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  1. Mance met Dalla recently (after he visited Winterfell while Robert was there)
  2. With that list, definitely the "Raw physical strength/power team" wins. It is like the old Bruce Lee vs the Muhammad Ali drunken discussions.
  3. I re-read Jamie's chapter in ADWD and noticed these two quotes from Hoster Blackwood This got me thinking if the Wall, the Others and the Night's Watch were not just boogeymen to allow establishing a long lasting peace between First Men and CoTF/other old races. After thousands of years with cycles of wars, peaces and pacts, did the greenseers/weirnet find a way to break the pattern? The Starks and the NW were established to cull the human population north of the Wall every few decades to ensure the viability of the old races. With the Starks suffering a heavy hit between Robert's rebellion and the Wot5K, a new plan to cull the wildlings and restore the Starks is being executed.
  4. Keep in mind that the information was distorted as it went from the wildlings, to Queen's men to Selyse. It is quite possible that original information was wildling woman and it was distorted by Selyse. That information comes from Gerrick Kingsblood faction within the wildlings. We need to take into account that Selyse Florent marries the 3 daughters of Gerrick to her own men (including a Florent) so there is politics involved. It seems that Mance is the product of a flow of people across The Wall that is more important than the Northern lords and the Night's Watch recognise.
  5. He seems to be half-wildling according to the information passed by wildlings to Stannis' wife
  6. Howland Reed. What was he up to in the Isles of Faces, Harrenhall, the TOJ and during the War of the Five Kings?
  7. Mance was just a ranger, not First Ranger. Qhorin describes him this way He only overlapped with Benjen for a few years so it sounds plausible that they never met.
  8. Probably not a contradiction. Qhorin is talking for his team of rangers from the Shadow Tower, same place where Mance was stationed.
  9. We discussed on pages 11/12 the influece of Marvel comics in GRRM work, including their adaptation of the Norse mythology. You might want to take a look. Also worth mentioning that the Old English name for Uror is Wyrd and this was the inspiration for the Weird Sisters in Macbeth and in Discworld (and probably for the name of the weirwoods)
  10. To add to the white shadows references: only Ghost, the WW and the kingsguard have been described as white shadows in the books "They walked, with Ghost pacing along beside Jon like a white shadow." "Joffrey was galloping at his side, whey-faced, with Ser Mandon Moore a white shadow on his left." "His two white shadows were always with him; Balon Swann and Mandon Moore" "Dany glimpsed Ser Barristan sliding closer, a white shadow at her side" "Ghost padded after him, a white shadow at his side." "Ghost ran with them, a white shadow at Jon's side." "Ghost bounded toward the trees, slipped between two white-cloaked pines, and vanished in a cloud of snow. He wants to hunt, but what? Jon did not fear for the direwolf so much as for any wildlings he might encounter. A white wolf in a white wood, silent as a shadow" In similar way that GRRM tells us that darkness is neither good nor evil (opposing Mel's dualistic view), we get references to white shadows being both enemies and protectors.
  11. We have some bits that points to the NK being a Brandon Snow. In some version of the tales the NK is named Brandon and is brother of Brandon the Breaker. If they are brothers, one of them has to be a Snow unless Brandon the Breaker took the name afterwards.
  12. She is from House Heddle, a house of landed knights. An ancestor appears in the Mystery Knight.
  13. I imagine that this bit is part of the hints GRRM is providing about the ancient clash between First Men that ended in the creation of the Wall and the Free Folk staying behind and partially remembering what happened.
  14. We don't really have a description of Rhaegar, but not all targs were like that. A couple of quotes from an SSM (http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Targaryen_Kings/): (to clarify, I don't think EB is Rhaegar)
  15. I like the idea of the Night's King being a line of Brandon Starks starting with Brandon the Builder and ending with Brandon the Breaker. GRRM hints at similar events in the world book when Archmaester Glave says that Durran Godsgrief was a succession of monarchs all bearing the same name.