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  1. Balticon 50: May 27-30, 2016, Baltimore, MD: GRRM GOH

    Of the panels, I would be willing to be on these. That pushes the amount of time I am spending working for my vacation con. AB
  2. not really. The Hotel pillows were really thick. I had to go to TJMaxx and buy a thinner set.
  3. We all had a good time. Hanging out at the parties. Ser Scott had some very long intense conversations. No ground breaking news. Based on a conversation at dinner, I think George is looking forward to Balticon and seeing a large BWB crew. I still hate Helsinki. Bring your own pillow to hotels when possible. Some people are dumb... or at least there are stupid questions.
  4. Makotohanabi and I are ensconced in the Hotel. There will be parties Friday and Saturday night. Room 518. AB
  5. The program app is available on itunes and google play. Search for Mysticon. One program note, the first GRRM signing is at 2 PM on Friday.
  6. I extended our stay so we now check out monday. FYI the rate for Sunday night at the main hotel is under $100, maybe even under $75. AB
  7. We had planned to leave Sunday PM after my panel. Will check with Cathy about travel and also would need to extend another night. AB
  8. We are attending. There were just some fan table related memberships I didn't realize we had until one of the con runners mentioned it. AB
  9. Yes, you will have Our and Cathy Green's rooms Saturday evening. Sadly, I had two club members jump on the memberships. Sorry. Bill
  10. Soooo... I may have a couple of memberships... AB
  11. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    makotohanabi and I have attending memberships.   AB
  12. Based on the actions of one of the chairs, Makotohanabi and I will not attend Helsinki.
  13. It really comes down to the second/third round. The first round will include a large number of votes for odd locations so that individuals know their vote was included. If North South Funkadelick Texas isn't listed, a ballot wasn't counted. In the second round, all of those will be redistributed. The four official bid totals will be counted. If any one is 50.1 percent they are the winner. The lowest vote getter drops and redistributes. Now if the combined total of Japanese/Canadian votes (assuming they all put the other as #2) puts the Canadian/Japanese bid in 2nd place, then either Helsinki or DC would be dropped and their votes redistributed... I have no idea where the DC/Helsinki votes would go... Based on the number of votes I've heard Helsinki is carrying in and the push DC is planning onsite, I believe it is unlikely. But it is likely that Canadian and Japanese voters will determine the site of the 2017 Worldcon.   That truly is the wild card. There are two distinct groups of puppies. Vox Day/Theordore Beale has supported a bid, or so I hear. (thankfully not DC17). So how the two groups vote or don't vote is big. Then there are the large number of reaction voters that came in after the nominations. If they vote in site selection... who knows.
  14.   Many people vote that way. I will vote on site, I have my ballot order.