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  1. Aemon implies that Egg had dragon dreams too:
  2. The Others don't necessarily have to be evil to kill some wildlings and preserve them as wights. The Long Night will be harsh and wights can be stored for a long time. Think of them as magical predators practicing a form of canning.
  3. I think this will be a main theme of the next two books. Stannis' march to Winterfell already gave us a taste on how hard it is to survive during winter and that was in conditions that Big Bucket calls "a little snow". The next books should see people fighting over control over the last CoTF caves that still have those white blind fishes. Those will be a lot more valuable than the Iron Throne.
  4. That was during summer :-)
  5. Arya did the right thing. They were not in King's Landing.
  6. The rivers will freeze. The Rhoynar legends say that during the Long Night the Rhoyne froze as far south as the joining with the Selhoru. That is the latitude of the north of Dorne.
  7. I can't answer that but I have a somehow related question. Did the Stark lose their Kings of Winter powers when they started using/making iron swords? The world book tells us that the First Men were still using bronze weapons when the Andals arrived to the Reach:
  8. Each of the 7 kingdoms rised from the lands taken from the other petty kingdoms. At the time of Aegon I there were 6 kings and one princess.
  9. The Iron Islands and the Riverlands were part of one kingdom ruled by the King of the Isles and the Rivers. And the Crownlands were not a kingdom.
  10. Visenya modelled the vows of the KG on the vows of the NW. Not sure about the origins of the weirwood table; but they ended with 7 white shadows sitting around a piece of weirwood.
  11. I am also going with the idea of the Wall being a frontier established as exchange for the mutual assistance during the Long Night. During 13 generations the Magnars of the Nighfort were bound to the letter of the pact.
  12. I was thinking that this can explain why we have 2 Brandon Stark brothers fighting each other. Brandon the Night's King defeated by Brandon The Breaker, a traitor to the original Night's Watch.
  13. This puts a new twist in the vows of the Night's Watch; the White Walkers/Starks being the protectors of the CoTF/Weirwoods/Others during the Long Night.
  14. I was just doing a search of "white shadow" in the books and noticed that the term is only used in reference to the White Walkers, Ghost and the kingsguard. There seems to be a protection theme.
  15. My guess it to protect the pack and their allies during the wars caused by the long winters. Too many years of dominance over the North made the Starks forget about their weapons of mass destruction.