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  1. Well here you go. Mayhaps we can take one of the sources of your agravation, and use it to lessen another source. Just maybe, Tyrion will turn out to be a secret Targ, therefore your disgust with him being a kin-slayer can be nullified.
  2. Hear, hear!! Thank you for your comments Lady Blizzardborn. You have tastefully articulated much of what I wanted to say in response to this post. However, without you beating me to it, I fear my response would not have been so cordial. I feel it's best to leave the rest unsaid.
  3. You think having a long faced, solemn look, has the ladies beating down your door? You should try resembling Jaimie, the blessed curse that I've had to endure my entire life. It's not easy being green golden! And please, don't get upset with me @Jon's Queen Consort, I'm not saying that Jon isn't good looking, just that is the only description of him in the books.
  4. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Well, I'd like to commend you on being the bigger person, and owning up to your hypocrisy... However, I can only say that I find your sarcasm to be quite tawdry. Please, forgive my lack of empathy for the grueling hardships you are forced to endure. See, I can be sarcastic too, if that is the type of conduct you would prefer. You do realize that I could make the same complaint about whatever type of threads that you like reading? You've now managed to be hypocritical on two counts.
  5. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    I know, I didn't mean to come of as defensive. Just explaining myself.
  6. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Sure, because I don't believe that his reasons for wanting to assassanate Danny where utilitarian, I feel like he was afraid of the threat that was facing him personally. And if you're implying that I have a bais against Robert, I don't. I am a big fan of his character, but don't let that sway what I think are his motives.
  7. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Isn't it obvious? Your bitching about people liking something that you don't. While using the phrase "why don't people like what I do", to do so. And for the record, I somewhat agree with your sentiment on this matter, but respect others people's right to indulge in these types of threads if they so choose.
  8. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    A thread that is eight pages long. It seems that people enjoy discussing this, and like the thread. You don't like these threads, fine, no need to click on them and post hypocritical comments.
  9. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Please stop it already. You are not some poor victim, and I never attacked you. I simply pointed out that what you want to represent as fact, is only your bias opinions and wishes. If you don't want to be called out on such things, I suggest that you consider the content and wording of your comments before you post them. Look, I have no desire to attack or offend you. Yes, I usually only respond to posts that I disagree with. If I responded to every post that I liked or did agree with, I would have a substantially higher post count then even you have. I think you are a valuable member of these forums, and have come across many of your posts in the past, which I consider to be very well thought out, intelligent, and insightfull comments. Unfortunately, and what is frustrating for me to read, is that when it comes to Jon, and anything that effects him, you tend to let your bias influence your thoughts, and throw all reason out the window. I sincerely hope that we can both act like mature adults, and move past this.
  10. What would you change about the show?

    I would agree with both counts here. I thought the guy playing Euron was probably the worst casting to date on GoT. I'm not sure if I'd feel as strongly if I didn't have a preconceived notion of the character from reading the books, but either way, I thought he was just horrible. His acting immediately took me out of the scene, not that the script wasn't sufficient in doing that already as it was, and I didn't think he looked the part either. I couldn't help but thinking of a biker when I saw him. It's a good thing that he wasn't wearing the same jacket that Jaimie was in the castle stokeworth scene, when getting ready to set off on his dude bro trip with Bronn, I believe it was. Another casting I would change, or rather unchange, is the guy who plays Darrio. Im pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but I much preferred the actor who originally played the role.
  11. What would you change about the show?

    Fine, one more response, and then I'm done. No, the facts are that Got suffers from a multitude of flaws, ranging from gaping plot holes, inconsistencies in details and established in world rules and facts. Character inconsistencies and unplausable motives and actions. Non existent consequences for characters actions. Anachronistic dialogue and costume designs. The need for assumed off screen anachronistic technologies to explain the unfeasible time line... Just to name a few. The issues present in this show are endless. You admit that these flaws exist, and then wave them away with the declaration that you don't care, and that the good outweighs the bad. I'm sorry but that's not how an objective critique of a work of literature works. Like I said many times, you refuse to acknowledge the difference between your subjective opinion that it is a good show, and an objective analysis. And yes, my responses were lazy. I'm not going to waste my time typing out the numerous failings of the show considering that firstly, you are well aware of them, secondly they are well documented, repetitively all over this forum, and thirdly, just so you can just pick and choose what flaws you think matter. Just look at your response regarding Dorne. These scenes are arguably the worst thing I have ever seen come across my television screen. But oh no, those scenes don't count as criteria to judge the quality of the show on because you say so. These theories have nothing to do with my assertion that Got is a poorly written show. You are the one who brought up the awards, and tried to use them as evidence that the show can't be poorly written because they won some meaningless awards. Whether you believe these awards to be legit or not, your argument is still circular reasoning, which renders your point moot.
  12. What would you change about the show?

    Yeah sure, you keep telling yourself that. You clearly aren't interested in having an open minded discussion, and It's quite obvious that you'll stubbornly defend your position regardless of any compelling and factual arguments presented to the contrary. You really seem to have trouble distinguishing between subjective opinions and objective facts, and take it so far as to inserting your own personal definition of words to attempt to defend your precious show. The only defense you can come up with is to claim that everything is just my opinion, or a conspiracy theory. Claiming that something is just your opinion when challenging objective facts is a weak and flawed argument. And when all else fails, and your denial of the facts fails to hold up, you pull out the old, the good outweighs the bad card. Well fine, if the insurmountable number of flaws throughout every scene in the show doesn't bother you, and is outweighed by what you enjoy, then you have every right to claim that in your subjective opinion, GoT is a good show. It doesn't change the fact that these flaws have run rampant throughout the past few seasons, and when judged objectively, the writing in the show fails miserably. In my opinion, your scales are completely out of whack, and are in seriousness need of calibration. I grow weary of engaging in such pointless discussions with you, so this will be my final response on this matter. Have a nice day.
  13. What would you change about the show?

    And this is exactly what I mean when I say that you refuse to acknowledge the difference between objective facts and subjective opinions. You are defining quality by using subjective criteria. I am defining quality using objective criteria. Style and comfort are subjective, and going to be different for everyone. Some people are going to like a particular pair of shoes, and some are not. But If your shoe falls apart, and is unwearable, you can't say, oh well, in my opinion, they didn't fall apart, so I'm going to keep wearing them. I'm sorry but your understanding of what quality means is just strait up incorrect.
  14. What would you change about the show?

    Uhmm... I'm quite sure you are aware of the almost infinite number of critisisms that have been discussed to death regarding the decline in the quality of the show. You are a pretty prominent member of this forum after all, and I'm sure I've seen you in several discussions pertaining to this. Which critics are these? Are you talking about the ones who want to sell magazines, and are trying to increase the traffic to their websites? Are you talking about the critics who work for publications that benefit from having access to cast members and crew for interviews and such? Hmm...I wonder who d$d is more likely to grant access and interviews to. Do you think it's going to be to the guy who ripped apart their show and labeled them as no talent hacks, or do you think they might be more inclined to give access to the guy who praises their show, and gives them great reviews? I think the answer is quite obvious. And the fact is that over the last two or three seasons, there has been an ever increasing amount of critics who have called out GoT for the drastic decline in quality. I have read plenty of reviews by professional critics that have strongly critized the writing, and the decisions made by d$d. The fact that you seem to be unaware of these reviews and criticisms would support what I alluded to above...that a lot of the publications which have the integrity, and nothing to lose by writing an honest review, don't get the circulation or eminence as the ones that cater to what the majority wants to read.
  15. What would you change about the show?

    Oye, now I'm starting to think that you are just being willfully obtuse on this matter. To paraphrase a comment you yourself made, It seems like you are just making shit up because you don't want to admit that one of your favorite shows isn't as good as you believe it to be. With the first pair of shoes, which lasted a whole year, if a hundred people wear those particular shoes, they're going to last a full year for every one of those hundred of people. There is no variance here, because these shoes are being judged by objective qualities. Because these shoes are of higher quality, the results are going to be the same across the board. With the second pair, if a hundred people wear those shoes, perhaps only ten of those one hundred people are going to prefer the looks or comfort of them. Perhaps fifty of them, it's hard to say, because these are subjective standards that you are judging them by. Everyone is going to have a different take on the looks and comfort. But all hundred of them are going to be walking around bare feet in a couple of weeks, because although some of them like those shoes better, they are of a lower quality. That is not debatable, if one pair of shoes falls apart, and the other doesn't, then obviously the pair that didn't fall apart is a higher quality shoe than the other pair. I've got to run, busy at work, but will try to respond to the latter part of your post when I get the chance.