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  1. Sorry just saw this. There are no other bids at this time.
  2. And now things slowly come together. The website can now take presupports. So your friendship and donations are and will be greatly appreciated.
  3. With the withdrawal of Boston from contention in 2021 for Worldcon, the Baltimore Washington Area Worldcon Association has stepped into the race for 2021. I will need all of my Zenlike abilities to survive the next couple of years as I have been elected chair of the bid committee. Arlington Bill
  4. I think we can work you into the schedule. I am really busy on Monday and Tuesday, so Wednesday or Thursday might be good times to go out. AB
  5. The nice thing about getting in early, you can try multiple places.
  6. Makotohanabi and I are getting in Sunday or Monday. Looking more like Sunday because of Move In for the Exhibit Hall starts Monday. I should have some time Wednesday does anyone want to go to the Negro League Baseball Museum? Connie Willis recommended a Arthur Bryuant near there for BBQ.
  7. makotohanabi and I have attending memberships.   AB
  8. Based on the actions of one of the chairs, Makotohanabi and I will not attend Helsinki.
  9. It really comes down to the second/third round. The first round will include a large number of votes for odd locations so that individuals know their vote was included. If North South Funkadelick Texas isn't listed, a ballot wasn't counted. In the second round, all of those will be redistributed. The four official bid totals will be counted. If any one is 50.1 percent they are the winner. The lowest vote getter drops and redistributes. Now if the combined total of Japanese/Canadian votes (assuming they all put the other as #2) puts the Canadian/Japanese bid in 2nd place, then either Helsinki or DC would be dropped and their votes redistributed... I have no idea where the DC/Helsinki votes would go... Based on the number of votes I've heard Helsinki is carrying in and the push DC is planning onsite, I believe it is unlikely. But it is likely that Canadian and Japanese voters will determine the site of the 2017 Worldcon.   That truly is the wild card. There are two distinct groups of puppies. Vox Day/Theordore Beale has supported a bid, or so I hear. (thankfully not DC17). So how the two groups vote or don't vote is big. Then there are the large number of reaction voters that came in after the nominations. If they vote in site selection... who knows.
  10.   Many people vote that way. I will vote on site, I have my ballot order.
  11.   We can talk at con.   Situational. We got the deal for 2017 that is rare. So we went with it. Helsinki has an anniversary that aligns and other factors.   AB
  12. No problem. Considering the nastiness from some in site selection, we are very careful to dot i's and cross t's and then let people know we have.   I am very thankful that Adam is taking time to help us on this event. It is likely to be fairly big and help is needed.   AB
  13. We have done due diligence. The shelter is being rented from the city. They are aware of the plan. We've had this planned for over three months. There will be someone from the city parks department on hand to monitor the event.