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  1. Yeah, thanks Bear but that isn’t much help, as amusing as it was , anyway I went out this afternoon and got her a few things I know she will love.
  2. I’m sure it will not be too long until she is ready. On to other things, that moment of panic when it’s your fiancées 30th birthday tomorrow and you’ve not got her anything yet .
  3. See, who wouldn’t love to do that?, although I think I’d have to insist on no playing with gasoline in the house.
  4. This made me laugh lots . I’d pay Buck extra as she’d much more likely be on the receiving end of a barrage of force lightning, I doubt someone who would take her to do fun things that she would enjoy like pet dragons would need to worry about being harmed.
  5. You know you’re always welcome to babysit .
  6. My hopes that London was coming under a 30 Days of Night/ Season 4 of Angel style sun blot out and vampire invasion have been dashed, thanks Helena!.
  7. The lions,wolves and everyone else shall quake in fear as the twitching noses descend.
  8. I shall take what is mine, with carrots and blood.
  9. At least someone else chooses their pet names before they have them too, I kind of want to get 3 hop hops: Balerion,Meraxes and Vhagar .
  10. Thanks , we will see but I hope we sort things out too. Would you like some teaching tips from me?, I’m pretty good at tutoring apprentices.
  11. Yeah I hope we do too, I just feel kind of frustrated at her at the moment, I feel bad for her because she’s left a relationship that wasn’t working and has been left in a difficult situation as they lived together, but I’ve been there emotionally, I’ve helped her out financially and I just kind of feel I’m being lashed out at for being a good friend , that and I think she’s kind of jealous because I’m in a happy relationship and soon to have a baby which is what she was hoping for with her bf, I just don’t need it when I’m feeling pretty physically and emotionally fragile. I’m glad you managed to resolve things with your friend.
  12. Yeah I’m pretty sure that was covered somewhere too, I only remember the living flesh thing explicitly though.
  13. Thanks Rhae, I’m still feeling pretty bad . I’m also feeling pretty bad emotionally right now too as I’ve had a big disagreement with a friend who I’ve known since I was like 5 and to be honest I feel like I’m being taken advantage of and really don’t need this at the moment.
  14. I remember reading that too, something to do with you need living flesh as a conduit to use force lightning so Vader was unable to use it. Going forward to the new cannon I think Rey displayed far more untapped power than I saw from Kylo, in that she literally had zero training whatsoever and was able to enter Kylos head and best him in a lightsaber duel. The main thing I was glad of in Episode VII is that Kylo has been confirmed as not being a Sith as he comes across as a petulant embarrassment to the dark side.
  15. You have to admit it looked cool though. Yeah I’ll accept that, really, keeping that hobbled wreck on as an apprentice at all was where that mistake started, honestly what kind of Sith isn’t capable of using Force Lightning?. Back to the trailer, I’m pretty excited after watching it again, I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the cinema to watch it though .