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  1. Yes this is the unfortunate part of the the way people view degrees. You might well have been far better at your job than someone with a degree and far more capable of moving up, but because of some arbitrary piece of paper you are not deemed worthy. Degrees are no longer a measure of competence, their are the bare minimum, and that doesn't really make a great deal of sense.
  2. You should. I can't comment on Murray's book, havent read it and I'm never going to be able to read enough to comment on whether what he said is true or not. However the podcast is interesting in that the race part of his book is apparently a tiny element of it that blew up out of all proportion. And its that over reaction that meant that he ended up on that podcast, the main message being the shutting down of free speech for people you don't agree with.
  3. did you listen to that podcast?
  4. Yes and plenty of people I know have spent the last 3-4 years in Uni, have amassed a ton of debt and are having trouble finding a company to hire them as well because they don't have any experience.
  5. There are many vocational courses out there, which would be better served by apprenticeships and on the job learning.
  6. * This movie was brought to you by US Arms Sales Ltd.
  7. My issue isn't with education, but with front loading your education by doing some vague course that doesn't give you the slightest preparation for your life ahead. We live in a world where careers are not for life, people change them constantly, jump from role to role and try new things. I personally have had about 3 major career changes and have educated myself in order to make those changes. Uni didn't help any of that. Most people do not know what they want to do with their lives, in fact the idea that you CAN know what you will do with your life is daft and outdated. The world moves too fast for that.
  8. I'm not quite sure what point you are getting at. People HAVE to work, because people need to eat and have somewhere to live and need to pay for that. Work is also a fundamental part of life. Some people might be able to get away with a life of pure education but other people will have to pay to support them. All university is doing is either preparing you for that life of work or putting it off for a few years. Unless you can come up with a new society where people don't work I'm not sure what your point is.
  9. Well precisely, all its done is given a sort of arbitrary reason to hire or not hire someone.. they might as well just do internet IQ tests for all its worth really. Thats a noble sentiment, but we all need money to live unfortunately, and it will be like that until the robot utopia where nobody has to work happens.. and then we become slaves of Skynet so it won't matter. As you said, the ways we are educating ourselves are changing and becoming more universal, that is the direction we need to be heading in. Educating ourselves is of course a good thing, but questions need to be asked if going away for 3 years, partying it up in nightclubs and student unions, and getting hugely into debt is the best way to achieve that. Life long learning is what we should be aiming for, it shouldn't end at 18, 21 or 25.
  10. Raymond for me is one of the most subversive, darkest mainstreams shows I've ever seen. Its like every member of the cast is trapped in their own personal hell, and is constantly trying to escape. The sheer misery of their lives is quite marvellous to watch. I also find it quite a refreshing take on relationships, its actually deeply honest and shows people who are quite flawed individuals who don't always act in the ideal way, like humans do. I know lots of other shows do that now, but Raymond really managed to do it in what seemed to be the most harmless family friendly format you could imagine.
  11. Jose always keeps it tight when the stakes are high, that's just how he plays. That will never change. He'd rather nick a draw or penalties than lose. They made Ajax look young and naive tonight, they were never allowed to come close. They had no idea how to break united down, especially in the final third. Bit of a shame, I wanted Ajax to win
  12. Well seeing as we have a problem (already discussed with an aging population that need paying for, hence immigration) then in answer to your question, NO, we can't afford that. The problem is most people at Uni are not really picking up those skills, its not affecting them in the way you suggest any more than they would had they just got jobs. All its doing is putting people in debt for little reward.
  13. How do you prove that the skills necessary for those jobs could only have been obtained through university and not through.. actually doing the job? You mention learning how to think critically, but in that example you should by rights have been taught that at a very early age at school, although many people manage to get by in their careers just fine seemingly without that. One of the problems with academic learning is, it teaches you how to be good at academic learning. It doesn't actually prepare you for the real world in any great way (apart from maybe living away from home ) . Most people when they start their first jobs are in fact starting from zero, their history and english lit degrees not really being very relevant to their new life of project management. So why not start from zero earlier, actually make money instead of costing yourself or the country money. So my main point is, does university provide everyone with the skill necessary to enter the workforce, in a substantially superior way that actually doing a job would, and could you get those skills elsewhere without having to drain resources for 3-5 years. I'd suggest in many cases you could.
  14. I'm halfway through the season and I'm sort of enjoying it ( my other half really likes it hence why I'm watching). Have to say I actually think Clay is a decent actor, doesn't have a huge amount of range, but he has a face for tv (even if hes probably a midget) and a good tv voice. Maybe the show would work better with someone with more charisma and who was a bit geekier, but I don't think the show was going for that. Overall I think its clearly a show for teens, what with all the voice overs and repetition and daft turns of events and characters, but its still got enough of a hook to make you want to watch it till the end
  15. Best one so far, really FEELs like Spiderman.