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    Apparently the GOP Senators are such sensitive snowflakes that they can't handle a little criticism. You know, from Dr. King's wife.
  2. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Apparently, "draining the swamp" means bottling up the swamp juice, calling it Amway Holy Healthwater, and selling it in school lunches for $10 a bottle.
  3. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    There was never a time when refugees were banned. Slow downs, yes. But no ban, even during that six month period.
  4. I always said I would have preferred a Bush win to Trump ever being in the election. FFS.
  5. So I'm very curious as to what the actual voter turnout will be, numbers wise.
  6. Seriously, without Wisconsin, it's pretty much over, isn't it? I could actually still see MI going to Clinton (my state of birth). But without Wisconsin, it doesn't matter, does it?
  7. US Elections 2016

    Can't look at the New York Times site. Just fluctuates too much and it's terrifying.
  8. Looks like Trump's sad attempt at a lawsuit in Nevada is getting thrown out: Vanity Fair link here:
  9. US Elections: The Last Trump

    God. That would be amazing.
  10. US Elections: The Last Trump

    Thought this was a nice little moment for Clinton. She rarely goes off-script, but it was nice to see her do so in an uplifting way.
  11. US elections: aiding an' Abedin

    This is parody, right?
  12. U.S. Elections: 9,444 days

    A friend of mine posted something to this effect on his Facebook page:
  13. U.S. Elections: 9,444 days

    Very much agree with Eichenwald's follow up tweets:
  14. U.S. Elections: 9,444 days

    If that is true... I'm more than a bit pissed on how this was handled. And furious at how it's being used as clickbait.
  15. U.S. Elections: 9,444 days

    I'm trying to withhold judgment until I learn what's going on. It could be that these supposedly new emails are indeed significant enough to reopen the investigation and send a letter to congress eleven days before the election. But wow, the timing of this has all my alarm bells ringing. I mean, unless it's information that clearly shows Clinton did something illegal with intent, it sure feels like manipulation.