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  1. Thats a somewhat mixed endorsement, it’s high time they make the Star Wars, is have made .
  2. I might try and get to watch it this weekend.
  3. I will ask one thing, and one thing only, will I enjoy any of it?.
  4. So she gets a t shirt and I don’t , feeling unloved here .
  5. Isn’t it our perogative to be crazy and unpredictable?, nationality doesn’t matter .
  6. We’ve got a tiny dusting of mushy sleety stuff this morning.
  7. You’re welcome , I hope you’ve had a great day!, it sucks that your bf couldn’t spend it with you, but on a plus side, absence makes the heart grow fonder, you’ll be so happy to see him in a few weeks.
  8. Happy Birthday Buckleberry!, here is the one thing I can give you that you will actually like .
  9. Happy birthday Rhae, may your name day be full of fire & blood .
  10. You have my gratitude.
  11. No, they would be the adorable,fluffy type with little ears and cute little twitching noses .
  12. Inquisitor, as I’m busy being pregnant and have appalling paint/photoshop skills can I request the tree is adorned with some acceptable decorations. I like him.
  13. In my world, hop hops and dragons would be the greatest of friends .
  14. It's not my fault you have no affinity with the other animal , is this better.
  15. Thanks , I’m sure I will manage to come in and check he’s doing a good job from time to time. Awww is the puppy ok?, I hope so, I’m super caring about animals, I can’t even squash spiders even though I don’t like them. Although I obviously care about Some animals More.
  16. Yeah I’m glad to have moved too, the nursery will be a while yet I think because we will have her in the same room as us for a while and we want to make it just right, but when it’s done of course I will share . Get better I don’t know, I guess it depends how happy everyone is with Imperial rule, be warned though, I expect that most of next year the apprentice will be in charge.
  17. We’re pretty certain a c section is inevitable now, I guess the best way to put it is I’m rather petite and don’t have child bearing hips . Thank you (and Rhae) for the well wishes I’m feeling a lot better today, I’ve been stressed out with moving which is done now and yesterday I just slept and rested up, still so much to unpack!. But the main thing is we’ve moved now, just one more big event to get through now, well two I suppose getting married counts but we’ve put that on hold for now.
  18. Not much, a little I guess, I’m feeling all sorts of awful at the moment, all I want to do is rest and try to feel better and I’ve gota huge baby in my belly which seems to be deciding to kick lots today when all I want to do is blow my nose/sleep .
  19. Hello!.
  20. Luckily it doesn’t feel as bad as it was last night I think it’s just going to end up being a cold, still not very pleasant at the moment though!.
  21. I feel like I’m coming down with flu .
  22. I hope I manage to spring back quickly too, although I’ve been recommended to have a c section . Im so looking forward to it too, it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time so am getting more excited every day .
  23. I won’t be in London much longer either . I hate to bring bad news but I didn’t find much helped, I didn’t have much sugar as that seemed to make it worse. Yes!, a little under 2 months now and we’re so excited we just want to meet her, I’m starting to really feel the strain of the bump now as it’s getting quite big and I’m pretty small, I don’t really seem to have grown much apart from bigger boobs and the bump, and I’m really feeling her kick now. We’ve bought some baby things but have restrained ourselves from going too crazy until after we’ve moved and she’s going to get an amazing nursery. How long did you keep lil O in with you guys?, I’ve read some people put their babies in their own room pretty early and a lot keep them in a cot in their parents room until at least 6 months, I’m very much favouring the latter, putting such a small baby in their own room so early seems unnatural to me.