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  1. haha i like your responses as always, but ill have to respond back later. Back to adulting for now
  2. Im just not gonna deal with you if you really are going to be like this haha your not a newbie and you should know this, unless you've just been eating your own bs for so long you love the taste.
  3. You really need a quote on this? Its in the same thought he has of Ashara Dayne when speaking of Rhaegar not trusting him with his plans. No quote lmao you should already know that, your not a newbie
  4. Lmao well your entitled to think that
  5. Hahah i love that story, by far one of his darkest! But he comes back speaking truths that no one wants to hear. It was really just me being glib
  6. Then why doesn't Jon Con think of Lyanna at all then? He thinks of Elia who had his sweet princes love. Wouldn't he hate the woman who got Rhaegar killed? Wouldn't his thoughts go to her?
  7. Seemed to be some at least as poor Barristan felt cut out of Rhaegar's circle that included Went, Dayne and possibly Hightower.
  8. And you dont think he could have been cheating earlier in those same competitions to get him to those finals? Barristan seems to respect him but in no way considers Rhaegar a great or even a good swords men. At best he seems to see Rhaegar as capable. And aside from a few tourney of jousting in which he may have cheated, we never hear of Rhaegar doing battle and being amazing on the field.
  9. yea but of 500 people, only 175 are rangers who are likely the recruiters. so 5/175 odds right there is 1/35? and if we assume only half of them 175 are good singers than round it up to be nice to 90 possible people. Then the odds are 1/18 that he was there. And remember, this is when Mance would be around Eddards age, before becoming the bad ass ranger he is know for now. And also grown to his full stature.
  10. Exactly, exactly, exactly!!! Kind of hard to argue against sensibly imo when literally the clues are alllll there lol thank you for bringing my attention to something that has led to a full on exploration that has opened up new possibilities
  11. Again, i covered this at the bottom of the OP. Get off the issue of the hobbies, you guys are being silly. Im a fricking musician and artist and im not gay, but i know alot who are. I warned about dragging this back down that road, so bye. Im also a thespian in theater and love boxing and lots of contact sports. So again, to any an all reading this. Dont bring up stupid stuff like this to me when ive already covered that their interest isnt the point at hand, it's the collection of their character and such held up in comparison to Renly. Stop cherry picking my post to start an argument i wont have.
  12. Again, it's not just about their preferred hobbies. It's about their greater parallels from the Tourney and other characteristics that Mirror Loras and Renly to Arthur and Rhaegar. And yes, he married for duty. But why is it so hard to imagine a gay king in the mix? Really? Martin can't break tropes, even his own? Specially when he gave you a current narrative that may possibly mirror that of Rhaegar's then. That's still a matter of opinion unless you wanna bring up that unnameless Fan service. Jon's parents haven't been revealed in the books last time i checked and a love between Rhaegar and Lyanna hasn't been proven. Seems pretty simple to me. Im not on that band wagon of just following that Fan Service adaptation as fact or cannon. Sorry. Not till the books are done. And na i mean literally stealing the Maid from the person who crowned the Maid. So since Rhaegar crowned her, those other Tourney's would imply that he did not take her, marry her, or have kids with her. It just doesn't line up with the other Tourney's. Yea im not buying this cherry picking over what Howland and Meera were being honest about and what they weren't. Thats a nice convenient argument but i dont buy it. Either every thing they said was true, or none of it. If they wanted to with hold, they could have, just like how she doesn't finish the story of who crowned the Maid. Not all though, there are people such as Eddard who doesnt' seem to realize as he is puzzled over why Renly would want a woman that looks like Lyanna. Who didn't, he wanted her for Robert. Let's not just believe that nameless Fan Service adaptation as fact, and please dont try to act like the most popular theory some one has managed to sit and argue over for 165 versions of 500 comments (82,000 comments) and still hasn't convinced every body is some how more right than others. Again, the books aren't done, Jon's parents havn't been revealed, and Rhaegars love of Lyanna not proven. So it's a worthy question to still ask imo and one i havn't seen before that i can see possibly mirrored as pointed out by those Tourneys. Now it is an out of left field question as we've all just excepted these ideas, but i think there is some example possibly in the books. I do fully expect a lot of disagreement though centered around the same thoughts though For the record ive always believed Rhaegar to be the father of Dany and Jon by Lyanna and Ashara. Just alot of this stuff between Bael and Mance, and the Tourneys has me really rethinking everything. The possible event's of the Dance and how i think the Targaryen's lost their dragons would mean a lot into this all, along with what happened in Mirri's tent. Which i think was binding Danys blood to her dragons and waking them. Not that she is the right blood come together again finally to make a dragon, even Martin has said Dany is like 1/20 as Targaryen as Aegon I. So that's not why she hatched dragons. So if her blood isn't important, than she may not even be a Targaryen. If i apply the Tourney evidence and Bael and Mance evidence, it would suggest that Jon is Mance's child, and Daenerys is either Eddard's or Mance's. Again, this is based off my Bael and Alysanne thread. Which plays out into the Dance with Rhaenrya and Daemon who's son together and King Aegon III was the dragon's bane. They ended the line due to their Stark blood. So any blood she has, isn't that of the Dragon. Mirri woke the dragon in the tent. Woke it from he ice line, similar to how i see Nissa Nissa being an Other who was stabbed by Azor Ahai. From their came their child who may have died like Danys so that Nissa Nissa would be the mother of Dragons. It all rhymes. and if that does. Then Rhaegar and Renly can.
  13. Well that's one way to interpret it all but hardly the only way to interpret that all, let alone whether a person should actually trust any of it. And why would Viserys have mentioned Rhaegars eyes among all the other random stuff he talked about. It's not like they lacked for time. This is still the same problem Melisandre has and what others warn about. Trusting visions and your interpretations of them. Mel thinks she's right, Morqorro thinks he's right, and so on. So your more right than any of these characters too? I just think this might be the same mistake we're all making. They are visions, and nothing more. Not history or eye witness accounts from people who were there.
  14. Not that particular quote no but the general line of though of which i completely understand. Textually, that all could be seen as evidence. Except if you consider that even the Warlocks told her that some visions were false. How do we know which was false, or how does Dany know? Why should i trust her visions any more that i should trust Mel's or any one else?
  15. Lol maybe but i can only work with what's possibly in the text. The other mirrors are there but need more evidence for something to include Jon Con in the mix fully, but like i said above. It does make one wonder how aware of Jon Con's feeling Rhaegar was.