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  1. Ah, ok. That way it makes sense. Somehow I was left with the impression there was a previous encounter between Simm's Master and Missy.
  2. Yes, but that doesn't make sense. You see my confusion.
  3. It was a pretty good episode. Could be a good prequel to Hartnell's last episode (The tenth Planet). Anyway, as I said, good episode, but since it's a two parter written by Moffat, I know there will be plot holes and loose ends, that won't be solved for ages, and when the solution comes, it will be a huge let down. From now onwards with the spoiler tag.
  4. Well, with regard to Sanches I think there are some facotrs coming together. a.) It was his first year in a different country, with a different language in an overall stronger league (no offense towards the portugese league) b.) I think he is one of those players who need to play more regularly to get into a playing rhythm and c.) it's sorta of question whether you believe there's still a quality player hidden somewhere. Juventus seems to believe that, and they are rumoredly willing to get him for a two year loan with signing clause attached. Having that said, I don't think he will get the amount of regular games he would need, at least not as long as Vidal is playing for Bayern. Regarding Goretzka. Yes, I think he would be a good player for Liverpool, but not so much for Arsenal. I think he is a bit too similar to Xhaka as a player (who I think will enjoy a much better second season at Arsenal). Yet, there are two questions with regards to Goretzka, first whether he is ready for the next step. Personally I think he might benefit for 1-2 more seasons at Schalke (see his performance against Chile). The second question for him is, whether he wants to move now. As of now, he is in a pretty decent position to grab position on Germany's World Cup roster. Making it to the team and actually playing are still two different things with the amount of competition. And yes, Liverpool signing Naby Keita is a bit of a pipedream. I am more interested how that Forsberg drama there will play out. His agent (no, it's not Raiola) and Mintzlaff have thus far been up for good entertainment.
  5. Well, the Pens owe Fleury big time for waiving his NMC. He could've done what Darcy Tucker did at Toronto some years ago. Lean back and say, ok, if you me out (in order to keep Murray) then go ahead and buy me out. I read in the other thread that Nashville got hit hard by the expansion draft, because they lost Neal. I think overall the Panthers got hit harder there.
  6. Tbf, that's only the American way of conservatism, I think. At least I can't think of any other major conservative party in the western world that goes to such lengths to deny climate change and evolution. Of course it says quite a bit about the state of the American civil society that the party that took the short bus to crazy town is getting elected.
  7. Yes, that's why I said, no idea how much money they would need to throw at him. While talking about EPL locations for Aubameyang, I would think that Chelsea might be the most likely, they are trying to offload Diego Costa after his China shenanigans last season. Let's just wait and see if an EPL club makes a serious bid. As for Arsenal, if I was in charge of adding a Bundesliga player to Arsenal, I would try to get Bayern's Renato Sanches. He got almost no playing time last season, so Bayern might be open to at least send him away on a loan. He would add some physicality to Arsenal's midfield, something they lacked last season imho. In other news, it looks like Bayern still have no idea what they actually want to do with Gnabry. Their wingers are Robben and Ribery (age is catching up with the latter though) and Coman wants more playing time than last season. So Hoffenheim still hopes they get Gnabry for next season on loan.
  8. No idea. I am not even sure how serious United's attempts to sign him actually are, and what kinda money they would need to throw at him (and Dortmund). Bear in mind, Aubameyang had been quoted as recently as last season that he doesn't buy into the whole EPL hype, and that his dream would be playing in Spain - and I assume he wants to win some more trophies. Paris was touted as potential destination because they a.) have the resources (so do United and Liverpool) and b.) Aubameyang knows the league as he had played in France before. And c.) they are in a very good shape to provide him with some more silverware. And d.) Barca and Real are atm set with regards to their attackers.
  9. Well, I takes a strong and stable hand to steer a ship into that shitstorm without flinching. Lesser men and women would have halted and tried to sail clear of this mess. In other news, I am sure I was not the only one who was amused by how quickly Davis gave up in his row of the summer about having parallel talks about future trade deals instead of doing the divorce settlement first. Not that it was a surprising outcome, just the pace of it.
  10. Since former chancellor and bribery patron deluxe Helmut Kohl has passed away, and is probably united with Thatcher and Reagan in one of Dante's circles (if you believe in such a place that is), I felt like the thread deserved another bump. I felt somewhat annoyed by the glorification of that crook in the media (I know de mortuis nil nisi bonum etc., but they were really pushing it), and I wondered whether I was the only one. Then I saw the light, or the TAZ frontpage. Small explanation for the non-German speaking readers. The Headline reads: Bl├╝hende Landschaften (lit. blooming landscapes (in the sense of green pastures)) was what he promised would become of Eastern Germany (the former GDR).
  11. Looks like Aubameyang is still on the market. Reports indicate that PSG has decided that they prefer a more traditional striker. Which in turn has rumoredly resulted in United becoming more interested in him, since the Morata talks with Real are not really going that well.
  12. Well, but you can't fault his effort in trying to beat Caruana. The ending simply was not winning, and Caruana found the right plan to hold. Still one of the more annoying draws. Anyway. The last round had a few interesting games. Giri going full bananas in his game, and Big Vlad duly punished him. I guess that's what game looks like when a player (Giri in this case) says, Screw you guys I am going home. Caruana - Nakamura is interesting in several ways. a.) it's an interesting game b.) it's a theoretical interesting battle. Caruana played the (imho) most principled response to the Najdorf with 6.Bg5 and Nakamura also played the most principled way by going for the poisoned pawn variation. Well, Caruana is winning. Since Aronian's game has already ended in a draw, it's fair to say congratulations to Lev for a great victory in a very strong tournament. Carlsen finishing with -1 is surely not what anybody would've expected.
  13. Well, Aronian continued a bit with rampage by beating Kramnik and Karjakin, to take the lead. While Carlsen lost quite badly against Kramnik. But at least he is winning now against Karjakin, so he might at least finish this event at 50%, if he wins one more game, that is. As for the other game (Giri-Caruana) that is still running, this must be horribly frustrating for Anish. Bishop vs. Knight Ending with two pawns against zero, and this is still just a draw.
  14. Why? With Raiola clubs know exactly who they are dealing with. He is quite happy to move his clients, but it's still down to the player whether they stay or move. And he is quite good at getting the max payments for his clients out of the market. With regards to Donnarumma what I can tell, this is more a United-Real Madrid issue. Madrid's interest in de Gea has reportedly cooled off, and they are now favoring Donnarumma as their new #1 goalkeeper, either 2017/18 for a fee, or 18/19 on a free. While United apparently would like to see off de Gea to Madrid for a fee to put an end to that transfer saga and sign Donnarumma as a replacement. So just lean back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.
  15. Meanwhile Gnabry's new club has been revealed. And the Serge goes to...Bayern. A bit surprising imho, since I don't think Gnabry is on a level to make it there, yet. So another year in Bremen or somewhere else without that much pressure and media attention might have been the better choice for his development. But let's see maybe he thrives in that enviroment.