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  1. That was the sarcasm .
  2. If we don't get a battle, I am burning my books.
  3. Also, Richard Rahl. Guy is an absolute tyrant who is ready to kill anybody who doesn't worship him.And he legitimately thinks that he is doing good while throughout the series he kills the heroes who tries to stop him. Goodkind is a literary genius.
  4. So, The next series will at least be 3 books BUT one of them will focus on just Koringhus's son. That's apparently the first one we are getting too .
  5. I would rather wait to see the actual books rather than base our expectations and predictions of the next series on an AMA answer that we are not entirely sure of.
  6. No. And yes, ASOIAF is epic fantasy. Not even "low fantasy" either.I mean: Shadow babies, a character getting resurrected 6 times, Ice zombies controlled by anOther race , a magical wall of ice that's huge as fuck, dragons, immortal green children etc etc.... How the hell is that not fantasy?
  7. Technically, all the Ordealsmen are illegal immigrants.
  8. This.
  9. The TUC spoiler thread isn't quite filled yet.
  10. If that's the case, I can think of multiple series that fit this criteria, some are even finished Cough"Kingkiller Chronicles" Cough.
  11. So basically a rip off? Also, the "low magic" thing isn't true, especially in the books. K.J Parker and certain GGK books have lower magic than ASOIAF. Same about races. You have Others, Children of the Forest, Dragons etc... In ASOIAF.
  12. *Facebalms* I am just saying to not look too much at the AMAs and enjoy ( or hate) the books for it's content not for Bakker's answers...
  13. What I was trying to say is that Day's fans are interested in his politics, not his books. Or like @Callan S. said.