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  1. Could be. Yet it seems unlikely, that Lyanna could be daughter of Aerys. One doesn't exclude the other. Aerys was known to be very promiscuous. That means Jaime and Elia could be half siblings. Interesting how it could have influenced PoD's and Joanna's decision to betroth their children. If Jaime wed Elia, their children would have started some double-bastard Targaryen-Lannister- Martell branch.
  2. I think Criston Cole was a gay and in love with Laenor. It would best explain why he spurned Rhaenyra, the Realm's delight, and why he hated Joffrey Lonmouth, Laenor's favourite, so much.
  3. I would be delighted. Jon and Dany great characters, but they were made when aSoIaF books were planned as trilogy. After five books and six year of waiting for next book and GoT TV series Dany and Jon are a bit expired. And Arya, Bran and Tyrion came close to this too. I don't want them dissappear . But maybe it i time to end them as POV characters, with their plotlines continued and witnessed by the eyes of other POV's. Or at least skip one book as POV characters.
  4. What makes you sure he is not the same Gulltown merchant?
  5. I agree. And Tullys were never the Kings in contrary to Starks, Lannisters, Arryns. They ruled Riverlands only as vassals under Targaryens. So in the War of the five kings Tully's also were followers, not leaders - they only chose to follow Stark King instead of Lannisters. It seems that riverlords don't support Tullys as fervently as western lords support Lannisters or northmen Starks. BTW, Tyrells were in similar position, only Reach was spared by war, so their weakness as rulers of Reach was never revealed.
  6. Maybe they are friends. It is possible,that father of Saffron is the same merchant, that is - he is Lord Corbray's father in law. Then Littlefinger bribed him with marriage to Lord Corbray. Still, richest merchant of Gulltown can play his own game and Littlefinger is not almighty and not immortal.
  7. Robert didn't spent much time in the North: He was born in Stormlands, then lived in the Vale. Then he fought mostly in Riverlands and Stormlands and probably went to Westerlands during Greyjoy's rebellion. Then resided in Kings Landing. Just had no opportunity to sire bastard in the North. But I think he had sired one in Estermont though:
  8. I think Sansa can be in danger because of her rival, daughter of spice merchant: Saffron's father can attempt eliminate Sansa if she comes close to marriage with Harry. Why bastardborn Alayne is better than daughter of rich merchant? In aFfC lord of ancient noble house married merchant's daughter: so Saffron's father can nourish plans to wed his daughter to Harry the Heir.
  9. It's not just unlikely, it's not possible. Both Rhaenyra and Laenor looked Valyrian, so they had recessive genes (bb alleles according Punnett square). Their children couldn't be dark haired. More chances that Robert is real father of Cersei's children. Robert's grandma was Targaryen princess, so he could have recessive Valyrian gene. Robert's Valyrian gene combined Cersei's golden blond would result in golden blond (like Cersei) child. Chances were 50/50. Chances for three blond children in row are 12,5 to 87,5 -that's unlikely, but still possible. Intermediate colors are also possible (at least in real life). The samples Ned found in the book were 90-120 years old: Dunk and Egg stories took place 90 years ago. Targaryen princess (daughter of Egg) wasn't married to Baratheon yet. And it seamed there were no more marriages between Lannisters and Baratheons after Baratheon wed Targaryen princess. So Ned's conclusion (as well as Aryn's) about "gold yielding before the coal" could not be applied to Robert's children. O course, if Robert didn't inherit his grandma gene, he could be BB, so he had no chance to have blond children. We know about five black haired children of Robert: Mya, Bella, Gendry, Edrick, Barra. But we don't know how all their mothers looked like, so bastards could have inherited hair color from their mothers. Barra's mother was red haired, Gendry's mother was blond. But at least one of Robert's mistresses was black haired: I suspect Becca is Mya's mother, because of big eyes association with owls: So Mya could have inherited her black hair from her mother, not from Robert. Similar situation with bastards of Oberyn Martell. Tyene Sand is blue eyed and golden haired. I would suspect she was not Oberyn's daughter, but Oberyn had Valyrian ancestry (princess Daenerys), so he was possible Valyrian genes carrier. Oberyn could have blond or even Valyrian looking children. Other Oberyn's daughters are dark haired, but their mothers also were dark haired (except from Lady Nym's mother, and I am not sure about Obara's mother). Same with Robert. If he was carrier of Valyrian gene, he could have blond or even Valyrian looking children. I don't really believe Cersei's children are Robert's . But chances that at least one child - Joffrey, Myrcella or Tommen - is Robert's are pretty good. As well as chances that some of unknown Robert's bastards are blond.
  10. Looks like Gwyneth is a bastard. Unless her mother is not blue-eyed blonde.
  11. I think Gerold Dayne descended from Maegor, son of Brightflame and Daenora Targaryen. That could not only explain his Targaryen look, but also his ambitions and why Martells are so concerned about him.
  12. I think we will see another bastard on Estermont: I agree that Valyrian look of children can be explained by presence of recessive Valyrian genes in Martells and Daynes. In fact a number of noble houses could possess minor Valyrian ancestry, because they could had intermarried with descendants of Targaryen princessess – Rhaena (had six daughters with Hightower), Elaena (her children Plum, Penrose and Waters), Aerea and Rhaella (possibly had children), as well as with Valyrian houses Velaryons and Celtigars and noble Lyseni (like Rhogare). But in this case firstborns non-Valyrian looking and younger Valyrian looking children could only be explained by pure coincidence. Cases with firstborn Valyrian looking child and younger children with their mother’s coloring are equally probable, though such cases are never mentioned so far. I agree. Incomplete albinism with very low concentration of melanin explains Valyrian features. It’s caused by defective pigment–related genes. But if normal pigment-related genes could be turned off it would also lead to albinism. That’s why I favor theory of epigenetic origin of Valyrian albinism. In this case Valyrians don’t need to possess any recessive albinism allele at all, just normal color-related genes, only they are turned-off by some mysterious factor in their bodies (blood) which is transferred to their children (save of firstborns). Maybe similar patterns could also explain why traits of other houses (Lannisters, Lothstons/Whents, Durrandons/Baratheons) persist through generations even without high degree of incest. Of course it is fantasy theory of inheritance, but it could work for sci-fi too. So if Ashara Dayne went to North her nose and ears would turn black? So cute, I like this idea .
  13. Genetics of Planetos doesn't have to be identical to real one. Maybe telegony works in ASoIaF fantasy world in contrary to real one. Inheritance of maternal hair and eye color is somehow blocked after first pregnancy. To me, repressing off maternal traits is best and in most simple way explained by some infectious factor (targvirus). Sort of a simple switching maternal pigment genes off. But possibly cells (blood) of first fetus stay in mother's body (thus it resembles microchimerism) and even partially replace mother cells and second child inherits Targ traits both from his mother (in fact from his elder sibling) and father.
  14. I only found this in ACoK, Tyrion IV: and: Plum is dark purple. Just another hint of Strangler color or something more?
  15. In Clash of Kings prologue were hints on Littlefinger's connection to Strangler poison: and again: Such a small man hold the power of life and death? Does "never truly seen the color before" hints that true Littlefinger's color is purple?