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  1. Finished with Eco's The Name of the Rose. Equal parts historical fiction, murder mystery and philosophy, this is a really unique beast of a novel. At first I was quite put-off by all the latin and the long exchanges on heresy, poverty and laughter, but they soon grew on me and I finished the book a lot quicker than anticipated. Worthy of its reputation as a modern classic. Now on to Elmet. Then I think I'll try to jump on the Nemisin bandwagon.
  2. The literate part of me would like the title of the thread to be amended from "literate" to "literary"! On a less trollish note, I would second Jonathan Strange and Snow Crash, and I would add Simmons' Hyperion. Overall, there seem to be more obviously "literary" works of science fiction than fantasy.
  3. I too was fearful of an India win going in to this series. South Africa are a dangerous side on their day but still seem ripe for the plucking as they struggle to transition from the Kallis/Smith/Steyn era. Australia will fancy their chances over there in four (!) test matches. On the ODI side of things: the score line tells a story of two teams in dramatically different positions. England has a strong squad packed with all-round talent and led by a motivated captain with a clear and singular goal to achieve success at a major tournament. Australia is an unsettled side that has seemingly put ODIs on the backburner while the nation is primarily occupied by home test series and the BBL. And its captain is visibly exhausted from carrying his team in the test arena and probably struggling for motivation when he dons coloured clothing.
  4. I (somewhat shamefully) gave up on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. This would have been my first non-fiction book in a while but I found it hard going and have set it aside for now. Instead I read Storyland by Catherine Mackinnon. This is effectively an Australian version of Cloud Atlas, with a very similar structure and similar themes. Some of the story arcs were quite interesting, particularly the futuristic eco-thriller that provides the central pivot point, but others felt underdeveloped and didn't seem to contribute much to the novel. Perhaps a case of the whole adding up to less than the sum of its parts. More recently I knocked off The Picture of Dorian Gray, which had languished on my to-read list for several years. This was much shorter than I expected it to be, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the tale of Dorian's descent. I also read Golden Hill, largely on the back of positive reviews in this thread. This was fantastic and I can only add my voice to the chorus of recommenders. Some great characters (including the gloriously vile De Lancey) and a really interesting plot and setting. Ah what a shame. I thought that this might be worth checking out but it sounds like a plodder.
  5. I know it’s a low bar, but I think it’s been a better tour than 13/14. Anderson, Malan, Root and Bairstow haven’t embarrassed themselves and there were no three-day tests. England won sessions and even entire days without capitalising. Australia is just the better side in these conditions, particularly with Smith scoring so heavily in almost every innings.
  6. Totally agree. They may now be forced to revert to Renshaw for the SA tour.
  7. I wouldn’t make wholesale changes for New Zealand. Ali isn’t the first spinner to get annhilated in Australia - it has happened to other, better bowlers too. And Moeen was still England’s second-highest wicket-taker in 2017, despite hardly taking a wicket on this tour. He was outstanding against South Africa for example, helping England defeat them for the first time on home soil for ages. I would drop Vince like a gun, maybe try Malan at first drop or elevate Root. And yeah, England need a new bowling attack to replace their aged stars. But you can’t just wish that into existence. Finn went home injured on this tour, but he isn’t the answer. Perhaps Roland-Jones might be worth another stint when he’s fit.
  8. Urgh. Even as a die hard fan of Western Australian cricket, I never thought I’d see the Marsh boys each score two tons in an Ashes series. Mind blown.
  9. Pandya! When T20 met test cricket.
  10. I’m with you @ljkeane.
  11. England being made to suffer for not batting long into the second day - conditions are good enough that even 400/450 was probably a sub-par score. I’d not be too surprised if Australia bats only once. Pretty frustrated with this series and tbh will be glad when it’s over.
  12. Haha yeah just as I belittled spin they nearly pick up two wickets. Felt sorry for Crane there.
  13. Yeah England have blown this one. The two wickets late on Day 1 have proved to be as fatal as they seemed to be at the time. Root’s reaction to his dismissal said it all. ETA: Go South Africa! I let out a little “whoop” when I saw that Morkel nailed Virat early.
  14. I think Australia plays spin consistently well at home, almost to the point of making it futile to play a spinner that doesn’t fit the Maharaj mould of keeping up an end. They made Yasir Shah (a quality player IMO) look pedestrian last season.
  15. Crane a pretty ordinary selection for mine. I can see the logic of trying to play an attacking spinner at the SCG, but it’s still a very tough situation in which to debut. Australia on top. Smith cruising again.