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  1. I don't doubt that it would be huge with a 'no deal' solution, and really that scenario would be a nightmare. But then 'no deal' IMO was a negotiating position and nothing more. I would always have preferred to have stayed in the EU if it was possible to change it from within. The UK as you said was a good counter measure and seemed to hold the EU back from its relentless push to create European Super State. Without us inside it now I worry that there is nothing stopping that happening. A total collapse of the Euro when the next debt crisis occurs ( and it certainly will happen) might stop that, especially if you have another Greek situation. The UK is also not the only country to be concerned about immigration, and tension there will boil over even more.
  2. Finally got around to seeing it. It was decent. Thats about the most I can say about it. It had some good qualities - The WW1 setting was definitely good, and the concept of a god creating mens urge to go to war was at least a welcome plot device that made things a bit more interesting. - Gal Gadot was very watchable. Its hard to say whether he fumbled way of speaking was on purpose, but it had a naive childlike quality that worked with the role. Her accent was all over the shop though, as was her fighting ability and ability to run without looking weird. She is however possibly the hottest woman on the planet so am willing to forgive her everything. - The history of the amazons in a painting storytelling bit was very beautiful and I really enjoyed that. - the ending with Trevor was unexpected. But I just now have severe superhero fatigue ( I keep saying this but I keep going back!!). These movies have really just hit a point where its impossible to care about the universes they exist in or the battle between good and evil that occurs each time. By the time the last half hour had rolled around I had switched off. I don't need to see any more CGI-fest fights, they aren't interesting or cool any more. They are done. Justice League will definitely be skipped by me. WW at least tried to make things a bit different and was far above the usual superhero blandness. But its problems lie in the genre itself, and it couldn't really escape them to make a great movie. Instead just a good one.
  3. Well firstly I'm not sure there was that huge a correlation between the Remain areas and where Labour made gains over the conservatives, it happens in some areas but not in others. Nor is it even that hard to tell because the difference between Leave and Remain was close to 50/50 almost everwhere with slight majorities (part of the problem with the Brexit Vote). Areas like Brighton and Poole are traditionally very left leaning and liberal, especially if you get the young vote out, and they swung over to labour. Secondly if Brexit was a primary factor in the minds of remain voters then you would have seen a far larger upswing in votes for the Lib Dems, who threatened a second referendum and tried to cancel Brexit. But that didn't happen. Lib Dems didn't make very many gains at all. Thirdly Corbyn's position on Brexit is unclear. He was never very firm on opposition to Brexit, in fact he might even have been for it. His election promises for Brexit centred around not going the Tax Haven route, and maybe a slightly softer Brexit. But at the same time he never wanted to cancel it, he was very wavey on how he was going to deal with immigration. Brexit was down the pecking order of his policies. Anecdotally I know a few hardcore Corbyn supporters, friends of mine who went door to door campaigning for him. Brexit was never mentioned by them, it was far too complex an issue for them to be dealing with. Their main focus was cuts the NHS and local services, austerity and inequality, and younger voters were bribed by the unrealistic promise of the removal of tuition fees. I think we also need to accept that the UK is a divided country, it has large metropolitan areas which are generally more middle class, liberal and leftist, and you have more working class areas which while years ago might have got a labour vote are now more right wing and conservative. I don't think that changed massively. What we've seen since the last election was a far more left wing alternative to the conservative party in Labour, the falling apart of UKIP since Brexit, and an incompetent Tory government in power. Brexit was certainly a factor in this election , but only in so much as I suspect it changed the overall tone of the country and divided it further. But overall the core battlefield of this election was Austerity and deficit cuts.
  4. Is it good then? I've never heard it even mentioned or reviewed. I watched an episode when it first came out and I didn't bother to continue watching.
  5. The above paper appears to have been published by Colin Firth. Great Actor. Poor scientist.
  6. I put it down to a general reaction against the Tories and their poor handling of basically every issue. I'd say there was a correlation between being a remain voter and being more left leaning and liberal, and so labour would be a more natural fit. This election gave the middle class liberal something to get angry about, but I don't think Brexit was the first thing on their minds. Corbyn barely spoke of Brexit in comparison to a general message of equality (maybe because most people wouldn't trust him in negotiations?) and most of the conversation seemed to lay around the issues of cutbacks, and austerity.
  7. Agree. Raising a family in London is an impossibility for most, or at least a road to extreme difficulty and belt tightening. The over crowding in the last few years is very noticeable
  8. I might need to invoke Godwin's law on this before anyone brings us the comparison to Nazi Germany in this line of thinking
  9. Noah is off the mark I think, by saying suggesting anyone is saying it's ok to shoot someone because you are afraid due to their race. Now I'm sickened by the video too. But it doesn't actually show what happened. The cop suspected this guy could have been a bank robbery suspect, the car smelt heavily of drugs, he admitted he had a gun and then ignored orders to not go for it repeatedly. The cop was afraid because someone who may have been dangerous was reaching for a gun and could have shot him. He almost certainly made the wrong decision but I wouldn't describe it as murder , especially not in a situation where everyone has guns. If a jury didn't convict him I don't think everyone should be calling foul, like they do in most of these situations
  10. Yeah now its come to an end I'm struggling a bit to see how the season managed to last so long, it seems to have been the sort of thing an episode of BB would have covered in 1-2 episodes. Thats not to say it wasn't a good season, I did very much enjoy it. However it is far too slow and ponderous to really recommend to anybody. In that way it reminds me of American Gods.. and even some of the Marvel properties which didn't have enough story for that amount of episodes. Is there something to do with the online streaming model that leads to this problem or is it simply an artistic choice?
  11. Fair points. I can go overboard at times. But on the other hand, it's interesting that those that assume I am speaking from a right perspective then automatically jump down my throat. That is a little telling and illustrates my point.
  12. Generally that is because most people here are left leaning and seem unaware that there is an issue. For me the right's attitudes are obvious, and have been for years. Its hardly worth saying ' Fox News is worthless' because that is there for everyone to see.
  13. I'm not defending conservative viewpoints at all, or claiming they haven't been exactly as petty and close minded in the past. I have been very anti Fox news / daily mail methods of thinking for a very long time. My point is that there is a level of indoctrination generally in our society / media that creates a very limited spectrum of what people are allowed to think. Points of view are often shut down with personal attacks, vilification and insult. This occurs on both sides, but I think there is a distinct lack of self awareness in many who are on the left. Seeing themselves as 'good' and in the right the whole time allows them to point fingers and vilify whoever they want. I think that conservative viewpoints are gaining traction because more people are becoming aware of this. They see a number of current affair situations which they know they simply cannot make their views known on because the reaction will crucify them. They see trends in society that they might not agree with and don't feel they can speak up about them for fear of being demonised. The above posts just highlighted this 'I believe this because I am simply intelligent and anyone who believes anything differently is simply ignorant' point of view.
  14. I doubt you would be able to spot the lefts lack of humility or open-mindedness anyway. That the rise of the alt-right might be some sort of reaction to that sort of blindness I'm sure doesn't occur to you.