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  1. What odor is Varys trying to hide?

    His natural odors are the type that will attract any women as a eunuch he can't properly satisfy them so he needs a deterrent.
  2. Could Marwyn the Mage be a dragon?

    Sometimes it doesn't hurt to accept something at face value and take it for what it is.
  3. Characters I am sad never met.

    I'm sad Donal Noye died before Stannis got to the wall. Does that count?
  4. The King of Winter's Crown

    Could just be paying homage to Tolkien You have 9 ring wraiths in LotR. Open circlet with 9 longswords = a ring + 1 sword for each wraith.
  5. We would get some awesome scenes with him and Stannis.
  6. America: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

    The Republicans look flat out racist and the Dems corruption is getting exposed daily. At least now we know what they really stand for.
  7. Illyrio's 3 heads

    The Targaryen sigil is a 3 headed dragon. That always led me to believe that the prophecy is about one Targaryen. Now which one is the question. I just think it would be hilarious after all the threads and theories on this subject GRRM makes it one person. Just a great way of saying sometimes the most obvious solution is the right one.
  8. Binge read it in one day. Then wait two or three to start again and read it casually over a few days. Then come back. I don't post here much but I like to read what other people think. My main reason for not posting is I don't feel the need to reiterate what someone else has said. Any idea on the release date? I haven't checked in a while.
  9. I see Vary's leading a group of Unsullied through the tunnels straight to the Red Keep while King's Landing is besieged.
  10. Since GRRM said he was afraid of pulling a "Lost" he intentionally derailed his writing to guage the reaction.
  11. He could've mentioned that Mormont gave it to him though. The fact that Jeor felt he was worthy to carry it would have meant something in little Lyanna's decision making.
  12. Where did half of Stannis's army go?

    They went to find Gendry
  13. Only death can pay for life (Spoilers)

    I always thought the prologue from Dance set this up. The information about a wargs second life meaning Jon's consciousness will be in Ghost so when his body gets healed/resurrected he will come back whole. They even did a little nod to it with Ghost motioning towards Jon as if to say here go home.
  14. Spread greyscale around Westeros. Then when one village has a noticeably bad outbreak torch the place to prevent the spread killing everybody, while knowing he is patient zero all along.