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  1. Maybe he was implying that he had run off during the nights to find the wall, to find safe shelter because he is acting like a craven? ....good question, you should ask GRRM or his team. Seriously.
  2. Why do Robb, Sansa, Brandon, and Rickon...

    Not sure if this has been mentioned...sorry, but Catelyn descends from the Whents on her mother's side, and they are historically known for being either barren or constantly having miscarriages (like Lysa). Her mother had a few missed herself, and died after birthing I think. Whereas Catelyn has five hale and healthy babes, no misses as far as we know. I put it down to strong Stark genes and perhaps a magical property to their blood. She has the babies, but the only one left to be strong for the northerners is Arya - Sansa is just like her mother....reliant on someone else. Rickon has a shaggydog story most like, and Bran is know, branning about with the Great Other crow (jon and bran face off anyone? lol). Arya and Jon are so alike, northern, not Tully. Most likely magic played a part in this world...their fate was already destined type thing.... or not. lol.
  3. Will Jon marry Val?

    this...alll this and more.
  4. Will Jon marry Val?

    I love the image of Val with that crown (bronze was it? old style) on her head looking more regal than Stannis when they burned Rattleshirt. Makes me think she has more to her, as Jon also notices her eyes shift colour in different light and moods...much like Ned's and his own. I don't believe the idea that they are related directly but they seem to have a connection through Ghost. Like Arya, she is more wild than lady. Seems to me there will be an issue with Val and Jon the other way around. She was impressed by her giant for a guard, and Jon did technically steal her 'wildling fashion' - he could have killed her like he could have killed Ygritte. I think Val will expect Jon to be hers and perhaps when Dany enters as a possible suitor, things will get messy. MAYBE, just maybe, Dany tries to prove herself but her fire resistance fails this time and she kills both her and Val..... I remain haunted by the post Tyrion TLannister posted ..
  5. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    ...I made a comment that was a joke, and not meant to be offensive. I agree with many things that have already been discussed so any comments I make will be redundant at this point...why should I comment? ...I am sure I have at some point ...I am only commenting past my first post because you keep making comments I feel I should reply to and asking me keep popping up in my notification window. Please let's not derail anymore.
  6. Tyrion's death

    you just made me think of Mel saying "wake a dragon from stone"
  7. Tyrion's death

    I like this as part of his arc for sure!
  8. Tyrion's death

    oo, ooo, add this to the thoughts in Tyrion TLannister's post on page 1 .... Jon and Tyrion, two Targs.... a thought. Although I am holding off Jon 'Targarean' until GRRM actually writes it.
  9. Tyrion's death

    ...have you been playing too much World of Warcraft Legion? hahaha...jokes
  10. Tyrion's death

    I have NO idea what you said LOL.
  11. Tyrion's death

  12. Tyrion's death

    This is the first I have heard of this....awesome info thanks!! Seems Tyrion, being the bookish one may, in fact, write the Song of Ice and Fire song. Didn't Garlan Tyrell's wife joke he should be a singer at the Purple Wedding? Tyrion makes his song with his first ever "bastard friend" Jon Snow. Cripples, bastards and broken things we know he has a soft spot for (thinking of you, Jamie, Bran and Jon).
  13. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Huh? You called me a 'lurker', thus referring to the amount of posts and the fact that I made a comment about someone's post, not the topic. If I had racked up 5,000 posts you would not call me that I am certain. I only made it coz you guys always seem to have a rip and burn each other. And also, you presume my intentions far to easily. No, I do not read threads with the intention of discussing them, I read them if I think they may be interesting. So no, that is not why I started my account. And yes, I have started threads. I generally don't comment on threads if what I think has already been mentioned or discussed. So sorry mate, you need to stop presuming other people's mindset. As I was just a passing comment, I meant no offense.
  14. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    ....and just because I don't have thousands of posts is a bit offensive...I have a life away from my're being a tad sensitive I think...I meant no offense.
  15. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    haha...nah. I meant no offense, it just was a bit of a burn is all lol....I enjoy what you write!