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  1. Very sad news indeed. He was an accomplished actor in his own right before he became the voice of the story.
  2. I will predict, Mellisandre will burn Craster's son and Jon's corpse to make a miracle. I see the similarities and parallels with what happened in the past and what happened at the wall with the baby switching. I have to agree with The Order here. Jon's father is a Stark, either Ned or Brandon.
  3. Is Craster as Casterly? No. Craster is most likely a Stark.
  4. They're my favorite program on youtube. The Order of the Greenhand do a thorough job. Preston Jacobs and Ideas of Ice and Fire are very good also. I don't buy into the R+L=J theory myself and I can more easily buy into this theory.
  5. It was perfectly reasonable to roast those soldiers. They are the enemy. The Tarlys did the same to the Tyrells. Those same soldiers killed other soldiers. There are no innocents. Those soldiers that died on that battle field got from the Dothraki what they gave the Tyrells earlier.
  6. A few hundred Lannister guards. The City Watch is in their pocket. Qburn. Gregor. Jaime. Bronn.
  7. He hurt Drogon; therefore, in the opinion of this Daenerys fanboy, Bronn is a shithead who deserves to die a horrible death. I wish Ramsay was still alive to flay Bronn slowly and rub him with salt every once in a while. Mr. Bolton can feed him to his dogs after he's been seasoned and marinated enough.
  8. One of the biggest problems that I see is that David Beniof and DB Weiss are getting most of their ideas from the fans. Some fans wanted Tyrion to act as the voice of reason. The lack of continuity is obvious because this is a pretty vicious man who murdered his own father on the toilet seat. Then his lover. Now this same dude is all emotional about something as perfectly reasonable as the execution of two traitors who refused to bend their knees after being given ample opportunities to do so. Then this little Dick comes up with a plan to call for a cease-fire so he can send many men to go on an expedition to capture a wight. Why Dany listens to Tyrion is a mystery. Book Dany would never fall for this kind of bullcrap. She would go after Cersei and sweep her out of the way so that matter could be settled before going north. I say, torch the red keep one night. Many more people will die if they continue to prolong this stand off. It's better to kill a few hundred Lannister loyalists in the red keep than to continue this standoff.
  9. Jon is not the self-sacrificing good guy that most of his fans on this board claim him to be. He's an arrogant ass who is too proud to bend the knee to the one person who has the means to defeat the white walkers. And let me remind you, the lands that he thinks he rules over is on the direct path of the white walkers. The north will suffer first and the worst. It's not even been proven that winter will reach the southern kingdoms. Jon can't claim he's doing it all to defend mankind and then turn around and refuse to bend his knees. A claim just gives one the legitimate right, or as much right as there can be in medieval times, to pursue the throne. Being slightly ahead of someone is less important than having the bigger army. Logically, it is next to impossible for Jon to prove his claim absent of modern day paternity tests. Don't get me wrong, I would not put it past Beniof and Weiss to cook up something silly to argue against this perfect logic. Whatever they do will fail the test of logic.
  10. The only way to help people in those times is from a position of strength. You don't get into that position by being soft and timid. The exercise of power is sometimes not so nice but very much a necessity. A typical manager will, at some point in her career, will end up firing a subordinate. It's not pleasant but necessary. The show sugar-coated Robert. There was a lot more wrong in Robert than simply "disinterest" in ruling. Tommen was too weak. Too soft and easily manipulated. He was dumb. Joffrey was worse. If I had to choose between Daenerys and Jon, my pick would be Daenerys. She has proven herself capable of bettering the lives of millions of people (liberated millions of slaves) and making a lasting positive impact (ended the slave trade). She is very shrewd and basically repurposed the Dothraki from a slave-gathering machine to one that could be used for her own cause. Dany destroyed the old Dothraki culture in order to make a more positive people. She is on her way to do the same to the Ironborn. The Harpy had to go and she took down that culture in order to usher in freedom. As to your last point, that perfectly describes Jon. Read what his critics have been writing and posting. He's not suited to rule. There was no logical explanation for why they would elect that failure to lead the north. He failed at everything he did. He would do something stupid and have to depend on someone else to pull his ass from the fire.
  11. I'm sorry to have to say this but I think Petyr Baelish is overmatched. He's out of moves. Still, it would be nice if he can take down and kill Arya on his way down.
  12. The only character that Benioff & Weiss whitewashed is Jon Snow. Hell, the Jon on the show has been so whitewashed he smells like chlorine bleach. They made up their own chacter in their endless panderings to Jon's fans. It made me hate Jon even more than I already did. P.S., in the books, it was I, Bowen Marsh, who killed that idiot after he betrayed the Night's Watch.
  13. Or the young lad was in the shitter when his stupid boss called for Rhaegar's death. It looks like nature called to young Ethan at the right time. His bowel movement saved his life. Too bad he threw it all away when he rode to look for Lyanna.
  14. The giant had sword cuts but Ser Patrek is not stupid enough to take on a giant on his own. Either the giant started it and the knight was just defending himself or the knights ganged up on Wun wun. Why Stannis' men would attack wun is unknown. We will definitely know the reason in tWoW.