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  1. Best matchup - genetic pool

    Ser Gerold Dayne and Arianne Martell: Their children would be as beautiful as dragon lords.
  2. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Yeah. If the assassin was Joff's, your explanation would be a large part of it. Idea being that LF had already poisoned Joff against Winterfell.. I think there is more to this.. The idea about Joff finding the knife amidst Robert's things doesn't sit well with me.. GRRM makes a point of showing how familiar the blade was to LF in depicting how he handled it. I think this is why people think Baelish had more to do with this than what you're describing.
  3. Taxes

    Yeah... Like most things, it would probably vary from administration to administration. Lets say Lord Jon Doe sends troops to both sides, it's hard to imagine the Mad King considering it a wash..
  4. Taxes

    I can't imagine things would be that simple when the dust settles. I think you need to get a little bit crafty in how you keep a foot in each camp. Who was the lord who sent a son to each side in the Blackfyre rebellion? Butterwell? I can't remember.
  5. Taxes

    Right. Totally. So I wonder what actually happened in these cases. I am perfectly content to consider this a overlooked detail. But I'm certain there are plenty of people who would not accept that and so it's interesting to get their explanation.
  6. Taxes

    I know very little about the economy of Westeros. But I wonder if the Vale continued to pay taxes to the Crown throughout the wars. There is often mention or houses and Lords remaining neutral during conflicts. I'm not sure how often they are paying these taxes, but you think they would be choosing sides with their wallets (so to speak.) (Let's see how many posters reply to this thread without reading the following statement.) This is not to say that the Mad King would have considered Tywin's coin the equivalent to his swords through out the rebellion. But it would have spoken to rebels as to who Casterly Rock considered the rightful king. The same question can be raised in regard to Lysa and the Vale. Rob and Cat were upset enough on account of her silence and lack of action, but how would they have felt if they learned that Lysa continued to pay taxes to the throne. Did she? I don't recall from the books.
  7. I think it would be nice if he died permanently. I'd like there to still be some surprises/twists in the story.
  8. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Based on what Joff did, I'd say that whatever influence LF had would have been eclipsed by all together different motivations. If it was all Joff's doing, I would assume he picked up on the same vibes that Tyrion did in the breakfast scene with Jamie and Cersei. To rule LF out, I'd want to know the exact timeline, between when Bran fell and when the attempt on his life was made.
  9. Who tried to kill Bran?

    I'll admit I would need to brush up on the argument's against Littlefinger. But that being said, we know he was partially behind the note from Lysa that was smuggled into Luwin's quarters. That and the way he tried to obscure the truth about the dagger after the fact. These facts would certainly not bode well for Petyr Baelish if he was on trial for the attempt on Bran's life. I'm assuming that the logistical problems come from the unlikelihood that Baelish could have communicated the instructions to his (alleged) man in Winterfell?
  10. Baratheon name origin

    I would agree. I just don't think that Orys Baratheon picked a name for it's Greek meaning. We get the impression that Baratheon was always his name. Or at least, you would expect Orys original name would be mentioned. I think the actual origin of the name (I mean in the real world, as GRRM came up with it,) is most believable as you have described it. But i would consider the Greek definition more of an Easter egg.
  11. Baratheon name origin

    Because his new constituents were fluent in Greek?
  12. Baratheon name origin

    A Non sequitur. I said it sounds Valyrian.
  13. Baratheon name origin

    It sounds Valyrian to me.
  14. Does anyone else think Tyrion's storyline in ASOS is a bit...weak?

    I've noticed that sometimes a Character's POV is there to move there own story along, but in many cases, it's just to give you an outlook on events that are (certainly not unrelated,) less crucial to their own story. There are a handful of Tyrion chapters in aSoS that fit that description in my opinion. One Tyrion Chapter which is a good example of this is in aSoS. I think it's Tyrion's first small council meeting as the Master of Coin. Theon's WoW chapter is like this if I remember correctly.
  15. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Just noticed this last night: When Bran and the gang are first snoopin' around the Night Fort, Bran observes that a large thornbush (Thorne,) has grown up in the training yard. I don't think there is anything significant about it, but it's a nice touch.