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  1. I am most excited to see Jon and Dany have Epic Boatsex.
  2. Ep. 6 is awesome!
  3. I literally just finished reading them. Still processing...
  4. It is out... "Beyond the Wall".
  5. "You don't belong down here." Jon Snow, with a little sideways smirk of his own.
  6. I, too, have wondered about that Dorthraki belief. It is a tall grass with a white top and overtakes all other grass. This is how the Dothraki believe the world will end.
  7. Sam told Jon of his encounter with Bran when Jon returned to Castle Black after escaping the Wildlings. So when Jon went back to Craster's and almost encountered Jon for the second time, he already knew Bran was North of the Wall. The first encounter, just as he escaped the wildlings, he didn't know. Edited to add: Philpenn, I think you are right.
  8. I haven't read this whole thread. Just commenting based on my reaction to OP title. Wouldn't it be neat to see a reversal of Shae, Sansa and Tyrion with Tyrion, Dany and Jon? I don't think that will happen, but Peter Dinklege did say something in a recent interview about Tyrion's judgment possibly being cloudy when it comes to his relationship with Dany.
  9. You are right. I just reviewed the leaks. I was thinking they said the wight wrecked havoc before the Mountain/Hound chopped it up. That makes me feel better. I like Bronn.
  10. Sounds reasonable. Not going to happen, though. My main reason for saying so: Winter has arrived. The Knights of the Vale that are at Winterfell cannot go back to the Vale. It is hard enough to get to that castle in fair weather, it is almost impossible in Winter. Now they could go to Kings Landing, but I don't think so.
  11. Killed by a wight. If Jon sets a wight loose (according to leaks), it is bound to kill at least one character viewers are pretty familiar with, even if we don't even necessarily care about the character. There will not be a ton of people there, someone has to die... I pick Bronn. I hope I am wrong. I'd hate to see him go.
  12. I have a bad feeling Bronn will die at the Dragon Pit parlay.
  13. Apparently it is the slaughter of the Freys by Faceless Arya, according to some who watched the premier last night.
  14. Army of the dead approaching the wall. We'll get a good view of it. Cut to Bran coming out of a vision. Meera says they have arrived at Castle Black. Opening Credits.
  15. Could be. He is such a mysterious character. I think there is something very important to him, but can't pin it down.