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  1. I think they very well could, and for that to happen I think it has to be Jamie. I would enjoy that ending as Jamie has become my favorite character the more I read the series.
  2. I don't believe that they will lose in battle I think Bran brings them down somehow. I will admit that I really want to see them smash some people who doubt there existence. Plus some others besides Northman will get a chance to fight them. Either way I agree that it won't disappoint.
  3. I believe that the wall will fall and the white walkers will make it at least to Kings landing. However I do wonder how George will pull that off without rushing it, but if anyone can it's him.
  4. Look at what you are doing to us George RR Martin! Some of my favorite posters have gone as crazy as a white walker in the great Sept of Balor. As far as Brightroar goes I hope we see it mainly because I want Gerion to show up at some point.
  5. Whatever Roose burned.
  6. Women and wine would be my guess
  7. I would say yes, but it's better than open rebellion
  8. Could Wex be on of Varys's little birds? I have little proof to offer besides him being mute. The biggest knock I could find is that he can't read, but I find it odd we don't see more little hints of potential little birds.
  9. I'd be willing to bet Ned, and friends fought fairly dirty at the TOJ.
  10. Tyrion is all over the place I could see him turning darker. Doesn't he think about rapping his sister? He is a sick little dude entertaining, but sick none the less.
  11. Minor Timett, Rickon, and Val Major Jamie, and Arya
  12. I don't think he will ever know I believe he comes to Kings Landing. Jon goes Cregan on Littlefinger, Varys, and a few more. So he has his own hour of the wolf and leaves north of the wall and thats all we know. As far as what I missed that Tyrion is a possible Targ I still believe it's the twins but I missed Tyrion. Also R+L=J
  13. I speculated on a thread I started that Arya would kill Dany, and wear her face. It wasn't well received by Dany fans, but I still believe it.
  14. I never thought there would be physical changes for Jon but I do think he will change mentally. For example I could see becoming a more ruthless leader, and stop trying to please everyone so much.