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  1. My bad i was looking at a digital version. Ok so its the map of the north and beyond the wall.
  2. In aWoIaF On the map of the north and beyond the wall, Is there any reason why we see what appears to be a wolf trapping a rat underneath a lannister helm? Also in the bottom left of the picture there seems to be a small rat/mouse door
  3. "Anarchy can thrive in a chaotic situation......but we we'll see who's having fun at the end" (laughs)
  4. So if R+L=J is true and varys learned of this what difference would that make, would varys see him as a threat to his cause, a potential ally or support him as king (unlikely but thoughts?)? what would Aegon and Dany do when they learn of a secret Brother/Nephew? Any threads on this topic?
  5. I know the difference between show and books. i believe that varys and illyrio was working together at the time, we have proof in aryas chapter in the red keep tunnels. Why marry her to a dothraki warlord with a huge army, why give her 3 dragon eggs. in theory, at that point in time they are supporting Viserys. The war of the 5 kings happens after all events in A GAME OF THRONES the first book the other Targaryen you mean is Aegon im guessing?
  6. IF Varys is the targaryean supporter that many of us believe, why does he oversee the whole assassinating dany farce? Does he know for a fact that any attempt would not be very succesful or did i miss something? what if someone did actually kill her? And did anyone actually retract the order to kill her or did everyone assume that she is no longer a price on her head now that robert is dead.
  7. Re-post, deserves more replies. first post was june 2015 assuming that jon snow was child of rhaegar and lyanna, who died in chilbirth. We have an intersting coincidence based on other well supported thoeries that links 3 characters, jon snow ,tyrion lannister and daenerys targaryren. All 3 mothers died in childbirth. Hit this up whats your ideas or debunk it so i can stop thinking about piecing these 3 different pathways together title just to draw attention