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  1. Try this one: Also, sorry, my phone is refusing to insert the link and format It correctly.
  2. I think that would happen however , I can't see how he wouldn't be motivated to write the series it self especially :
  3. Yeah, I don't understand Kalbear's point. In fact, I remember Bakker saying that the less time he spends on the internet, the more time he spends writing.
  4. He doesn't have a publishing contract but he did confirm in March that he began writing it. Also, it appears that Bakker wrote some other material in the TWLW-TGO gap, and then taking in mind that the renegotiation for 4 books thing which also took time. I would say his writing speed isn't bad.
  5. I would say 2019. Bakker isn't really a slow writer nor are his books THAT big.
  6. Yes. MG is an acronym for his username at TSA forum.
  7. Hey, that's just me! Also, since I finished the book, I am interested in knowing the ending that was told to you. Can you PM it?
  8. After TUC is officially released, someone should open a