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  1. I am one of the fans who dislike Jon so you and I may not see this from the same perspective. Death has more power if it's permanent and there is no way to come back. It will be cheating and rather cheap if people get resurrected. Ex. Gandalf in "Rings", Beric, and Catelyn. All of them should have stayed dead.
  2. I will argue that Ned may have over-stepped his office when he sent his men to arrest Gregor. He should have waited for Robert before acting. But he was biased because the Lannister thugs were attacking his wife's family. Ned failed to act objectively.
  3. You missed an important one. Ned trusted Arya and Sansa with his secret plan to leave King's Landing. And we all know what happened: Sansa ratted him out to their enemy in the hopes that her family will be forced to stay so she can be with Joffrey.
  4. Sure. The powerful have the means to shape and reshape their environment. What they do whether by free will or by a path chosen for them will have more effect on the many. I don't think Bran can change the past. He can see the past and convey that information to people and that has value in itself. But we have to take this with caution because the information is getting filtered through the mind of a bitter, angry ten-year-old who could likely use that information to avenge his family rather than for anything constructive.
  5. Ramsay made a conditional threat to the NW because Jon sent his wildlings to take Arya away from him. That is an act of war. Jon practically declared war on the Boltons. All of this is Jon's fault. Jon picked/started that fight. Mance is a NW deserter. He should have been executed. He deserved to get executed.
  6. The Wall is not Jon's personal property nor is it his right to attack House Bolton. He is the lord commander by election. He is not a monarch like Aerys. A monarch has power because of who he is and by inheritance. Aerys is the law. Jon doesn't get to do that. Jon has to abide by the laws of the order that he joined. He is obligated and he has a duty to uphold those laws. Jon doesn't have the right to interfere with the marriage of Ramsay and Arya. Setting up a Wildling army to fight a personal war and preparing to attack the legitimate Warden of the North is not within the rights of the lord commander of the night's watch. Jon was wrong from the start when he gave Mance Rayder a get-out-of-execution card so the man can do his dirty work for him. It just went downhill from there when he sent the wildlings to rescue his sister. Jon was wrong and Bowen Marsh had no other choice but to stop him.
  7. The best revenge story (my opinion) is The Count of Monte Cristo. TCMC is not applicable to Walder and Robb but I recommend it to anyone. It is good reading. The kindle one is reasonably cheap. https://www.amazon.com/Count-Monte-Cristo-Bantam-Classics-ebook/dp/B000FBJDZ2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1512999158&sr=8-2&keywords=alexander+dumas+books
  8. Oh it's pretty bad. Ned was the good apple in the barrel.
  9. That beats under armour. But GW is not moisture-wicking. And he could use a touch of spandex. They become more and more wolf like. They are not to partake of human flesh. They are not to mate as wolves. All that, I think the Starks will violate in the near future. Rickon being a child is overcome by Shaggy's wolf nature. He's going to be savage.
  10. Marsh stopped Jon from escalating his personal conflict with Ramsay into a full-on war that will do more harm than good. Marsh is in a way a hero. The only person guilty of double standard is Jon. He let Mance Rayder walk free, a man who committed the biggest crimes in the north, against the Night's Watch, and against the whole kingdom. And that after executing a sworn brother for a comparatively trivial offense. That is double standard.
  11. Jon is wrong and died because of it, but the White Walkers will wight his wrongs when they turn him into an animated popsicle to do their bidding. Finally, the Night's Queen will find her Mr. Wight in Jon. She's not had a cold man since the Night's King.
  12. Sansa betrayed her family to Cersei. Not that I like the Starks but that is selfish on Sansa's part to rat out Dad's plan to escape from the city because she was hoping Cersei will stop her father from leaving. So she can be with Joffrey. Well, Cersei did stop Ned from leaving and did it with the ugly style of the Lannisters. So far as Arya, yes, I find her story boring. She's almost like a cartoon.
  13. The worst theory on this forum? R + L = J.
  14. I am a big-time fan of Daenerys. So yeah, she's my favorite out of all the characters.
  15. I don't agree with R+L=J so the discussion is academic and hypothetical to me. But I take it you agree with R + L = J. Okay so since you do, you should realize that Aerys would prevent any child from that couple from inheriting the kingdom. Aerys was not a fan of the Starks. He's not about to let a half-dog child become the ruler of the seven kingdoms. He would absolutely and positively disinherit Rhaegar to prevent this abominable spawn of Lyanna's from taking his crown.
  16. Doran could have sent ships and that's safer than taking public transportation. He's stingy with his resources. Arrianne is poorly equipped for her mission. The only one who came in serious is Oberyn when he arrived in KL.
  17. That's why he's good at keeping secrets.
  18. The possible daughter(s)/son(s)/child(ren) of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are bastards. Willem Darry, Oberyn Martell, and the Sealord of Braavos would not stick their necks out for bastards. Dany is the daughter of King Aerys and Queen Rhaella. She's the heir to the Seven Kingdoms.
  19. Miracles can happen but it doesn't make sense for Sansa to become queen. She has no leadership skills and she's too selfish to make a good queen.
  20. The idea came from Mel but the decision was Jon's. Jon decided to let a known criminal like Mance to live and sent him to go bring his sister to him. Jon could have said "No, this is illegal. Mance should be executed. Arya is no longer my concern. What happens to her doesn't matter". Jon didn't. He took ownership of the plan and sent the wildlings to do his dirty work for him. The plan had Jon's full support and that is being kind. Actually, Jon was the mission commander. The wildlings were acting under his command.
  21. What do you think Jon was trying to do, borrow Arya from Ramsay and return her later? Absolutely clear Jon wanted to take Arya from the Boltons. That was his intent all along and that's what he sent the slick operator Mance to do. And by the way, Jon knows the story of Bael the Bard and it is likely that Jon was part of the planning for the infiltration of the Bolton household. Jon was in the wrong. There's no defense for Jon.
  22. It depends on who Azor Ahai is. I believe Daenerys is Azor Ahai and Drogo is the Nissa Nissa. The second most likely Azor Ahai is Jon Snow and in his case, his Nissa Nissa is Arya Stark. The whole point of the AA/NN tale is the person sacrifices the love of their life and it is very obvious that Arya is the love of Jon's life. He even betrayed his NW brothers and Westeros just to get her out of a bad marriage.
  23. I never liked Arya's plot. It's absurd to the point of ludicrous.
  24. Treason is treason. It's not a matter of opinion. Letting Mance Rayder off the hook for his crimes and sending him to rescue Arya out of her marriage is an act of treason for someone in Jon's position. There is no excuse for it. Ramsey only threatened Jon because Jon sent his agents to steal his wife! What Jon did was an act of war.
  25. You got that right. The Starks are sanctimonious, arrogant, vainglorious, abrasive, gloomy, egomaniacs.