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  1. I have been wondering I know the book and the show will sway from one and other at times, Now in a certain episode wee see 13 WW now does this mean there will only be 13 WW and lots of undead wights or will there be more White Walkers kicking about?
  2. Just wondering if anyone can help, I played the blackfyre rebellion I am now on the iron throne and daemon, in the intrigue list it says something about dragon dreams but I can never access it anyone now anything that will help? Thanks
  3. That never even crossed my mind about if he would have had a hunch he would have probably tracked down Jon, The thing with Jaime I considered before but completely forgot about there, even if they don't know I just wonder if they have ever thought of it, everyone knows how honourable Ned was and him coming home from the war with a son and Lyanna being off with Rhaegar surely someone has to be questioning it
  4. This has probably been covered elsewhere but I cant find anything If R+L=J is true which I believe it will be, Would is be possible that Barristan Selmy could potentially know something of it? But if he did would he not tell Daenerys?
  5. Just wondering if George RR Martin has said there will a 2nd dance of dragons? I read somewhere he did but can't find any evidence, also just wanting people's thoughts and theories on who it would involve and how would it come into play
  6. Thanks this helped a lot, Got it up and running just trying to get used to it now haha!
  7. Just wondering how to use the cheat codes can't seem to get the console window up? Wondering if anyone can help (I'm reading things online but it's not appearing)
  8. Just realised you just click on the map to get other people, So can see Jaime cant see Mance tho
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows how to play as Mance or Jaime? and I started one with Aegon during the Conquest just wondering how I get my men off dragonstone across the water into kingslanding, and while I'm here haha say for instance I am Robert during the Greyjoy rebellion and Ned Tywin and Stannis take up arms and are fighting the Greyjoys can I move there men or merge them with my own? Thanks
  10. How do you send people to the Iron Islands to battle?
  11. That's for the replies helped alot haha! one more question how do you go about marrying off your siblings or heirs to other high born people so say sansa to quentyn or something along those lines? Because I am guessing you can't just do it from the start?
  12. Sorry to be a pest mate, Just wondering if you can help out I got the game got started as Robb Stark now I cant seem to send my men to battle? I am watching tutorials online and people playing and they are clicking the map making a box round there army and then an arrow appears leading to the enemy but on mines it doesn't seem to be doing that? I am lost hahaha anychance you can help out, Thanks
  13. Thanks much appreciated
  14. Don't know how to hide spoilers on the forum? Looking for help