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  1. The o/p already did a fabulous job of explaining why Jon is not in the line of succession. It's straightforward. King Aerys passed the line of succession to Viserys. It is very logical why he would do this. To prevent Rhaegar's children from inheriting the throne. A regency is not the same thing. It is a temporary office. That is not at all the same as the line of succession.
  2. Mance Rayder and the women with him put themselves in a lot of danger to get fArya out of Winterfell just because they wanted to be the story's version of good samaritans. Not. They did it because that was their orders from Jon. Jon sent them on the mission to take Arya away from her husband.
  3. R+L=J is not a good theory. It's more a desperation on the part of those who like Jon. But even if it should be true, Jon is still a bastard because polygamy is not accepted. In other words, Rhaegar and Lyanna could not legally marry. The thread's OP is correct that Jon is not in the line of succession.
  4. Oh so did Jon execute Mance? No he didn't. Why? Because he needed the man's expert skills to fetch his sister. Did Dolorous Edd just took it upon himself out of boredom to fetch the girls out of Mole's Town? No he didn't. He did it because Jon told him to. There you have it. Mance Rayder and those women were acting under Jon's orders.
  5. Good God! Jon is guilty of treason. Even if I give Jon a benefit of the doubt the size of the Wall and say he only sent Mance to rescue Arya from the snow. Was Mance instructed to take Arya back to Winterfell? No, he was not. He was to take Arya to Jon. That is treason. We both know Jon's intentions were more egregious than that. He meant to take Arya away from Ramsay, no matter the consequences and get her away from her husband. Now, mind you, all that business should not even concern him at this point. He should forget about Arya and leave her be to whatever fate may happen to her. He has bigger concerns and to stick his nose in Roose and Ramsay Bolton's affairs is forbidden and illegal for a Night Watch member to engage in. Jon was wrong and you know it.
  6. Built in ventilation. Greywind is an all-season coat.
  7. Craster is not a Casterly. He's a Stark.
  8. You're incorrect. The line of succession goes like this. King Aerys III - King Viserys III - Queen Daenerys I King Aerys III himself disinherited Rhaegar's line. That is permanent. The line of succession passed to Viserys, who became king at the death of his father and was crowned by his mother on Dragonstone. None of Rhaegar's children have any rightful claim. They're been cast aside. Jon is just a Stark bastard, nothing more.
  9. Oh? Are you saying Jon was going to return Arya back to Ramsay? Any other course of action is treason and an act of war. Either way that idiot Jon was wrong to interfere with Bolton affairs. Look, Jon chose Mance because the wildling has already proven he can get in and out of Winterfell. Why all the trouble of getting the women from Mole's Town? Why the elaborate disguise? Because Jon knew full well that his underlings may have to sneak Arya out of Winterfell. Do you really think Jon would stop at the thought of sending wildlings to Winterfell? It's obvious from reading his own thoughts in those chapters that Jon would have stopped at nothing to get Arya. Mance killed members of the Bolton household. That's a violation of the ancient tradition of guest rights. Jon sent Mance so Jon takes the blame for that too.
  10. Oh I would have arrested that idiot to stop him from attacking the Boltons and making worse the war that he started. He will die from a hanging shortly thereafter. But the wildling posse would get in the way of arresting him. I had no other choice but to execute him. He deserved it. He was doing more harm than good.
  11. Will Sam hate Jon Snow for switching the babies? No. Will Sam hate Jon Snow for what he was about to do before we executed him? No. But Sam would have joined me in executing Jon to stop him from starting a war.
  12. Arya was wrong to kill the old man. He was not a threat to her. That was murder. Hardship can make people better instead of turning them evil. Arya chose the path of evil. I have no sympathy for Arya.
  13. The welfare of the Starks should no longer be his concern. He can still remember them with fondness if he chooses to do so but he cannot and should not ever fight on their side against any of the other houses.
  14. All true. About #4. That's the reason why I killed him. His fixation on his little sister led him to make terrible decisions. He had to go.
  15. We don't know that the war with the Others is the main conflict in the story. I don't think it is. The way to break trope is to keep Jon dead. Otherwise it will be like Gandalf coming back to life. I will feel cheated if George brings Jon back to life.