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  1. Looks like Vlad is on tilt (to borrow a poker term). And it's worth keeping in mind, he also could've lost against Ding, so it could've been even worse for him. His play is really uncharacteristic for him, usually Kramnik is very precise, and really doesn't push his luck, but here it's really just weird. Maybe he contemplates retirement at the end of the year or something, if he doesn't get to play for the title again, and thus decided to go for broke in this tournament. Meanwhile Caruana is pushing against Ding, I am not sure whether the Chinese can hold this, but it's look really unpleasent to say the least.
  2. I hope for a Russian tv documentary in a distant future after Putin. "Showered in Gold the Donald Trump Story"
  3. I think it would be more like, I let Vlad pee on me, and it tasted like my old Vodka brand.
  4. Youtube belongs to Google if I am not mistaken. So he didn't leave it out. I am no tsure about twitter, but didn't Zuckerberg buy that a few years ago, or am I mixing things up here.
  5. Well, one decissive game this round. Sascha managed to grind out a win against big Vlad. So the current Standing after 8 rounds. Caruana 5.5 (8) Mamedyarov 5.0 (8) Grischuk 4.5 (8) Ding 4.0 (8) Kramnik 3.5 (8) Karjakin 3.5 (8) So 3.0 (8) Aronian 3.0 (8)
  6. I think Gertrude made the point better than I ever could. This whole mess had been coming for a while, that's why I bring up the point with Obama's campaigns. The writing was on the wall for a good while. I get the outrage, and it is justified, absolutely. However the buck doesn't stop with CA, the Mercers or Bannon. We really have to talk about facebook, and how user behaviour has helped creating their huge database. It's not like Zuckerberg forced you to follow, like (and what not) at gun point. I know, there's stuff you can't get around, like your google services. I simply pointed out it's a data kraken, because it is, and I would have found a bit odd, if I say facebook's bad, while I send you on a google search in the same post, without at least mentioning it. But since my point was really more about social media and facebook and particular, which is entirely voluntarily. You can happily live without it, or at least restrict your activity (and thus your virtual foot print) there. But why not do it? Convienience? And that's the point where some sort of responsibility on part of the users kicks in (check paragraph above Zuckerberg didn't invade your home to force you at gun point to use facebook to the extent a lot of people do). And personally I think it's long overdue to disperse the myth that facebook is harmless fun. What to do about it is another thing. To some degree that horse has bolted. All that is left to do is place pressure on legislative bodies to pass laws to mitigate the damage. The most important laws being (unfortunately) US laws.
  7. I am still not sure where you get that sentiment that I think sexy clothing is an invitation for rape? And I honestly find it somewhat annoying, mildly put. If you want to delve further into stupid analogies or comparissions, which you seem so keen to do here. How about this one. This is more like somebody hording exotic venomous snakes in his home (because they are cool pets), without sufficient care on the owners part. Of course the snake shouldn't have bitten his master (or mistress), but that doesn't mean that keeping and handling those snakes carelessly was a great idea to begin.
  8. Hum, let me paraphrase a great philosopher from the TV adaption of A Song of Ice and Fire (this seems like the right place to do it). ""If you thought there'd be a happy ending, you hadn't been paying attention." You can do some google search (I know another kraken) or use another search engine. Micro targetting Obama campaign There should've been a more critical debate about big data and the role of social media, and facebook in particular. I (quite cynically) see CA more as a symptom of a bigger problem. And I am afraid, it will be the end point of the debate, instead of the beginning.
  9. Well, the practice of microtargetting has been known for years, and in a way, it was just a matter of time, before this and scarier stuff would find its way into the political realm. Obama's 2008 campaign already used some of those techniques. Not as sinister as what CA was doing, but those were clear early warning signs of things to come.
  10. Excuse, but now I am not sure in which category of stupid analogy this falls.
  11. With all the justified outrage over Cambridge Analytica, I somehow feel the urge to point out, that people are not really talking enough about Facebook's business model in this context, and in general. The evil genius of facebook was to get people to give up their rights to privacy and voluntarily share their (most) personal data with a company for free. If you think about it, if some random guy knocked at your door and asked you all the personal stuff you happily gave to facebook you would probably slam the door in his face (best case). For facebook users here. You have made that faustian deal and you have fed that kraken. So you kinda share some small bit of responsibility.
  12. It's amazing how So can have a horrible tournament (which I enjoy), and still annoy me at the same time. I am pretty sure he does that on purpose. Ahum, isn't it 7 rounds to go? 8 players DRR tournament, equals 14 rounds ((8-1)x2). So auto-destruction today was really a thing of beauty. Levon's being Levon. He played an interesting game, in mutual time trouble he missed the strongest continuation (which was far from obvious) and thus lost a game he could've drawn. Shak was very happy to draw against Grischuk today, which must be somewhat annoying for Sascha. He wants to go for the relatively sharpest lines, and nobody is really in the mood of picking up the challenge. With the exception of Ding. Ding on the other hand has been forced by almost every player to play very concrete chess (with the exception of So, who just wanted to stop the bleeding and was very happy to draw). Kudos to him for not backing down. But yes, it looks like Caruana might be the next challenger for Carlsen, assuming he doesn't suffer some form of collapse in the second half. Kramnik has been playing weird. He has really tried to produce a decissive game constantly, and taken some really uncharacteristic risks. Maybe he felt this is his last chance to challenge for the title again.
  13. Stöger addressed the subs in a post game. Reus was heaving some problems and was under pain. So Stöger was forced to sub him. Götze otoh just played rubbish and didn't bother to do what he was told to. He was supposed to attempt through balls and make runs behind the Salzburg defense. He didn't do neither. And tbf, Dortmund's play in the second half was not as bad as the first half. At least they created some chances. Overall it was very little they offered over two legs. And Stöger did something which was a bit out of character in his post match interview, he called out the poor mentality/work ethic of his team. He said there are too many good footballers in this squad, who apparently look at the team sheet and think: Yeah, we are better individually, so we will win this. So that team as a whole isn't willing to do the basics like running, because we will solve it with our technique.
  14. And Big Vlad blundered. Thus Caruana is now in the lead.
  15. Interesting games this round. Really tough to pick a standout, as there are three. Karjakin-Aronian, it was nice to see Aronian bounce back after his debacel against big Vlad. Grischuk-Ding was highgly interesting. Looks like Grischuk might have missed a tactical k.o. blow. Kramnik-Caruana super chaotic Petroff. No idea how this is gonna end.