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  1. Yes, the story of the unsullied is heartbreaking. The gelding, the killing of dogs, no names, etc.
  2. I don't mean that her ancestor is Nettles or she is an Aerys bastard, but just that she has Targaryen blood. With all that considered, the plan is for this woman to blow the horn. But there is a twist that Euron and the Dusky woman had not planned on: Dany's dragons came from Asshai. I.E., they are not sourced from eggs laid by Targaryen dragons. Their reaction to the horn will be unpredictable.
  3. Perhaps George Martin is not a sailor. Why they continue to serve him is a good question. Maybe he promised them plunder, wealth.
  4. Dance in the sense that they will get a dragon? None of them. They all have or had the potential to be a Dany ally.
  5. Let me also present that the Cups are an allusion to the Holy Grail in Arthurian legend. Dany has lofty goals: stop slavery and retake her family's territory. She must drink from these cups to get her holy grail. The Cups give knowledge.
  6. Yes, to drink from the Cup of Knowledge is to learn the mysteries.
  7. Saving planetos have different meanings. A human would think saving planetos mean warm weather and big cities. In other words, suitable for the warm blooded humans. A white walker will think that's a hostile environment. The N-K doesn't figure into the novels. Yet. But Jon is a good guess to fill that position. I'm almost sure there is a N-Q somewhere. I don't have evidence to back it up other than a hunch. A queen leads colonies of bees and ants. That's how I see the white walkers. I'm not supportive of this theory but it is rather intriguing. Preston Jacobs, the famous youtuber, thinks many unwanted bastards were disposed of through the bastard's gate. I'll hazard an unsupported guess that the babies got saved. The N-Q rescued and adopted these babies and did what you said, convert them to survive in the cold. These bitter bastards want to set their claims now that the weather will favor them.
  8. The battle fought at the 5 Forts. The size of the forts indicate they held thousands of soldiers. The only reason you garrisoned that many soldiers in a fort, they expected an equal number of the enemy.
  9. Restored by whom? Bran with Giant labor. Others with Wight labor. Me thinks 2 can rebuild the wall. And that's probably how it was built in the first place.
  10. Victarion vs. Euron Tyrion vs. Cersei and Jaime Yronwood + Drinkwater vs. Martell Why not Stark vs. Stark. It's only fair. No family should be immune from fighting among themselves. However, I doubt it's a squabble over the ruins of Winterfell. I can see a scenario where Jon is resurrected by the white walkers and comes back as an icey wight. Rickon the wildling and Bran the greenseer will have to oppose him.
  11. She is Azor Ahai and the birth of the dragons is the proof of it. Drogo was Nissa Nissa. George started out writing science fiction. It doesn't surprise me if the glass candles turn to be some kind of advanced devices from another world.
  12. We really put these people under a microscope. Ned was honorable enough. More honorable than most if you compare him to Tywin, Stannis, and Robert. But a leader can't be honorable all of the time. A leader has responsibilities to the people who depend on him and sometimes that means making hard choices that hurt a few people to protect a greater number of people.
  13. The Targaryens are not known for making human sacrifices. You may be thinking of the Starks that Bran saw in his visions. But the Targs made sacrifices of their own. They sacrificed love and true romance. Many of the Targaryens never got the chance to marry the person they wanted. They had to preserve the talent for dragon riding. They basically had a lot of unhappy couples in the family. Depression, marital infidelity, alcoholism can happen in unhappy homes.
  14. "to be wary of trusting someone with a grudge" I can only hope the kid learned that lesson. I'm 50/50 on whether a reasonable adult would have trusted MMD. The witch played her part almost as well as the Freys did prior to the R.W. You would think the witch is pissed about what the Dothraki did to her village. Otoh, Dany saved her and showed her kindness so you would think the kindness would be reciprocated in return. I can understand why MMD would hate Drogo and maybe she did do what somebody said elsewhere on the boards, condemn the man to live like a veggie for the rest of his life. Veggie as in mute, immobile, and helpless. It was not said but perhaps the khal even lost control of his bowels. How humiliating for someone like Drogo to live that way if he still had consciousness. Anyways it's no justification to kill an innocent baby. I know it's probably the practical thing to do ala what Gregor did to Rhaegar's family as a favor to Robert. But morals require us to take risks instead of making an offensive first move to avoid a future threat that may not happen. That's one difference between the good person and the one who is self serving. It's easy to put morality ahead of all consideration though because we're debating this over the internet in the comforts of our homes.