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  1. I think David Morse would have been good as Thorne. Or maybe as one of the Northern Lords.
  2. I think he did have it all planned out, the way he planned for things to go. But once Jaime attacked Ned and Joffrey chopped his head off, he had no choice but to start reacting to things he could not control or foresee. Regarding the parentage of Cersei's kids and her incest with Jaime, I suspect that Tywin knew all along. He was just in denial and refused to face the truth.
  3. This.
  4. Two of my favorite scenes that come to mind both involve Tyrion. The first is when Cersei takes who she thinks is shae prisoner. Tyrion says that sooner or later he will get her back. The next one is his interaction with Joffrey at his and Sansa's wedding feast. Sorry, don't know how to embed video.
  5. I agree with you. And I just realized I should have put this in the Show forum, since so far there is not a Night King in the books.
  6. I know this is from way out in left field, but I have been considering something, and wanted to see what you all think. There are some who have speculated that Bran is the Night King. Let's just assume for a moment that he is. In the future (to us), when Bran realizes this, could he have intentionally caused Jaimie to push him from the high window in Winterfell... in an attempt to prevent himself from becoming the Night King. What was it Jaimie said, "The things I do for love"? I don't believe this, but I have wondered if it was possible. What say you all?
  7. As hard as you would try not to affect the world around you, it really is impossible. You being a scribe, or even simply reading books in the nearest library, would affect different outcomes that would then affect even more different outcomes. What happens when someone goes to read something and it is critical information to the story, bit it's not there because you're reading it. And on and on. So the story would stop being about all those characters and would start being about that subtle and even massive changes you bring to their world.
  8. I wonder if Jon might happen across a dead Arya Stark toward the end of the season. Kind of how Jon and Bran came so close to reuniting before Bran decided he had to go a different route. I can just see the show setting it up (next season) so that the viewers see the reunion coming, but Arya is killed before it happens (whether from a fight or from freezing). I really hope Jon was wrong when he said she would die of the cold with a Needle in her hand.
  9. I would like to get to know Varys more. It would be interesting to get a chapter from his POV. But I suspect if GRRM does include his POV it will not be until late in the book or in Dream of Spring if he lives that long. I think we don't get this prior for the same reason we haven't seen Howland Reed yet - because they know too much. I would also like to see more Bran POVs, but I also suspect those will be very limited also for the same reasons. Lady Stoneheart as well. What is she up to, and why is she important to the story?
  10. I think, overall, M's intentions were good. But in my opinion she was a player. Just like Cersi told Ned, "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die." On another note, I think M was a distraction placed in the story by GRRM to divert Cersi's and the audience's attention away from Dany (as the "younger more beautiful"). Now the audience knows who the younger more beautiful person is that will tale Cersi down, bit Cersi thinks she took care of that problem with Wildfire.
  11. Those early scenes in season one of Bran and Winterfell's maester kind of show that education, at least among the noble families, is of most important in childhood. Then they must learn battle skills (for boys, anyway), and other skills that will benefit them and their House. In other words, childhood is spent preparing to be a grownup. That used to be the case in our world, too, but that seems to be slipping away. Nowadays, children are taught how to prolong childhood indefinitely. Oh. I almost forgot about Jenne Poole (spelling?), Sansa's childhood friend. I would have liked the show (at least the books) to explore childhood friends who grow up to be on different sides of a war. Kind of like the American Civil War. How many had to fight old friends, family members and/or other loved ones? Wow. That is mind boggling.
  12. Is it House Tully whose words are "Family. Duty. Honor"? In a way, I think that is just the way of life in that world for everyone. I don't want to be rude by asking this (I won't be offended if you decide not to answer), bit how old are you? The reason I ask her s because when I was growing up I thought I would always have the friends I had back then. Now that I'm almost 34, I have learned (and yes, it can be heartbreaking) that as one grows older their interests change, things happen that are beyond one's control, responsibility and the menial tasks of life come into play. For me, personally, I realized that some who I thought were friends were just merely acquaintances. Anyway. Before I start rambling, time just has a way of either pulling people apart or deepening a friendship. If one is lucky and works hard at it, he may get the latter. I also think that God brings people into and out of your life for a variety of reasons and periods of time. But for the sake of the show, I think time/budgwt constraints have the biggest part to play in the lack of friendships. Somehow I feel like I just said a bunch of stuff and may or may not have answered your question. LOL
  13. I'm starting to think AA and TPTWP are two different people. Although I have to admit, I am not well versed in the prophecies. I know enough to know they both (Jon and Dany) hold compelling cases. I think I agree with those who hold the opinion that Dany is AA while Jon is TPTWP. What gets me, though, is the dream Jon has of himself on top of the Wall hacking at wights with a flaming sword. Could Dany somehow trade her Dragons (or even one) to Jon for Long Claw, so that she can give it to Jorah Mormont? Or is it possible that Dany and one or two of her dragons die in battle (or in some other way), and Jon takes control of the remaining dragon/s and gives Long Claw to Jorah himself? That would be bittersweet (Jorah getting the sword she promised, but not from Dany, because she dies before she can give it to him).
  14. This is what I think. Sophie Turner probably has no idea what is in store for her character. And even if she does, it is her job to say certain things in the off season (ie. Jon is dead and not come back). I presume that she is setting the audience up for what will "appear" to be a sort of alliance with Little Finger. In the end it will be Sansa tricking Little Finger and killing him/having him killed so that Jon will be free of that threat and can move on to the next and most important threat. They have played with and mislead the audience (at least in the off season) since the beginning. Only now, and this past season (6), the book readers are not able to call Bullshit.
  15. I think Varys was just trying to use reverse psychology on her. I don't think Varys was fooled, although Tyrion was, even against his better judgment. I saw her betrayal hinted at from the beginning of their "relationship". It was no surprise to me.