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  1. Sad. I liked his books.
  2. That book... Ugh. Good for you, that you enjoy it though.
  3. No. Akka the Younger is not Kellhus. Just a tool for Akka's character development in TNG. Bet ?
  4. I still can't believe that some people are actually going to buy that.
  5. 500 books TBR is casual. Duh.
  6. 500 books is a big tbr list? Lol.
  7. It's not my thing, but I can see how people would enjoy it more than print or e-books.
  8. Deadhouse Gates and A Memory of Light. Akka's arc in The Thousandfold Thought got me too.
  9. The new Vlad Taltos!!!!!
  10. Who said I am not one? I am changing my name to Darth Redeagl right now.
  11. People who don't like Akka are heretics.
  12. Maybe it gain some live whenever Winds of Winter come out?
  13. Using @Darth Richard II's rating system: 1-6: great 7: ok 8: mehhhh 9: ok 10: nope 11-14 great.
  14. Now, Akka is a female too :P . Hey, screenwriter, can you also make Aurang a female? We don't have any Inchoroi women and that's really bothering me.