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  1. George has said that some fans have guessed the ending. But there is a big problem. There are many fans and there are many guesses as to the ending. So George didn't say which fans are right. That brings us back to the beginning and the reality is we don't know how the story will end. Any good story creator will want to surprise his readers. Reading those books take time and most will not buy the book when they already have the ending confirmed. Expect surprises. I don't think George will randomly pick out the survivors. He is if anything logical. I agree that stupidity kills people like the cases of Robb, Jon, Catelyn, and Ned. But you know, real life baddies like Roose do survive and they succeed in the world of business and politics. The good can die as easily as the bad. The people in danger are the ones who are dumb and we have seen this in the case of little Walder. But some people just get lucky, like Theon and Arya. Luck is bound to run out though.
  2. Ned admitted to treason. Execution is fair treatment to someone guilty of treason. It should have been Cersei and Jaime, but Joffrey didn't know any better. Jaime and Cersei have been guilty of treason for so long. The most evil act to me is the slave trade. It makes possible all of the atrocities done to the slaves. The second most evil act is the human sacrifices to the weirwood trees like what the north and the Starks had been practicing.
  3. The Lord of the Crossing, Walder Frey.
  4. Those knights were loyal to Aerys all the way to the bitter end. I have a theory that they were originally sent to look for Rhaegar, and take Lyanna back to KL so she can be used as a hostage against the rebels. They arrived too late. Rhaegar was already dead and KL had been sacked. No need to forcefully carry Lyanna from the tower anymore. Don't forget WIllam Darry, the knight who kept Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys safe in Braavos. He kept the faith and even worked out an alliance to put King Viserys III back on the throne. Yes to all. I would add Dany's Bloodriders and her handmaidens to this list. How about this passage from the very last chapter of A Game of Thrones: "and Dany only had to look in their eyes to know that they were hers now, today and tomorrow and forever, as they had never been Drogo's" Add Dany's Khalasar to the list.
  5. Dany is much better at ruling than Jon. Yes, she made many concessions to try and give peace a chance. But you know, the slavers have too much at stake and they're the worst of humanity. They are not going to give up slaving. It represents wealth, status, privilege, etc. Stronger measures will have to be taken to permanently put a stop to the business of slavery. I blame that on the slavers since it is they who wants to continue enslaving people. Dany is starting to understand that ruling is a public service and I think she will become as close to the ideal ruler as possible in George's novel. Jon, on the other hand, showed somewhat good leadership early but he really screwed up many times. He already broke his vows when he left his post to join Robb's war campaign. He can never understand that ruling is a public service because he puts his personal interests (Stark interests, to be more precise) ahead of the greater good. That's why Bowen terminated Jon. Jon was worse than a bad, incompetent ruler by then. He had become a liability to the realm and to the people they were suppose to be protecting. So yes, I will say Bowen Marsh was right to fire Jon from his job.
  6. The Others are in the neighborhood and they have been know to do this. Mel doesn't have this skill. I can agree that if bonehead Jon comes back it will be as an ice wight. I would rather him either stay dead or live on within Ghosts though. That way we will never have to put up with reading another Jon chapter again. I don't want Jon to come back as a POV character.
  7. I too hate Sansa, Arya, and Jon. I can't stand reading Arya and Sansa's chapters. Jon's are pretty awful too.
  8. My least favorite POVs in every book will always be Jon, Arya, and Sansa. I just hate those three characters.
  9. No, this is not the case. Daenerys woke dragons from stone. That is not something that anyone else can do. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. Waking dragons from stone is the sign that proves she is Azor Ahai. Drogo was her Nissa Nissa.
  10. Sansa was indeed an accomplice to what LF was doing in the Vale. Let's also remember that she is poisoning Sweet Robin in the novels. The short answer to your question is the show writers wanted LF dead and Sansa to come out smelling like a rose. We book readers know better though. LF and Bran should have brought up Sansa's complicity. If Bran is to be the 3-eyed raven who serves the best interest of man kind, he cannot be partial to his sisters.
  11. It will be a giant let down if all of this Sansa vs. Arya is nothing but smoke. I want those girls to be at each other's throats. One has to die, soon. Arya is actually right. And Baelish didn't lie here. Those were Sansa's words. Sansa is a selfish person who will put her family in danger to save her own skin. And to the folks saying this is unlike Arya. Think again. Her haters (such as myself) have been saying all along that the girl is very sick. Mentally speaking, Arya is sick. Collecting faces! C'mon, Arya fans. No more excuses, please. The girl is insane.
  12. I didn't even bother to rate this episode. That's how I feel about the useless death of Viserion.
  13. You heard it from me. Tyrion sent everyone on that expedition to get rid of Dany's potential heirs. He brought up the subject because he was hoping Dany would name him as her heir. I want you all to consider. The Dothraki, Unsullied, and the Dragons will never fight for Tyrion. They only have loyalty for Dany. He needs Dany to win the throne for him. The wight hunting expedition gets rid of Jorah and Jon. Two potential people who might get in his way. Dany will win the throne. Tyrion can then plan his moves to get rid of her. No Jon, no Jorah, no one to inherit except him. I am almost positive that Dany is on to Tyrion. She's playing him too. She will root him out and either burn him or send him to the Wall.
  14. The entire scene on Dragonstone was wonderful. They're my favorite scenes as well.
  15. That was a beautiful opening scene. The drama and the tension were terrific. Varys got grilled and rightly so. Daenerys Stormborn proved her wisdom in setting terms with Varys. Well played by both Emilia and Conleth. Dany showed great wisdom here. The scene between Dany and Mellisandre is another terrific movie making. I love the sound of HIgh Valyrian. Natalie Emmanuel is gorgeous. Ah, Yara and Theon got careless. Euron should never have gotten that close.