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  1. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Theon needs no redemption. He was a Stark hostage and he was right to take Winterfell from them. He could really perform a valuable service to the night watch by putting an arrow through Ghost's heart to keep Jon from having any chance of coming back.
  2. How much of a geek is Samwell?

    He's not really a geek, he's more of a nerd. 1) Cooking 2) Gardening 3) Video Games 4) Barbie Dolls 5) Cross Dressing
  3. Joso's Cock

  4. The Most Intelligent Adult?

    Queen of Thorns Petyr Baelish Mance Rayder Tywin Lannister Aemon the Maester Green Grace Walder Frey Roose Bolton Tyrion Lannister Barbrey Dustin Lothar Frey Jorah Mormont
  5. Bran vs. Jaime

    Bran vs. Jaime is really something that I look forward to in the novels. The show is too sensitive to the opinions of the more vocal fans to do this and will likely just sweep what Jaime did to Bran under the table because Jaime is a fan favorite on the show. George will address this issue in the books. One way or another, Bran and the Starks will find out who pushed him out of that tower window. Bran, Arya, and Jon will not forgive this. I differ from most fans in believing that the main conflict in the story is not about man vs. the others. It's man vs. man. My opinion is also that the Starks are no better than any other clan. Most of the Starks are not the honorable guy that Eddard was. I believe the most important battles in the story will be personal for each character and it is the struggle within to forgive or to seek "justice". In this regard, I think characters like Bran Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Doran Martell, Stoneheart, Stannis, and the families in the north who lost a loved one at the red wedding will be the main hindrance in uniting everybody. The Boltons, Euron, and Littlefinger are the agitators who rock the boat to complicate matters, but the big conflict will play out within each character. It's not about the big battles. It's about the hard decisions that people make. Samwell, Daenerys, Tyrion, and other reasonable people similar to Ellaria Sand are the solution to the problem. The slave masters in Essos are Dany's sparring partners. Young Daenerys will hone and develop her skills at ruling in the most inhospitable situation possible: entrenched slaving culture, guerilla warfare, and hidden terrorists. I can see her having to reconquer the kingdoms to rebuild the country back up. I don't believe Jon is the answer to this problem because he is too involved in the situation and he's too invested in the Starks to be objective and rational. Samwell, Daenerys, Marwyn, and Tyrion will contribute towards the rebuilding of the country and in reuniting the kingdoms into one kingdom. Will the north forgive the Freys? Can the Starks forgive Theon? Can Dany forgive the families who rebelled against her father? Can Jon forgive Bowen? Can Jaime forgive Tyrion for killing Tywin? Can Bran forgive Jaime? Will Arya choose to continue to work on her hit list? Arya is definitely a major part of the problem. Stoneheart makes the situation worse and she is an impediment to future unification.
  6. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    That's mine own verdict as well. He is a bastard any way you look at it.
  7. Who is the True Targaryen Heir?

    The only true heir to House Targaryen and the iron throne is Daenerys, The dragons and her appearance prove who she is. The prophecy made it clear who she is. The "child of three" proves she is Daenerys of House Targaryen. Three is one of the symbols of House Targaryen. Aegon and his sisters. The three-headed dragon on their banner. Child of three just means she is a Targaryen.
  8. Why did the Gardeners allow Harrenhal to be built?

    The short answer: Gardener couldn't do it. The Ironborn under Harren the Black were stronger than the Gardeners. Harren was the strongest of the tiny kings that ruled a territory in those days. No one could stand up to the Ironborn of that period until the dragons came along and the Targaryens finally put the Ironborn in their rightful place at the bottom.
  9. Characters you dislike or hate

    Jon. I hate that boy and his white wolf.