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  1. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    Guys look, we need to stop seeing battleships as simply sex objects but as water going vessels and treat them in the exact same way that you would a fishing boat or aircraft carrier or submarine!
  2. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    Ahhhhhh! Thanks. I get it now.
  3. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    Firstly I'm not sure why you think anyone here is part of Gamergate. Secondly I'm not sure what this has to do with Gamergate. Thirdly... well I'm just not sure what the hell this thread is about:
  4. War Drums: North Korea edition

    Exactly and it has almost never worked when they tried it anywhere else.
  5. War Drums: North Korea edition

    I'd assume if people were starving they would be happy to suddenly have lots of food! (Though that wouldn't happen immediately) id also assume there would be quite a large resistance movement that would be hard to get rid of. but then I know lots of people who grew up in ex soviet countries and despite material improvements they often pine for the good old days of communism and dictatorship.
  6. War Drums: North Korea edition

    Not really, I agree that most wars are irrational because they often don't balance the cost benefit of the war properly. But North Korea have been playing a very logical game of bluff with the world for decades, in what was a very sensible move, and they've massively benefitted from it. The perception that they are raving lunatics only feeds into that and helps them. They could invade South Korea but then they would lose any leverage they ever had with the world and would lead to their own self destruction. I'm not so sure they are totally oblivious to that.
  7. War Drums: North Korea edition

    Depends if you even KNOW he's a tyrant or think that there is a better solution. Talk to a lot of chinese people and they will discuss at length why Democracy doesn't work and how their system is better , and you will be baffled because your assumption is that even questioning the idea of a free and open society is bizarre. But to them it isn't, they are happy with the way things are now. The North Koreans have grown up to believe the world is one way, and that there is no other way to change it. Also there are very few cases of a dictatorship being over thrown and it suddenly transitioning into a steady peaceful democracy. Normally you just end up with another dictator taking his place because that level of absolute power is necessary to maintain control.
  8. War Drums: North Korea edition

    I'm not quite sure what you think my opinion is? If the US does invade NK then I would have been wrong. But at the moment I find it highly unlikely and I think its highly unlikely NK will abandon its strong position which is dependent on threatening people with war and acting irrationally, rather than actually going to war.
  9. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Its not really baffling when you realise we have the least amount of opposition to the Tories in almost forever. Without a viable alternative and with the Tories somewhat appealling to an increasingly disgruntled working class its easy to see why they are doing so well.. even in Wales.
  10. ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    Hoping for more jingoism and borderline racism for this one. And Mullets.
  11. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    You are a saint to the cause. I have struggled to get 1h into that movie numerous times. It reminds me a lot of The Crow 2: City of Angels.. in that its a garbled mess which feels like you accidentally walked into the editing room and were looking at the outtakes they left in the bin, scrabbled together.
  12. War Drums: North Korea edition

    Does anyone genuinely believe the US or anyone else will be invading North Korea any time soon? Surely this is all just posturing, and trying not to look completely soft against the Korean regime that has rinsed the west dry over the past few decades. I doubt there will be any war at all. There are far better ways to get rid of the Kims, war would be the worst and I'm sure everyone is aware of that. The only risk is that NK get so spooked that they pre-emptively strike S Korea. But then my point above was that even KJU is not that stupid, that actually they are far more coherent in their thought patterns than we give them credit for.
  13. War Drums: North Korea edition

    At the same time NK are not quite the crazy imbeciles we like to think of them as. They have realised that having nukes means you have a level of power in negotiations that other nations simply don't. Any country could have just walked straight into NK with a bunch of tanks before to sort out the mess, but the nukes have kept the status quo and the Kims in power. Plus all the aid and cashbacks they've managed to get off of us over the years just to stop them doing what they have always been planning to do anyway.
  14. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Good point. I think this ring wing trend is just part of the back and forth between ideologies that is occurring. There is an assumption from the left that they are immediately correct on all issues and anyone who disagrees is backwards / racist / misogynistic. The assumption that the world is moving forward inevitably towards a progressive future is one that doesn't sit well with everyone and that's hard for some to understand. So there is a swing from one extreme to another. That is democracy. I'd say many who have voted for right wing parties have felt rather helpless , that they are not being heard and needed a revolution. So now we are seeing the 'other side' feeling the same that's all.
  15. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    @Werthead yes maybe it's possible to throw ludicrous amounts of money at the NHS and get it to work, but the problem is nobody is willing to pay for it. The simple problem is that the world has changed since the NHS was started. Everyone is living longer and costs are constantly rising. New labour did increase the money pumped into the NHS and yet it was never really any better. I've worked in government agencies under the labour government and they were some of the most inefficient money wasting places I've ever come across. The answer for the NHS is either we end up paying A LOT more ( which will never happen) or we find another model. I agree with your other points about education which I think has a lot to do with external culture regarding education in general. Having been around in the 80s I remember the trains and transport in general being pretty dire. IMO things are much better now even if it's far from perfect, Southern Trains being a disaster for example. However we are hampered by a massive influx in people in the south east and london. Big investment needs to happen but I agree the current system discourages it.