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  1. Alliser Thorne. I like him and I don't think all of the hate that he gets from Snow flake's fans are in any way justified.
  2. That would be my best guess. To add to the Stark skin collection that his family is rumored to keep. Roose has hunted wolves but a direwolf skin is a collectable item since they had not been seen on this side of the wall for centuries. I really don't think they would bury Greywind with his fur intact. It's a trophy item for someone like Roose Bolton like Robb's head is a trophy item for Joffrey Baratheon to have.
  3. The following comes to mind as the dumbest of the POV characters: Theon Greyjoy Sansa Stark Arianne Martell Jon Snow
  4. I disagree. The books do not have good evidence for R+L=J. I would not even call it evidence.
  5. It's a fantasy story. You will have extremes of ugly and extremes of beautiful. On the matter of Ashara. She's more hot than outright beautiful. The kind of girl that most men will find appealing and attainable. Her open nature and not her looks could have intimidated the shy wolf. I don't think Ashara will take your breath away with her beauty but she is very attractive enough. She's closer to the beautiful end of the scale and far from the ugly end.
  6. I would put his skills above that of Robb Stark and below that of the Rogue Prince. Skilled to be sure. I would also assume Queen Visenya was skilled with her Darksister.
  7. They make good winter coats. The Boltons happen to think wearing Stark skin is quite hip and stylish. The newest Lady Frey thinks her new direwolf coat is chic.
  8. Jon belongs in the same category as Ramsay and Cersei. Bad ruling potential. He would be equally as bad in ruling as those two if they were all in a position to rule. Putting one family member's well being ahead of what's good for a whole continent is the kind of decision that an unfit leader would make. Jon is unfit to lead and even less fit to rule. Bowen Marsh and the other officers of the watch were respectful and obeyed his orders (even the obviously bad decisions like Hard home) right up until he admitted his treason and announced that he was going to do something so bad that it will make what the Nights King did look like mild misdemeanor.
  9. The murder of the elderly insurance salesman by that evil Arya Stark. For you adults out there who have insurance. You all know that there are terms to the contract. The insurance company is not obligated to pay if the insured was at fault. That old man was not guilty of any crime. Daenerys Targaryen is the hero in this story. She liberated millions of people from slavery. That makes her a true hero.
  10. Maybe Sansa was concerned that if Jon knew, he would try to get them to follow his "strategy". Which Sansa may have guessed would be a disaster. As the title of the topic says, Jon has a poor battle record and so why would you want the Vale army to follow his lead. But even with all of that, Sansa is selfish.
  11. Of course the Dothraki can lead a peaceful life. They crossed the "poisoned water" because Daenerys commanded it. They will lead peaceful lives because Daenerys will require it of them. That was the importance of ridding them of the Khals. Now they can live peacefully instead of participating in the slave trade.
  12. Damned Starks! I never liked any of them. I never liked Jon. It's time to exterminate them.
  13. There are many potential husbands for Dany in the novel but HBO was so intent on making Jon important that they eliminated the others from the plot. The best candidates in the real story are: Wylas Tyrell, Trystane Martell, Gerold Dayne, and Aegon Blackfyre. The show wrote all of those out of the plot so that leaves Snowflake. Jaime is not a good candidate. Dany should roast that asshole for being a pain in the ass. The Lannisters have lost their gold mines. The Lannister gold has been tarnished. Euron can never be trusted and the iron fleet is not a big enough prize.
  14. Sansa doesn't mention it because she's a selfish idiot.
  15. I hope it's not a Stark or anyone with Stark blood. I hate those Starks. I'm pulling for Daenerys to take the throne herself and rule for as long as she wants.