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  1. Hum, no, not exactly. Burke's empty harddrive was a quote Hasenhütl used to refer to apparent absence of tactical awareness/positioning, when defending. And that was more a dig against Nottingham and their academy, as the tactical training was apparently not that high on the priority list there. Thus the empty harddrive, as they pretty much had to start from scratch there. And Burke himself opted to go to Germany, so hardly a banishment or exile. He was unhappy about the his playing time, and he also dropped a bit in the pecking order. Thus he was transfered back to England. I am not sure, but I think the deficits in terms of tactical training is also one of the reasons Kent is struggling to get into the Freiburg side, who are not exactly in the chase for European football. Maybe Kent will get a better chance to break into the Freiburg side in the second half of the season after the winter training camp. But the first half must have been a real disappointment for a player as gifted as him.
  2. @Horse of Kent Yes, that was an improvement over how Oxford played midweek against Freiburg. Don't get me wrong, better this way than the other way round - at least this way the evil will reside on position 17 during the winter break (which makes the struggles of my club slightly less annoying). But those were the only games in which Oxford got serious playing time, and it was more a result of injuries suspensions that got him in the starting XI. But tbf iirc Oxford has started this season with injury/fitness problems. From the more unknown English players, I am cruious whether Collinge will make it at Stuttgart,
  3. Meanwhile the Bundesliga is having their last game before the winterbreak (yes, there are still cup matches to be played midweek). It's probably fair to say, that from the Liverpool loanees Origi has managed to make an impact at Wolfsburg while the highly touted Ryan Kent has been mostly disappointing. Today he had yet again failed to make it to the matchday squad at Freiburg. Overall has only managed to make six appearences, none over 90 minutes, and making it to the starting XI only once.
  4. Hum, was that the season, when Mickey Mighty Mouse Kevin Keegan was in charge? If so, that was in an era long gone, when United was actually playing for a win in every league game. (sorry to the Liverpool fans, but you have to give Ferguson's United credit where credit where credit is due). Well, considering United is currently on second place, and Mourinho is happy to play for 0-0 in the more challenging fixtures, I am not sure where that hope would come from. I mean, Spurs and Liverpool at Anfield are probably the games, where City are most likely to suffer a defeat in the league. Anyway, talking about the "noise sensitive one", maybe United should spend a few quids to make the dressing rooms soundproof. :')
  5. So I take it, City will have clinched the league before April?
  6. Which is kinda true, however, at the same time Brexiteers promised to remove all of that red tape that's holding the British economy back. Have fun sorting that out. And what the UK want is something way better than the Canadian deal. They want the same (or close to) access to the single market as they enjoy as members of the EU (which Canada does not have). While being free to remove all the red tape (aka EU regulations), in addition- which you failed to address entirely - the UK would also like to bring in those fancy new trade deals, which of course is also not reconcilable with the idea the single market membership. I mean why would the EU want the UK to function as a gateway for foreign goods to flood the single market (likesay US food products). Or to put it more drastically, the EU has no interest whatsoever in the UK pimping out its access to the single market for UK free trade agreements. You can't have it both ways.
  7. Why do you think he was (rumoredly) cut out of the loop at some point and the EU negotiated with No. 10 directly? Anyway, but that's basically some Brexiteer with some pie in the sky stuff. Well, at least he doesn't speak about frictionless access to the single market while being able to negotiate free trade agreements elsewhere. And besides, isn't that again Brexiteer grandstanding? Now a question for our resident Tories, why would the EU bend over and give the UK their special deal, and thus risk open pandora's box and having other trading partners showing up, to get a UK deal, too? Let's hope this time it doesn't take a snap election, and over a year of grandstanding before reality starts to sink in.
  8. No, Stöger had done a pretty good job at Köln (with the exception of this season). He got them back into the Bundesliga, the next year he avoided relegation, then safe midfield position, and then he brought them into the EL (thanks to a lot of underachiever last season). And he survived quite a long time in Köln, who usually pull the trigger quite early on their managers (him heading in his 5th season migt actually be a club record). and besides, he was already on Dortmund's shortlist to replace Tuchel, so that appointment is not that surprising. As for this year, there are a few reasons for it. They sold their top scorer (Modeste) for good money to China, their replacement hasn't shown the same scoring touch). Then Stöger and Köln's Director of Football were pretty much on non-speaking terms (no idea when their relationship soured), so they didn't properly discuss the signing coming in, and Stöger ended up with a few players he didn't want/had no use for, and Köln has a midtable squad at best, which now also had to play EL, instead of focusing solely on the league. The Director of Football (Schmadtke) resigned a couple of weeks ago. I am curious who will take on the suicide mission to sort out that mess in Köln. They have appointed a new Director of Football, but are still looking for a new manager. Atm. their U19 manager has stepped in as caretaker. Some of the stuff in Köln was Stöger's responsibility, but he wasn't sole reason for the mess they are in.
  9. Well, whether it's a u-turn or May has just bought some time with that deal remains to be seen. She hasn't revoked article 50, so no u-turn just yet. I am not sure, but I don't think the Norwegian Model includes passporting rights for financial products, so she should be aiming for Norway+. She still has to get her deal through parliament, which is apparently far from certain, because of the Brexiteers sharpening their knives. Anyway, I guess there are reasons, why the EU does not want to start negotiations about a future trade deal right away, as they rumoredly told May to first sort out the British position (remember Hammond saying, that the cabinet has not discussed what the endgame should look like) and come back. And as with the divorce settlement, it won't be the pie in the sky cherry picked deal the Brexiteers promised. So this should be interesting (I am trying to use a neutral term here). That remains to be seen, as mentioned above, May has just effectively bought some time. And personally, I don't see this gonna end well for the UK.
  10. So, there are reports that Peter Bosz is getting sacked today at Dortmund. I am curious whether they will go through on the idea of appointing Stöger as his replacement.
  11. Well, I think this is quite a hillarious comment. Note that, at this stage bit.
  12. Yes, that's what bothers me. Why would the EU agree to that. But on a second thought, It doesn't look like Britain actually has the power to pull the trigger. Follow my train of thoughts. I think this practically leaves the UK with the choice, either to do some Norwegian sort of deal, where the UK has to play by the EU's rules. Or practically cease control over NI. I'll explain the idea. The Norwegian solution, guarantees the no-divergence on the Irish Island (as any change made by the EU has to be adopted by the UK (just as it is now, just without the UK having a vote). The other solution has the UK more or less at the mercy of the EU, as the UK can't do free trade agreements for the UK in its entirety, which would violate the no-divergence on the Irish Island. So they can either only negotiate deals that mimick the EU deals (which would make the entire excercise kinda pointless), or they have to exclude NI from their deals. And the UK is the one needing those fancy new trade deals. So it might not be as unattractive as it looks for the EU.
  13. I am not sure, but that wording somehow sounds like an indirect veto for both sides when it comes to changes to EU (which are also UK standards atm). What I mean is, if the EU wanted to raise their enviromental standards, that would obviously include ROI, which is part of the area covered by the Good Friday agreement. And vice versa the EU could veto any trade deal, that the UK hopes to strike with regards to chlorine-washed chickens, as that would undermine the EU food standards, and thus create a divergence between NI (UK chlorine-washed chickens) and the Republic (EU). So the UK can't defacto touch all that red tape, and the UK retains a veto. That can't be it, I must be missing something.
  14. Well, that would basically my theory form the conspiracy theory thread - well, not exactly but close enough.
  15. Difference is, Monaco is essentially fielding a reserve team, tonight. Anyway, I am curious for how much longer Bosz will be Dortmund's manager. There were some rumours a few weeks ago, that Dortmund wait for Köln to pull the trigger on Stöger, and bring him in to replace Bosz. Stöger has been sacked now.