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  1. Ah brook. That actually breaks my heart. Hugs.
  2. Yeah this was always the problem with the slow run rate for England. With Root dismissed this is Australia’s day. ETA: Hmm Malan and Ali did well at the end...maybe I was harsh there! Keeping this attack down to three wickets (plus a run out) is a decent effort.
  3. Stoneman dismissed just before tea, but England have not had a bad day up until this point. The problem is that if they lose a couple more in the final session, they will probably have less runs on the board than they would like. ETA: As I mentioned before, I’m surprised Stoneman didn’t get an earlier look-in ahead of Jennings. He looks a good, solid player.
  4. A slow session for England but they will take the loss of just one wicket. The pitch will likely quicken up a bit as the match goes on, but man did it look slow this morning. Not what Starc and co were hoping for.
  5. Yeah she goes alright. I wouldn’t say she’s the best cricket, bird and fantasy-loving American I know, but she’s in the top one. Oh and we love you too Mr X. Um by the by, how do you have more posts than me these days @lessthanluke!? I’ve lost my mojo clearly. I used to call you lurky for a reason!
  6. Well the Victorian parliament didn’t abdicate its legislative responsibilities on social matters. Assisted dying will be legal in the state in limited circumstances from 2019. Another historic moment for Australia. @Kalbear: Ha yes that video doesn’t do much for our international reputation. For background, you might be interested in looking up where his electorate of Kennedy is based. It explains a lot!
  7. A fantastic conclusion to the women’s Ashes with England pulling off an incredible win in the last T20 to level the series. Australia retained the Ashes but I think England will feel satisfied with their performance overall, especially after losing the first two ODIs. Now on to the first test match of the men’s series. I’m predicting a fairly limp England performance in this one followed by an Adelaide comeback.
  8. An unusually big December coming up in Aussie politics: citizenship declarations, a Queensland election, two federal by-elections (one in doubt) and (hopefully) same-sex marriage legislation. All of which will be totally forgotten when the Ashes starts on Thursday!
  9. Well. That was odd. The real story here is that Renshaw has been dropped despite being a virtual certainty for the 'Gabba at the start of the summer. I am a big fan of Cameron Bancroft, but it seems extremely harsh to drop a guy who averaged over 60 in tests last season and didn't disgrace himself on the subcontinent (cf. the rest of the Australian batting order except Smith). How has Australia reached a point where three bad Shield games means omission of a fairly established opener? I have less sympathy for The Big Show, though he wasn't exactly terrible in the Shield. And I actually think that, as an all-round cricketer, he offers more to the side than the patchy and injury-prone S Marsh. Kudos to Paine for getting another crack at test cricket. I agree with @lmanion on that selection. In any case, picking a 'keeper was always going to be a 'lesser of evils' decision given the dearth of strong performances from Australian WKs across the Shield system. I would draw a parallel with England's decision to pick Vince (i.e. a dearth of good number 3 batsmen on the county circuit).
  10. I think they will yell and scream but ultimately something close to the Smith bill will pass. I think if the vote had been closer it might have been a different story. But even Christensen has said he would abstain only (not oppose) if the Smith bill gets voted on.
  11. Just found out we are not going to get the yes-no breakdowns for age and gender. Fair enough in some ways, though from a statistical point of view I don’t see why those breakdowns are less relevant than geography (which was released).
  12. Khawaja > Root in these conditions! I’m willing to be proven wrong though at the end of the series... I remember Root struggling quite a bit on the last tour but he is vastly more experienced now and not batting at 3. Time will tell!!
  13. WA got a better result than NSW!? I’m proud to be a sandgroper today. A slightly weird but overall good feeling. I think we’d have gotten over 65% if it was a compulsory vote (older Australians had the highest rates of participation). Anyone know what the gender split was or is that not being released?
  14. Yeah fair enough re: Stoneman. I think he looks a more organised and gritty opener than Jennings, so he might have some success. Will undoubtedly be tough though with Australia’s strong pace attack. I also agree that the loss of Stokes has put a dampener on the series. Australia isn’t anywhere near the peak of its powers, but they still easily have the three best batsmen and probably two of the best quicks lining up in the series.