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  1. Which is why it's AEGON, not AEJON.
  2. I see. Follow her lips though? It's not JON, that she says.
  3. Sansa = Lady of Winterfell. Jon = King in the North. Remember, this is a very sexist world
  4. I'm surprised by how much debate there is about this. The clip looked very clearly like Aegon was said
  5. The show is on it's own now. While they are borrowing some big beats from the books (Shireen, Jon, Hodor), they are diverging in pretty big ways, and they have to. However, my guess is the way the show ends is going to be consistent with the show. Don't forget, D&D have known the way GRRM plans to end ASOIAF for a whlie now, so they will have used that knowledge when planning out their 8 seasons. How they arrive to that conclusion will be very different from the books, but the conclusions will be very similar.
  6. The only way Dany sits the Iron Throne, is if she becomes something of a villain in the final seasons of the show. Remember, George said that the finale will be bittersweet, so we aren't going to get Dany and Jon sitting the throne while their family (+Tyrion) look on with smiles on their faces before it fades to black with happy music.
  7. I enjoyed doing that, mate. Didn't think I'd struggle with so many of those - had to stop and think for several minutes at a time, which is testiment to how good this season was. Looking forward to your results. Hopefully you get plenty of responses.
  8. They are all but destroyed. Remember, the reason they even came into power and relevance, was because the High Sparrow unified them all together under a common cause and belief system. If it wasn't for him, they are just a bunch of religious fanatics with no purpose in life. No High Sparrow = No Faith Militant. The explosion at the Sept might not have killed all of them, but without a unifying presence at the head of it, The Faith Militant is all but destroyed for the purposes of the remainder of the show
  9. Agreed here. It was quite heavy handed in this episode, the whole marriage thing - Dany tells Daario that she needs to be open to wed, just at the same time that women are basically beginning to take power everywhere. There aren't exactly any notable bachelors for Dany in Westeros, other than Jon. Jaime? Not happening. Tyrion? Nope. That really only leaves Jon.
  10. Two lines of thought regarding Bronn. 1 - This show has proven that when it stops having need for a character, they waste no time killing that character off. I can't really see how Bronn fits into the major storylines, so maybe his end is near? 2 - As we get into the final 13 episodes, we know things are going to be intense & fast paced. Even though Thrones has been that way many times over the past few seasons, it's always managed to add moments of levity and tension-breaking. I wonder if they plan to use Bronn in that same way.
  11. We know that there's magic involved in the Many Faced God; we've seen it last season. My guess is that some of that magic / supernatural element is linked to the masks as well. Clearly they are more than just highly detailed halloween costumes. There was also the issue of the voice as well - the crone that attacked Arya had a different voice to the Waif, and Arya's voice was different when she was disguised as the maid.
  12. She was outside the Twins when her family was slaughtered inside. She knows the Twins is an anti-Stark part of Westeros. Beyond that, because she's been away for so long, she knows very little else. Disguising herself was smart; there was no way of her knowing if anyone would be able to recognize her or not.
  13. I think there's 3 reasons why the show forewent the will. 1) If Robb Stark's will legitimized Jon as a Stark, what importance would the Tower of Joy reveal have had? None. 2) Instead of the will, Jon is named King in the North more naturally, and in front of Sansa - there's no doubt they are setting up a Jon-Sansa conflict next season, and I think it started by Jon being named King in front of Sansa. It's almost like everyone except Littlefinger forgot that Sansa was one of the only reasons they won that battle. 3) In the books, Robb's will, combined with the many other things about Jon, made it an almost foregone conclusion that Jon was coming back from the dead. I wonder if they wanted to take some of those obvious elements away from the show, thus eliminating the will? There's been a few times where they've very deliberately left out things that represent more blatant foreshadowing - the House of the Undying comes to mind.
  14. "The king shits, and the Hand wipes"
  15. I expected her to be a lot prettier too. No idea what qualifies as "pretty", but yeh someone above already said it - I didn't get the Helen of Westeros vibe from her, or really, any vibe consistent with the Lyanna that Robert described in season 1. That's not to say the actress did a great job, or that she wasn't pretty in her own right, it just wasn't the sort of beauty I was expecting given Lyanna's beauty was something that was so fondly talked about, AND her beauty literally started a war.