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  1. I shall mark this down as a small failing my young apprentice, do not fail me again.
  2. Burn Casterley Rock, burn it all!!.
  3. That doesn't sound pleasant at all , it's been roasting today at work.
  4. It was really ugh yesterday, I would say I had trouble sleeping last night but I was a chilly 18c .
  5. This was an avoidable tragedy, the fact that corners were cut and no one took the residents concerns seriously is appalling, I live in the same borough give or take a mile away and we've been to donate clothes, food and water, to lose loved ones, your home and everything else must be unimaginable and I hope the people affected get the answers they deserve. Personally I think Mays, Corbyns and Sadiq Kahns presence, wether for political reasons or not was unhelpful.
  6. I meant they're not acting up yet, but I have a good feeling about this time at the moment.
  7. My hormones don't act up, well maybe a little .
  8. I knew someone would go there too, Buck, your journey to the Dark Side is now complete.
  9. It's completely awful, like worse than The Vampire Diaries awful. Also in reference to your mountain grocery delivery person, to quote an enemy of mine-size matters not.
  10. I attempted to watch the first season on Netflix, I gave up after 4 episodes, it was that bad.
  11. In the case of Brexit, no, the majority voted to leave, even though the margin was small, however the terms of the deal should be decided by a broader spectrum.
  12. I'm hoping that we get a decent deal in terms of Brexit now as she she has had her position weakened, and in fairness I'd be in favour of cross party consultation on it, wether I agree with other parties or not, a large number of people voted for them so at the very least a Brexit deal that can be agreed on by the Tories,Labour and the SNP at least would be fair.
  13. Browns incompetence led to a recession and a dip in house prices which, on a personal level was worse, As long as the single market ends up being kept and various financial institutions and big companies still remain in London, thus keeping the money in London, then Brexit, for me is a neutral thing, May won't be PM for much longer.
  14. Brown presided over the economy during one of the worst financial crises in recent history, he sold off gold reserves at record low prices and overspent to a huge degree which led to austerity measures being implemented in the first place, is backing up what has been common knowledge for nearly a decade nessescary?, I've never said Cameron isn't a flawed leader but I believe him to be far less of one than Brown was. Cameron's handling of the referendum campaign is a matter of opinion, I don't think how he handled it was done badly, where he did fall short was the renegotiations with the EU before the referendum was called. The same could be argued that you believe things that you wish to, and being as you're particularly left leaning and I'm not we're unlikely to find any common ground except that of May needing to go.
  15. We obviously have very different points of view on the subject as I view Browns misdeeds with the economy as being worse than Camerons calling of the referendum. I did indeed say he shouldn't have made the pledge but as he did, he didn't have a choice but to go through with it, the only one of your 'exhibits' that has any truth to it is A. He ran a decent campaign of the EU ref, unfortunately the leave side ran a better one and spouted things like the £350m a week sums which was more attention grabbing, that and it seems many people in the U.K. Arnt as progressive and liberal as some would like to think.