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  1. Truly good characters

    Renly isn't good but he's not bad either. He's just a self interested person. He will do whatever benefits him regardless of the morality of the action. He's pragmatic to the core.
  2. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    That poster just dislikes Arya and uses the Dareon assassination to justify it.
  3. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    I do think that her attempt to save Dontos was also an act of kindness on her part. I believe that Sansa is a genuinely nice person at her core. However, she also is a coward who doesn't stand up to those in power if that would threaten her own interests. She will help Sweet Robin only if that decision either benefits her or doesn't threaten her interests.
  4. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Arya wanted to be raised as a lady of the North while Septa Mordayne and Catelyn wanted to raise her as a lady of the South like her sister Sansa. A lot of the other Northern noblewomen we meet in the books also behave very similarly to Arya. We have Alysane Mormont and Meera Reed, both warrior women who have fought in battle. There's Lyanna Mormont and Wylla Manderly, noble girls of Arya's age who are quite independent minded and not afraid to state their opinions. And finally there's Alys Karstark, who Melisandre mistakes for Arya, a girl who escapes from captivity and a forced marriage on her own. Arya Stark is a normal Northern noblewoman. Catelyn and Septa Mordayne are the outsiders.
  5. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    This quote gives key insight into the Stark family dynamics. Bran holds onto Robb for support. Sansa runs abandoning her other family members. Arya attacks instead and tries to protect her other family members. This difference in behavior is also the reason that many Stark fans would place Arya above Sansa in terms of likability. It's clear in this quote that while Jon is a bastard and doesn't have the Stark name, it is Sansa who is the black sheep of the family. Later in the story Jon Snow may gain the Stark name (Robb's Will) while Sansa loses it through marriage (Lannister marriage, possible Arryn marriage). Jon Snow is probably the favored Stark character because he is viewed as the de facto head of the Stark family. A role that none of the other Stark children can fill. He is our replacement for Ned Stark, one of the most beloved characters in the story.
  6. Did Walder Frey even have a choice?

    If Walder Frey was extremely terrified of Tywin Lannister and his reputation, he would have never sided with the Starks and Tullys no matter what deal Catelyn or Robb offered him.
  7. Arya will become Queen

    How would removing Cersei leave the kingdom on shaky ground? She is directly responsible for the current state of Westeros due to her cuckoldry of King Robert. She is also further destabilizing the kingdom by empowering the Faith and attacking the Tyrells. Other than Cersei, the only other person of political significance on Arya's list is Walder Frey. If Walder Frey dies, then that would lead to internal conflict within the Frey House but I don't think it's something that would leave the kingdom on shaky ground. Also, her list is not everything to her. Her family and loved ones are everything to her. After her father died, she tried to get to her brother and her mother but they were butchered at the Red Wedding. Then she tries to get to her aunt Lysa in the Eyrie but that doesn't work out either. Finally she tries to go to the Wall to get to Jon but the ship captain won't take her there. Arya has consistently tried to reunite with her family members during her entire journey and she has been unsuccessful every time. What Arya wants most is not vengeance but to reunite with her family members.
  8. Arya will become Queen

    The clues for a potential relationship between Jon and Arya were present in the books before the outline leaked. Here's a thread about a potential Jonrya relationship from before the outline leaked.
  9. Arya will become Queen

    Indeed. Sandor starts of as Joffrey's goon but he ends up protecting both Sansa and Arya and he ultimately becomes a better person. Jaime starts off by committing treason and attempting to murder a child to cover up his crime. As recently as AFFC, he threatens to throw Edmure Tully's newborn child into Riverrun with a trebuchet.
  10. I wonder what the fallout would be if Stannis lost the Battle of Winterfell in the books.
  11. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Arya/Jon shippers exist mainly because of the outline. Before then they were generally seen as very close siblings. The outline just let us know that they can get even closer than that. And even if you don't think that the outline matters anymore, there's plenty of Jon/Arya hints that made into the actual books including the latest one.
  12. The Targaryens were terrible monarchs

    Climate is a much better explanation than Wildling raids. We know that the climate is harsher in the farther North and thus the land is able to support less people. Of course they suffer from raids. It's impossible to fully guard the wall and as long as a wildling band can make it over, they'd definitely be able to raid the Umber lands. The difference is that raiding the Umber lands would be far more difficult than raiding the New Gift because the Umbers have far more manpower than the Night's Watch does. The mountain clans in the Vale can only attack small bands. They generally can't take castles. The situation is the same in the North. The wildlings have never taken a castle. There's no evidence for your conjectures in the book. The wildlings have never won a pitched battle against Westerosi forces. If they actually defeat the Night's Watch, the Northern lords will swiftly destroy them.
  13. Sophie Turner was definitely robbed

    I didn't say that Clarke is a better actress than Turner. I said that she is the star of the most popular tv show currently and that ensures her nomination. She's been nominated three times thus far, the same amount as Lena Heady despite being nowhere as good of an actress. Thus, her nominations are probably more down to her character's popularity rather than her portrayal of that character. Harington is a more convincing and skilled actor than Turner. He is also very adept at battle scenes and his adroit sword and acting skills have been instrumental in the popularity of two of the greatest battles in the show: Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards. BoB alone, catapults him in front of Turner.
  14. Sophie Turner was definitely robbed

    Even if the writing is terrible, it still remains the job of the actor or actress to portray the character convincingly. Emilia Clarke got nominated because she's the star of the show. Dinklage, Williams and Harington got nominated because they're all better actors and actresses than Turner.
  15. None of those are good enough. If the Reach is going to win the war for them, then they'll need a very good deal with both immediate and future benefits. I think the minimum would be two small council seats with one of them being Hand of the King. The crown would also have to promise to give them some of the Stormlands land. Besides, as long as the Reach doesn't kill anyone important on the rebel side, they won't face severe repercussions for being on the royal side.