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  1. I will ask one thing, and one thing only, will I enjoy any of it?.
  2. So she gets a t shirt and I don’t , feeling unloved here .
  3. Isn’t it our perogative to be crazy and unpredictable?, nationality doesn’t matter .
  4. We’ve got a tiny dusting of mushy sleety stuff this morning.
  5. You’re welcome , I hope you’ve had a great day!, it sucks that your bf couldn’t spend it with you, but on a plus side, absence makes the heart grow fonder, you’ll be so happy to see him in a few weeks.
  6. Happy Birthday Buckleberry!, here is the one thing I can give you that you will actually like .
  7. Happy birthday Rhae, may your name day be full of fire & blood .
  8. You have my gratitude.
  9. No, they would be the adorable,fluffy type with little ears and cute little twitching noses .
  10. Inquisitor, as I’m busy being pregnant and have appalling paint/photoshop skills can I request the tree is adorned with some acceptable decorations. I like him.
  11. In my world, hop hops and dragons would be the greatest of friends .
  12. It's not my fault you have no affinity with the other animal , is this better.
  13. Thanks , I’m sure I will manage to come in and check he’s doing a good job from time to time. Awww is the puppy ok?, I hope so, I’m super caring about animals, I can’t even squash spiders even though I don’t like them. Although I obviously care about Some animals More.
  14. Yeah I’m glad to have moved too, the nursery will be a while yet I think because we will have her in the same room as us for a while and we want to make it just right, but when it’s done of course I will share . Get better I don’t know, I guess it depends how happy everyone is with Imperial rule, be warned though, I expect that most of next year the apprentice will be in charge.