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  1. The questions is why people like Lady Stoneheart. The question itself assumes that these individuals like her, and endeavors to find out why. It's not a question on whether I think vengeance is a good thing. Why do people like this person who is "hanging every Lannister soldier" she sees? I can tell you, it's probably not for her wit...
  2. Yeah... I considered being a bit more careful with my choice of words, but "some people believe the Starks deserve," was a bit clumsy.
  3. I can see what the OP is getting at. I'm hoping there is still a missing piece of the puzzle. The World of Ice and Fire is full of prophecy, so I feel an inclination to believe there was something exceptional about the one that clearly rang so true for Rhaegar. It obviously really motivated him. It seems like he started preparing for this prophecy long before he met Lyanna so you have to wonder what it was that made him decide that she was a piece of the puzzle. If he thought it might be a daughter of Winterfell all along,why didn't he make a move sooner?
  4. Maybe I'm late to the party here, but the answer to this seems obvious. Stannis saw himself as the rightful heir. Your line of reasoning can be applied all over this series, and while it works, it doesn't fall in line with the character's personalities. In fact the same argument can be applied to Renly himself. He could have brought the Tyrells to his older brother's cause with a betrothal. Willas and Shireen. Why didn't Lysa join her forces with Robb? She would have stood a better chance of destroying the Lannisters, who she feared so much. Or why doesn't Cersei just embrace the Tyrell's alliance? I actually liked Renly and I think the 7 kingdom's would have been better off with him on the Throne (if you don't take the Others into consideration...not sure how that would turn out.) If there is any blame to be given to Renly it would be for believing Stannis would consent. Though I doubt he did, or cared.
  5. You mean they are holding Lyanna and the hypothetical baby hostage to ensure Rhaegar's cooperation? Wouldn't you think Lyanna would make a better hostage against Robert and Ned (the people in the process of toppling the dynasty?)
  6. I think it's because she sorta personifies the vengeance we all believe the Stark's deserve.
  7. I would imagine that Jojen, Meera, and Howland considered the "quest," to be a dangerous one. But even though Jojen knew what was going to happen, he didn't know what was going to happen. Where he was probably far more certain, was that the state of Winterfell after the fulfillment of his greendream, was nearly irrelavant compared to what would become of the realm should they fail in their pursuit for the Three Eyed Crow. I'm guessing Jojen's talk with Howland went something like: "...I see. You and your sister must go than, do what you can. You must bring Bran to the Three Eyed Crow." Okay, so I'm paraphrasing..
  8. I doubt Cersei has lost her taste for power and control and her ineptitudes represent the biggest internal threat to Tommen's reign. I think this must have occurred to Varys when he decided to kill Kevan, who was a significant obstacle for the Queen dowager. With her uncle gone, I suspect Cersei will try to shove her way back into the halls of power. To try and tie this back in (I know the thread isn't "what will that rascally queen do next?") I'm thinking this is why Vary's did his killing: to clear a path for Cersei to come in and screw everything back up, again.
  9. I'm sure Cersei will acquiesce to the Citadel's wise judgement in that matter...... Come to think of it, that may be another reason why Pycelle's death is beneficial to Vary's (if not one of the Eunuch's motivations for killing him.) If Cersei decides to stamp her foot and not accept the Citadel's decision, it would just sow further discord between Cersei and another powerful (would-be) ally.
  10. Sure. Sounds good to me. Do we have any inkling who might be replacing Pycelle as Grand Maester at court/ on the Small Council? That may well matter here as well.
  11. Sheira as Quaithe?!?! Oh that's fun. I've gotta look that up now. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw he in one of the Dunk and Egg stories. Actually, scratch that. I think it's unlikely that we will see her there, but that is the most likely place we'd see her....
  12. Didn't Jamie say that burning people put Aerys in the mood? He got pretty nasty with his wife, leaving marks on her and all that. The thought of him raping Ashara had never crossed my mind, and it doesn't strike me as likely, but, just saying..
  13. I'm sure this has been speculated at already (I haven't read the entire thread,) but maybe Pycelle's apartment's were the easiest place to infiltrate. That, and (I know this has been suggested already,) Pycelle gives good counsel. Not to mention, Varys might also have some inclination about just who will be replacing Pycelle.
  14. If this theory turned out to be accurate, the reveal would be so contrived and strenuous that it would be a disappointment. I want A Song Of Ice And Fire, not Old Boy.
  15. That's an interesting thought. It would certainly work. My only problem is that the information we have doesn't justify coming to that conclusion.