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  1. So the Dothraki believe the world will end when this weed takes over the land and destroys all other vegetation. All living things feed off of the sun and it starts with photosynthesis. In effect, Ghost Grass will do in Essos the same thing that the long night will do in Westeros: end life by destroying vegetation. How do you propose to stop the spread of this invasive weed? What keeps the weed in check now? Any ideas?
  2. Rickard Stark failed to control his children. Hell, Lyanna disrespected him and ran off with a married man after he so carefully tried to build an alliance with the Baratheons. Brandon threatened the Targaryens and deservedly got executed for it. There is also the possibility that Rickard Stark was conspiring against the Targaryens, which make him a villain in my eyes.
  3. Theory has it that Old Nan is Lady Webber. From the order of the greenhand, if I recall. Ned doesn't know about Old Nan's past. He's what, 34-35 when he died. Old Nan was already late middle age by the time Ned came along.
  4. It's possible if Cersei become desperate enough. However, I am not so sure there is time to work this into the plot. The books already have depth and complexity. Aegon is a big part of the plot that's missing from you know what. So the you know what had to invent their own material. The book has enough plot twists to make a labyrinth without introducing this. The story should be coming together and building up to the end game.
  5. And the Baratheons are getting their just desserts now. Robert bought it from a wild boar. Renly got sliced by his brother's shadow. Stannis is in trouble. Selise is not so right upstairs. They rebelled against a Targaryen king and are now getting the payback that they deserve.
  6. You forgot the man who supports his chiidren, even the bastards. Walder Frey.
  7. There is a connection between the white walkers and the Starks. I suspect the Starks share blood with them. The tale of the NK and NQ was told to us for a reason. It establishes the possibility that they had children and the line continued on down to the present Starks and their close kin, like Craster. I also think there is a good chance that Craster is a distant Stark.
  8. Oh gods, I could post a long list of theories that I don't like but it would be too long. For starters, I don't like the following: Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon Barristan will die in the Battle of Fire I do not believe the first. The second is not likely because he will lead the divine Targaryen forces when Dany reclaims Westeros from the three stooges, Stannis, Tommen, and Euron.
  9. I didn't say anything about Renly being good at leadership. That's another thing entirely. I just said he will win an election because he's the better politician among the choices. Not that he would be any good after winning.
  10. This is a good enough reason to me. teej6 should read.
  11. Uh, you might want to read the other posts in this thread before you make a comment about not backing up an opinion. Moiraine Sedai gave her reasons in one of her posts here. Be thorough before you posts crap like that, please.
  12. This theory proposed by a few, "Sansa will become queen". Ridiculous. That girl has no business in a position of importance. She should be content cleaning Sweetrobin's fragrant bottom each time he does the #2.
  13. I support a restoration of the Targaryens. With that in mind, I think I would let the war of the five kings happen. Westeros will go downhill anyway as long as Robert is king. The economic problems will pile on as he continues to rack up debt. It's only a matter of time. The Starks have to go down because Ned will take Jon Arryn's place as the enabler that will allow Robert to continue to rule. Varys and Littlefinger both want war so it is inevitable. I don't care for the Starks. I don't have anything against the Baratheons but it wouldn't upset me if they were all to die. I don't care for the Lannisters. I'm a Targaryen loyalists and anything that will help bring them back sounds good to me. I'm not going to do anything to warn Ned. As of aDwD we have yet to know what the Others want. They're intelligent so some kind of deal could be made. I will be willing to give them all the lands north of Moat Cailin in exchange for peaceful coexistence.
  14. Nope. Renly wins easily. He's the best politician among the five. So if you put it up for an election it will be Renly.
  15. Bolton before they became the new wardens of the north. The Manderlys are the Bolton's most powerful vassal.