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  1. The Others are in the neighborhood and they have been know to do this. Mel doesn't have this skill. I can agree that if bonehead Jon comes back it will be as an ice wight. I would rather him either stay dead or live on within Ghosts though. That way we will never have to put up with reading another Jon chapter again. I don't want Jon to come back as a POV character.
  2. I too hate Sansa, Arya, and Jon. I can't stand reading Arya and Sansa's chapters. Jon's are pretty awful too.
  3. My least favorite POVs in every book will always be Jon, Arya, and Sansa. I just hate those three characters.
  4. No, this is not the case. Daenerys woke dragons from stone. That is not something that anyone else can do. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. Waking dragons from stone is the sign that proves she is Azor Ahai. Drogo was her Nissa Nissa.
  5. Sansa was indeed an accomplice to what LF was doing in the Vale. Let's also remember that she is poisoning Sweet Robin in the novels. The short answer to your question is the show writers wanted LF dead and Sansa to come out smelling like a rose. We book readers know better though. LF and Bran should have brought up Sansa's complicity. If Bran is to be the 3-eyed raven who serves the best interest of man kind, he cannot be partial to his sisters.
  6. It will be a giant let down if all of this Sansa vs. Arya is nothing but smoke. I want those girls to be at each other's throats. One has to die, soon. Arya is actually right. And Baelish didn't lie here. Those were Sansa's words. Sansa is a selfish person who will put her family in danger to save her own skin. And to the folks saying this is unlike Arya. Think again. Her haters (such as myself) have been saying all along that the girl is very sick. Mentally speaking, Arya is sick. Collecting faces! C'mon, Arya fans. No more excuses, please. The girl is insane.
  7. I didn't even bother to rate this episode. That's how I feel about the useless death of Viserion.
  8. You heard it from me. Tyrion sent everyone on that expedition to get rid of Dany's potential heirs. He brought up the subject because he was hoping Dany would name him as her heir. I want you all to consider. The Dothraki, Unsullied, and the Dragons will never fight for Tyrion. They only have loyalty for Dany. He needs Dany to win the throne for him. The wight hunting expedition gets rid of Jorah and Jon. Two potential people who might get in his way. Dany will win the throne. Tyrion can then plan his moves to get rid of her. No Jon, no Jorah, no one to inherit except him. I am almost positive that Dany is on to Tyrion. She's playing him too. She will root him out and either burn him or send him to the Wall.
  9. The entire scene on Dragonstone was wonderful. They're my favorite scenes as well.
  10. That was a beautiful opening scene. The drama and the tension were terrific. Varys got grilled and rightly so. Daenerys Stormborn proved her wisdom in setting terms with Varys. Well played by both Emilia and Conleth. Dany showed great wisdom here. The scene between Dany and Mellisandre is another terrific movie making. I love the sound of HIgh Valyrian. Natalie Emmanuel is gorgeous. Ah, Yara and Theon got careless. Euron should never have gotten that close.
  11. You're describing Arya here.
  12. Robert and Jon Arryn were too far to die from the blast. The Lannisters would perish but they were not important players in the rebellion anyway. 400 thousand people will have died and K-L would have burned. But Robert would still become king. King Viserys III will still be known as the beggar king. Daenerys will still be born and the dragons will hatch. Net effect will be a weakened House of Lannister. A power vacuum in the west. All of the royal treasury would have burned.
  13. Persian
  14. Absolutely not. Castle Black is not the property of the lord commander. He cannot will it to a relative nor can his children (which he's not supposed to have but even if he had one before he joined up he could not will the property to his child). Bowen is not a guest. It's Jon who will be remembered as the traitor who betrayed his brothers. Jon will be remembered as the Night's King 2.0.
  15. Hey ravenous reader! Wake up! You're dreaming! That's not how the story goes. Dany is Azor Ahai and she will become the first person to rule over Essos and Westeros. You are right about one thing. I am on Team Daenerys.