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  1. I’m a few episodes in to Tin Star, bit of a slow burn but it’s showing promise and Tim Roth is great in it. Also guilty pleasure time with the start of Season 5 of The Originals.
  2. Hello everyone, how has your weekend been so far?, I had a lovely day out yesterday with my partner and mini Sith and enjoyed the warm weather, mini Sith is feeling much better now . Today I took my motorcycle out for a ride, I was a little worried at first because I haven’t ridden in over a year but I got back into it straight away and it was great fun.
  3. That sucks , and is not fair on other residents at all!, I’d have already been over to shout at them by now.
  4. I’m a bit worried about leaving mini Sith but she will be with her other parent who loves her and cares for her just as much as me. Rural England is lovely in parts, Scotland or Ireland is even nicer!.
  5. Whoooooo I’m going to New York for a few days in July with one of my best friends, lots of retail therapy AND a Radiohead concert #HappySith .
  6. We’re trying to work out wether to go on holiday this summer or maybe go somewhere different in the country instead of going abroad at the moment.
  7. One thing at a time, she needs to learn to crawl, walk and do lightsaber training first, but I’m confident the Galaxy will one day be hers.
  8. She is much better than she was but still a bit poorly.
  9. You can babysit mini Sith if you like, to get an idea what it’s like .
  10. Just wait until you and the supernatural entity have a mini buck, that REALLY messes up your sleep patterns.
  11. Nothing wrong with that, they’re good little amps!. I’m somewhat of a tube purist, I’ve got a Marshall Silver Jubilee and a VOX AC30, but luckily I’m in a house and can get away with the noise .
  12. That sounds really nice!, I’m currently using a Boss DS2 Turbo with an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail for reverb, what amp are you running through?.
  13. Raaaaaiiiinnnn down, Raaaaaiiiinnn down. Ugh this weather needs to change .
  14. Glorious sleep .
  15. When discussing TFA and TLJ henceforth could Snoke and Kylo be referred to as the Dark Side Inepts.