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  1. Paxter Redwyne, greatest character in entire series.
  2. By the end of last book she has shown that she have distaste for mereenese culture and regrets peace she had created. “They have opened a slave market within sight of my walls!” “Outside our walls, sweet queen. That was a condition of the peace, that Yunkai would be free to trade in slaves as before, unmolested.” …Yunkai will trade in slaves, Meereen will not, this is what we have agreed. Endure this for a little while longer, and it shall pass.” …All of the entertainers were slaves. That had been part of the peace, that slaveowners be allowed the right to bring their chattels into Meereen without fear of having them freed. In return the Yunkai’i had promised to respect the rights and liberties of the former slaves that Dany had freed. A fair bargain, Hizdahr said, but the taste it left in the queen’s mouth was foul. She drank another cup of wine to wash it out. I hate this, thought Daenerys Targaryen. How did this happen, that I am drinking and smiling with men I’d sooner flay? … This is peace, she told herself. This is what I wanted, what I worked for, this is why I married Hizdahr. So why does it taste so much like defeat? And there is this quote about "floppy ears" in one of her last chapters: The boar buried his snout in Barsena’s belly and began rooting out her entrails. The smell was more than the queen could stand. The heat, the flies, the shouts from the crowd … I cannot breathe. She lifted her veil and let it flutter away. She took her tokar off as well. The pearls rattled softly against one another as she unwound the silk. “Khaleesi?” Irri asked. “What are you doing?” “Taking off my floppy ears.” Mercy, thought Dany. They will have the dragon's mercy. "Skahaz, I have changed my mind. Question the man sharply." "I could. Or I could question the daughters sharply whilst the father looks on. That will wring some names from him." "Do as you think best, but bring me names." Her fury was a fire in her belly. "I will have no more Unsullied slaughtered. Grey Worm, pull your men back to their barracks. Henceforth let them guard my walls and gates and person. From this day, it shall be for Meereenese to keep the peace in Meereen. Skahaz, make me a new watch, made up in equal parts of shavepates and freedmen." She has shown absolutely no remorse over torture of most likely innocent man and his daughters. And by time she arrived in Dothraki Sea, she starts having visions reminding her that she is blood of the dragon. No. You are the blood of the dragon. The whispering was growing fainter, as if Ser Jorah were falling farther behind. Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words. “Fire and Blood,” Daenerys told the swaying grass. And here Dany finally rejects "planting trees" and embraces her family words.
  3. Dany is surely savior to wineseller and his daughters. People who defend her actions should accept that she isn't very different from other leaders in Westeros. She uses violence, doesn't like to adapt and is willing to break her word if she thinks she is justified.
  4. Daenerys is aristocrat, if she wants to dispose of upper class, she should begin with herself. She owes everything to her family name and her lineage.
  5. Hello, I was trying to figure out age of Balon Swann and couldn't find any information about it in the books. In Storm of Swords he told Jaime that his father Gulian is well past forty, but I found nothing more. Anyone have some idea how old he is? Is he closer to twenty or thirty?
  6. Sure, if you believe that king is above the law, he can execute whoever he want. Little advice tho: it ain't gonna work in the long run.
  7. "Hey Boss, have you heard that Rick has became very influential in our corporation?" "Awww shit, I guess it is time I should fucking murder him and his entire family, heh."
  8. Iron Islands: House Harlaw - as for now, Rodrik the Reader is one of the most intelligent characters from Iron Islands. Dorne: House Yronwood - they took part in three of Blackfyre Rebellions and are still powerful and wealthy. Riverlands: House Bracken - I really like them even though our author really favors those Blackwoods. Vale: House Royce - Bronze Yohn is badass and has cool armor (even if it doesn't work) Westerlands: House Farman - they have nice island and cool ships so why not? North: House Umber - they are ancient house and Greatjon is very loyal even though he is proud and boisterous. Stormlands: House Tarth - if Selwyn is at least half as honorable and good person as his daughter, he would make great Lord Paramount. Reach: House Redwyne - not surprisingly i chose best house of entire Westeros to rule Reach, I also heard that Lord Redwyne is very intelligent person.
  9. Not gonna argue whether what will Dany do is justified or not, because ultimately it depends on person's opinion. Anyways, wanted to write that I think Daenerys would want to avenge her family and try to execute people associated with War of Usurper, and take away land from their families and give it to her supporters. She has very idealized version of her family in her mind and she is willing to commit violence or break her own word if in her opinion she can benefit from it. She also really don't like listening to people with opposing views and is really stubborn and can be very harsh when angered, to the point of ordering torture and execution of innocent people. Of course many leaders in Westeros like Tywin, Littlefinger or even Stannis also like to use violence as way to achieve goals. Just wanted to point out some of her characteristics. You can interpret this however you want.
  10. I think that Dany still might held responsible children of people who rebelled against her father. She isn't most forgiving character. She ordered torture of wineseller and his daughters when she was angry.
  11. R+L+J is too mainstream.
  12. You my be right in the end, after all it's just what I think. But personally I never felt that Dany in ADWD was ever in any real danger. I would be glad if my assumptions will be proven to be false. I really don't like Dany. Maybe I just became paranoid from waiting for Winds of Winter.
  13. I think he might insert his own ideology to the books. I know some authors who lately have begun to do it, like Rick Riordan for example. And no, Dany suffers almost none repercussions. She is alive and well and according to Winds of Winter sample chapters she is already going to win this war. And I don't get what problem do you have with feminism. You understand that you don't need to be feminist to support gender equality? Most people do not indentify as feminists anyways: Anyway I really think it is funny how you accuse me of invading this forum, since I am on it longer than you and I still have no idea why you brought up reddit to this discussion. Anyways, if you want to accuse me of something do it at least do it on private. This is not the place for it.
  14. OK... How does it address what I wrote?
  15. I agree that Aegon VI would be much more interesting if he was truly son of Rhaegar. It could make many interesting interactions with characters who knew Rhaegar.