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  1. Isn't that more like an application form for a Trump appointment as Director of the FBI. Finally someone to fight the fake news and mainstream media. If you can't stop the leaks, beat the hell out of the reporters. Though The Guardian is British and not American. Ah never mind, the agencies acting on foreign soil will need a new director in the not so distant future, too.
  2. No, the damsel in distress isn't really working, she opted for a life as Trophy Wife out of her own free will. You can point out (and rightly so) that the Trophy Wife concept isn't exactly a feminist ideal, but how else would you describe that relationship? I mean even President Orange Dipshit doesn't bother to correct that image of her. Anyway, low hanging fruit, doesn't say or do much in public (we are again in the stereotypical Trophy Wife territory), so hardly worth any of the internet abuse.
  3. Hum, this thread has been silent for a while, and there were a few tournaments played. 2 tournaments of the 4 tournament Grand Prix qualifiers have been played. Atm Mamedyarov is in the lead with very good 280 points. With Ding Liren in atm occupying the second qualification spot with 240. Both have already played two tournaments. To me it looks like Mamedyarov is in a very good position to clinch his ticket to the candidates, if he does not play a horrible third tournament. Grischuk and MVL with 211 from their first two tournaments are also in a position in which they can qualify, but they need to post a strong results in their third tournament. Giri, Svidler, Radjabov with 71 and Jakovenko with 70 points from a single tournament also still have some chances to qualify, but all players need to post a really good result in the last two Grand Prix. Everybody else, has probably to pick another qualification route. Well, maybe Nakamura has some very slim chances by winning his last Grand Prix outright and pray that at least three of the players with more GP points than him play a really bad tournament. Aronian's only hope would be winning the two remaining Grand Prix tournaments outright, which looks like a very long shot. A pity he played that uninspiring in Sharjah. I mean he can still play as he has shown at the Grenke Chess Classics, which he totally dominated, hell he even could afford the luxury to let Caruana escape in the final round.
  4. The strong and stable bit. I know not particularly new. Still somewhat entertaining.
  5. On paper maybe. But the season planing and signing was pretty much done, when Klopp came in (which player was still on the market during his first window?). Winter windows are basically panic buys or desperately trying to fix errors comitted in the summer windows. The lower you go on the foodchain, the more likely you will find a fix for your squad woes. For a top 6 team in one of the big leagues there are simply less interesting players around, and even much less available. E.g. a fringe player from Everton may improve a relegation battler or a Championship club (as loan or signing), but it will hardly be an upgrade for Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, United or Chelsea. And players who are not wanted by their club is pretty much what you get in the winter window (with one or two exceptions maybe, when a player is trying to force his way out), because no sane club would under normal circumstances part with a key player in the middle of their campaign. Other than that, yes, he had more time to get to know the squad and thus properly plan for the next season.
  6. Let's agree to disagree. For me this was more a reason for nausea. No shit. I have kinda resigned to the bleak propsect of them being like the herpes of the Bundesliga. You just can't get rid of them. Last week Schalke were robbed of their game winning goal. And 2 years ago, Karlsruhe were properly cheated by the referee. Both are shite. It's the choice between Volkswagen Football Inc. without a real fan scene, and the team with the relatively open xenophobic fan scene. And like I said, since it's a local derby, at least the "adventure oriented football fans" will have it their way. Robocops galore. Well, that team (Wolfsburg) was also almost certain to not get into that position in the first place. On paper that squad should be competing for CL spots. But that squad is rotten to the core. Just look at Kruse, who was the scapegoat for their miserable campaign last year. And now, he is back to his former self as the leading scorer for Bremen, while Wolfsburg... Like I said, if they dropped, there'd be quite a bit of individual talent on the market.
  7. ANd that wraps up the Bundesliga. Mordor won their must win game and Wolfsburg has to play to relegation play off game. Probably against Braunschweig (tbd tomorrow). Braunschweig would mean it's one of those high risk derby with a lot of robocops (riot police). If Wolfsburg really manages to drop, it would there'd quite some talent on the move. Gomez, Viereinha, Rodriguez, Luiz Gustavo, and some youngers like Maximilian Arnold and Knoche. Still a weak consolation prize to see VW drop. The other games were somewhat more entertaining. Dortmund - Bremen 4 - 3 (Aubameyang and Reus scored doubles each), with Aubameyang beating Lewandowski for the goal scoring title (32 games 31 goals for Aubameyang, and 33 games and 30 goals for Lewandowski. And with Augsburg taking a point of Hoffenheim it means Dortmund will finish 3rd and Hoffenheim playing CL qualifiers. Bayern finished off Freiburg quite easily, giving Xabi Alonso and Lahm a nice and easy bow out. Oh, and Boateng picked up another injury. And Berlin received a proper drubbing against Leverkusen.2 - 6 the final score.
  8. Fixed that for you. Not that I care that much for his acting. Anyway. Toby Keith? Really? Was Ted Nugent busy?
  9. Well, then. RIP Chris.
  10. Well, not sure whether this one had been mentioned, yet. But this one adds a new layer of hillarity or outrage to the Trump Russia thing. And I'd like to tell a joke, since we are all family and nothing gets leaked. What's the difference between the GOP and the Mafia. The Mafia takes the omerta seriously. Ha, ha, ha. All in good fun, right?
  11. Real is not going to part with Kroos though, and besides I thought Pogba is supposed to play that role. Maybe they would part with one of their forwards (Benzema?), if they were to sign some flashy replacement (Aubameyang?). Unlikely to happen though. I am fairly convincend City will win their final game against Watford. And if Liverpool can't finish off Boro at home they arguably do not deserve to play CL football next season. And again, Liverpool could have avoided that situation if Milner had not missed that penalty.
  12. Basically this. I am not even convinced explainable or undeniable would be enough, Grab them by the Comey. It's not just you. Vladimir, Vladimirovich has always been one cheeky bastard. But I am quite sure, he even must have chuckled when the idea with that offer crossed his mind. I wouldn't be too surprised if he leaks some of the transcripts at some point in the future. Esp. if he also had some other stuff that would compromise Pence and Ryan.
  13. I would be more worried, if it were 50 Roubles.
  14. They are what the right wing of the CDU used to be. Give her some credit where credit is due. Most of those people (in the furthest sense of the word), have been driven out of the CDU. Kanther, Koch, Steinbach. They are no longer there. Hell even Bosbach is gone. The crazy soundsbites come mostly from Bavaria (CSU). The last jackass standing is pretty much de Maziere, wll ok, to a somewhat lesser extent Schäuble also falls into that category. I am not huge fan of Angie, but I gained quite a lot of respect for her, when she dismissed crazy Horst upper limits BS during the refugee crises, when she pointed out that the Constitution knows no such limit. The CDU is not a left party by any stretch of the imagination, but she has pushed the CDU to the center, which is a move to the left compared to the Kohl era. As for the blonde Nazi bitch. No, not the aforementioned Steinbach. I mean Weidel. Of course her old employer was Goldman Sachs.
  15. Didn't mean to cause any offense on your part, I was simply a bit surprised by placing the Russia bit higher on the disgust ladder than the Nazi part.