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  1. top character

    Minor Timett, Rickon, and Val Major Jamie, and Arya
  2. Biggest Thing you missed in the books?

    I don't think he will ever know I believe he comes to Kings Landing. Jon goes Cregan on Littlefinger, Varys, and a few more. So he has his own hour of the wolf and leaves north of the wall and thats all we know. As far as what I missed that Tyrion is a possible Targ I still believe it's the twins but I missed Tyrion. Also R+L=J
  3. Faceless men question and endgame theory

    I speculated on a thread I started that Arya would kill Dany, and wear her face. It wasn't well received by Dany fans, but I still believe it.
  4. Jon Snow's Death

    I never thought there would be physical changes for Jon but I do think he will change mentally. For example I could see becoming a more ruthless leader, and stop trying to please everyone so much.
  5. If enough people die in the upcoming struggles maybe, but I seriously doubt it. The reason I doubt it is I just can't see where her support would come from.
  6. How would you punish house Bolton?

    Heads Spikes Walls
  7. I started something like this sadly I don't have the time to study the books to write anything other than a basic question. Anyways it was quickly, and ruthlessly denied. It was my last ditch hope to deny R+L=J.
  8. Arya the faceless queen

    None taking you have a obviously greater grasp on the books as a whole than I do and this place is for disagreements. I still believe that we will see Arya take a face we recognize and I think Daenerys is a prime candidate. As far as Martin leaving her in the HoBaW that would be a epic troll. Apologies that I haven't been able to keep up with this thread better. I had next to no work when I started it, but that is no longer the case how it goes sometime.
  9. Is Tormund a tricksy bird?

    I don't really think he did it on purpose, but Tormund's cunning is underrated in my opinion.
  10. Arya the faceless queen

    Maybe prophecy is to strong a word could definitely be for shadowing as DutchArya pointed out. And the truth is we know little of the faceless man's magic or skills when it comes to wearing faces so anything is basically a guess. We do know that Arya is receiving training and we do expect to see her use it.
  11. Arya the faceless queen

    Well we did have a five year jump thrown away and I'm by no means saying any of this is fact. Even if Arya couldn't have made it to Asha I still think the Daenerys angle could happen.
  12. Arya the faceless queen

    The time line is a issue but I don't think it's far fetched that we don't know the exact time line yet. Anyways I thought about the time line but thought it was worth talking about.
  13. Arya the faceless queen

    It's the Theon 1 sample chapter if you do a Google search I can't get the link to post from my phone for some reason.
  14. Arya the faceless queen

    It happens in a sample chapter and you are right I had the fanfiction name for Asha my apologies. But I'm try to lookup the sample chapter now I'll post a link when I find it.