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  1. In the first part he said that too. But the music is quite a strong foreshadowing indeed. The only problem I have with that theory is that if the NK arrives to KL, that means WF has fallen. I don't see the WW passing by and just leave it there, and I have difficulties thinking a Westeros without WF. You never know though. That could be it. The most bitter part.
  2. I can see Bran warging into Viserion, but destroying KL? Just no. Jojen, Bloodraven, CoTF, Summer, Hodor all these people died protecting Bran all this time, so he could end up destroying? It doesn't make any sense to me. The snow in KL doesn't necessarily mean it's the NK either. The snow started in KL in the season 7 finale already. It could be very well Dany herself.
  3. This. So far, I tend to be on the nihilistic side a bit more. But I'm not sure about that. It's just a general feeling I get from the books. I need the resolution as well, in order to judge. p.s. Fun fact off topic: I'm watching Fortitude Season 2, and only now I realise that the character of Dan Anderssen is played by Richard Dormer (Beric in GoT). Ugh! Lol
  4. Exactly. I'm surprised when people start comparing the two and don't get it what Tolkien was going for. I agree with that too. I had no problems with that. I mean it sucked and it was such a powerful, intense and sad moment. I mean I loved Ned and started to read books after season 1 because of his character. But I do not see either of these deaths as shocking values, only. Certainly there is a big shock involved but they do bring the story further. Their deaths bring some important development to the narrative and characters (see Arya, Sansa etc.). I didn't mind Robb's wife being stabbed either. Maybe they added her for shock value but I always felt in the books she was left there smh, as a "lost" character. Although it does make sense in the books also, that Robb wouldn't bring her with him at the wedding. But I'm okay that they did finish her story as well in the show. I don't necessarily agree with everything either. But it does make me think whether he's right about it. I think people will be divided with whatever ending GRRM has planned. I guess @jcmontea is right, it very much depends on what he writes post ADOD.
  5. I think Viserion's death was the way to give the NK the "weapon" to break the wall. There were no human costs during that mission though. Well, apart from Thoros and other no name characters, which we didn't care much. Same for the huge battle in ep.4 No human costs, not even Bronn. I really do think the whole idea of going beyond the wall was about: a. give Viserion to the NK and b. have that big meeting in the season finale, which was a way to finally make Jamie break with Cersei.
  6. I agree. The show to me had a nihilist outlook till the book lasted. It's indeed the books which I see more as such. It might be one of GRRM problems in finishing the books also. This guy explains it rather good, IMO.
  7. I just saw the video on my notification. I haven't watched it yet. I have developed an aversion for Sansa since Season 6. I feel like her character went down south and her only "ideology" has been a whinning: Me! Me! Me!
  8. I find GRRM quite nihilistic but truth be told, if it is for lesson learned, history has taught us that the mankind has never learned the lesson. Bittersweet ending would be great for me, but I am not sure what that means in GoT/ASoIAF. Some people think LOTR was not bitter enough. To me it was cause a world without elves was very sad and not at all fascinating anymore.
  9. Nicely put. I would like that. Although they don't seem to have put much importance to the crypt, except for those scenes of Bran and Rickon in season 1.
  10. That would be ideal. But it's tricky and difficult to be done properly, narratively speaking. I feel like they have lost sight of the story. I'm not sure what's the story is about anymore and I think it's going to be difficult for the books as well. If they can pull this off it will be great.
  11. I couldn't have said better myself all you just mention about Jon. And this ^ would've been so much better narrative. It would've also addressed the issue of him coming back from death and Sansa's reaction (or lack thereof). I thought it was weird that there was no talk between him and Sansa about it. No mention at all. It was like for her that was all normal. Nothing strange or "special" had happened. She immediately jumped to ask help to get back WF. I thought the whole thing was odd. I agree with you and I liked Jon response. But I think that was put there just as an excuse to have the scene with Tyrion and Cersei. She could've still lied without asking Jon anything and the ruse would've worked. But the problem I had with that scene is that Jon does know how and when to lie, if it serves a greater purpose. He has done that before with the wildlings. So, making him look, yet again, as some sort of Ned's identical copy didn't make much sense to me. But what I didn't really like was Dany's and Tyrion's reaction to it. She went as far as to mention Viserion's death and make him feel guilty for that, more than he already was. I can understand Tyrion cause that's his mindset, but not Dany. First of all, did anybody informed Jon that he should've kept that a secret? How would he know that if he lied to Cersei, Dany would still understand and trust him? After all, they both don't know each other that much and she is far more important to Jon, in the war against the WW. She has 2 dragons, not to mention the unsullied and the Dothraki army. For him is far more important to ensure her trust, so why would he jeopardize that by telling lies? A big lie that is. I would've expected her to appreciate that, instead of getting upset.
  12. Yeah, in the books, and I agree with you. I'm very curious about his transformation in TWoW too. Funny how he hasn't change one bit in the show though. But maybe I am wrong, he has gone from the Jon we know to Jon/Ned 2.0. Maybe that's the transformation they were looking for.
  13. That is true. It's just my wish though cause I like that he's kinda conflicted with his abilities too, while Bran fully embrace it. Yeah, I hate that tbh. Everybody "Oh, he's like Ned". No he is not, and I am saying this as smb who loved Ned. Jon is honorable but not to a fault. He's actually very intelligent and till now he has made pretty sound decisions. We can argue whether the pink letter decision is right or wrong, but there is an argument to be made in his favour there too. I find him to be pretty pragamatic rather than idealistic character. Although he's def. smb with a strong moral compass. I thought the scene with Jon-Dany-Tyrion was silly. Putting him in the position of smb who ruined things with his answer to Cersei. Although I found it funny that the "liars" were outplayed by a liar. I admit, I had a Shadenfreude moment. Lol I still can't believe how they made Tyrion to trust Cersei. I mean we don't know what agreement they reached, but please, I didn't believe her for a second. I refuse to believe that Tyrion of all people would trust anything coming out of her mouth. You know, I've never thought about that but it is brilliant. Of course it would've worked way better.
  14. Indeed. She does some very good videos about movies and other tv series too. I was positively surprised , watching one of her videos, that she was well informed about italian neorealism films too. Funny, I have a similar story. Lol I started reading the books after season 1 and that's when I started to love Jon. A lot of people who have seen the show only, start to like him in Season 3 but mostly in season 4. Understandably so since up to season 3 it's Robb who mostly gets the attention. The thing I miss most in Jon/show is his dry sense of humour and sharp tongue that is in the books. Also his warging abilities, missing in the show as well, takes away a bit the intrigue from him. The pink letter also takes away the conflict that he has between duty and family, personal matters. His grey area, if you want. I understand why they had to cut that part, but the first two they could've done a it more and keep them.