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  1. Sopranos- so awesome

    I only saw the first three seasons but they were pretty fresh.
  2. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

    Really? I've heard pretty good things about it. I haven't read the three suggestions, just making them based on overall buzz.
  3. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

    Of mine? If so, thx. if not, disregard this message lawl. In all seriousness tho OP, I would second The Cracked Amulet, Snakewood, Senlin Ascends.
  4. First Fantasy Book or Series

    Prydain and Narnia would be excellent for someone that age. HDM gets a little grim and maybe early teens.
  5. Shows you liked way back when that probably don't hold up

    A lot of stuff doesn't hold up IMO. But that's because once you're older, you've become so plot-jaded. Kids watch something, and they get like blown away lawl.
  6. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    I want to read And I Darken and Three Dark Crowns, just based on the strength of the titles ... Maybe GDYA is a thing now lawl.
  7. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

  8. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

    The first two HDM books were great fun, started the third and then put it down. Now it's on the TBR again ...
  9. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    There's some influence. I mean, A Crown of Swords and A Storm of Swords? Come on. But yeah they were brobably both far more influenced by Tolkien than ever by one another.
  10. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors
  11. Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Here's a guest blog post discussing the three novellas on MightyThorJRS:
  12. February Reading 2017

    I so need to get on this. TBI, BTAH and TH were all great. I'm quite curious as to what happens next.
  13. Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Now available in English: And the new one:
  14. Favorite POV Character

    1. Victarion 2. Cersei 3. Arianne
  15. Best books you read in 2016?

    Beyond Redemption, The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, A Headful of Ghosts, Disappearance at Devil's Rock.