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  1. Ser Alliser Thorne, a man who deserves a better leader than the one he has now.
  2. How about surviving the hard life of someone on the run. She traveled the free cities with her king for years and looked for allies before ending up at Illyrio's home.
  3. Magister Illyrio
  4. That's not a good enough excuse to poison the kid.
  5. But there are powerful forces that wants to turn back the clock and turn the main characters away from moving forward. Qaithe wants Dany to step backwards. Which for Dany means giving up the war with the slavers and instead embrace the role of conqueror. This is the same thing Bloodraven is teaching Bran. Jon has adopted more of the primitive wildling thinking and moved away from the honor code taught by the Starks. Savages have a better chance of surviving the end of civilization. Dany will build her own empire and that calls for a new crown.
  6. The sellswords will take it all. Tyrion may keep the rock and the castle but the Lannister fortune will be divided among the mercenaries.
  7. Oh yeah. Take a look at my forum handle and you will immediately know how I feel about Jon.
  8. That would bring history to full circle. The Stark bastard at the wall now is a traitor and would fit the role for a new Night's King. But fear not, I am ready to knife him as many times as necessary. Bowen is watching.
  9. Here's the way I see it. The biggest killer in the west is not the white walkers but the winter itself. Winning the battle against the white walkers is not going to make the weather turn. It didn't 8K years ago because the long night lasted for years. So what really kills people is the lack of food. Ghost Grass taking over the land will destroy edible plant life. Something will need to trigger the spread of the grass, some change in the environment that favors its growth over that of other plants. Plants require sunlight but if Ghost Grass is like Weir trees that do not require sunlight. A climate change that darkens the skies for a long period will favor this grass over any other plant life. It will grow stronger while the other plants grow weaker. The stronger grass will spread and choke off edible plants. There is threat in the east and it's just as deadly as what may come in the west. Since most of my favorite characters are in the east, this is the area that interests me. I would love for Dany to visit Asshai and get answers to some of these mysteries.
  10. He doesn't want his kids to be bastards. Besides, he's the king of his own keep and they are his subjects. He rules. Craster is a Stark. Maybe the purer the Stark blood the more compatible the babies are with the white walkers.
  11. Aerys had no knowledge of the abduction until that dummy Brandon Stark barged into the throne room and threatened his family.
  12. Dustin gave the minimum that she could get away with. Whose to say a few others didn't do the same. The north enjoyed battle success early in the war because they had the element of surprise on their side and they were attacking. The Lannisters were besieged by Stannis, Renly, and Robb so they had their hands full. The north can probably bring 20K men to the field.
  13. The best way doesn't exist. Abolishing slavery in that part of that world has never been tried. Nobody has ever attempted to enact something that bold before. There is no blueprint for how to do this. I think Dany is doing as good a job as anyone could do. I don't think they could have defended Astapor. To stay would have been suicide. Team Dany had to move forward and take on the other cities before they can organize a sizeable army to attack Astapor. Marching on to Mereen bought Dany the time that she needed to find relative safety while she gathers allies. She hamstringed the harpy.
  14. You have to win the war before you can worry about mending relationships. Tbh, I don't think the Ghiscari will accept anything short of their old ways of owning slaves. It's best to hit them hard. While it is true that you cannot change a culture with a stroke you also cannot change a culture that has been enslaving people without shedding a lot of blood. Oftentimes the disagreements between people cannot be settled without one vanquishing the other. Dany will have to vanquish the old masters in order to abolish slavery and that will mean a lot of bloodshed but it is justified.