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  1. When he learns of his heritage he'll probably offer the KotN title to Sansa. But, Sansa, being ambitious now will probably crown him King of the seven Kingdoms. She would convince Jon that he has to unite the realm against "the Walkers". But most of all she wants the tullys back in Power at the riverlands, revenge on cersei and become the Power behind the Throne herself. She will probably off littlefinger.
  2. different ruling family with a different strategy. Divide and conquer and build big ass castles to hold it. Didnt work against dragons though.
  3. GRRM already said it would be a bittersweet ending. So i'm pretty sure one of our main heroes is going to die, either Jon or Daenarys.
  4. Wintefell is way to northern, he'll never be able to get his armies there when the end game starts. Moat Caillain is only defensible from the south (Remember how the Iron born toke it from the south with their ships?) in the books atleast that is. But the last stand will probably be on the same location as the show: The Ruby Ford. Where Rhaegar lost his kingdom, Jon will win his.
  5. First of all, the Throne won't be destroyed, George RR martin said SOMEONE will end up on the Throne. Neither will Dany lose most of her army due to bad luck + Euron. I think she will lose about half and have a very messy siege of Kings Landing ending with Cersei burning down the city and jaime killing her. I literally have no idea who will end up on the Throne. Dany is a bit 2 obvious, and if Jon is king he will hate every second of it, which would be an end GRRM prefers since he probably isn't going to give Jon the cliche ''Heroic Sacrifice'' death.
  6. Above all, most of their forces are depleted. Varys might have found Gendry and urge Dany to legitimize him and install him as Warden of the Stormlands. (The sins of the father are not the sins of the son argument and all that). But they won't be able to do much since the bulk of their forces were killed at the blackwater and the northern expedition. I think about half of them switched sides after Blackwater.
  7. Cersei will burn down King's landing and Jaime will kill her for it. But what will happen to Jaime? In the books his job was to protect the King and Rhaegars Children, and he feels remorse for not protecting Rhaegars children from the Mountain. Combine that with his admiration of Brienne, his promise to Catelyn and hatred for Tyrion who killed his father after Jaime set him free. Chances are big that he takes the Lannister army and winds up with Team Stark. The big thing I wonder about next season is if Jon will be forced to "unite the realm" by his sister, and maybe littlefinger and end up in conflict with Dany.
  8. Only Randall Tarly, of the reach lords, has been introduced. So I'll suspect he'll try to take it now that the Tyrells are extinct. But as long as the queen of Thorns is in power, no one will try anything. She is way to smart to be outwitted by any lord. Lord Redwyne is married to the sister of Mace, thus has the best claim.
  9. Aye, Robin won't complain about it now that Sansa is safe again. She might even convince him to swear fealty to Jon.
  10. I don't think Bran wants Winterfell, he knows his purpose is to use his greenseeing abilities to aid in the War for the Dawn. He'll probably wants Jon to unite the realm against the WW and reveal his parentage. Though they will need some real evidence first for that to happen.
  11. The first and foremost question I asked myself after the finale is, Who will strangle Cersei, Queen of the Seven kingdoms, Jaime or Tyrion? And how? I bet Cersei will have one more big "evil" card up her sleeve to atleast weaken the Targaryen Alliance before her death happens. Wonderful acting by Lena by the way.
  12. The only thing I can see Sansa do next season is forcing herself to be Jon's #1 advisor. She wants him to depend on her and value her, thats what all the jealousy is about in the end. She will not betray him, only increase her own influence through possible nefarious ways. When Winterfell learns about Jon's True parentage all will change however.
  13. I just assume they use the same excuse as GRRM himself. Events which happen in different chapters which are in the same book don't necessarily happen close to each other in the timeline. The same goes for scenes in the episodes and the episodes themselves. It doesnt bother me when I think of it like that. This episode, The Trail, The Frey Pie, The Reveal all sum up to be the best finale of the show, and possible of Television history. 10/10
  14. Don't forget Euron, with the possible reveal of Jon as the True Targaryen Heir things might get ugly. What if Randall Tarly wants to take the Reach as his own and backs Jon ? (Team littlefinger) What if Jaime wants to fulfill his oath to protect Rhaegars children and backs Jon? What if the Riverlands rise up for the tullys now that the Freys are without a strong lord and back Jon? So much can happen next season, so many unknowns now that the books are past us. We Shall See.
  15. Yohn Royce however spoke fontly of Ned Stark last season. Even if the family connection doesnt hold, the Vale Lords have a certain fondness for the Starks because Ned was raised there. (As was mentioned in a flashback this season)