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  1. Meanwhile Bürki continues to impress for Dortmund Oh and Sevilla is playing even dumber than Liverpool against Moscow. And I don't know who placed that bet of Istanbul winning the group ahead of Porto, Leipzig and Monaco. But congratulations.
  2. That is true, but not the whole story. The "mainstream" conservative ÖVP took a very sharp turn to the right, and it was basically Kurz (ÖVP) copying Strache (FPÖ) one quite a lot of issues. So to claim it wasn't a victory for the far right, because the far right party finished third and not second is a wee bit dishonest. Especially since both parties will be the next Austrian goverment. Let me channel my inner Donnie Dipshit. It will be the greatest library, with the best books. It will be over one milion books, all of them copies of The Art of the Deal. And Mexico will pay for it, believe me. And also, on a special request by Mike Pence, there will be a copy of the bible. Needless to say, there will be a lot of gold used on the interior. Did I say gold? I obviously mean brass. And of course, Mexico will pay for it, obviously.
  3. I think Greece was arguably the easiest draw. The Danes have not really impressed either, but I'd probably still pick Greece as the easier opponent. Switzerland was/is imho the toughest draw. Yes, on paper Italy and Croatia have more individual talent, but imho Switzerland has the better overall team. Having that said, I think ROI vs. Denmark will be the most competitive pairing. And I don't think Italy vs. Sweden will be as one sided as some people seems to think.
  4. Source credibility. I don't know the Everton fans involved making the banner (or the Everton fan scene in general), however I'd take tabloid articles with more than a grain of salt when it comes to reporting about football fans. Somehow xenophobic football fans protesting Indian TV makes a way cooler story than fans protesting EPL.
  5. I don't think they blame the Indian TV station. The way I understand it, they attack the EPL for selling out the interests of the fan for a fistful of Dollars (or in this case Rupees). The ruppees bit was just to stress out that the EPL is more interested in listening to an Indian boradcaster, than to the domestic fans who spend their WE traveling to support their team. I wouldn't really call the Everton supporters racist based on that banner.
  6. Well, At least you still got Larry Flint to hustle out some money.
  7. Fun anecdote. Klinsmann picked up quite a few injuries when he first arrived in Berlin. Apparently he wasn't used to the heavy training regiment of professional football. Apparently there's quite a difference between playing football on US college level, and playing it on a professional level in a good European league. On a general note, I find it quite amusing that there are apparently a few Germans who did not make it at home, were able to get scholarships in the US and made it to the MLS. Büscher was struggling to get playing time in a third or fourth tier team and gets drafted as #11. Herbers career wasn't exactly destined to lead him into professional football either, and yet he gets drafted into the MLS on #6. Gressel's highest league appaernces were 5th tier games. And people wonder why Klinsmann was looking for players with American heritage in Europe instead of building around MLS talent.
  8. Wrong sport for that. Sorry, if I use a broad brush for that, but if I am not mistaken hockey fans in the US are rather conservative leaning (generally speaking). On a related note, the Pens did make that WH trip, that should be enough for me to hope they get flattened and sweeped by the Flyers this years.
  9. In Portugal being an not unimportant part. I remember Dost from his Bundesliga days, he was a good striker, but hardly world class (at least not in terms of producing those displays on a weekly basis). So he hardly is in the same league as his great predecessors like Nistelrooy. That is a fair point, but on the other hand Moyes?
  10. I'd take those polls with a grain of salt, as I think that social desirability might lead to quite different results between poll and voting booth. On another note @The Great Unwashed @DanteGabriel @Tywin et al. and whoever I have forgotten to mention, I take it, the American Public did remember Obama's convention speech better than I thought, which also means I concede that point Ormond in terms of that Obama was less unknown than I thought.
  11. Well, but there's also his tenure at Celtic (which I remember quite fondly, because it conincided with the Huns going bust). Anyway, that what I meant by being too Celtic. And he did what he was supposed to do with the Hibs.
  12. That doesn't negate the point that Obama was relatively unknown. And I am not sure he would have clinched the nomination without Ted Kennedy backing him. And I don't know how charismatic Harris or Bullock are. Chances are they are not in the same league as Obama, but very few are. Having that said, I think Obama's endorsement will probably be worth quite a bit, especially early in the primary cycle. Me not being an American, I am not sure how widely Obama's convention speech was remembered by people who are not interested in politics (generally speaking). So if you say, it was still remembered by a lot of Americans four years later, I will (have to) take your word on it. However, an American acquitance mentioned Dean as favorite to win the nomination very early in the cycle. But then Dean somewhat imploded. So I am not sure that Dean was that unknown. This is more anecdotal, so if you say Dean was unknown, I have to take your word on it.
  13. Overall, it was much Robben, and very little of everything else.
  14. Why wasn't Lennon a candidate? Or is he too Celtic?
  15. That didn't stop a junior Senator from Illinois. Being relatively unknown can be an advantage, e.g. there's less of a voting record to nail them on. As for the primaries. Let one of them get an early endorsement by Obama or Sanders (or Biden), and I think they would be right in the competition. Ok, a Sanders endorsement might be a bit double edged, since it has the potential to piss off the centrist Democrats, but that's probably a risk worth taking.