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  1. Football - #WengerOut

    Unlikely. His contract would run for another season, but Lahm said this would be his last, anyway. And he is one of those guys, who stick by their choices, once they've made up their mind. He also turned down the offer to become Bayern's next director of football. Same story as with the German team. He could have easily played the Euros in France, if he'd wanted to. But he retired after the World Cup. And his clearly said, that he does not wish to play until his late thirties (he said something along the lines he intends to retire by age 34 a few years ago). Bayern a in for a bit of an overhaul anyway. Robben and Ribery won't be around forever. And now Lahm and Xabi Alonso are retiring.
  2. Football - #WengerOut

    Well, kinda disappointing season for him to leave the playing stage. He probably hoped to end his career with the CL title, but would have settled for cup and league title. As of now, he will probably bow out with just the league title.
  3. Football - #WengerOut

    And Bayern are really pushing for that equalizer. Esp. Robben is taking a lot of shots.
  4. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Yet, we are again at the point of me saying, that Corbyn is not willing to be the leader in anything other than name.
  5. Football - #WengerOut

    Really enjoyable game to watch. Much better than the other semi-final yesterday.
  6. Football - #WengerOut

    Poor game, but the penalty takers are very good thus far. Let's see how that concludes. I jinxed three saved penalties in a row. And Frankfurt advances to the Cup Final. And tomorrow we will see, against whom they are gonna lose.
  7. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Basically, yes And yes, he cries for party unity, but he is not really doing anything to achieve that. Instead he is either opposing agreed party position in public, if it so happens he even throws a fellow MP under the bus, by contradicting what they said a bit earlier. So I am really not seeing him really contributing to party unity. Watching that whole mess from a distance, you sometimes get the feeling he doesn't understand, that he is not running for POTUK, because that position doesn't exist.
  8. Football - #WengerOut

    Meh, M'Gladbach-Frankfurt 0-1. Let's see if Gladbach can improve, their performance over the first 15 mins has been quite poor.
  9. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    You are equating lack of motivation to do something with laziness? Yes, it might be laziness, which looks unlikely in Corbyn's case. Him lacking the motivation to do something, might also be down to something else. Be it that he considers Realpolitik or party politics beneath him or unclean (compromising on his positions), or that he prefers to be some sort of martyr for his followers supporters to uniting and leading the party. E.g. he must know, that talking about NATO and Nuclear disarmement right now during an actual election campaign is not going to help Labour as a whole. There's just no way, that he or the people around do not realize that going opening that can of worms, now that party unity is required is simply not good idea. But he isn't really bothered with leading anywhere near No 10 or unite the party behind him. So where do you see evidence that he is interested in leading a united Labour party?
  10. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    I think it's more attribution of of causation. I attribute his failure to lead to lack of motivation, rather than lack of ability. Means he could potentially do a better job (if he wanted to). I am not sure how you can seperate doesn't (seem to) care what is best for his party seperate from the skills needed to lead the party. Well, at least to not lead it off the cliff.
  11. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    So you think, Corbyn actually tries to be the Labour Leader, and simply lacks the skill set? I have to ask, since you took particular offense, when I said/wrote, that he doesn't put in an effort to lead his party. I mean he can't be that inept, he simply doesn't really seem to care what is best for his party in an election and act accordingly. On a seperate note, I have to ask, are British politicians tripping acid, or is the London water spiked? I know the Tories are still talking about reaping the benefits of the single market access, without all those annoying responsibilities (freedom of movement, significant contributions to the EU budget). But Labour's Starmer seems to be on the same stuff. I mean.the first one sounds an awfully lot like BoJo in the Sky with Diamonds, just with smarter words. With the second one he takes the cake though. So the UK leaves the single market, but it wants a word in the discussions concerning eventual changes. Not sure how to put it, but if you leave the club, you have no voting right in the club. The old have our cake and eat it theme.That positions do not seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. Well, at least not if meant as something more than political christmas wish. Source.
  12. French politics: houlala!

    I think we had enough unpleasent political surprises in the past 12 months. As long as Macron manages to win the run off, I am fine. From a mere European perspective, a surprise ala Le Pen vs Melanchon wouldn't have been that cool. Looking back, I guess stability has some merit of its own.
  13. Football - #WengerOut

    Small venture into the transfer rumour mill. Looks like Bayern feels like it's time to do what other rich Europeans do. Go for a shopping in London. Northern London to be precise. Arsenal's Sanchez and Tottenham's Walker are rumoredly on their short list for next season.
  14. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    So you still think I was way too unfair when lashing out a Corbyn's leadership skills as harshly as I did? I am curious now. Hasn't @Roose Boltons Pet Leech always insisted that Corbyn's voters are the traditional old Union Labour guys, and not the leftist hipsters in London. I am curious how to fit Wales into that narrative.
  15. Football - #WengerOut

    Bundesliga relegation battle remains interesting. Darmstadt might be as good as relegated, but they were still able to win at Mordor, today. 16th place Augsburg still just needs one point from their last 4 games to make Darmstadt's drop official. And four goals by Kruse put Werder on an EL spot atm. Mainz were able to win a point of injury plagued Bayern, who will end their campaign without Neuer.