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  1. Shit...sorry dong it now - vote: first - Invoking Winter's Sacred Power second - Dancing On third - In Winter She Prospers fourth - Can Never Underestimate Girls!
  2. I feel like my head is trying to do this!
  3. I was wondering that as well! Wow, I just laughed and laughed everyone did such a great job! My tourney pic going from a jousting lance to a light saber - just loved it! Thanks for letting me in, sorry I was not as timely as some.
  4. I got my second wind! Sadly for @Fragile Bird I was way over thinking things!
  5. Done!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I used to have lips but I swapped them for bigger eyes - all life is a trade-off, right?
  8. That was the hardest acro ever! Congrats to everyone! vote: First - 6 Second - 4 Third - 1 Fourth - 8 - Because I liked it! Question please, do the breaks in the letters you posted for Arya indicate separate acros? For example is it "LCDO" or is it "LC" or "DO"?
  9. I'll do it
  10. Me, too!
  11. I support Poached Pears with vigorous vehemence!
  12. Varied velvety verse vigorously validated!
  13. Don't be bragging, my dear SER - our team is nearing the finish line - with the style and grace of a BIRD in flight
  14. I have decided I am not much of a proxy for my N'onc Sniffer! I am truly not able to separate my acrophilia brain from my acrophobia brain. I am having a very valueless venture vis-a-vis vigorous valuable verses!
  15. Evilness is often hidden with cute pink hearts and big shiny eyes - don't you agree?!?