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  1. I bought Fool's Assassin yesterday because it was buy one get one free. I haven't read anything from Robin Hobb, do I need to jump into the original trilogy before reading this book or can I start with this trilogy?
  2. Robert was king in King's Landing. Stannis was at Dragonstone. Renly was on the small counsel. Who was ruling at Storm's End? I know it passed to Renly but how was he ruling it while in King's Landing?
  3. In my opinion Quentyn died to move the plot forward. I know a lot of people find Quentyn's storyline pointless but I believe it serves a higher purpose. I suspect that Doran will be outraged when he discovers his son has been killed at the hands of Dany's Dragons. To move forward he will need to find another suitor which would be Arianne to fAegon. With Quentyn alive he moves forward with Danny, but why would he when he has another Targaryen at his doorstep.
  4. So a few months ago I asked if there were novels based on the original three movies and you guys said that there was. I am a bit confused though because there are just so many SW books. I found one at my local books a million that has all three novels in one book. The authors are George Lucas, Alan Foster, and Donald Gult. Is this the novels you guys were talking about? I'm afraid that there would be several books based on the original trilogy and I'm getting the wrong one. If this is the correct version, how well does it follow the movies? Is it a good book with good writing? I saw in the OP it was said "SW books are no masterpieces". What style is the trilogy wrote in? 1st or 3rd person. And is it 1 or several POV? Thanks!!
  5. Martin just released a post on his livejournal titled 'Season 6 Is Coming'. In the comments section someone asked "Hey George, I know WINDS wont come out before season 6, but is there a chance that A Dream of Spring willbeat the last season of the show? :)" George responded with "If the show runs ten season, maybe." If the show would run ten seasons it would end in April/May of 2020 if it follows releasing a season each year. If Martin releases WINDS in late 2016 or early 2017, that means he is expecting around 3 years to finish the last novel. I am glad to see that he is giving himself a realistic expectation. Three years to wrap it all up sounds plausible with Martin's writing speed. I'm sure some of us were expecting 5 to 8 years for the last novel.Which may still be the case, but it appears Martin is hopeful for a shorter time span. Martin also answered a comment about his next reading. He said his next one is in May at Baltimore, MD. So possibly a new chapter. Here is the link to the post.
  6. I did not say 'small detail' I said subplot. Who wins the iron throne and if/how the white walkers are defeated is the man plot of the story. Grrm said the story ends the same. That does not mean every characters story remains the same. The story ends the same, not the characters.
  7. Everyone's jumping ship to Jon/Arya. What happened to Arya dying in the river lands and warning into Nymeria? What happened to that being foreshadowed several time each book? when grrm said same ending since 1991 I don't think he meant every little detail he had in 1991. Arya is a little girl and I doubt we'll see her hit puberty before the books ending since there is not a 5 year gaP. When he said it'd be the same ending I think he meant to the overall plot, such as who wins the Game of Thrones and what goes down with the White Walkers. I don't think it has to do with every little subplot, such as romances. As in Jon/Arya.
  8. No offense, but I feel like you took a few plausible and a few crackpot theories for each character and compiled it into one thread...
  9. Just want to point out that this past week GRRM said in his blog that he dropped all projects including editing (aside from wildcards) until TWOW is finished.
  10. I watched the first 5 seasons before I started the books. In my opinion game of thrones was the greatest show of all time. I had watched each season about 5 times each. Now that I have read the books, I realize the show adds a lot of generic lines, takes out important parts, and adds parts that is pointless and not even part of the story. I still think thrones is the greatest show of all time, but the books took it down a few notches for me. I wish I could have read the books first.
  11. Crackpot theories and what if threads everywhere. Please hurry Winds
  12. I've always wanted to get into the star wars hype but I've never been able to get through the first original trilogy. I struggle watching movies from that long ago. Is there a book series based on the original three? That stays close to the original movies? I'd rather read the series than watch it anyways. Considering any book series I've ever read I started after watching the movies/show
  13. is it bad that I zoned out and was skimming while reading that passage. Maybe it's just a problem with my attention span.
  14. I find myself skimming over parts of the book that lack dialogue sometimes. I'll never understand how a plate of food can get a full paragraph worth of detail. For example, in asos at joff and marg's wedding feast. Martin describes like 7 of the 77 dishes. In great detail. I absolutely loved the chapter, but found myself skimming any part that was related to food. now that I think about it though, that may not have been the best chapter to use for an example. I think he may have went overboard with the food details in that chapter to get the reader speculating. Since that is when joff dies. anywho, aside drom the over descriptions of some parts, I think GRRM's writing is spot on.
  15. This thread is all over the place and has gotten out of hand. It has turned to a place for people to rage and handful trying to defend George. May the Mother have mercy on all your souls