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  1. Well, it looks like he will be convicted, but alas I thought the same thing about the Bundys in Oregon. So I reserve judgement on that account until he really is convicted.
  2. I am more interested in his minority hires (wording is chosen very conciously here with the racist undertones to underline the point). I mean Unlce Tom's Neurosurgeon must eventually wake up from his half slumber, and I really wonder what must he be thinking. How does he justify it to himself working for that *explitive*. I mean I can literally see the Orange one parading Carson and the others in his next presser to announce that the blacks love him, and do a just look at my black friends here reloaded thing. Not to mention Kushner watching in father in law defending guys waiving swastikas.
  3. Well, I am kinda surprised that the people in the American media are now wondering whether Trump is himself a racist. I mean really? What gave it away? Calling Mexican rapists? No, nothing to see here. His behavior as a landlord towards black tennants? No, nothing wrong here. Questioning the hispanic judges qualification based on his ethnicity? No, that's just textbook racism (to coin a phrase), that doesn't mean Twitler is a racist. Embracing Duke and Bannon? Nah. The travel ban for muslims? No, apparently not. Failing to denounce protesters with swastikas chanting Heil Trump! And killing a young (white) woman during a protest against them? Now, I start to wonder...
  4. Well, Liverpool was a bit fortunate in two crucial moments. 1. That woeful penalty by Kramaric. If Hoffenheim converts it's a different game. 2. The freekick before the 2-0. The ball was (very clearly imo) still in motion, and not lying still as it should have been. So Liverpool were lucky that the referee didn't whistle it off and let Liverpool retake the freekick.
  5. Meanwhile the first round in the German Cup is being played this weekend. While Friday and Saturday were relatively uninteresting (in terms of upsets), today there's a hillarious one in the making. HSV (Bundesliga) is playing in Osnabrück (Liga 3). After around 20 minutes Osnabrück were down to 10 men. Yet, they went on to humilate the Bundesliga club. After 70 minutes Osnabrück (despite being one man down) were up 3:0 (three nill!!) Then Mordor was awarded a penalty, which they converted. So it's atm just 3:1 for Osnabrück atm. Hahaha, and final whistle has just been blown. Let's all laugh at Mordor.
  6. Since I have some trouble falling asleep today, I decided to watch CNN (in the vague hopes it would bore me into a slumber), now I am hearing that GOP congressman from Virgina whining that people are mean to him on his facebook page and he gets insulted. And the CNN host either unwilling or unable to ask him, whether he feels that the President of his party played part in driving those guys out in strength by embracing them during his campaign (like not denouncing Duke), and really displaying overt racism (Mexican rapists at the wall). And whether he himself feels some sort of moral responsibility for the normalization of that. All of that would have been good questions. And I hope someone will actually ask those when they have GOP leadership on air.
  7. There are however more efficient methods to deal with them. At least imo. I'll just tell you what a small group of activists have picked up doing over here. Step 1. Take a camera with a telephoto lens and take pictures of their faces. Step 2. Use the internet and identify the regulars (one of the few instances of facebook being useful). Step 3. Out them. Inform their company/bosses and customers with whom they are dealing. Assuming most people do not wish to deal with Neo-Nazis this can be quite effective. Get them fired, get people to boycott their shops. On a further note. Didn't Anonymous did something like that years ago? A part of their group once acquired a nice chunk of data from the KKK and outed them on the internet.
  8. Wasn't that a Reagan zombie thing? As in Empire of Evil reloaded. I mean every modern day Republican seems to be forced to pay some sort of lip service to Ronnie. Well, except for Bannon, who (as we all know by now) is only paying lip service to himself.
  9. Checked the coverage of the last round of Sinquefield, well actually checking. A few takeaway. I feel bad for Peter for not being able to figure out all the lines after 18.Nf4!! and thus being forced to dismiss it. Fortunately his position is still promising. Magnus is back, as he is atm beating Levon quite convincingly. Though he doesn't look to be at his peak form. I think in his peak form he would have grabbed that puny pawn on a6 (though the passer on a5 looks tempting) straight away, instead he would have shuffled his Knights around. The a6 would have fallen sooner or later anyway. Oh and it looks like MVL will win the tournament outright, as Nepo continues to be not performing too well at those elite events. And I kinda like Maurice Ashley's color commentary. And I almost forgot, I still dislike Wesley So.
  10. Payet
  11. Well, let me try. I had a call with Mr. Putin yesterday. It was a great call, and Putin is a tremendous guy. Can you believe it? We talked a lot. And we made a fantastic deal. We will get rid of all the nukes, believe me. And he reminded me of my campaign promise America First. If it's not trumpy enough, add huge, fantastic, great, tremendous at some random moment.Or include his electoral college win.
  12. Wow, that escalated quickly. I somewhat expect that Klopp will have a talk with Coutinho and tell him something along the lines. I understand your desire to play for Barcelona, and if they had approached us at the end of last season, we might have worked something out. But you are a key player of the squad and an integral part for the the upcoming season. So there's no way, we can let you leave the club just now. If Barcelona really wants you, we can work out a deal at the end of the season, so we that we at least have some time to find a replacement. Then it's down to Coutinho whether he will throw a tantrum or not. I have no idea, whether Coutinho is faking his back problems. However it would make more sense for him, if he feigned an injury before the CL games with Hoffenheim. I see no upside for him missing the EPL opener. No, I don't believe a scorched earth approach is a great idea for players. There's always a chance of a transfer falling through at the last minute and thus leaving the players stranded in an unnecessary hostile working enviroment of their own making.
  13. Well, I think Kasparov could do reasonably well in the Blitz event. Afterall it's just Blitz. I am not going to make any predictions on the rapid bit. My guess is, that Kasparov goes into that whole thing rather well prepared, so he can do something for his GOAT legacy brand. If posts a good result, he gets the coverage he wants: Look what Kasparov despite being retired can still do? Will he come back? Could he challenge for the title again? In a classical event he would probably get slaughtered however. Whether Kasparov resigned too early is open for discussion. I think he hit the exit at the right moment for his brand/legacy. He resigned before he could start to slide down on the rating lists. I somewhat doubt, that he would have been able to bring down big Vlad. Just look how level Karpov started to slide down on the rating lists. And Tolya was pretty much Kasparov's equal - granted Karpov is playing a few events, despite being more or less retired, while Kasparov just retired when he was on top. Aronian has been somewhat hit or miss this year - at least imho (a bit Ivanchuk light if you will). He played outstanding at the big events, but he kinda sucked at Grand Prix tournaments. But overall it's nice to have Levon back.
  14. Basically I agree with you on the Rüdiger Christensen thing. Right now, I would also rather make a case of Christensen being the better/safer CB. However, as I said before, Rüdiger can also cover as RB if needed. I have a few times seen people making comparissions between Rüdiger and J. Boateng. Boateng used to have a rep as being talented and error prone, too. That was before he worked with Guardiola. So maybe Conte thinks he can do with Rüdiger whatever Guardiola did with Boateng.
  15. Well, at least he opposed the original Trump care bill, didn't he? Anyway. Tark is trying to hitch himself to the Trump bandwagon and tries to win the primary by portraying Heller as not trumpy enough, and that he would be fully behind the President. So I don't think Heller's vote on the skinny repeal voids my point in its entirety.