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  1. Ugh, I HATE runiing out of hangers!.
  2. Yeah packing sucks, it's right up there with doing laundry when you get back from holiday.
  3. That still is bad for you though , we have resolved our arguement now.
  4. It depends on what team you're on I guess . Did he at least leave on good terms?, I've had a blazing argument with my fiancée today.
  5. It is a bad attitude, I'd be happier if these leaks didn't happen, it would mean I would be happier for another few days . The orbital bombardment was in reference to someone in the show though.
  6. Someone needs orbital bombardment from a Star Destroyer, the Empire is most displeased.
  7. Thank you , and yes I think you probably will join bawling .
  8. Don't worry it's nothing to do with baby Sith he/she is fine *pats tummy* There was a reason why I used the spoiler thing . .
  9. I'm very excited about the arrival of baby Sith, but also a bit scared too. Ugh that sounds terrible and demoralising, I hope you get something that you're keen on soon. In the meantime (and I don't give these out too often) .
  10. I haven't missed going out partying THAT much yet, I don't know maybe I'm happy those days are behind me, bring on the sleepless nights and coffee mornings!. Hows things now you've graduated?, have you found work yet?.
  11. Are you sure you're not taking something a bit stronger?, you have passed your law degree now after all .
  12. That is so much fun!, and blankets too .