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  1. I like this idea and may work well into my theory as in my theory i link The Grey King to Hugor of the Hill and the Nights King among others. I link Garth the Green to Mermen though, so it'll take a little thinking. This depending largely on whether Garth predates the pact, or is a result of the pact. Im also working under the impression that there was a brother and that he and Garth fought over a woman. Good point.
  2. Maybe, but as i suspect the Faith of the Seven as killing of the dragons in the Age of Heroes and Dance of Dragons, i suspect them of being a great threat. One that the Targaryens are tip toeing around for a reason. Targaryens never once dared to burn down the Citidel even. Not even the craziest ones.
  3. Hmm. I didn't think there would be this much debate over the Andals and what classifies you as Andal.. should i change the Subject thread? Again, worshiping the Faith of the Seven does not make you Andal. The Targaryens worshiped the Faith of the Seven but were Valyrian, never once identifying with the Andals. The text clearly talks about the Andals and Valyrians as separate people. I personally dont understand the debate. The Andals are a race of people who follow a religion called the Faith of the Seven. The Religion started with them but can be worshiped by people of other races. There fore, worshiping the Faith of the Seven, does NOT make you an Andal. Being of Andal blood makes you an Andal.
  4. Now how do i close this thread? O.o
  5. Your right sir, i just reread that chapter and right before it talks about Benedict, it mentions the Andals killing off those who wouldn't kneel and intermarry. I missed it. So now ive realized they intermarried with the Andals before Benedict had been born. Sorry bout that. Going over all the Andal info to settle some looming points for another thread a river of time. Thank you
  6. Just because you convert to Christianity doesn't mean your not still part of what ever genetic back ground (German, Chinese, Idian, Etc.) you were born into. The Andals are not the Jews which are the only people i can think of with this situation you mention.
  7. How so when the text clearlyyyyyy states the manyyyyyy unions and intermingling of the Andals with the First Men of the South. Even Martin him self has clearly stated that the southern houses are too mixed to tell which is of more Andal Influence or First Men influence. All worship the Faith of the Seven tho irregardless of the varying degree's of mixing within their houses. But the house's are all mixed with Andal blood as stated by Martin.
  8. I really disagree with all of this. Andals are a people. The Faith of the Seven is a religion and can be followed by anyone of any race, FIrst Men, Andals, Valyrian or other. At no point once so ever do they ever call the Targaryen's Andals. The reason the southern houses identify with the Andals NOW, is because they are so mixed with the Andals that they pretty much are Andal. That fact has nothing to do with their religious preferences, just blood. Just as there are Andals who worship the Drowned God, or the Old Gods (Manderly). Manderly having Andal blood and keeping with the Faith but still seems to honor and or worship and sea god/ Merman. Sorry, but i just completely disagree with you on your classifications. And so what, Andals come from Andalos as Valyrians come from Valyria, but that Valyrians dont worship Valyrian. They worshiped Boash, and more with specific names. As the Andal's worshiped a specific religion named The Faith of the Seven. If the Umbers suddenly decided to start worshiping the Faith of the Seven, they still wouldn't be Andals. Just First men who worship the Seven and have converted.
  9. That hardly seems logical. Andals are a race of people, not just a religion. The religion is referred to as the Faith of the Seven, not Andals. Even if Benedict married an Andal woman, it wouldn't make Benedict an Andal, Just his kids, and only partially. It clearly calls Benedict the first Andal King.
  10. The Justman's come from Benedict Rivers, born of a Union between Houses Blackwood and Bracken. He is in TWOIAF to have been the first of the Andal Kings to rule the Riverlands. Yet, he appears to come from 2 first men houses. So what's going on here?? Is Benedict Rivers an Andal or of the First Men? Wouldn't that imply that either the Bracken's or the Blackwood's are Andals? Which kinda goes against what we know of when the Andals came. Has any one else noticed this and wondered about it?
  11. This is true, and i remember this, but cant place off hand where that info came from.. Old Nan? Or Luwin? While i agree with you that it may indeed not be that simple, or it may be more simple. The Geotdawn-age is the hardest to pin anything down on. And while 2 sides of power can clearly be pointed out, mayyybe a third, i still subscribe to the idea that there is only one power. If indeed everything stems from the Children, who are hive minded, would possibly explain some things. Like why both sides have some what similar powers, like resurrection and mind control. Again, hard to say though, there could be different hive minds for all we know. Im still open to any good theory though
  12. Maybe. Though it is also stated that the men of Skagos may have bred with them, and also that the Umber may have with Giants, and the people of the Thousand Isles with Merman (or something), and a couple marriages with CotF such as Ser Artys Arryn/ The Winged Knight. Just because the Maester dismiss it, along with CotF, and Giants, and Others, and Merman, doesn't mean we should.
  13. My first post was in regards to you bringing up the GEOTD. Yea i believe there are more races, i just say they all trace back to the children. The Giants were their brother and their bane, suggesting a tie. I could be wrong and there could have always been 3, i just suspect a deeper connection. All those other points i agree with. Ive taken my own theory that Garth the Green is a merman. As depicted by the GreyIron and Manderly sigil. Green beard, green hair, and maybe green skin (like those from the thousand isles) which all turned grey as he got older. Not only does Duran's story show him wedding a possible mermaid, but so does the Grey Kings. Further, Hugor which is another rendering of Hukko, may also be another rendering for Huzhor Amai, and Azor Ahai. Which Huzhor was the son of the Last Fisher Queen and Azor was son of the Opal emperor. Like wise, the Grey King (who was i think green as the sea to start) wed a mermaid. Further more all of these stories deal with a fallen star or stone. Bloodstone Emperor- worshiped fallen magical stoneFirst Dayne- Followed fallen star and made sword out of itHugor- The Father pulled down 7 stars to make his crown.Galladon of Morne- The Maiden (a star) falls for Galladon, in love.Duran- 7 storms (not really a fallen star/stone, but mirrors the 7 story of Hugor, ill get back to Hugor)Grey King- Temps the Storm god who sends down a bolt of LighteningFurther ties lie in Hugor's story. He is said to have had 44 sons. There are 44 Iron Islands. 31 in the main grouping, and 13 in the smaller grouping. While the largest Islands number 7. (Ill hook back around to some other relevant 7 ties). All of these numbers have further ties i wont bother pointing out other than 13 for now. Linking the Night's King who ruled for 13 yrs and was 13th L.C. and the Last Hero who along with 12 companions numbered 13. Now, the Hoares are said to have the Andal taint which is evident in their Black hair, eyes and heart. This strong trait is in another major house, House Durrandon, which then passes it onto House Baratheon. "The Seed is Strong". House Durrandon being littered in Andals influence or 7's. 7 storms, 7 castles, 7 Andal attacks, and round towers. 7 pops up alot and seems to represent one side of the powers, while 3 is the other. As said 3 times in Eddard's dungeon chapter about the Tower of Joy, they were 3 against 7. The wall just happens to be 3(00)x7(00). Further Andal/ Iron born ties lie possibly in Balon Blackskin, who fought with an ax and a hammer. Both of which are signs believed to be carved through out the Vale where the Andals first made landing. (This is during the early Andal Invasion led on by religious fever, not the later Andal invasion in which the Hoares come in on, which was led by a flight from Valyria.). Another example of these powers and a sign, is that House Tyrell who claims decent through Garth green wear a specific armor in honor during a known Tourney as does another famous house in another known Tourney. Rhaegar. Rhaegar in the Tourney of Harrenhal wears black armor with red rubies on it, while giving a blue rose to a Stark. Later, Loras Tyrell wearing Silver Armor with Blue Sapphires on it, gives a red rose to a Stark. Here you have 2 people honoring the 2 separate powers, giving a rose to a Stark. Make of Stark's role in that what you will These are just some of the signs i follow in my theory, there is indeed more. I hope they help or were at least entertaining This does have deeper implications into the "God's Eye Conspiracy"
  14. Awesome and i agree, look at Hugor, that was probably the start of their expansion under religious ferver. Followed later by their flight from Valyria. The thing that interest me is why? Why did Valyria whoop the Andal and send them packing, and yet when the Targaryen's arrive, they tip toe around the Faith of the Seven...The religion of the Andals. What happened back then, and or what does the Targaryens know? Thank you and like wise!
  15. Exactly!!! Plus we're given an Age of Hundred Kingdoms, which look at it in the time line V Unknown length of rule for House Teague. - House Manderly goes North sometime during Teague rule, 900-1000years before current story. Arlan I "The Avenger" (extended the borders of the Kingdom of the Storm as far as the Blackwater Rush and the headwaters of the Mander,ruled during the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms) and Arlan II Durrandon in Stormlands in the last century of Teague rule. 800-700 years agoAs you can see by Arlan's placement that the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms was running at least up till his time with in 8-700 years ago. This would explain alottttt really. The unification of Westeros was veryyyy recent if at all before Aegon came. Between this, the fact the Andals came in multiple waves over at leasttt 400 years if not more, and the fact they can cut up river inland just like the Vikings, by passing the Vale and the coast untill a later wave all help make possible a smaller time line which is clearly evident in the first post. Explaining why there are tales taking place on the west side of Westeros that seem at odds with what were told about what was happening on it's eastern coast.