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  1. Battle of Qohor. The Unsullied defend the city against a superior number of Dothraki.
  2. You don't know PJ! He's one of the best commenters in youtube. You are in for a treat. I don't agree with all of his theories but he has a lot of good ones. Head over there and enjoy yourself.
  3. If the Others make it that far south. We don't yet know how far the ice will advance. Many Freys serve other houses. Those who live outside of the riverlands will survive. The Freys are crafty and I would not underestimate their resourcefulness. I can see many of them migrating to Dorne where the lands will remain in warm.
  4. Willing Winterfell to Jon takes his future babes with Jeyne out of the picture. When Aerys chose Viserys to inherit it meant disinheriting any other claimant. The throne passed to Viserys and his heir. The same will apply if Robb chose Jon to inherit Winterfell. Jon and his heir will become the new owners of Winterfell. Robb's children gets disinherited. You can't give your lands to a person and then make that person give it back when and if you have children later on. When you give something away it becomes theirs to do what they will per the laws of the kingdom.
  5. Let's examine what just happened. Robb trusted Theon => Theon betrays Robb => Bran and Rickon are killed => Robb fell in love with Jeyne => Robb breaks his sworn oath to Walder Frey Robb was in love with Jeyne Westerling. It is reasonable to assume that they planned on having children. So why would Robb will the north to his bastard brother? Doing so would permanently pass the line of inheritance to Jon and his future heirs. Why would Robb do something to disinherit his future children? I just don't think he would do that. Sure he trusts Jon but you would think Robb learned his lesson from Theon. Did he dare trust Jon to support his own children's inheritance? I just don't think Robb would take that chance. His best choice is to will his land to someone who will later support his own children's inheritance. His mother. Catelyn Stark. This is the only logical choice unless you want to argue that Robb wanted to disinherit his future children. Naming Jon is fraught with so many problems. Number 1, will the NW recognize his kingship and pardon Jon's breaking his vows. That is a violation of NW practice of neutrality. They should not even recognize his kingship. Number 2, Jon is a bastard that will have to be made legit. Number 3, Robb will disinherit his future children.
  6. Best of the Freys - most able and capable Big Walder (the little boy that got fostered in the north) My favorite Frey. Ser Stevron Lame Lothar Hosteen Lord Walder Fat Walda Worst of the Freys - the incompetents Black Walder Petyr Pimple Merrett Little Walder (the bigger boy) Elmar Aegon Frey
  7. The textbook Others' origins are still a mystery. They can reanimate dead flesh into wights. Can they transform humans to their kind? We don't know.
  8. Targaryens. Their women fight as well as their men. Dragons. They're Dany's team. For all of those reasons. How many women from any family would have the guts to climb on a dragon? Only the Targs. It brings the question why many fans think Brienne is unique. Brienne is unique for a regular noble woman of Westeros but she would not be out of place with the Targaryen women. Queen Visenya would have loved to force marry her son to a woman like Brienne.
  9. Cripples have great power, according to Br and the Children of the Forest. Bran got crippled and it enhanced his powers. I think the same holds true for Dany. Barrenness cripples a woman. One of the price she paid for her dragons.
  10. Robert could do that. The king can choose his heir. His word is the law. Robert chose to maintain tradition because it serves the purpose of maintaining peace within his household and his children. Joffrey would react badly if he got passed over and might even try to discreetly rid himself of Tommen. I want to mention one other thing. It seems we look at these people and judge them according to our civilized modern times but we need to remember that brutality and violence were the norm during their time. Joffrey acting like a brutal little shit should set off warnings that he will be cruel and violent but should not disqualify him from getting crowned. Robert stole the kingdom through violence. I might even say a peaceful, sensitive prince of dragonstone is even more alarming than a violent and brutal one. A harsh Joffrey is preferable to weak Tommen. Weakness will lead to greater tragedy. Harsh is better than weak. So while the killing of the cat speaks very poorly of Joffrey's character and his future propensity for violence, Samwell's weakness should be a stronger disqualifier for someone who wants to rule Westeros. That's why I prefer Maegor to his half-brother. Maegor and his capable mother saved the Targaryen Dynasty while if it would have been left to his half-brother things might have turned out different. It is counter to what we are taught today but Westeros is violent.
  11. One parent, both parent, no parent -- all can ruin a child. Good parents but bad childhood friends can ruin a child. Culture can ruin a child. But I do take your point, the killing of the cat was a warning sign. One could also argue back and say Arya killing Dareon and the old businessman in Braavos are stronger warning signs as to the child's future but that's a discussion for another day. Robert, Cersei, and Jaime are the ones responsible for making Joffrey the way he was. Parenting in those times is woefully inadequate by our standards but those adults were poor examples even by theirs. I have to give Cersei a little break here because it is hard to correct the heir to the throne. Robert could have done more.
  12. Jon Coldhands with black hands. Cold temperature slows decay and Bran had a vision of Jon's body growing cold.
  13. Brandon is the most likely to dishonour Ashara. I will agree with the OP that involved getting her preggers because it would have gone undisclosed otherwise. I will continue to support N + A = J though. Ashara's baby may have died at birth.
  14. George has said that some fans have guessed the ending. But there is a big problem. There are many fans and there are many guesses as to the ending. So George didn't say which fans are right. That brings us back to the beginning and the reality is we don't know how the story will end. Any good story creator will want to surprise his readers. Reading those books take time and most will not buy the book when they already have the ending confirmed. Expect surprises. I don't think George will randomly pick out the survivors. He is if anything logical. I agree that stupidity kills people like the cases of Robb, Jon, Catelyn, and Ned. But you know, real life baddies like Roose do survive and they succeed in the world of business and politics. The good can die as easily as the bad. The people in danger are the ones who are dumb and we have seen this in the case of little Walder. But some people just get lucky, like Theon and Arya. Luck is bound to run out though.
  15. Ned admitted to treason. Execution is fair treatment to someone guilty of treason. It should have been Cersei and Jaime, but Joffrey didn't know any better. Jaime and Cersei have been guilty of treason for so long. The most evil act to me is the slave trade. It makes possible all of the atrocities done to the slaves. The second most evil act is the human sacrifices to the weirwood trees like what the north and the Starks had been practicing.