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  1. The new Justice League trailer

    I can understand why BvS did well, it was always going to. Suicide squad still baffles me. Maybe it was Harley Quinn and the joker alone that did it, but apart from them the rest of the line up are unheard of by most people. Must be more about clever marketing than anything else.
  2. The new Justice League trailer

    Batman would be the perfect foil to a humourous character, him being so straight. Giving Batman an actual sense of humour would be a bit of a mistake.
  3. The new Justice League trailer

    This is already my major complaint against it. I'm sick and tired of this monochrome look of most modern digital movies, but Snyder takes it to extremes. Not one shot in that trailer looked like it could have existed in the real world. He's just creating a grim, murky looking cartoon. That was a real failing of BvS. The fight sequences were impossible to get invested in because they had no weight, nothing felt real. At least MoS was mostly quite realistic in its style and shots, and thats maybe why I think its so much better than BvS.
  4. The new Justice League trailer

    Yeah I guess you are right, It's totally possible to introduce these characters and make it work. I just have zero confidence they will be able to do it, going on past evidence. Have to say all of the effects work in that trailer was pretty weak. It all seems flat and done on a computer. I really don't know why anyone thinks that is an attractive aesthetic. At no point can you get lost in ththe illusion because you are made aware of the artificiality of the shot.
  5. The new Justice League trailer

    Its totally possible they could make it work. Obviously looking at how Marvel did it, you have to say they created the ideal model. Avengers worked because there was no need for individual origin stories, the work had already been done. Looks a bit like they are going to have to introduce each new character in JL. Reminds me of Suicide Squad which was a disaster IMO
  6. The new Justice League trailer

    Is this the first trailer Ive been unable to finish?! If I felt this way about a trailer imagine how much I'm going to hate the movie. Seriously though, it seems that rather than listening to criticism, Snyder has instead doubled down on everything that he does badly. Desaturated colourised images - Check Slow mo / speeded up action sequences that feel so unreal you don't care - check Everything looks like a computer game - check Its been said a hundred times, but do they honestly think they can just introduce all these characters into one movie and do any of them 'justice' ;). No they can't. Aquaman and cyborg are pretty crappy characters anyway, but at least give them a chance by giving them some room, rather than shoving them in. Only one sequence in that whole trailer looked any good and it was WonderWoman fighting in what appeared to be NOT a green screen shot (it probably still was though) I hope this movie crashes and burns.
  7. UK Politics: Trumpy Cat Trumpy Cat Where Have You Been?

    Exactly. While it had religious elements the struggle was mostly political and had a pretty well defined end goal. As you say, what is the end goal of Islamic extremism? There really isn't one, even if we all became part of a caliphate. Its terrorism due to just pure hatred. That's harder to understand, how could any of us relate to something like that. It puts people into the category of monsters.
  8. UK Politics: Trumpy Cat Trumpy Cat Where Have You Been?

    Hard to know what connection they had to him though. He may well have still been mostly acting alone, or they may have given him some help , or they may not have informed the police or the police might just be grabbing people they know are connected
  9. Get Out! SPOILER THREAD Jordan Peele Triumph

    What I'm getting at is that during a time of high racial tensions, its a little uncomfortable watching a movie where the white guys are the villains trying to kill black people. Of course that is not the actual message of the movie, which is saying something else entirely. But I don't think the intended message is the one that is being delivered. My friend certainly didn't feel it was very helpful when it comes to race relations and I'm inclined to agree with her.
  10. Jack is Back ! Samurai Jack returning

    I think there are some long cuts out there on the net where they've put them all together. Definitely worth watching. The 3D CloneWars show was a total insult in comparison.
  11. UK Politics: Trumpy Cat Trumpy Cat Where Have You Been?

    Yeah I agree. Its arguable ISIS has any real influence on events at all, seeing as it mostly just posthumously takes credit for all terrorist incidents in a bid to make it look more important and relevant. There doesn't appear to be anything like the same level of organisation or budget that the IRA have. I don't think people are generally terrified of islamic terrorism either, the British have mostly brushed this off and are carrying on as normal (weirdly its my non british friends living in London who are the most concerned about it) . But I do think that Islamic terrorism is able to shout a lot louder and overstate its power because of how illogical and unpredictable it is.
  12. UK Politics: Trumpy Cat Trumpy Cat Where Have You Been?

    I'm not downplaying it, but it is different. The difference is that Islamic Terrorism has no endgame. We cannot understand what they want and its hard to know if they do either. Its a pure ideological difference, a pure hatred of one peoples way of life. The thought processes of these terrorists are so alien to most people that its even more terrifying.
  13. Jack is Back ! Samurai Jack returning

    His version of the Clone Wars is probably the best Star Wars thing I've seen in 20 years.
  14. Get Out! SPOILER THREAD Jordan Peele Triumph

    One of my friends, who is from Zimbabwe watched this last night. Her reaction was that she liked it but was shocked by the audience reaction, which was basically a lot of people cheering about 'the white guy' getting killed, that didn't seem to just be about the characters on sceen. I have to say I had the same experience in my theatre. I know the intentions of this movie are good, and there is some good satire going on. But I do worry that its getting the wrong reactions from the people who watch it, and is giving off a very different message to the one that was intended.
  15. *SPOILERS* Netflix's Love: Lets go too far... lito's way.

    I actually like them both, and hate them both at the same time. Mickey reminds me of too many girls I know, and Gus reminds me of a few guys I know. They both have a wide range of good and bad qualities and thats why I have no problem watching them. Unlike a lot of tv shows where the characters just appear to be sarcastic arseholes to everyone the whole time ( Sunny in Philly reminds me of this), these characters are occasionally vunerable, or nice to each other. Both of them are funny, a little bit nerdish. I especially love Gus' movie theme song nights, I wish I was good with an instrument so I could do that.