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  1. Targaryen Morality

    Government and religion used one another until recently . A smart ruler, which the Targaryens primarily were, used religion to their advantage.
  2. Targaryen Morality

    They allowed the faith to exist. Would Black Harren do the same if he had managed to conquer beyond the Riverlands? Would the Starks allow the faith to spread in the north if they had remained kings of winter? I do not believe so. The Targaryens were very generous to the faith.
  3. What is the "power in king's blood"?

    Is this a LF-is-a-secret-Targ theory? The line of Baelish is Braavosi. But yeah, it would appear superficially that PB is punishing the culprits, the rebels, the usurper's dogs. That's only because they stand in the way of his goals, whatever those goals may be. And you have to think, perhaps he wants to pay them back for the humiliation he suffered, for loving Catelyn.
  4. Targaryen Morality

    Just as the Targaryens made some accommodations to the faith, the faith made some accommodations to the Targaryens. They conquered the land after all and the ruler makes the rules. It's not unprecedented. Mutual give and take happens all the time. To use an example, the Faith made accommodations rather than burning down all of the weirwood trees in the south. The Targaryens were very tolerant and adaptable when it came to religion, which is the best way to be.
  5. The Main Conflict in the Story

    Attacking the Boltons is not an act of healing and unity. It's an act of doing something destructive to save a loved one even if it hurts many people. They also represent temptation. Daenerys wants knowledge to take back her family's kingdom. Bran wants to "fly" or more specifically, he wants to be whole so he can be what he once was, bring his family back, and take back Winterfell. Remember, the House of the Undying took place before Astapor. Dany at this time wanted information she can use to obtain the resources necessary to take back her kingdom. Astapor was eye-opening and made Dany change her immediate priorities to the liberation of the slaves. Bran's started off wanting to get his legs back and then being run out of his castle by the Ironborn. He learned about girls during his journey and I believe what he wants is a little more complicated now. Yeah he wants to be whole. He wants his family back. He wants his castle back. He also wants Meera.
  6. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    How do you react when people want to see a dragon get his by an arrow, like what the O/P expressed? It turns me off. So it really does depend on which you like. It depends on who you like as to how you react to these statements. I love the dragons and I cannot understand how anyone would want harm to come to them. Yet, I do not feel the same sympathy for the direwolves. That ofcourse is an extension of my attitude towards the main characters. I am a big time fan of Dany but I dislike Jon, Arya, and Sansa. Those feelings extend towards the dragons and towards the direwolves. You know how some people wish for a dance of the dragons? I feel the opposite. I wish for a dance of the direwolves.
  7. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    Letting Mance live and go unpunished for his crimes Sending Mance and the wildlings to get Arya Forming a wildling raid party to attack the Boltons It means everything of the sort. Jon knew perfectly well that Mance could end up in Winterfell. He knew the man's propensity for violence. He had to have known guest rights could be broken. If you read those chapters carefully, it's clear that nothing was going to stop Jon from helping Arya and that includes violating every laws that man and the gods ever made. Soft Samwell is not going to stop him without executing him and I don't think Samwell is up for that.
  8. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Yeah, I thought parts of the original post was troll-ish too.
  9. Mirri Maz Duur and Bronze Yohn Royce

    Could be this. It's an ancient weapon created by a primitive people who could not work iron into steel. Bronze is softer and much easier to work with than iron. If I remember my history correctly, the bronze age came before the iron age. Iron beats steal in terms of weaponry, however.
  10. How much of a geek is Samwell?

    No girl friend in the picture for Sam?
  11. Is Val Important

    The wildlings don't want to bend their knees. They don't want to accept R'hllor or the Seven. What choice do they have? They can go back to the "other" side of the wall and face the Others. They can stay on the south side and kneel. The third option? Take out Stannis, take out Roose, and turn the north into free folk nation. Perhaps they fail but maybe in their minds it's worth a try. Call it the Wildling Invasion Master Plan, or WIMP.
  12. Is Val Important

    Val is a wildling with a hidden agenda. I believe she and Mance are up to something. Like take over the north. I don't put it past Mance, Tormund, and Val to have a plan to set Stannis vs. Roose and clean up the weakened winner of the battle of ice. Val's job is to seduce Jon further to the wildling cause.
  13. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    Sam is a coward but he has more honor and a better sense of duty than to go along with vile treason. No way he would support Jon's actions to send the wildlings to help Arya. Jon's duty is to put all of that out of his mind and forget about Arya. Interfering with the Boltons is a violation of his duties and the oaths that he took. Let's look closely at the Arya rescue mission. Mance Rayder asked for several wildling women to accompany him on his mission. Now, he would not do that unless he expected to enter Winterfell. Jon is not the sharpest guy but even he would realize what that means. You do not need a disguise and a half dozen women in disguise just to rescue a girl in the wilderness. Jon expected trouble and believe me, he was prepared to give trouble to the Boltons.
  14. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    Because Stannis believes he is the rightful heir of Robert. Suppose your parents left a mansion for you in their will. Do you let someone else take it from you? Taking to the battle field is their version of taking the matter to the courts. I actually believe the Targaryens are the rightful owners of Westeros but for the purposes of this discussion let us assume that Robert had the right to rule based on the outcome of his rebellion. Stannis is his heir and Renly's popularity doesn't change that. Their system is rigid and it isn't based on popular opinion. That's why Randyll Tarly's hands were tied even as incompetent as Samwell was, Dickon could not inherit. Laws can change but until it does the status quo applies. I suppose Renly could win the war with Stannis and send him to the wall just like Randyll did to his first born. That would clear the way for Renly. Many supporters of the Starks and the Tullys want them to fight and take back their lands. Stannis has the same rights to what he believes is his. Daenerys has the same rights to take back what belongs to her. Without a modern system of laws these disputes are settled on the battle field and human lives are the currency used instead of money.
  15. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    I think it more apt to say Jon/ice. And the Tyrell kids are better looking and much richer.