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  1. Here's the report of the independent panel. I think your point is covered off as follows: YMMV I guess in terms of the credibility of the above.
  2. An independent panel has confirmed that the census is "fit for purpose", so it's not just the ABS. Clearly there are concerns about reliability given privacy issues and the website disaster, but personally I'm not inclined to completely discount the findings. The (revised) response rate was 95.1%, which exceeds the "minimum required response rate" of 93.3%.
  3. Confirmation from the (apparently still credible) census that 'no religion' has overtaken all of the main religious denominations for the first time. Catholicism is now in second place with about one quarter of the population identifying. And the trend line for the RCs is not great - they recorded their biggest percentage drop in the last 50 years. The Christian denominations when viewed as a whole still come in at about 50% of the population.
  4. I suspect a few here would appreciate this.
  5. Yeah I'm not surprised that you fell victim to The Waste Lands. It's a pretty tough series to read in one hit. I'm plodding through Wuthering Heights (not because I'm not enjoying it, have just been a bit short on reading time lately). Concurrently reading the graphic novel/web comic collection Nimona, which is proving to be a nice, light-hearted distraction.
  6. You guys probably get sick of me saying this, but I have absolutely had it with pointless bilateral ODI series. This Windies v India tour is a case in point. Five meaningless one-dayers between mismatched teams, followed by a single T20I. Not even a one-off test match, which probably would have been more interesting as subcontinental teams have historically struggled in the Caribbean. It's boring, low-quality stuff and exactly the reason why T20 domestic leagues are flourishing at the expense of the international game. At least the England v SA tour had some sense to it: an ODI series to warm up for the Champs Trophy, then some hit and giggle T20s to spark the international season before the tests. But this West Indies tour is just garbage. /rant
  7. I didn't think of that actually. How weird that it could be decades before they can actually play a true home test match. Personally I'm proud that cricket is able to provide some hope to otherwise beleaguered sporting nations at the highest level. And thanks for ending the echo chamber Billy. I've changed my Board title for accuracy's sake.
  8. I know three posts in a row is a faux pas...but we now have an extra two test nations! I'm slightly worried that Afghanistan will end up being premature, but Ireland will probably not have to wait long for its first test win.
  9. I think they prefer One Nation as the Greens often demand (lefty) concessions in return for supporting Coalition legislation. Those concessions are usually too much for the Coalition backbenchers to stomach. Pauline's price is often lower as she likes to be seen as advancing, rather than blocking, the Government's agenda.
  10. Well, the Greens vote probably won't matter now, as the Libs have managed to get the cross-benchers on board. So we finally have a needs-based federal funding model for education (albeit less generous than what Gillard had in mind). ETA: It's weird how this all played out, with Labor refusing to compromise after Turnbull moved the Coalition towards the centre, but the Greens being prepared to negotiate. All for nothing as Lambie, Pauline and co. sided with Birmingham in the end.
  11. I guess that's why a <3000 vote margin might seem like a (moral) Democrat victory. Overall, I think these results are a nice boost for the GOP ahead of the health care vote, but they probably don't change much in terms of predicting mid-terms.
  12. Well, after all the huffing and puffing about Georgia, the GOP will be pretty pleased with the result. Some silver lining for the Dems in South Carolina.
  13. Looks like Handel will limp across the line but it's very close.
  14. A couple of minor titbits: Kumble was forced to step down as India's coach after the rift with Kohli was confirmed. This was brewing for a while but I think it's a shame. AK is a great student of the game and I think he could have been an effective long-term coach. Ireland and Afghanistan are both on the brink of test status. A decision is due on this soon. I am open to them being admitted, as it will allow for more competitive series against the likes of the Windies and Bangladesh, who only rarely play well against the top-ranked teams. Some will oppose their admission on quality grounds, but personally I think it's worth it to help grow the game.