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  1. We had planned to leave Sunday PM after my panel. Will check with Cathy about travel and also would need to extend another night.   AB
  2. We are attending. There were just some fan table related memberships I didn't realize we had until one of the con runners mentioned it.   AB
  3. Sadly, I had two club members jump on the memberships. Sorry.   Bill
  4. Soooo... I may have a couple of memberships...   AB
  5. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    makotohanabi and I have attending memberships.   AB
  6. Based on the actions of one of the chairs, Makotohanabi and I will not attend Helsinki.
  7. That truly is the wild card. There are two distinct groups of puppies. Vox Day/Theordore Beale has supported a bid, or so I hear. (thankfully not DC17). So how the two groups vote or don't vote is big. Then there are the large number of reaction voters that came in after the nominations. If they vote in site selection... who knows.
  8.   Many people vote that way. I will vote on site, I have my ballot order.
  9.   We can talk at con.   Situational. We got the deal for 2017 that is rare. So we went with it. Helsinki has an anniversary that aligns and other factors.   AB
  10. No problem. Considering the nastiness from some in site selection, we are very careful to dot i's and cross t's and then let people know we have.   I am very thankful that Adam is taking time to help us on this event. It is likely to be fairly big and help is needed.   AB
  11. We have done due diligence. The shelter is being rented from the city. They are aware of the plan. We've had this planned for over three months. There will be someone from the city parks department on hand to monitor the event.
  12.   Yeah, I had no control over timing. I personally wanted it to be Friday, but was overruled.   I expect we'll be able to accommodate if you send a warning ahead... Unless the whole convention shows up... then we could have issues.   AB
  13. Just announced, a big DC17 event at Sasquan. Do the parties seem to crowded and noisy? Head over to the Frontier Pavilion at the park just down from the Convention center on Thursday from 11 AM to 3 PM for the DC17 Cook Out.... ... you can ask all of your DC related questions in a wide open space.