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  1. And stuff like Kinesiology, Marketing, Communications, Women's Studies, and Art History.
  2. The interesting question to me is: at what point did Ned know it was a lie and continue to actively or passively perpetuate it? It seems clear he knew after TOJ, yet he never said anything to Robert about it--in GOT Robert talks about R raping L, says he dreams of killing R every night, etc., and Ned never speaks up to point out that, actually, it was a romance. His motivation may be, in part, to preserve his presumed promise to L and protect Jon, but that doesn't seem terribly compelling--couldn't he tell Robert that it was not a kidnapping and leave out the fact that L had a child? It is possible that Ned, Brandon, and Rickard all knew from the start that L went willingly--as people have mentioned above, her consent wouldn't make much difference to them as R's actions would still violate their right to promise and deliver L to Robert. In other words, they would be likely to be angry and demand her return in either case. But the idea of the kidnapping and rape certainly inflamed Robert. So it could be that the false story was helpful to the Starks (and perhaps more specifically to Rickard and Jon Arryn--if there really is something to Southron Ambitions) insofar as it motivated Robert to kill Raeghar. And the truth might also have interfered with their plans, as Robert might have refused L if he knew she preferred R. In any case, it seems that there is a stark half-truth or outright manipulation at the heart of all this. And that's an interesting, very GRRM, "graying" of the Stark story.
  3. So it's only the Dothraki army that has travel time? You're saying that someone who sees the army, goes to tell a lord, who dispatches a rider, who gets to someone with a raven, and then a message is sent to KL. And when the Raven gets to KL--what happens then? Someone would have ride out to the Lannister army to warn them. It's not even slightly implausible that the Dotraki troops would ridden the short distance to the Lannister army in that period. And that's assuming the Dothraki didn't take the obvious step of capturing or killing anyone who saw them, and shooting down ravens if necessary.
  4. The ravens have always been in the show. And they always have been magic, specially bred ravens--they can carry messages all around the Westeros--something you may have noticed ordinary Ravens cannot do. They can also be inhabited by greenseers and children of the forest, and they speak the True Tongue.
  5. First, there's no indication whatsoever that anyone flew anywhere in a day. There is an indication, rather, of an undefined period o time passing. Second, I have no problem thinking the magic and specially-bred ravens in ASOIAF can make that flight in 30 or so hours. The return flight by the dragon not only can, but must occur much faster if you understand anything about aerodynamics.
  6. They do. And, sadly, the moderators enforce it.
  7. It would appear that they can't themselves cross. But in the books and show, Nights Watxh members bring them across and they survive.
  8. Or a drop of water fell on it when he grabbed it.
  9. You think a raven goes about 3 miles an hour. Go back to math class.
  10. If we're getting all realistic: dragons not only could, but must, fly greatly in excess of 100 mph to stay aloft. Dany could get there in 5-10 hours. Magic ravens are probably slower so the trip would be 10-20 hours.
  11. As to point 5, I agree that the wight hunt seems like a daft plan. I would make this exception, however: it is true that Tyrion should know very well that Cersei will not cooperate after seeing a wight. It is also true that Tyrion should know very well that Jamie is far more likely to cooperate in fighting an existential threat to the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion's plan might be an attempt to split Cersei and Jamie. That would be a much less daft, and potentially a very clever, plan.
  12. Where was it stated that Jaime's trip took less than 14 days?
  13. We don't know that the army of the dead is marching toward the wall during that period. We know very little about what they are doing or why. They may be rounding up the last straggling wildlings to build their army. They may be doing some magical stuff to get stronger. The show has not suggested that they are simply making a beeline for the wall.
  14. I think a fast horse and a lasso would be the best move. Snare one and ride away fast to put some distance from the others then chain it up and cage it.
  15. For one thing, I don't think the dragons speak the common tongue. They're animals. The only command we know they can follow is to burn stuff.