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  1. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    And now, because of your post and all those glorious Onion articles, I can't help but picture "Diamond" Joe Biden entering the debate stage with the Hulk Hogan theme "Real American" blasting. (Links actually to Obama's amazing use of the song instead of the official video. This one has Optimus Prime and the Karate Kid. It's too bad Hogan's actually a sad racist--the song, despite it's absurd jingoism, has always brought a nostalgic smile to my face.)
  2. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    There are times when the internet justifies its existence. This is one of those times.
  3. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Yeah, she said she wouldn't put boots on the ground just before that.
  4. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    I like how they work in theory. And in some ways, they're ideal for local politics. But I was really put off by some Sanders' supporters behavior at my caucus. (and also, the idea of having to spend 2+ hours there...) If their primary purpose is to inform voters, then I think the internet has made them obsolete to some degree.
  5. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    Just plus +1-ing this. It's amazing. Also, local papers like The Stranger do a pretty good job breaking down voting issues and candidate positions during each election. (now, if only we could get rid of the garbage caucuses...)
  6. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    For you, sir. So you can, you know, dig yourself out of that hole of ignorance.
  7. Fair enough. If that's the label that makes you happiest. But the poster I was originally responding to seemed to claim they were a Democrat, which is what I originally was responding to. Kasich, who was particularly awful about women's rights, but you could stick any one of the GOP presidential candidates in there and it could still apply. Voting for any of them is voting against voting rights for minorities, women's rights, LGBTQ equality, and also supports the current ruling on Citizens United.
  8. If I'd been arguing that in order to qualify as a Democrat, you must always vote for whomever the Democratic candidate is, in every election, in every position, forever, then you might have a point. It's a good thing I'm not. I'm saying that, hypothetically, voting for Kasich over Clinton would be voting for a candidate who is antithetical to the Democratic party over one who pretty much represents everything Democrats stand for (and who was elected to represent the party by a sizeable majority of said Democrats). So if you wanted to say that you're still a Democratic after voting for a candidate who is against womens' rights, LGBTQ rights, voting rights for minorities and wants to keep Citizens United intact, you're welcome to cling to whatever party affiliation you wish. But I would very much disagree that you're part of the Democratic party by making that choice.
  9. No disagreement that the GOP pool was pretty terrible, but considering Kasich over Clinton is baffling to me, if you agree with any part of the Democratic Party platform. Yes, he was the most sane one in that insane clown car, but he was still a clown. Just curious, but why do you dislike them? They're no saints, but they've consistently worked to enact positive social change in the US and abroad. My problem with Hillary is that she's a bit hawkish for my tastes, but compared to McCain, even at his sanest, she's a total peacenik. And her domestic policy is pretty great. To me, this is a really dangerous attitude. There's still weeks left in this horrid election cycle. Your vote absolutely makes a difference. Not voting in whatever battleground state you live in increases the likelihood of a president who makes Dubya look like FDR. Honestly, I don't think it matters whether or not you personally like her. It matters whether you think she could get the job done (or in this case, elect Supreme Court Justice(s) that will protect the correct causes) She did a decent job as secretary of state, did a decent job as senator for New York, even did a decent job as first lady. From her policy platforms on her website, she is generally moving the democratic party in a liberal direction, but perhaps that's not something you're happy with? Or is it that she's not moving it fast enough?
  10. Completely agree with this.
  11. They voted 93% the same while in the Senate. Sanders has endorsed her, repeatedly. She has been advocating for the disenfranchised for forty years. I'll grant that she's more a realist and he's more an idealist, but they're both politicians. She's a little more interventionist than I'd like, but their platforms have nearly identical goals. Seriously. Read them. Honestly? I think you're just projecting here. You somehow just know that she's serving herself, despite no evidence of this and plenty of evidence to the contrary. And if you would have voted for Kasich over Clinton... well you're not a Democrat, to say the least. And you don't care about the Supreme Court, which means you don't care about the civil liberties of LGBTQ community nor the rights for women nor voting rights for minorities nor overturning Citizens United.
  12. I wonder if Michelle would ever consider running for office? I remember one of her professor's mentioning once that between her and Barack, he always thought she'd be the one to run for public office.
  13. U.S. Elections: Trumpsterfire Unchained

    She is. She really, really is. Like, by every metric possible. Qualifications. Experience. Temperament. Legislative record. Policy goals. Stated positions. This belief that she's the lesser of two evils does a disservice to the very real equality she's fought for, for women, minorities, impoverished families, and the LGBTQ community. I'd vote for a democrat based on the Supreme Court alone. I'm pumped we'll likely get a woman president. I'm pumped we're getting one that's so experienced. I'm relieved we're getting someone who's tough (even by Trumpsterfire's own admission) and knows how to play the game. While I admire Sanders and would have happily voted for him in the general, it's baffling to me that people think he and Clinton were opposites. They're different shades of blue, certainly, but to call her the lesser of two evils, if you really support what Sanders stood for, is flat out wrong.
  14. U.S. Elections: Trumpsterfire Unchained

    That explains so much. I've been wondering for a while about this poll.
  15. US Elections 2016: Why we can't have nice things

    Try learning to read read then, because it was already stated. But then, you've pretty much made it clear you're not interested in actual discourse.