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  1. Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    I am skeptical of all these adaption news, don't think that most of them will make the screen. That said, wooooooohoooo Black Company on TV ( or cinema) ? Yes please. And a new book too? I must be dreaming. It's not hard. Every fantasy series in the last 5k years is getting optioned.
  2. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    Forgiving Kellhus and the Consult and destroying the No-God with a glance?!! Don't buy into it,myself. But we have our bet @Michael Seswatha Jordan
  3. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    Kellhus appears in like 14 scenes ( and most of those are in the third book) at most in the three books.If you just want him, you are going to be disappointed big time.
  4. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    You all need to watch this.
  5. Istyria is dead. The other questions are all RAFO ( Read and find out) the battle with Zioz was a little ambiguous but we learn more about Ciphrang in The Aspect-Emperor if that may help. And yes he probably wanted to save him to be tortured by Iyokus.I liked how Conphas was killed. It was meant to be lame considering his huge ego and all. Rhymes well to me.
  6. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    Makes sense. Sapkowski himself dosen't.The guy is NUTS.The games made him lose sales!! Wtf. He isn't even trying to arguing about a point, just childish anger because he made the wrong deal.
  7. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    God, as good as the Witcher books are,that Sapkowski guy has a Goodkind like ego.
  8. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    @Darth Richard II that's a manger who have a very good taste! I am surprised. @Triskan that's my new favourite theory. Pulled into an Inchoroi ark. Mind=blown.
  9. Opening the can of worms, wasn't it the IF that made the Inchoroi gather and sort of start their own Holy War ? I believe in the glossary it is mentioned that" less than one in ten Inchoroi survived" the haphazard landing into Eärwa. And considering that they have conquered whole "planets" before... @Callan S. Yes you could be right, but didn't Mim kill the owner of the brothel ? I find the "fact" that Mimara isn't damned weird. She was no Cnaiür but no Sejenus either.Pretty sure she committed damnable acts. She herself remarks on that,wondering.
  10. That's 100% false. There are no Bakker books in B&N
  11. So I have a theory about Inri Sejenus.Sorry if someone thought of this one before. 1- The apocalypse ended in Mengedda 2055, Sejenus was born in Shimeh 2059. 2- The Apocalypse was, of course quite a big event yet Sejenus' teachings does not make a single mention of it.... Guess who will benefit out of the world forgetting the Apocalypse? 3- Also his teachings are also based off the Tusk, which we know that it is written by A&A Which leads us to the conclusion that Sejenus was somehow in league with The Consult. Just a theory, it is probably wrong but I thought it was interesting to share. Edit: just saw a post from @Michael Seswatha Jordan that reminded me of something. The Inrithi says that whores are damned yet Mimara isn't... So unless the JE always sees it's holder as holy, that means that Inrithism is false. Unlike Angeshraël who was deceived,Fane probably wanted revenge from the people who banished him after he failed to be the new Inri Sejenis, Seja also must also have had ulterior motives to preach a religion He knew to be false.
  12. The SFF All-Time Sales List

    Wonder if they are going to show the panties or not...
  13. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

    Yup indeed they are. Also this isn't the first time for Lawrence since Wheel of Oshiem was finished before Liar's Key was out. However, Mark have a Broken Empire short story collection coming out this summer in the UK. Edit:link.
  14. The books coming out in 2017

    Surprise! ( well, not so much) you were actually right!