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  1. In 2005 GRRM believed he could have ADWD completed in 12 months. It ended up taking six years. Now going by that logic, in May last year he believed he could have TWOW completed in six months. Therefore it will take him three years and TWOW will be out in May 2018
  2. I'm a fan of the "has to die to release him from his vows" school of thought. Do you think Jon won't leave the Night's Watch? Or perhaps the Night's Watch will be destroyed after his death and therefore his vows will be irrelevant? I guess my question is - how do you get around this plot point without Jon dying?
  3. I'm at a point now where I actually outright refuse to read a series that hasn't been finished based purely on GRRM. Its bloody ridiculous that a man whose job it is to write books can take 5-6 years to write one book. And I'm starting to wonder what the point is. Yeah he'll finish TWOW eventually, but he'll need at least two more books to end the series. There is no way the series will be ended in just one more book after TWOW.
  4. There really was no need for that from GRRM. The guy is obviously a huge fan and was just being hopeful, not outright rude. GRRM's response was the response of a frustrated man under pressure.
  5. I've always imagined that they would discover that Valyrian steel is forged by Dragon fire as opposed to regular steel being forged by regular fire. There was a quote someone told me years ago that kind of relates to this: "the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire". It would actually be quite ironic if after all this time trying to win the iron throne, it ended up being melted down with Dragon fire to forge Valyrian steel weapons and armour (especially in the book where the iron throne is HUGE and made up of thousands of swords).
  6. This is fantasy. I have to suspend my belief in just about everything if I want to enjoy it. I know people can't come back from the dead but it didn't stop me from enjoying Jon's resurrection.
  7. ASOIAF / GOT fans are seriously just the worst sometimes. I don't understand why you're so hung up on logistics. Why do you need to know every detail to know how making these pies was possible? So many in here have already given simple explanations (Arya cut off a hand and inserted it into a pre-made pie and told the story so Walder Frey would have a moment of dread before his death). All that matters is whether Arya had a motive, which she clearly did. You people wanting to see every detail probably wanted to see Tyrion spend a whole season sharpening his cyvase skills and asking random strangers "where do whores go". Or maybe you wanted Brienne to spend a whole season walking around asking people if they had seen a "highborn maid of three and ten with a fair face and auburn hair". Talk about riveting television.
  8. Easily the chapter when Brienne visit the Quiet Isle and talks to the Elder Brother about the "gravedigger". IMO it's one of the best chapters in the entire series.
  9. That could be interesting. Imagine if Mel burns Shireen because Stannis is dead (or she thinks he is) as part of a ritual to resurrect him. She asks for Azor Ahai to be brought back and instead Jon is brought back.
  10. A lot people suggesting Mel and Cersei might die. I highly doubt it because: - foreshadowing from previous episodes suggests Mel and Arya will meet again. - forshadowing from previous episodes suggests Cersei and Tyrion will meet again.
  11. Littlefinger wants something from Sansa as we can see in the trailer. If he wants to marry Sansa then it will be to gain control of the North through Sansa. How awesome would it be if Sansa ruined all his plans by then helping to declare Jon KitN.
  12. I've never seen that quote. Thanks.
  13. People act like GRRM is such a fantasy visionary and that he has changed the face of the genre. They look at how he does the "unexpected" as evidence of this. Look, I love GRRM but these views are hugely overstated. If Jon is resurrected and R+L=J is true (let's be honest, they're both basically canon) then how is he a visionary? How is he different? The resurrected hero trope and the hidden prince trope is basically the most cliche storylines in fantasy. Taking that into consideration, it's not hard for me to believe that he will have the Starks take back Winterfell.
  14. 1. If Stannis wins then why would he burn Shireen? 2. It's been a while since I read ADWD but isn't Shireen at the Wall? If Stannis wins at Winterfell, why would he go back to the Wall? If he does win and brings her back to Winterfell, why would he burn her? What would that achieve? I can't see a logical reason for Stannis to burn Shireen unless he's lost at Winterfell. Let's be honest, Stannis won't win the Iron Throne. He's marked for death, most likely in TWOW or early in ADOS (if he isn't already). I can't see him doing much more then the battle of Winterfell. Once Jon is resurrected, and Mel puts two and two together (that he's AA), I can't see her suggesting burning Shireen for Stannis, unless burning Shireen for Stannis inadvertently resurrects Jon (though even in this scenario it would mean Stannis has lost at Winterfell).
  15. Another question. At the time when Robert's Rebellion began, Robert was already Lord of Storms End. However I always read that King Aerys demand Jon Arryn to "hand over" Robert and Ned. Wouldn't Robert have already been at Storm's End? Surely as the Lord he wouldn't have still been a ward with Jon Arryn in the Vale.