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  1. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    No. Not just from that. The idea that Tyrion is a Targ, or Jamie and Cersei, is all speculation. Of course it's not spelled out, or we wouldn't be talking about this at all. I can speak about why I think Jamie and Cersei are Aerys' bastard's, but it would be in terms no more impressive than what you can find in the numerous threads on this site and online. So I'll just skip to why I draw my conclusion of Tywin knowing "deep down." I should say first that I don't feel I need to explain why Tywin would have reason to suspect something. Word of Aerys' feelings towards Johanna were a topic of gossip. The notorious wedding grope could easily have came to Tywin's attention. In short, there isn't much that causes the readers to suspect, that would be unreasonable to believe Tywin was aware of, also. I believe Tywin suspects for the same reason the readers do.. So the reason for my "deep down," comment is to try and explain why Tywin hates Tyrion so, while simultaneously not taking some sort of action against his twins. I think the guy is in denial. It burns him up when he imagines that Tyrion is the only manifestation of his legacy (something he is obsessed with.) My reasoning is an attempt to explain what you also found as a discrepancy "Why not disinherit Jamie?" Because, it would mean admitting why.
  2. Our disagreement is this: I believe your plan is not as effective when it comes to Doran's actual intentions. I think your idea could accomplish his goal of revenge, but compromises Targaryen restoration. I believe the Prince is so deeply invested in the Targ restoration, that it could not be dismissed. I only agree with you in a hypothetical scenario where Doran doesn't care who ends up on the Throne (Until it's time for the Targaryens.) So I won't argue that what your propose isn't possible. In the rest of the post (from which I quoted you,) you've outlined how it could be done. It's fairly well thought out, and it does have some advantages. The biggest of which is that it seizes a moment of Lannister vulnerability, and by now means eliminates a path to Targaryen restoration. My point is that in makes that path considerably rockier. The plan comes with: A need for additional political manuvering. A need to betray additional houses (all of which great and powerful.) A 2nd campaign of warfare against people you would have sworn allegiance. To summarize, I think holding off, letting the houses fight and weaken one another makes the most sense. It allows the Martell's to reserve their strength, make no unnecessary commitments, and retain an end goal which meets all the requirements. Undoing Tywin's plans by removing Joffery is great and all, but replacing him with a Targaryen renders all Tywins accomplishments as futile. For all he did, a Targ is back on the throne.
  3. Meh... I don't know if that justifies considering him a first rate politician. Certainly not a bad one, but it still doesn't make him Littlefinger.. Even if he was a great politician, I don't think THAT'S enough to call the legitimacy his friendship with Oberyn into question. The whole thing seems spurious. Either way, you're right about the relationship between Dorne and the Reach. I think the point is that Willas didn't hold him responsible. He had a bad fall jousting. It could have happened to anyone. When you go to Joust, you accept that this person is going to be trying to knock you off the horse. They know the dangers and consider themselves gallant for taking the risk. People get into life changing car accidents and don't hold it against the driver. Mother's correspond with the death row inmates that murdered their children. The scope of human emotions is vast. So is people's capacity for forgiveness and understanding.
  4. An offering of friendship and an open proclamation of "no ill will," would have served. You can read into their long running correspondence about horses as the conniving of a politician, but it would only be supposition. Can you elaborate on Willas' bona fides as a politician?
  5. He did, but Willas did not hold him accountable and they remained friends, corresponding in the following years. Your comment about the Dorne/Reach relationship IS spot on however.
  6. I'm not suggesting putting Lannisters on the throne.. You know... wars are like eggs, there is more than one way to cook them.... Okay well disregard my rickety proverb.. My point is that, doing it your way, would not have necessarily been completely ineffective. It certainly would have been the best thing to do if Doran could have predicted Tywins demise. But obviously he couldn't have known what would happen with Tyrion and Tywin and the toilet death. Based on the ways things were going, whether or not the Lannisters were ultimately victorious, the war would have cost them and left them far less able to deal with a second attack when the Targ plans were ready to be implemented. Let's say for instance, Doran decided to do it your way, and pull the trigger. Whoever took the throne would do so without having taken the losses otherwise inflicted by the Lannisters, and this undetermined victor, would later have to be fought when it was time for the dragon to take the Throne... Then there is the matter of whoever lost... While it is easy enough for Doran to say: "Hey gang, I'm not choosing a side, I'm just taking this opportunity to knock some Lannisters out the box." ...Whoever ultimately wins might have less of a problem with that, but the losers are most certainly going to take it personally. This is problematic, because there are going to be a lot of losers. And then he will ultimately need to betray this side... Talking through all of this, the more I think about it, the more I would agree that your way would make the most sense if vengence was Doran's only motivation. But look how long he had been invested in the Targaryen restoration. I don't think your course of action is the best way to accomplish both of those ends. At the end of the day, it's the difference of fighting a battle for revenge, than a second for restoration, when the same ends can be accomplished with a single battle. Consider this, war against the Lannisters would amount to war against the Crown. How many bannerman might the Martel's lose? And then again when they switch sides? Probably not many considering Dorne's history, but still..
  7. I think you're forgetting. It's Tywin he wants to punish. Think Sun Tzu. Why ruin the house of Lannister? Why not just remove the people who he specifically wants to punish. The Lannister's are a powerful house, and there is no reason to cross a potential ally to the crown off the list. Besides, the Lannister's represented such a significant portion of Joffrey's strength, "shooting their horse," would have been so decisive, it would have put someone on the Throne. Please elaborate as to why these two things are mutually exclusive? I don't think that's really responsive to what we're talking about. I would consider that more of a fluke, rather than assign Quentyn's death to a failure in Doran's plans. I mean that Dorne is doing fine in respect to their ability to have a decicive presence on the battlefield and in the midst of war.
  8. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    I don't think Tywin ever admitted it to himself. But on some deeper level, he knew... That's my feeling about it. I say this because I really feel there was a lot more to the man than what was presented on the surface. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with him, especially in regard to taking Shae into his bed.
  9. Yeah. The only thing about Dorne would be a declaration of intentions and force them to take sides, it's advantageous for them to hold off. If you want a Targ on the throne, why aid in securing someone else's reign, allowing that person to start forging alliances and solidifying their power, meanwhile alienating yourself from potential allies. Plus, why exhaust any of your resources. So far things are working out well for Dorne.
  10. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    For all the talk about Tyrion being a secret Targaryen, I've always thought Jamie and Cersei were Aerys'. I think that's why Tywin hates him so much. It's shameful to him that the ONE that is his (I don't think he had ever admitted the secret bastardy of J&C to himself, but knows, deep down,) is a twisted creature like Tyrion.
  11. Dorne may well have been able to sweep in and swing the fight, one way or the other. But that would have allowed a stability to begin returning to the realm. It seems like Doran's end Game is his Targaryen Plot. Better to let things play out as they did. Destabilize the realm for the final move.
  12. If the series ends with a character's inner thought...

    Dany takes her Dragons to the wall to fight the Others. Drogon is injured and flies off, presumably dead. The other two dragons die. They defeat the Others, but it costs Dany the throne. She ends up on Dragonstone, brooding over her loss and mourning her dragons. She often sits in the chamber of the painted table, staring at Westeros... with its dry rivers, and flattened mountains... And one day she looks across the blackwater, to see Kingslanding burning, as if the sun were rising in the west, and hears the woosh of giant, leathery wings beating, and thinks: "My love has returned"
  13. Do u believe Varys' castration story?

    Interesting. I'd like to look at a timeline and ponder on that for a while...
  14. Do u believe Varys' castration story?

    So you think Aerys knew of Varys (alleged) heritage? Interesting. That is not something I had considered. I have to admit, I don't feel an instant attraction to that idea (it's not love at first sight,) but it does have an appeal. The story of Aerys hearing about, then sending for Varys, always seemed a little rickety to me. This is a solid explanation for Varys shaving his head. But I still can't help but feel Varys appearance alludes to "Egg."
  15. Do u believe Varys' castration story?

    We first meet Varys in Catelyn's chapter. It's the same chapter where we learn that Maegor killed all the builders of the Red Keep so no one but the blood of the Dragon would know all it's secrets.. Then when we meet him his head is described as looking like an egg. We know that King's blood seems to have a special appeal to sorcerers... I think Varys is blood of the Dragon. Targaryen or Blackfyre And yes, I believe he was castrated... All though I have often thought it would be a huge twist if Varys was actually a woman. The first master of Whisperers was a woman...