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  1. I never really thought about it but you are right the roses could very well be there because of a maid are any number of reasons. I always operated under the impression that the roses she was clutching where the dried remains of the bouquet from Harrenhall, but that doesn't account for the smell of roses. I could also say they may have been the to cover a smell like the ring around the roses children's game/rhyme is about cover the smell of the dead from bubonic plague.
  2. I had just finished Game of Thorne's and the Rose's still slipped through the cracks on me. To answer your question I originally suspected it on my first read, but after reading up to Dance I was convinced it was a red herring. I never really believed Ned fathered a bastard so I tried to come up with any alternative until forum member @DorianMartell'sSon beat me over the head with it in my Arthur Dayne +L=J thread
  3. I basically agree with everything you said. I am fully convinced she was held against her will at some point.
  4. Mayhaps can go a lot of ways, not that A+L=J isn't as possible as what I speculated about. I really am not wanting to believe in the perfect prince and his star-crossed love story.
  5. There are no clues Lyanna doesn't appear to hate Raegar from what I understand people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome come to identify and even love their captors. I am not claiming a great understanding of it but I did use Google. I thought about how if Lyanna did have Stockholm Syndrome she broke when Sansa didn't of course it's all speculation on my part.
  6. I'm no doctor but Dany does seem to be a candidate. For what it's worth I trust what Jamie says more than most characters not that it means he couldn't have been lying just that I don't think he was.
  7. I hadn't thought of that I like that even better would be really interesting to see how that would play out.
  8. I for some reason no textual evidence just my opinion thought he would live to sat him on the throne and go into self exile. I can see him telling Aegon they will make their appointments in the morning and leaving that night.
  9. I hope the prophecy shows up in story I would love to read it. For what it's worth I didn't think so poorly of poor Raegar until I accepted R+L=J the perfect silver prince has the perfect hero who was raised in disguise just doesn't jive with what I think I'm reading. Lot's of possibilities and I hadn't thought of it reducing Raegar to a red herring, but I still think funny business was going on at the TOJ and I think it was pretty bad.
  10. It's possible a little bit too clean for me. Also if Danny is the promised princess what was Raegar then? We don't know enough to whitewash Raegar at least in my opinion.
  11. Raegar was obsessed, inbreed and obviously losing his mind. Unless kidnapping one Lord Paramount's daughter and another's fiancee is a way to start a peaceful transition of power.
  12. I agree who could know Brandon would be that stupid especially when the king on the throne is known as "The Mad" but she had to know he'd do something. Maybe Lyanna did feel she should have a choice I agree most sane people would, but she didn't and Raegar knows that. I will have to think more about how young she was and what she might have been thinking but I believe she was abused I don't see Raegar in the best light no matter how it actually played out.
  13. I never thought she would be so careless as to run away without anyone knowing if we knew she told one person it would be different. Sure Raegar seems like a better option than Bobby B from the outside. And she may not have known how Robert would react but she had to know how her big brother Brandon would. She basically put her family in harm's way and you're leaving out that there's no proof of marriage so at this point she's a mistress or concubine at best no queen for sure at least until we get more information. Also Lyanna isn't free to marry who she will and stealing one great Lord's daughter and another's fiancee is hardly a way to start a peaceful transition away from his father.
  14. We aren't giving a lot of information about what went on at the TOJ, but I couldn't find anything on this sorry if it's been discussed to death (but what hasn't at this point). Lyanna clutching the winter roses never did sit right with me and is often used to explain her running away with Raegar instead being abducted, but what if she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Promise me Ned and holding some roses are a feeble explanation for a love story. I admit evidence is lacking for this theory as it is for all R+L theories. Stockholm Syndrome would be unheard of to the characters in story, but it could explain why Ned never knew Raegar mistreated his sister thus never thinks poorly of him. I am a R+L=J hater, but I've accepted it and moved on to this what do you think?
  15. Lannister and Tollett. "There's days I want the rats back."