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  1. Also if i was Martin, i would have had an upside down weirwood tree. Uprooted and replanted upside down. This is a Celtic belief as they believed that Heaven was in the Earth. I think it would have been a nice inclusion to the CotF.
  2. All that being said. House Manderly's sigil is likely a call back to Garth the Green whom all the houses of the Reach claim descent from. The fact that he is displayed as a Merling is due to who he is and where he comes from. He is ancestor to the Realm of the Fisher Queens, so this makes sense. Specially given the old belief in a sea god and sky god shared by the Iron Born, the Storm landers, and the peoples of the Three Sisters. Garth took to land only later. This is represented by House Hoare who gave up their strength at sea to rule from Harrenhal as a Land power around the God's Eye. The Ancient seat of the First King, The Green King of the God's Eye, Garth the Green. Father to the Grey King and Durran God's Grief. Which is why both cultures war over the river lands.
  3. Hahah i understand what you mean and though im never sure either, i assume he's fairly intelligent. I know of most of his inspirations before having gotten into any theory forum stuff, though, i have the added use of the internet and youtube in my time. George did not. Though im sure he could read them all the same. Jesus-the Devil- The star of the morning- the morning star - Azor Ahai. There a dragon in the bible too. Abraham father of many faiths, and Moses and the flood pop up. Deucalion i believe is the Greek version. Norse Mythology with Fire, Ice, and Earth Giants pops up. Mixes of Dragon mythology pops up Atlantis, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The Crusades Henry VIII and the twins in the tower Rome, European history or English history. American colonization and the natives Hadrian's wall I can keep going, and these are all just ones i know of from before reading his books. I know about steel forging and Iron and Carbon making steel and that trees can be used for carbon so im sure he's equally aware of that common knowledge. Theres so much more that i can bring up to that i know, and that if i know. George should definitely know, given he's much more into literature than i am, and has expressed being a big fan of history. I assume he's probably smarter, if not equally as intelligent. What i find more impressive than his understanding of history and myth, is his application of it into a compelling narrative and myth of his own. Bridging all these things that he knows. There are things though he never touches upon though that may show his lack of knowledge. Like language for one. Martin makes no attempt at constructing a language. Neither written or spoken. Simply coming up with some names with a sense of understanding of phonetics and the spelling of these sounds by diffing cultures adapting an alphabet. Take Dayne versus Daenerys. Ay instead of Ae. Ae being something used to identify Valyrian ancestry. Martin makes mention of the 7 and the Rainbow guard which shows awareness of the 7 colors of the rainbow. Yet fails to tie in music into his myth. Given there are 7 notes to 7 colors. Many in history have made links between color and sound. He didn't touch calendars as Tolkien did either. Or a creation myth. So for all the things he included, there is things he never tried.
  4. Hmm. You know, i never thought about that oddity haha see It is interesting that the Targaryen's didn't practice slavery. Could they have learned their lesson from the Braavosi? or is it to do with their old ties to Westeros? Hmmm. Very interesting. It's been suggested that the Targaryen's also didn't leave do to some prophecy but rather that the political climate or something got too bad in Valyria for Targaryens and they were forced to leave or die. Which makes me wonder about the other "Valyrian religious" colonies. Boash for example were of Valyria, but Lorath didn't become a part of the Freehold proper till after the Boashi. None of these other cities had dragon lords either, just Valyria. Exactly. Im smelling something to do with the Faith. Reads like a bad history book haha (Intended to) so it's not very interesting as far as story telling goes. Though the bits and clues it does give, does very much broaden the scope of the story, world, cultures, myths, and past. It's worth getting through though And yessss. I try not to get bogged down by parallels to real world stuff that is likely merely inspiration but not a good go to to solve anything. Basically Martin took alotttt of myth and histories and smashed them together, so you could spend along time just pointing out nods to things and going in circles while never actually getting further in solving anything to do with the books proper. I think he gave you what you need, in the books Edit- That is in no way a jab at TWOIAF or Elio and Linda's great work. It's the same style and approach Martin uses in the Princess and the Queen, The Rogue Prince, and Sons of the Dragon
  5. "Im not crazy, my mother had me tested!" - Sheldon
  6. Serwyn of the Mirror Shield tipped me. Notice What's said of Serwyn again? and what do we know of Aemon? He was a Kings guard knight and brother to the Targaryen Dragon King who loved his sister as did his brother. So i looked for this cyclic tale and found it. Aemon vs Aegon IV for Naerys Daemon Vs Daeron for Daenerys or the throne. Bloodraven vs Bittersteel for Shiera Stannis vs Renly for the Throne (Nissa Nissa the Amethyst empress was their path to rule) Visenya vs Rhaeny for Aegon Jon vs Aegon for Daenerys. (This just lucked up and lined up based on old theory of Dany as Rhaegars child with Ashara Dayne, and Jon his by Lyanna. Would only thus require F/aegon to be real. Which i touch on else where. Thus creating the cyclic story Martin has presented cleverly in the text.
  7. I like to think of the tales as half truths, but with truths. House Stark, House Hightower, House Durrandon, House Gardener, House Dayne, and House Lannister all are linked. House Stark and House Lannister are already rumored to descend from Garth some how, though debated how. House Lannister is linked to House Gardener per the earlier quote i posted about the linial claims of the Reach and Westerlands being tied to the founding of Valyria. House Hightower wed into the family at the least. Though likely already apart of it and just practicing a lil Valyrian incest to keep the powers strong. House Dayne is the only one not directly linked by anything other than Dawn, purple, and possible the Azor Ahai/Last Hero legends. The First Dayne could likely be tied to the Bloodstone Emperor also.
  8. This is what i wonder, if the castle of Dragonstone isn't actually older than we're being told. Remember, there were dragons in Westeros long ago. Clarence the Crabb killed one, Serwyn of the Mirror Shield, Davos the Dragon Slayer, Galladon of Morne, and Florian the Fool along with the First Hightowers. Possibly. Yet, given that K.L. was built to compete with Oldtown and Casterley Rock. It would make more sense for them to use their awesome architecture to build K.L. Yet they didn't. They also never made roads such as those in the east. This suggest to me that either they lost the knowledge, or didn't have the right dragons to do it. I think this is the ancient narrative.
  9. How much you wanna bet, these are 4 of the 7?
  10. Haha well, well met and welcome to the madness hahah You will find many in the forums at different levels of the rabbit hole haha and even those on for a while can still learn things they didn't notice Hahaha may be a bit much to delve into to start but your welcome to Twoiaf is a good place to start first and even looking at other peoples differing ideas. Im on my own path with most of this but not all as interpretation of that book and what we're being told in all the books greatly effects all our views. I am of the opinion that almost everything the maesters say is not true. Either through ignorance or lying, they are not to be trusted. So i look more to the ancient songs and legends and then realign all the details based on what i think the clues are telling me. Like time details, or that i think most of the ancient tales are tied and telling the same story. Just through different cultures which muddies the picture.
  11. Those are just the statues. Notice how they didn't make ones like the Gargoyles? They lack the ability. Thus they just used the mast heads of their ships. Which, you have to think were already some carved thing, as were most old ships. So could these statues/mast already have been the seven?? Which would explain why it never said they recarved them, or carved them. Just that they've been repainted. And your mention was interesting and did mention Dragonstone in passing haha i was just curious if there was a deeper connection to Dragonstone that you were trying to get at. I have to read more about the Crastor theory. And Grey scale is something im looking at. Just dont have my own thoughts yet, and i dont like just going off other theories just cause they're there. I have to actually take time to put thought into things to see if pieces fit or not, or just what else i can find. As people all tend to notice different things. Though i have a sneeky suspicion that 1400 years ago something very important was happening that i just can't put my thumb on yet. *House Manderly booted North * Andals take OldTown and Hightowers with Sept built. * 4 Glass Candles brought to Old Town from Valyria right at that time too. *war with Rhoynar soon followed within a hundred years or so. Now Andals and Glass Candles and Valyria and Oldtown all mixed up in one..... Again, i can't help but feel there is a deeper connection with Valyria and The Faith. Or Andals. Something is not quite adding up right about this time.
  12. Hmm. I link Hugor to the Long Night and Others, which would predate what we're told about Dragonstone Castle. Though, i link Hugor to the Bloodstone Emperor also. Which means that the Church of Starry Wisdom and the Faith of the Seven both come from the same guy but went through a schism in doctrine. Valyrian building a sept on Dragonstone, despite no known association to the Faith prior to Aegon's coronation, can only be linked in my mind some how to this schism and those faiths having a deeper tie to Valyria it self and Westeros.
  13. Blue was not the ancient association for the sea or the ocean. Blue didn't even come into term's till after. The Iliad and the Odyssey never once calls the waters blue. Instead green or black. So the association of Green to Garth and the Merling King actually makes sense.
  14. Given that Aegon and them didn't seem to build anything else. (K.L. is no wheres near the architecture of Dragonstone), i would wager the Targaryen's couldn't. Either they didn't know how, or they didn't have the right dragons. I imagine war dragons are not to good for building things. And Valyria are said to have only taken it 400 years ago, that doesnt account for about 9500 years....
  15. Exactly. It's completely out of place given what we're told. I think we're not being told something.