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  1. Actually Sansa did misremember the name of the sword as Lion's Paw in some editions of the novels.
  2. One word. Vengeance. That is what Lady Stoneheart represents. No more mercy to enemies of the Starks and Tullies. The only thing that awaits them is death. She has already taken out a couple of Freys and recaptured Jaime. I hope that she lives long enough to see the Freys, Lannisters and Boltons brought low.
  3. A political marriage between Jon and Dany makes sense and is highly likely. Jon needs Dany's dragons. Dany needs an alliance with one of the Great Houses of Westeros. The only people I can see Jon having a romantic marriage with is Val or Arya.
  4. Stannis' claim died at Blackwater.
  5. The Karstark lands will only fall to a wildling if Harrion Karstark dies. Some will no doubt be angry that a wildling married a young noble lady. However, if that wildling has a powerful army and respects Northern customs, then the outcry would be significantly diminished. As for the OP, a Stark ruler (Jon) marrying a wildling is a significant issue. Usually rulers keep their bannermen in line through marriage alliances. Marriages between Great Houses and regular Houses are used as a form of reward. If Jon uses these Houses to beat the Boltons and then marries a wildling after the fighting is done, those Houses with daughters available to be married would view it marriage as a grave insult. It would be similar to Robb Stark marrying Jeyne Westerling.
  6. Renly is ambitious, ruthless and pragmatic but not evil. An evil character is one that commits needlessly brutal actions repeatedly. Specifically characters that torture and rape or promote such actions are evil. According to this definition, the major evil characters in the story are Tywin, the Mountain, Euron, Roose, Ramsay, Cersei and Littlefinger.
  7. The central five characters are all quite exceptional in some way and all of them have leadership experience. With the exception of Bran, someone who can't physically fight, all of them also have at least one military achievement. Jon - warg, good swordsman and leader, led the defense of the Wall, is adept at Northern politics (shown by advice he offered Stannis and the Alys Karstark marriage) Tyrion - very intelligent, capable Hand of the King and schemer, prevented Stannis from seizing King's Landing during the Battle of Blackwater Bran - greenseer, skinchanger, served as Lord of Winterfell for a time in Robb's absence, currently the heir of Winterfell Arya - skinchanger, has an army of wolves through her direwolf Nymeria, organised a prison break in Harrenhall (Weasel Soup), currently receiving Faceless man training Daenerys - mother of dragons, has an army of unsullied and a mercenary company, conquered Slaver's bay, only unambiguous heir to House Targaryen (Aegon might be a Blackfyre or a fake, Jon is a bastard) Sansa is very lackluster in comparison. Sansa - survived King's Landing, currently Littlefinger's pupil and accomplice Sansa has no military achievements. She has no leadership experience. She is not exceptionally talented in any area. She's not a warg like her siblings because her direwolf died. Sansa's main worth is that she's a beautiful heiress of a previously powerful and influential House. Her beauty makes it easier for her to manipulate men and her high birth means that she can grant political power to the man that marries her. Unfortunately for Sansa, she may have been disinherited by Robb's will and she's also currently legally married to Tyrion which significantly reduces the value of her birth. Thus, her main asset is her beauty but so far she has failed to use that asset to its full potential (seducing and manipulating men). As such, I'm not optimistic about her future importance. She won't be as important to the endgame as the five central characters.
  8. How can Sansa remain Lady of Winterfell if Bran doesn't die?
  9. Joffrey is the legal heir. Stannis failed to provide evidence that Joffrey was a bastard and therefore Joffrey remains the legal heir. Why should any Westerosi lord rebel against the throne on the basis of Stannis' claim if he provides no evidence?
  10. Renly isn't good but he's not bad either. He's just a self interested person. He will do whatever benefits him regardless of the morality of the action. He's pragmatic to the core.
  11. That poster just dislikes Arya and uses the Dareon assassination to justify it.
  12. I do think that her attempt to save Dontos was also an act of kindness on her part. I believe that Sansa is a genuinely nice person at her core. However, she also is a coward who doesn't stand up to those in power if that would threaten her own interests. She will help Sweet Robin only if that decision either benefits her or doesn't threaten her interests.
  13. Arya wanted to be raised as a lady of the North while Septa Mordayne and Catelyn wanted to raise her as a lady of the South like her sister Sansa. A lot of the other Northern noblewomen we meet in the books also behave very similarly to Arya. We have Alysane Mormont and Meera Reed, both warrior women who have fought in battle. There's Lyanna Mormont and Wylla Manderly, noble girls of Arya's age who are quite independent minded and not afraid to state their opinions. And finally there's Alys Karstark, who Melisandre mistakes for Arya, a girl who escapes from captivity and a forced marriage on her own. Arya Stark is a normal Northern noblewoman. Catelyn and Septa Mordayne are the outsiders.
  14. This quote gives key insight into the Stark family dynamics. Bran holds onto Robb for support. Sansa runs abandoning her other family members. Arya attacks instead and tries to protect her other family members. This difference in behavior is also the reason that many Stark fans would place Arya above Sansa in terms of likability. It's clear in this quote that while Jon is a bastard and doesn't have the Stark name, it is Sansa who is the black sheep of the family. Later in the story Jon Snow may gain the Stark name (Robb's Will) while Sansa loses it through marriage (Lannister marriage, possible Arryn marriage). Jon Snow is probably the favored Stark character because he is viewed as the de facto head of the Stark family. A role that none of the other Stark children can fill. He is our replacement for Ned Stark, one of the most beloved characters in the story.
  15. If Walder Frey was extremely terrified of Tywin Lannister and his reputation, he would have never sided with the Starks and Tullys no matter what deal Catelyn or Robb offered him.