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  1. Dany will Unite with Jon and Dany Jon and Tyrion will be the dragon riders as Tyrion will turn out to be part Targ. Jon and Dany will die in all the fighting - Dany will go to her beloved Raegar and Jon to Ygritte. Tyrion will (re)marry Sansa. Sansa will have Ramsays baby. (her whole speech about Ramsays house being extinguished and forgotten is surely a hint that it will not be)
  2. this
  3. Did anyone else notice how Cersei whith her short hair and new armour like attire is looking more like Brienne? Do you think this is intentional, that Jaime is now looking at his two loves, one good, one bad?
  4. I didn't care about the logistics or any of that but why have 2 whole series of Arya learning in the most boring way possible how to be noone fighting with that stupid waif person, on and on an on when we all knew she was still a Stark at heart, and then do this whole Frey retribution thing in 2 minutes???!!! As a non book reader W. Frey is a big character. He was the big baddie behind the Red Wedding and I wanted to see him get his comeuppance in a big way - as others have said, this could have been a whole episode. I think one of the reasons for the show going down hill is that they have negotiated 2 more short series and it is just not enough time to tell the story properly. There is too much to do and they are having to dispose of whole storylines quickly. But if we had got rid of a few Arya in training episodes we would have had enough time to tell this properly. The start of this episode was great because it took it's time with the storytelling, with Cersei, the suspense.
  5. In reality with all the travelling a couple of years must have gone by
  6. that was the beauty of the earlier seasons - a slow development. I hated the years of Arya training followed by a sudden teleporting Frey Pie. Too fast. Ok we don't want to see years of travelling but then why is Gilly's baby still 6 months old?
  7. I think it was a show thing to offset the scenes with Loris who was confessing everything (despite not being that bad a person) and being punished to showing a grand mester with no morals and no shame, get his just rewards. I was glad. I hated what he did to Tyrion
  8. I'm one of those unsullied non book readers (well I have read 1.5 books thus far) I was totally pissed at season 5 as the storyline was poor. Season 6 started better for me… until the Hodor episode which I found appalling. I hated the white walkers sudden reveal, and I mean very sudden. Hated it. And the 'Hold the Door' NAH poor blindsiding for shite storytelling But this episode 9, and Sansa, well it all seemed totally credible to me ( I would have preferred her not to be Ramsay's bride in season 5 - but she was) I don't understand all the venom against Sansa. I think this episode was very well done, and more than this I felt that Sansa behaved in a way that was totally justifiable. I don't get all the pro Arya stuff when she is just as vindictive - but in a different way… to be fair Arya has not had one tenth of the pain and grief that Sansa has had
  9. whaaat! I think Sansa was epic on THE SHOW. Books, i dunno. I think she made valid points, I don't think they were secretive or underhand. Who would not get darker with an EVIL Joffrey, an even worse Cersei ( a woman in same shoes) and then a hideous Ramsay. You go girl. Why is Arya perceived as better when all she wants is revenge. I think Sansa is due a big fat load of revenge too. Sure she was princessey when she was 12 or so - i.e. a child. I am very happy to see Sansa get her own revenge.
  10. - just a thought. Is this logistically possible?? Sandor is the 'hound' and there is a lot of speculation that Ramasy who loves his hounds so much will get killed by one ….
  11. In series 5, episode 3, Tyrion encounters the red priestess who is preaching about healing greyscale with prayer. Now that priestess is with Tyrion. Maybe she can heal Jorah??
  12. cool! This is not bad writing. As much as there has been bad writing, and people hoping for example that Sansa was not going to be raped by Ramsay last season; this feels different. There has been masses of set up for this. Now we just have to see who was actually killed.
  13. this sounds right to me
  14. a trio of Starks - what's wrong with that?