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  1. Matter of opinion. For me it is important that the show at least stay grounded in some form of reality. Yes it has dragons and zombies but to all intents and purposes it follows the same laws of physics as our world. So birds can't fly enormous distances in superhuman times, men can't run in arctic conditions as if they are doing a marathon, people can't survive in arctic conditions without shelter, they can't fight at full capacity afterwards either. On their own maybe you could forgive these brain farts but when you add them all up it's really just exposing a huge laziness in the writing. I can't forgive that as easily as I have been able to do throughout this season
  2. I thought Atomic blondes fight scenes were pretty disappointing considering who directed them
  3. Also he was running. You can't run that fast for that long, especially in those conditions. No way was it more than a day.
  4. I wouldn't even score the episode highly on production values or action, so it loses out there too. You can occasionally sway me and I'll forget the bad plotting if the scenes are well directed or beautiful, but apart from some nice landscape shots I can't say that about this episode. The action itself wasn't even close to Hardhome levels , everything was directed in a very safe, standard manner. There were very few epic or interestingly framed shots. It was below average even on those terms
  5. Well I think that (hope that) Martin is telling a far bigger story , even if they end up at the same place. Like I said, Martin is certainly at fault for issues in 5+6 because his books HAD to be shortened and fixed to work for tv somehow, because they are too long and too uneventful. But at the same time D&D should be aware of their own end game and be planning for that. Their solution it seems was to cut down the amount of episodes a season in order to spend more money on each, whilst at the same time cutting out every other sentence in the script in order to save on time. They have compressed all the plot points into such a small amount of space and time that the show barely functions on a dramatic level any more, and its sad for me to see.
  6. Yeah I agree on that. The books problems rolled over into the show in seasons 5 and 6. I'm finding it hard to blame Martin for any of this however, the pacing issues are magnified a thousand times right now. Its like watching a trailer for Game of Thrones. A long one.
  7. btw, has anyone worked out how long they were on the lake, and how far the raven flew yet?
  8. You're right, that was literally the only good point in the entire episode.
  9. She didn't really have the time to mourn or look sad because the plot had to fast forward before anyone had the chance to catch their breath. That has been the issue this season, the pace is so extreme there is literally no time to feel a single emotion. I have spent a long time defending the quality of the show on this board, and now I really cannot do it any more. Its completely jumped the ice shark.
  10. If the lake is as close to the wall that Gendry could run back, then wouldn't the lookouts on top of the wall be able to see the army of the dead, at least a glimpse of them
  11. Thats a stretch but possible. Either way I think we should all stop worrying about the distances and bird speeds because its pretty obvious the whole sequence was ludicrous and impossible. No doubt this has spoiled the show permanently for now, and I'm not even being over the top
  12. I think he held off because he couldn't tell the lake was frozen until the hound threw a rock. I'm not going to give him any more credit than he deserves on this. Everyhing here happens due to sheer stupidity
  13. I wish that was true. But I don't think Tyrion is doing anything except mope about and say occasionally wise mottos. His character seems mostly irrelevant now
  14. I just assumed it was only WW that shatter. I cannot imagine they wouldn't have taken the dragon glass. Which is maybe why Gendry and his hammer was so retarded as that is clearly not dragon glass and so didn't do much
  15. I'm genuinely interested to know what you think happens after violence is used? Do you assume that everyone will just down tools and go back to their lives? 'Oh well I didn't expect those guys would attack us.. I'll stop being racist then'. Is that realistic?