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  1. So I have a question- I have tried Googling it up and down the internet. Tried searching other forums, waited awhile trying to see if it came up sometime, but I simply can't find the answer. When Roy Dotrice reads Victarion Greyjoy, what accent is he using? IE, what region of England or what dialect is that supposed to be? I feel like I have heard people speak like that before in life but I can't put my finger on where, and I am interested in the accents and dialects of the UK- so , where is Victarion "from" according to Roy Dotrice? [email protected]!
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head with either Edric Dayne or fAegon -- Edric Dayne is one of my favorite minor-yet-potentially-major characters... ED seems like he will have a potentially-substantial role "in the wars to come" and "in the storyline to come" .. and he's a remarkably polite yet dorky-seeming character- perfect for DC. Similarly, with some makeup and wig etc. he could portray fAegon well. I am not a Harry Potter guy, not a fantasy guy at all really, until ASOIAF, but I recognize the fact they're huge around the world, so he would add a certain bit of flair to whatever character he plays, "all agree"
  3. I'll take, "Gold shall be their crowns, and gold shall be their shrouds" for $1,600 dragons, Alex.... WESTEROSI DAILY DOUBLE!!! Dead as a doornail.
  4. Didn't you get the memo, from, the raven that arrived? She's actually Benjen Nahaaris.
  5. I put forth a detailed post on Reddit ASOIAF regarding The Blackfish being alive -- I used screengrab pictures to show that I believe the soldier/sergeant?/captain? -- whom initially disobeyed The Blackfish and allowed the taking of Riverrun , only to obviously be surprised Edmure yielded the castle and disgusted he ordered Brynden taken into custody -- was the same guy who wore a Lannister uniform/helmet to report to Jaime that The Blackfish "didn't survive" -- I admit fully, the shadows and lighting of the scenes were not exactly conclusive evidence, but I think you can see some evidence in the pics... and therefore, I think that when this soldier/sgt realized what Edmure had done, and by extension, what he himself had done, (and further what he was being ordered to do) he decided to go find Blackfish, warn him, and help him. Maybe after Blackfish said he'd get into a sword fight and Brienne/Pod went on their way, this guy found Blackfish, said, "Listen, my bossman, you were right, I'm ashamed and sorry, let me help you -- YOU HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!" ***AND THEN*** the Blackfish did his swimming thing to evade capture.... and this same Sgt kills a Lannister guard (easy enough) , takes his uniform, and goes to report the Blackfish was killed. If the body was asked for, all he has to say is "The Tullys inter their dead in the river, the garrison made sure Brynden was immediately consigned to The Trident...." I can't PROVE it happened, but I think it makes a lot of damn sense and I can make a convincing argument and show a bit of proof. And EDIT- Beric Dondarrion was a better character in the books than Catelyn Tully *ever was*, a Beric Dondarrion POV would have been AMAZING, and a lord stoneheart Beric in GoT is ****WAY BETTER**** Than any lady stoneheart/ Catelyn. Any day of the week and twice on Sept Sundays,
  6. Clearly he was referring to Ser Jorah Mormont becoming one of Dany's two husband-warrior-dragon-heads. *confirmed.
  7. The absolute worst part about Dorne was that they killed the best things going for it -- Oberyn Martell was one of the best characters on the show, albeit so briefly on-screen (and understandably so, he croaks , what are you gonna do about it?) But I firmly believe Alexander Siddig was SUPERB -- he was PERFECT as Prince Doran and he deserved the *REAL* role of Prince Doran -- not that stupid shtuff they did as "Dorne". D&D should slap themselves in the forehead with a palm full of Vaseline saying 'WE F'D UP!!!' 7 times a day for 7 days. As their Facepalm of Atonement.
  8. I think it's pretty clear Tyrion will. He obviously has "The Dragon Gene" by the way the dragons treated him. He is quite possibly and even some would say 'probably' a Targaryen anyway as the son of Mad King Aerys raping Lady Lannister at the wedding, Ser Barristan remembers this and tries to be gentle about his explanation to Dany. It would also be pretty much the definition of "The Dragon has Three Heads" -- Aegon, his sister-queens Visenya and Rhaenerys -- in reverse -- Dany and her half-brother Tyrion and , would she be Jon's auntie ? LOL. Jon/Tyrion/Dany = 3 Heads of the Dragon. Tyrion Targaryen mofos. *confirmed.
  9. "... and some mutton........" /sword-drop
  10. Beinoff is American royalty- his father is one of the most powerful people on the country. His high school is like more exclusive than Ivy League but in High Schools. Costs more than 99% of the country makes in a year, just for high school. His Dad is on a first-named basis with the President and is a world-powerful businessman. Hard for me to believe people like that get jobs based on merit. But what do I know, I'm just a peasant.
  11. In the book, I always interpreted it as Mel misinterprets key visions -- she says something along the lines of , "I beg for visions of our prince who was promised, Azor Ahai reborn, ... I beg for visions of King Stannis and all I get shown is Jon Snow..... I don't understand why I can't find out where Stannis is and what's going on when I beg for Azor Ahai visions and all I see is Jon Snow....." Pretty much written down how she is being SHOWN Azor Ahai, aka Jon Snow, she is misinterpreting the signs to show King Stannis. I assume in the actual ASOIAF storyline Stannis has a big role to play, perhaps helping Jon win the war, but Mel misinterprets. In the show, I can't even begin to speculate because D&D have basically ruined everything. They're spoiling it, they're spoiling everything!
  12. Just to add my own thoughts- I assumed that Jon will come back to life at the absolute end of Episode 1, just like he dies at the absolute end of Ep/S5. THEN he will commence WRECKING STUFF. And Davos is going to be all like, " I hate The Red Woman but maybe I don't hate her so much! "
  13. Thoros is gonna hang Merrett Frey and then we are gonna get LSH mothersuckas!!!!!! THOROS rules btw.
  14. Unfortunately I think you are dead-right. And props on that term. And I think it's a perfect term, perfect description. Stannis is not going down in The Battle of Winter at Winterfell w/ The Boltons like he did in the show, just like Barristan didn't get gotted by Harpys .... D&D Screwed up again.
  15. Maybe Ned and Ashara named him Arthur after his he's actually Arthur Stark, The Stark of The Morning.... /me encapsulates self in protective posture of tinfoil, thereby impervious from all flaming.