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  1. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Yes. But if Sanchez and Özil were really to leave, and Arsenal was unable to find suitable replacements after missing out on the CL, I don't see them winning anywhere near winning the league in the near future (with Cech). You can say, those are realtively big ifs. In that case I also wouldn't rule out Cech saying, ok folks, I really lack the motivation to play on without the prospect of winning. E.g. I am not so sure Buffon would still be around, if Juve did not offer him a chance to collect silverware. Talking about Buffon, which reminds me... van der Sar was a bit in the opposite situation of CIllessen. When he was at Juve and they brought in Buffon as their new designated new #1, he (wisely) avoided that showdown and left a big club and went to Fulham. It's tough to argue that old Edwin did not have the mentality to play at a big club. Generally speaking, you are right. But with goalkeepers the situation is indeed a bit different. Usually as a backup you only get a chance if the starter picks up an injury or produces quite a few howlers, so that the manager is forced to drop him.
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    The democratic base seems more sane, and seems to have somewhat higher expectations from their representatives. Just think of all the shitty scandals Republicans get away with, which their Democratic counterparts would never survive. As for the SCOTUS. I am not sure what is the right way to handle it. You really can't delay a vote for four years with a minority. So the most prudent course is weigh in the alternatives. Is the nominee somewhat acceptable or outright Scalia awful. If it's the latter throw everything at the GOP to block him.
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Hope that all the conservatice judges die before the liberals, I suppose. May Ruth be the last gal standing and rule supreme over the constitution.
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Sometimes I actually like the youtube suggestions I get. I thought I'd share with whoever didn't see it.
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Why do I have to think of Ford's infamous I am a married man. I eat at home moment. And it sounds like something Trump could have said, word for word.
  6. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Didn't Ranieri pretty much assemble Mourinho's title winning Chelski squad? And I think Arsenal might be in for a rebuild. They pretty much need almost a complete new defense (apart from Koschielny). They lack a really good second centre back, I have no idea if Mertesacker is still up to that task, when he comes back from his injury. And him and Cech are on their last legs, so they probably won't be around for 3 or 4 more years anyway. It looks like Sanchez (and possibly Özil) wanting to leave. Which would mean they lose quality. Though Özil is from Arsenal's point of view probably somewhat the most frustrating player to have. You know he has the skills, but there are so many games in which he is just not using them. Thinking about it, Arsenal and Liverpool look pretty similar with their centre backs. Both have one real quality player for that position (Koscielny and Matip), and a second one, who is good, but not exceptional and a bit one dimensional (Mustafi and Lovren), who really need their better halves.
  7. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I agree on the snake-oil part. But Trump was able to sell that stuff, while the Pence Dispenser didn't make that sale. And I guess there wouldn't be the same fools Russian around under him. He looks more pro-Nato anti-Russia, than orange dipshit.
  8. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Well, Ranieri is on the market, so if they part with Wenger he might be the best option for them. As for Tuchel his contract runs out in 2018, but for all I know he and Dortmund are scheduled to discuss an extension this summer.
  9. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    So...when will Pence take over?
  10. My allegedly British genes are apparently not very dominant, thus I am not really a betting man (as I have mentioned a few times). Anyhow, served with a nice Chianti I assume?
  11. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Not really. His twatter account is for his braindead base anyway. He doesn't provide truthful facts or evidence based arguments, and they don't care.
  12. Three years are a long time. True, the PLP is not in a position to unseat him in the next couple of months. But give it a year or two. Corbyn has stumbled his way through Brexit. Let him make a few more calls like the three-line whip, and let him lose a few more seats and it's over. I think, had the PLP waited instead of trying those half-arsed attempts to remove him, they might have been in a position to do it. The seat he lost to the tories, and his three-line whip (that call was never going to be popular with his own base). But now they can't do it and have to wait, exactly because of their ill-suited and ill-timed attempts.
  13. Yes, but I don't see him holding on to the Labour leadership for 3 more years.
  14. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Nah, them not winning was ok. Not just because it's them, but the game was so poor it really didn't deserve any goals, or a winner. Both teams with pass completion rates of around 50% pretty much sums that game up. (55% Frankfurt I think, and 51% for them). On the other hand Ingolstadt could've and should've walked away with more than praise for their performance in Dortmund on friday. They created quite few really good chances, and they were also denied a penalty. Dortmund was really lucky to walk away with three points instead of nil.
  15. In which reality is Corbyn winning an election in 2020. I'd wager a beer Corbyn is gone by then.