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  1. The Spring Into Fantasy sale is now underway ! - Lasts April 10th through 1he 14th - All 18 dark fantasy titles are $0.99 Here is the link: Thx !
  2. That's exactly where I quit reading it.
  3. I was quite pleasantly surprised by The Belgariad, but he kind of flakes out about midway through The Malloreon with character stagnation and an abundance of convenient coincidences.
  4. 18 fantasy and SF authors, all books 99 cents until 1/14: Thx
  5. Jerusalem's Lot, The Mangler, Survivor Type, The Boogeyman, The Outsider, The Alchemist, In the Walls of Eryx, Sticks ...
  6. Short weird fiction on Mighty Thor JRS:
  7. Very odd film. I think he was just trying to make a girl power film, and it all went terribly wrong. Not at all what I was expecting ... But I also think it will have a cult following someday.
  8. I believe so. If the author lives, he / she should try to eventually bring closure to a cycle. But that being said, many famous authors have perished mid-work, such as Poe and Dickens.
  9. A Kicked Cur is free today in Kindle Edition:
  10. Pretty much anything by King, Barker, Poe, Lovecraft is going to be pretty fresh.
  11. True Grit is quite awesome. The Cohen Bros. remake of the film is, too.
  12. It is a fantastic book. Just enough of a lovecraftian vibe, believable characters. I personally think it's his best.
  13. I've read POT, part of POF and Red Sister. Need to get back to them soon. Great fun ...
  14. I read this a few years ago just on the strength of the title, thought it was very well done. Enough so that I also read The Almost Moon, which was entertaining as well.
  15. Thanks, dude. Glad you enjoyed it.