distinctly remember reading somewhere that the coin wasn't poisoned, just that the man got a heart attack when he realized he'd gotten a Faceless Man coined mixed in with the westerosi ones. Something along those lines.
  17. I suggest you check out Preston Jacobs on youtube.
  18. Hmm........No, fuck 'em.
  19. Torrhen's Lake?
  20. "The North Remembers" being changed to "The North Has Fucking Dementia".
  21. Fucking autocorrect, how the hell does "agreed" become "shrewd".
  22. Gwayne Corbray probably, he fought Daemon Blackfyre for an hour at the Redgrass Field.