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  1. One more thing that I should comment on. The last paragraph. Rhaegar doesn't have the authority to grant himself an annulment and he doesn't have the authority to legitimize a bastard even if he was still alive when the child was born. Rhaegar was never a king. The kingship went directly from Aerys to Viserys and now to Daenerys. Aerys to Viserys to Daenerys is the true line of succession.
  2. I never thought he was in the line of succession because I was never convinced of R+L=J. Add the fact that he is a bastard. Where you brought something new to the table is the example of Aemon Targaryen taking the black to "permanently remove himself from the line of succession" because those vows are unbreakable.
  3. I think Mance sold Jon and Stannis a lemon with the horn. He's playing games. Roose, Jon, and Stannis are his pieces on the board.
  4. I don't agree with you. The Dothraki would wipe out the armored knights and poorly trained conscripts of Westeros in open battle. Daenerys Targaryen's Unsullied infantry is the best in the world. The legions of Old Ghis fought five wars with the Valyrian Freehold before finally going down. The armies of Westeros lost to three dragons and three Targaryens rather easily. So it is accurate to say the legions of Old Ghis would have an easy time destroying the armies of Westeros. If a war broke out between Essos and Westeros, with Dany uniting and commanding the armies of Essos, Westeros would go down pretty easily.
  5. Exactly. It was Jon's decision to rescue Arya that angered the Boltons. It was all Jon's fault and as I wrote Bowen was correct when he fired Jon.
  6. Ellaria and Yara will both make it. Tyene is a goner. Ellaria will lead Dorne. Yara will become the leader of the Iron Isles.
  7. I agree with the topic author. Daenerys will rule in the end. But not alone. With Jon by her side. She's a capable girl and the ruler that Westeros deserves. If anyone can lead the people through the long night, it is Dany. She led a weak khalasar through the red waste. #9 - Yes he bent the knee. I would have felt better if it had been done publicly in front of Sansa and the north to see. But yes this is Torrhen kneeling to Aegon all over again. The north is back in the fold under the wings of the Dragon. It's a good start.
  8. It may be fine for a civilian to lose his head like that and put his brother ahead of the battle strategy and discipline but it most certainly is not ok for an officer, commander, or general to do.
  9. Jon is ranger material and he could have been good in that position. He's not good at ruling, leading a lot of people, politics, and strategy. He is good at building small relationships with a small group of men but he is not king material. Samwell rigged that election! I mean, the officer overseeing the election was a blind man for crying out loud. Jon is pretty slow to catch on but I am confident he will recognize Dany's superior abilities in the areas of ruling and strategy and he will step aside and not press his claims to rule. Dany being a generous monarch will likely concede the north's independence. After all, if she did the same for the Iron heads she could do the same for the North if Sansa proves herself capable. Which is out of character for book Sansa but the show version is purely the character creation of the script writers.
  10. That will give the north the independence they crave but they have to pay the price. That frozen waste land will have little value to the south.
  11. Robb himself was out of sync with his team. He married Jeyne and insulted the Freys. Edmure was out of sync. He screwed up their battle plans.
  12. Too bad the original topic was closed. I appreciate all of the thoughtful replies. Here is a link to the original discussion. Please feel free to continue commenting.
  13. Agreed!
  14. Both died from blood poisoning. Gregor from Oberyn's poison. Drogo from infection. It is not yet clear if Drogo just got infected on his own or Mirri helped it along with her treatment. Oberyn, though no one says it, is as close to a sorcerer as you can get. How much different was he actually from Mirri? Gregor has kept many of his functions. His physical skills are still there and he was never smart to start with. Drogo lost his brain functions altogether. Similar case but I don't think identical. Drogo would still need constant care. Feeding. He had no feelings left. Gregor has more functions than Drogo.