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  1. Regarding Loras, I think he is fine. A few hints make me believe he has taken the Redwyne fleet to Highgarden past Dorne. There is the Septons escorting Cersei to confess to the HS who start to talk about him (and is quickly shushed - although I don't think Loras' name is mentioned), and the epilogue to Dance when Mace says his 'sons' will take back the Shields. Loras isn't directly mentioned but the wording makes me think that the Small Council are aware of Loras' trip by this stage, and that Garlen and he will fight - while Willis remains at Highgarden. No direct evidence, but that's my sense of it.
  2. THIS! Wheels within wheels....can't wait to see Cersei try manage all the problems she has created haha
  3. OMG.... I never considered that! Dang, with Pycelle dead I hope I still get my answer about the Moon-tea, cause that is bugging me LOL
  4. LOL, no I am in Australia. All paid for in public hospital under Medicare - our public healthcare system. Even the ambulance $1174 fee was waived. I was kept in the hospital as I was so smashed up inside they had to keep me in until swelling went down....the only upside was the drugs, nurse assistance and a toilet on wheels!!! (commode). Thanks, I am slowly managing to get around, but I am soooo over it! Just me and my 6 year old little girl...she is my life saver!
  5. Ah, I see.....but Lancel accused her first to the previous High Septon.... (plus wasn't he knighted after the Backwater battle?) ... interesting. That may in fact add to my thought!
  6. So I broke my ankle (9 screws, and 1 plate later) and spent a week in hospital before surgery drugged up and in a hospital bed, when I had a thought. Strap yourself in, but it made sense at the time when I was doped out of my brain lol. In WoW we have an sample chapter from Arianne at Storm's End, where they discuss Mace Tyrell's army coming down on them, and how the Queen will be responding to them etc. This implies that both Marg and Cersei's trial have passed, as in aDwD epilogue Mace would not leave KL until Marg's trial was over. With the reference to the Queen, we must assume it is Cersei back in charge (otherwise it would be the King or another regent they would mention). This leads me to assume that the trial for Cersei went well for her. I believe that her trail will be an absolute Non-event as far as Ser Robert's challenger is concerned. There will be no Clegane-bowl, no Viper vs Mountain fight, just a slaughter. Let's see, 1. Sandor is on the QI and far away from KL, there is no reasonable explanation as to why the HS will send away outside of KL to find a champion of the Faith when he has an army of Faith Militant there at his disposal. Besides, Sandor is on an island of passive worship, and his character arc has found him hidden away with non-warring folk whom despise violence. Why would the HS even ask them for help in the first place? (I absolutely believe that Ned's Hand Tourney set us up for an amazing Clegane-bowl at a later point, but this trial will serve another character's story arc) 2. There is no other character that we are aware of - that would fight for the Faith - that would give the Mountain any form of competitive fight. Cersei's Trail will be anti-climactic as far as a 'show' I believe. Who will fight? It seems obvious to me, that the only character we have that would fit is Lancel Lannister. His story has served it's purpose. His fall into the depths of religious zealot, rational ignorance makes him the perfect fit. He gets to come full circle in his arc. His talk with Jamie in the Darry Sept shows us he has nothing to live for anymore. He doesn't care about anything, and has become so pious and blinded by the Faith that he forsakes everything just to repent for his past, trusting that the Gods have ultimate power (remember Varys' riddle? Power lies only where people are manipulated into thinking it resides). He confessed his crimes with Cersei to the previous High Septon, and so he will most likely tell the High Sparrow as a reason as to why he should be the one to face the Mountain. Imagine this, the HS needs someone to represent the Faith, and he has Lancel put his hand up. Lancel believes the Faith will protect him because he KNOWS Cersei is guilty. Lancel fully trusts that the Gods will save him and kill The Mountain because he knows for a fact she is guilty. His blind irrational belief that the God's are in absolute control makes him not fear his demise in the trial. The HS believes he is the perfect representative of the faith as he knows her crimes are real, and he himself has repented for his part in them. Then the Mountain comes out, smashes the absolute be-gee-ses out of him in a heartbeat, and the Faith are shook up to the core. Their belief in the Gods is shaken, as Lancel was pious, truthful, godly etc, and he was killed. Everyone who has absolute faith in the Seven are rattled. The Gods no longer seem to hold so much 'power' as they did. I think this would provide an excellent end to Lancel's arc, and also sew disharmony amoungst the Faith, ready for a shake up. Cersei gets her power back, and no one can stand against her. Except those who hold power of a different seed.
  7. I love the idea that Harry The Heir - while talking to "Alayne" - talks openly about Ned's past at some point, and doesn't hold back...not knowing she is "My Lady" Heir to Winterfell LOL!!!
  8. The dead near Saltpans

    LS did Ryman Frey, but when their deaths are reported to Jaime, there is no mention of Salt in their mouths....
  9. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    I DID! I was bummed when my mum told me it was a theory and and she had seen it on the internet.. lol....
  10. Did Roose betray Robb from the get go?

    I always felt he left his options open and preserved his own men for further gain in the North later if things go awry. My interpretation of the moment he made the decision with the Frey's to abandon Robb completely was when he went hunting after that meeting with them as described above by LM. He brought back from the hunt 2 adult wolves and 3 pups, to skin and make use of their pelts.
  11. Why did Roose never remarried?

    Prior to GoT Sansa was 11 years old. I doubt Roose would have many Northern Lords swooning on him for their daughters - the Bolton's are not a hugely loved house. Also, it was widely known that Ramsey was a psycho I think. Generally marriage is all about alliances, but it is not one-sided (look at Lady Horwood for example). Roose got Walda Frey because a needed alliance.
  12. Well put, and true about the natural state of the water in that area being hotter than the pool. I like your thinking regarding the water heated by the geothermal activity.
  13. The dead near Saltpans

    I assume that Tarly may be sending a message to the local smallfolk not to co-operate with the BWB, he wants to find Dondarrion and needs them to assist him. Tarly is Lannister sided, and the BWB are for Robert and Ned. It may be that he is just trying to send a message and treating them like outlaws and traitors to the crown, to prevent them being assisted further. Maybe.
  14. The dead near Saltpans

    I don't buy the BwB doing the hangings. Seems like a mislead by Tarly to me. Is that cave near Pennytree? I thought it was the one the Hound was taken to.... not sure if it is near Pennytree. Would not make sense for them to take Jaime to the cave directly before capturing him first (like with the others they hooded them and took them from a distance to prevent them knowing it's location).
  15. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    5. To me it makes sense that Varys told Ned. Varys most likely would have the information from listening in the walls of the Red Keep to Rheagar talking to his BFF/KG Dayne or similar about things - perhaps he spoke to Lewin Martell after returning to KL from the Tower - before the Trident battle. If VArys wanted to preserve Targs for any reason he may feel compelled to tell Ned for that reason alone, but I think it is more likely that he told Ned where to find Lyanna for his own personal gain. If Varys tells Ned, then Ned would have some trust in him, and perhaps persuade Robert not to exile or kill him. He also then has Ned in his pocket so to speak, as Ned will owe him for the information, and therefore it puts Varys in a stronger position - Ned is known to be honorable, so it would be uncharacteristic of him to then betray Varys after the fact. Whether Varys knows about the baby, or suspects as much, is secondary. But I assume he suspects as much and keeps Ned's secret, giving him blackmailing material should he one day need it. (Even if you don't subscribe to the R+L=J theory, it still may be that Varys assumes Jon is Lyanna's. It may be just what Ned prefers Varys to think even if it not true. But I digress.) When Ned is dealing with Cat and LF he thinks "it would not be the first time he has made common cause with a man he despised". Varys also goes out of his way to speak to Ned in the dungeon and urges him to take the black, for keeping Joffery on the throne and perhaps to keep Ned still trusting him. It ensures he has someone in debt to him. Just my humble opinion