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  1. April Reads: What, fool, are you reading?!?

    Finished my The Dead Zone re-read, it was more epic than I remembered. Also finished We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson and that was also really great. Going to give Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones a shot next while still trying to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora.
  2. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

    Yeah, that's not necessarily true. A lot of spec-fic has young characters but is aimed at an adult readership. Even ASOIAF or say, Stephen King's stuff has minors in it.
  3. Hugo time! Hugo time! Roundup for 2017 Awards

    Some of the same names there, puppies playing the same games they did last year. Granted, I haven't followed it closely in years past.
  4. Hugo time! Hugo time! Roundup for 2017 Awards

    Seems oddly akin to last year's ballot.
  5. Official Season 7 Promo Released

    I would say so too. She can use it as a staging area before the invasion proper.
  6. Rogues in fantasy literature

    I would say Black Dow in TFL and TH, Jorg Ancarath in TCE, maybe Strider in LOTR.
  7. Good news Charlaine Harris fans...

    I read a few of the southern vampire mysteries out of order and was duly entertained. Not really a fan of alternate history stuff though.
  8. March Reading 2017

    Gonna give The Darkness That Comes Before a shot, still working on The Lies of Locke Lamora, and I want to start The Coming of Conan collection and Lord Foul's Bane.
  9. Bladerunner 2

    There were a lot of cool elements that weren't even touched on in the 1982 film.
  10. The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    Interesting list. The uncut edition of The Stand rox, I'm definitely glad I finally read that version. And Atlas Shrugged is deff dystopian sci-fi, because it refers to a future version of society; but it is couched in a lot of political commentary and satire.
  11. Han Solo Movie Cast First Shot

    I have some hope for this flick. Alden Ehrenreich was in the Beautiful Creatures movie, and I really liked that series.
  12. Stephen R. Donaldson

    I have LFB, gonna give it a shot soon. Hear good things ...
  13. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

    Hmm. There's a sample here . But yeah, different strokes for different folks or whatever. It's on my TBR but there's so much other stuff that I don't know when I'll get to it. I really want to make the time to finish Locke Lamora.
  14. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

    General FB, Grimdark fiction readers and writers group. Maybe a different sensibility than some.
  15. Sopranos- so awesome

    I only saw the first three seasons but they were pretty fresh.