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  1. This initially confused me too...but I just put it down to Cersei feeling he betrayed her by letting Tyrion go, and perhaps for making an arrangement with Dany behind her back.
  2. Bran's half-time entertainment.
  3. They are 'activated' by the NK..... as shown at the end of Hardholme episode.
  4. Drogon is the father. It is known. Seriously though, Jaime is obviously the father as we saw them sleep together. She will prob use it to manipulate him, but in the end it will just be used as a plot point to make her death by him all the more upsetting for Jaime - and for us to witness.
  5. As with each other episode this season, the time lines are compressed immensely. The ship would have taken a few weeks most like.
  6. I would like to see Doran Martell as LF's Dornish contact
  7. Yeh... I don't recall the Long Night being caused by the Others though. Just that it is said that they came during the Long Night. Just watched a great video put out by Order of the Greenhand on this exact topic.....highly recommend as it is interesting and they put a lot of time into the theory.
  8. LOL.... thanks.
  9. It's okay lol...I thought it was really funny! These are the crazy things we do while waiting.
  10. We know from The World Of Ice and Fire that the Crypts are the oldest part, and that the first keep was built over them. We also know that they are larger than Winterfell itself. The crypts were what Winterfell are built on, which is why they never flattened /leveled the land. The fact that they are deeper and more unknown than we know is a mystery thus far, but we do know that if Bran the Builder built Winterfell on top of the crypts, and only started from a small keep, then it was built for a much more formidable reason than just a home. It was built to withhold some force....there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.
  11. So I was thinking.... Azor Ahai We know about the forging of 'Lightbringer' ...made with Dragonglass and steel I think (given Jon thinking that the dragonglass he found is sharper than steel).... I assume it was the forging of the first Valyrian steel blade...... The first two times there was too much Obsidian in it - so it broke .... too brittle. Then the last time it was perfect.... But what if he created Nissa Nissa into an Other?.... he did stick it through her heart?! We have seen people have thier heads off with it...but no one whom was pierced through the heart...Cat did get cut, but we don't need to be reminded of Stoneheart do we? Imagine if Nissa Nissa was created, and he had to send her away..... and she then created an alliance with the Children, and hence made the others and then met the NK to try to win back the Wall...? What if the last Hero was not AA? He killed/trapped her who created the Others under Winterfell in the crypts that are larger than the Castle itself? hmmm Just a thought.
  12. I never said he would be a more chaotic king, I said that his regency would be chaotic as it would mean Tyrell's and Lannister's fighting for more power and control during this time.
  13. I say Highgarden was where LF talked with LO as Tyrion recalls LF rode off for Bitterbridge, but at the Fingers he tells Sansa that he spoke to Mace and LO at Highgarden to "dicker for Margery's hand". Little confused by this bolded part you mean Harrenhal was merely a means to an end for him? (because if you meant Highgarden then I don't understand as LF was the one who prevented her marrying into Highgarden)
  14. This doesn't make sense to me, as LF was the one who had the letter sent to Cat that had her convince Ned to go to KL. Why would he not want Ned to go, yet have Cat convince him to go? I can't see any real evidence to suggest strongly that Joff had anything to do with Bran's assassination attempt honestly. He seems to not care about Bran, he says "The Stark boy is nothing to me", it is the wolves howling he complains about. When the Hound suggests he could silence Summer, Joff laughs and says "send a dog to kill a dog"....Tyrion later misremebers what he said and thinks he said "send a dog to kill a wolf" implying he meant Bran, but it is not how the conversation went at all. And Joff's comment about not being a stranger to Valyrian steel doesn't really mean anything. As the king's son he is likely to have seen some at some point, including Ned Stark's sword - that beheaded him at Joff's command. Joff says that dragonbone is too plain for a hilt, I think it is only in reference to his new sword's hilt. That dagger is likely to be of great value, and not only was the assassin handed it, but given a big bag of silver. I doubt a catspaw would have waited for weeks after everyone left Winterfell and then done the deed....he would have just made off with the goods and not risked the kill. It just doesn't add up to me. Putting a catspaw 'in motion', as you say, AFTER they have all left Winterfell anyway gives no reason to prevent Ned leaving. The dagger was claimed by LF to be his, then to Tyrion. But Jamie says Robert was boasting about it that night at the feast to rub Jamie's loss in his face. Renly and probably Robert are known to bet against Jamie. If it was in Robert's baggage chain up to Winterfell (even though he only ever used the hunting knife given to him by Jon Arryn), then it had to belong to Robert when it was taken for the assassination. It is a very obvious blade to anyone who knows what Valyrian steel and dragonbone look like, and would seem to frame Robert if it is discovered, or at least someone of high birth enough to own it. This does imply that a stupid Joff may have unknowingly hired a catspaw with it, but if he is "no stranger to Valyrian steel" or dragonbone, then he must have known what the dagger was. Just a few thoughts. I know some people have discussed that it may have been the work of Bloodraven for some reason, but I can't see why Bloodraven would want Bran dead. Other people have also discussed that it may have been the Great Other using people to murder Bran, to prevent him becoming teamed up with Bloodraven. But I have yet to subscribe to either of these theories. All I know is that if it were just a stupid, vicious Joffery who says he doesn't care about Bran, then it was badly written - as I said, it is unrealistic to assume that any desperate catspaw would wait around for weeks after the hirer has left, risking being found, and not just made off with the money and dagger. If he were the world's most honest catspaw, and was told to wait until they were well and truly gone before killing Bran, then nobody really has any reason to want Bran dead at that point but Cersei and Jamie who, according to their PoV chapters, had nothing to do with it.