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  1. Well that left me feeling melancholic. Not just for how it ended but for my youth. I was in my twenties when this show first aired. Over all I thought it was fab, its laconic pacing just adding to the vibe of the show. A friend of mine reminded me to re watch Fire Walk with Me before starting on the return - that was rewarding to see how a film that just vexed everybody back when it was originally released now suddenly had new importance to the over arch of the show. Episode 17 really had me going that this was going to end on a relatively positive note like Blue Velvet. (I was even expecting a fake Robin.) But that would not of been right the show was after all about abuse and the covering up and pretending not to see about such vile crimes.
  2. To go a bit tin foily, maybe it wasn't ice fire, but a sound wave (visualised for artistic purposes) Dragon scream the equivalent of Joramuns horn?
  3. In Book 5(?) Stannis horses come unstuck in the harsh winter of the north. Even the north mens shaggy horses ultimately struggle as winters grip grows, so how well will the Dothrakis horses do in the north? What use are they without their horses?
  4. I think it's interesting that they hit Eastwatch. Hug the coast avoid Winterfell all together. Then Again looking at a map of Westeros Kings Landing is a long way away. Unless he's heading for the Gods Eye.
  5. Isn't more reasonable to suggest Arya still had the knife because after she handed it to Sansa, Sansa put it down and left the bedroom. Aryas bedroom.
  6. Maybe they'll substitute Jon Connington with Aurane Waters? (Name only)
  7. Doesn't Ghost come and go as he pleases in the books? And the wolves in the books have a sense of each other regardless of distance. Maybe he's aware of Nymeria and her wolf pack and is on his own mission to recruit them to fight the long night.
  8. If there is a baby it will be a girl. She will named after the mother Dany never knew, then again triplets! The dragon has three heads.
  9. Seriously doubt it will be two years. November - December 2018 is where my money is.
  10. Definitely a case of shock-o-rama. Saw dragons and zombies at work today. They're going to have quite the story to tell down at the ale houses.
  11. He's the doomsday machine. I can't remember the name of the starship in Star Trek the blew up to stop it. His core is a magical piece of obsidian. How to knock it out? He's fully armoured can defend him self, probably impervious to dragon fire. Maybe they need a COF to whisper some spell. A spell Bran can go spy on in the past?
  12. I think Sansa will get rid of littlefinger (book 7) because the North - Jon Snow needs the Vale forces and Little finger will be working to keep them out of it. If Jon is declared King in the North in the books. It would be interesting if there is a further fracturing of loyalties in the North. Rickon declared King by the Manderlys by right of blood. Jon declared King by right of battle.
  13. But what is that? Having the biggest army of the undead? He's got to have agenda. Personally I still feel he serves a faction of the children of the forrest. Otherwise the others are just a MacGuffin and that would suck.
  14. If they are like the Mongals then they'll go native like the mongals did. They will lose what they were and become as they the Dothraki say Andals.
  15. Aerys/Rhaella line. If you consider the male blood line. If you consider the female line doesn't the important line become Blackwood? (Betha)