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  1. Happy new year everyone!, may I start the thread by wishing you all an amazing 2018-May all your hopes and dreams come true!. As I said in the previous thread I’d start a new one on January 1st so people can choose a new ruler. Normally I’d have continued a tyrannical,oppressive Imperial rule indefinitely, but as you all know I have other priorities so I shall pass the mantle on happily. I will be throwing my support behind my young apprentice, after two years as a second in command I think it’s about time he was given the opportunity to rule on his own. Oh and sorry for ruining a race, but they have been rather tame, no existent affairs of late anyway, apologies Bear!. Once again happy new year spammers
  2. That is quite a lot to cut off, mine is about 3/4 of the way down my back and I can’t ever bring myself to get much taken off it, I know it can be annoying sometimes but I love my hair.
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend .
  4. Why can’t I set this mouse on fire,no fair.
  5. I don’t know what the best advice to give is, I guess go with which one you want the most long term, even if it might mean less money or benefits in the short term, either way I’m really happy for you . I was less fond of dragons when little, I liked ponies and hop hops(still like hop hops ) I was musical from an early age, I wouldn’t say I was odd, just a bit shy and really interested in music. They essentially perform some of a Lawyers duties which don’t require you to be a qualified Lawyer, it’s a very good way to get experience in a law firm and then qualify. What area of Law does the firm you’ve applied to specialise in?, hopefully it’s one you’d find interesting otherwise you’re likely to hate your job .
  6. Are the other jobs law related too?, I’d probably go with whichever is likely to put you through your training contract as I remember you didn’t want to self fund without a placement at the end, which is understandable. You’ve reminded me, she needs a little toy dragon!, most babies get bears and ponies, but not her, only a dragon will do(although she seems very fond of a little zebra at the moment) Of course she will have the Targaryen colours soon, as they’re also the Sith colours too .
  7. I did crunches, pull ups, some dumbells and an hours run yesterday, today I did some rowing, good on you for getting some exercise in, it makes you feel great after a while, so you actually look forward to doing it. Baby Sith was well behaved again today, well reasonably anyway, I hope she can progress from force choking toys to using force lightning on them by the time she's a toddler . Also yay for Helena again .
  8. Yay!, what is on the table?, have you decided which you want to go for?.
  9. Maybe, still either is preferable to May or Corbyn.
  10. He’s more Eurosceptic than many in the Tory party, to be honest the current leadership on both sides is making me miss Cameron and Osbourne.
  11. I’m in full agreement there, sadly I think that ship has sailed, Brexit is going to happen, it’s just going to be damage limitation now unfortunately.
  12. I’m glad you’re feeling better , we were going to go for a walk today but decided it’s too cold so I went to the gym for a bit. Baby Sith was very unsettled on Friday so I didn’t get much sleep and yesterday wasn’t that good but last night she slept well and so did I so I’m feeling much better today, not quite destroying stars yet but managing to force choke some soft toys .
  13. To be fair though, getting Brexit right seems an impossible task for either party, to get a soft Brexit freedom of movement is going to have to stay on the table, which is something a lot of voters(wrongly in my opinion) who voted for it arnt going to stand for, if it doesn’t we could well crash out and ruin the economy. I can’t help but think as the deadline draws closer the desire for a second referendum will increase.
  14. In this case, it more than likely does, I guess we will see in 4 years.
  15. And many 18-21 year olds will have grown up somewhat.
  16. A very informative tweet, Owen Jones is very impartial, certainly no one could accuse him of any sort of political bias.
  17. Corbyn made good gains for Labour at the last election, the results speak for themselves but I’d say the Tories fielding May as leader and, as you say their awful manifesto contributed somewhat to those gains. If Cameron were still in charge would you be as confident in him making those same gains?, also there’s the question of how many of those votes to Labour were a form of anti Brexit protest. I think Corbyns gains in the last election could be more due to a set of freak circumstances than any long lasting shift in the electorates idealology, I suppose we will see in 2022, who can predict where the political landscape will be by then. Its apparent the media dislike him and will more than likely continue to which I don’t think is particularly fair, but in some respects he doesn’t help himself in that regard, keeping McDonnell on as shadow chancellor being one of them. Personally I respect Corbyn for not being big on spin and speaking his mind, I don’t dislike him as a person at all I just don’t think he’s the right person to lead the Country. On the same note I don’t think May is either, i didn’t vote in the last election because I was unhappy with either choice, and at the time lived in a traditional Tory seat that fell to Labour by about 20 votes.
  18. I’d say option 1 but then we can all be hormonal sometimes!, just try and relax about things and enjoy the rest of your weekend .
  19. Or you could actually listen to what people think about him, outside of certain members of the Labour Party and the Guardian readership, which don’t constitute nearly enough of that 48 million to give Corbyn the keys to number 10. A very left leaning government is not a popular option, Labour won elections by occupying the centre ground. He couldn’t win an election against someone as inept and unpopular as Theresa May, how on earth do you think he’ll manage if someone more competent is at the helm in 2022?. For the record I don’t dislike Corbyn, I think he has a great deal more integrity that most politicians, I just don’t agree with his stance on certain things and I don’t think he would be a good PM.
  20. He couldn’t, he’s terrible, in fact the only reason he made the gains he did at the election is that May is worse, if it had even been Cameron he was running against instead of her I expect he would have lost seats instead. The idea that he is a ‘prime minister in waiting’ might be a statement declared true by some media outlets but it isn’t one shared by the Country. Labour could well win the next election but I doubt they will with Corbyn in charge, equally the Tories have a decent chance of winning it IF they get rid of May and don’t completely bungle Brexit(which I don’t hold much hope of, and didnt want in the first place)
  21. No one is 100% secure in themselves all the time, anyone who says they are is lying.
  22. Me! Me! Me! I love nothing more than crushing rebellions, especially if it involves frying rebels with force lightning, except maybe hop hops, now I’m conflicted as to which is better .
  23. Unsucessful Rebellions are the best kind, it means they were crushed .
  24. Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting this in reply.
  25. Thank you and Buck, I’m sure she will be fine soon, it’s just horrible seeing her unwell, she’s asleep now though which is good.