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  1. I don't think it's likely but I do think of all the Riverland houses they are the most likely to be disposed. Think about it they are everyone's enemy now. I think it was morally wrong and while maybe not true guest rights even the the soliders outside where wronged. My personal opinion is you can't trust a Frey but they get stuff done no denying that.
  2. While definitely wrong for doing so the way they did the Freys took down the Starks if the Lannisters win that's what history will remember. That's quite a accomplishment if it holds up if anyone but Lannisters win Freys are in trouble could lose the Twins then.
  3. Brandon of the bloody blade, and Gatehouse Ami.
  4. Couldn't you build a giant turtle and just slowly expand the walkway at your leisure? Maybe even add a couple of side walls doesn't sound impossible to me. Also if you could get your hands on one Craggonman couldn't say Euron convince him to guide you through?
  5. Arya is pretty freaking awesome the best Stark and will most likely rule Westeros. All this while Riding Drogon and wearing Dany's face and she's what 11?
  6. House Brokings. Stark is after Ironman Tony Stark. That's my guesses
  7. Well I would say the only good Frey is a dead Frey but I like the old guy and a couple of the females. I do believe she is mainly just about revenge though what happens with Jamie will say a lot about her motives.
  8. The Seven for Cersei's walk off shame.
  9. Varys I hate that little sneak.
  10. I think they very well could, and for that to happen I think it has to be Jamie. I would enjoy that ending as Jamie has become my favorite character the more I read the series.
  11. I don't believe that they will lose in battle I think Bran brings them down somehow. I will admit that I really want to see them smash some people who doubt there existence. Plus some others besides Northman will get a chance to fight them. Either way I agree that it won't disappoint.
  12. I believe that the wall will fall and the white walkers will make it at least to Kings landing. However I do wonder how George will pull that off without rushing it, but if anyone can it's him.
  13. Look at what you are doing to us George RR Martin! Some of my favorite posters have gone as crazy as a white walker in the great Sept of Balor. As far as Brightroar goes I hope we see it mainly because I want Gerion to show up at some point.
  14. Whatever Roose burned.
  15. Women and wine would be my guess