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  1. Any kind of commitment that could conflict with the interest of the Starks would cause issues for Jon. The ruler he serves might pass a judgment that doesn't serve the Stark interest. Jon would betray his ruler. Best to send him off to a farm and let him tend goats.
  2. I give you credit for at least realizing Jon was wrong. That is more than most of his fans would admit to.
  3. I don't think so. White Harbor is dependent on goods coming to port. The Twins collect their toll from everyone who crosses that bridge (not just trade merchants) and have never failed to do so. The North is relatively poor and that makes the Manderlys richer than the other northern lords. It doesn't mean that they are richer than the Freys, who are one of the richest families in whole kingdom.
  4. Jaime could have done both. Stop the pyros and still take Aerys out of the city and on to safety. George wrote the account of Barristan when he got Aerys out of Duskendale for a reason. To tell us it was possible to sneak a king out of a walled city. tJaime could have tried to do the same.
  5. I can see the Freys having more money than the Manderlys. Everybody has to pay a toll to cross the bridge and that means a lot of money coming in to the Frey coffers. Not only merchants but travelers needing to cross will have to pay.
  6. I disagree with you. The circumstances are the same. The picture actually even looks worse for the Starks. The lord of Winterfell made a public admission of treason. He was executed in public. His heir, Robb Stark, rebelled against the crown. And then had the audacity to call himself king in the north. The Ironborn occupied "his" lands while he was away and you know, he never made it back home. Robb was basically a homeless person. Similar to King Viserys III. The north failed to gain independence. It was never Robb's. It was always a piece of the kingdom that the Targaryens built. The ironborn occupied "his" lands and his castle. The Boltons kicked out the ironborn and the crown granted the north to the Boltons as theirs to rule over. The circumstances are the same. Daenerys Targaryen have just as much right to Westeros as the Starks do to Winterfell. Given what the Starks, Lannisters, Greyjoys, and Baratheons have done, I think a Targaryen Restoration is just what Westeros needs. By Targaryen, I do not mean that traitorous oath-breaker Jon Snow.
  7. Thorne was not present at the Wall when Jon was executed. Though if he had, I think he would support Bowen.
  8. That was gutsy to show explicit dislike for the heir to the North. I like Lady Dustin. So far.
  9. In my opinion, Lord Varys, Robert's Rebellion set a bad precedent. Renly saw his brother usurp the throne from the true rulers of Westeros. So in his mind, if Robert could do that to a dynasty that had ruled unbroken for 3 centuries, the greatest ruling family in the known world, why certainly he could do that to big brother Stannis.
  10. It's not simply the oath breaking. What Jon basically did was execute a brother of the Night's Watch for disrespect and then later letting the worst offender in the land off the hook because that man can help his sister. Is that justice? No sir. What Jon did was an insult to justice. I know Janos Slynt was a jerk but he is not even close to being the criminal offender that Mance Rayder is. Jon holds his men up to high standards but he himself repeatedly fails to live up to the standards expected of even the lowest ranking member of the watch.
  11. The question is still interesting. Could Ser Jorah being a knight demand a trial by combat against Ned? I would think the indictments forslavingare not yet clear. The people he sold would not be there to give proof.
  12. And legally the owner of Winterfell? And the Starks have been dispossessed and have no rights to anything? Now, this may surprise you, but this issue can be debated both ways. We can say the Baratheons were never the rightful rulers, Stannis is not a rightful heir, and the Starks retained ownership of Winterfell, the Targaryens remain the rightful rulers of Westeros, and Westeros belongs to Daenerys.
  13. Yes Maybe so. Val was not worth dying for.
  14. The Boltons with their Frey allies whooped Stark ass. So if you believe Robert was a legitimate king and the Baratheons have the right to rule, then you have to admit that the Boltons now have the rights to Winterfell.