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  1. The dead coming back to normal life is cheating, and cheap. I don't think we will see that in the books. The dead can come back as a wight but they will have lost part of themselves and are slowly rotting away. Sub-freezing temperatures can help prolong the corpse and delay decomposition. Which is why someone like Coldhands can remain active for so long.
  2. If we were both on the invite list, there will certainly be a debate.
  3. That makes Jon a rebel, and therefore, his "kingship" is unlawful. Jon is an outlaw. And this jerk comes down to the south, asks for help, and refuses to bend the knee. Jon didn't give his life because he's obviously still walking around. He's still bound by the oaths, to father no children, to stay at the wall, to hold no kingdoms, etc. A person's debts are not written off just because his heart stopped for a few minutes during surgery and was revived later on. This is such a silly notion to think that temporary death relieves the person from all of their obligations. So if Cersei's heart were to stop beating and Qyburn somehow performs CPR to bring her back around the Iron Bank will forgive the loans? No way.
  4. It was Sansa who wanted to take back Winterfell. Which resulted in the deaths of thousands who could have been useful in guarding the wall. If the Starks had tried and even given a reasonable effort in convincing the north that the white walkers are coming they would have gotten everyone's support. How? By pulling off Tyrion's Scheme of capturing a wight and showing it to Lord Ramsay. of course it never occurred to Jon and Sansa just wanted Winterfell back. A big reason for why the north is weak right now is because of Sansa and Jon. Baelish defeated the Boltons. That victory was not Sansa's. And it certainly was not Jon's.
  5. Daenerys Targaryen is the best orator on the show. No other character even comes close. Tyrion can give an emotional speech but not a convincing one. Khal Drogo's gave a powerful speech right after the assassin was caught. This is an important skill in a ruler. The ability to communicate and the power to persuade are important. Ser Barristan's speech to his inexperienced men outside Mereen was awesome and exactly what they needed to hear. Barry knew the importance of symbolism and I think people underrate his non-fighting skills. I can't believe Jon would even be mentioned in a list of skilled public speakers. Jon is not an effective speaker.
  6. No need to capture a wight. They already have one: Jon.
  7. Maybe Tyrion is plotting to get everyone killed. His actions are suspicious and that latest brain product of catching a wight reeks of stupidity. Stupidity or just Tyrion playing everybody. I don't understand how Tyrion kept his job after his mistakes.
  8. It matters not to me how the Starks die, as long as they do die. What foreshadows the death of a Stark is when they do something dumb, like breaking a sacred oath to Lord Walder Frey. Betraying the Night's Watch, in the books.
  9. My ideal Littlefinger death scene: Littlefinger is standing over the dead bodies of Arya Stark and Sansa Stark. A triumphant smile on his face. Both of the girls died from the same poison that killed Joffrey. While staring down at dead Arya's now-purple face, Littlefinger chokes on the olive in his martini and dies.
  10. Foreign invaders, like the First Men. They were all foreigners at one time. Aegon was a foreign invader with no prior claims to Westeros and yet he was accepted. Daenerys has more grounds to make a claim than Aegon ever did. More people in Westeros would prefer Daenerys to someone like Jon who just basically took it upon himself to break his sworn oaths to the NW and conveniently allowed himself to be named "king" in the north. Jon brought something culturally less desirable than any army that Daenerys did, the Wildlings. Jon is not going to be the poster boy for good PR.
  11. Guys, all of Tyrion's ideas have so far served the interests of Jaime and Cersei. He now sends everyone to go wight hunting. A dangerous task. I think that little guy is trying to get everyone killed so his lion family can stay in power. Might be it's him who takes the throne in the end. I am starting to dislike Tyrion and his ideas. It might be time to set him aside and let someone else come up with plans. Tyrion should know Cersei by now and realize his sister is not going to cooperate.
  12. Very true. In Jon's case he would be a better fit to replace Mance Rayder and lead the free folk to the other side of the wall after all is settled with the night's king.
  13. Jon was erratic and practiced applied that sternness inconsistently in the books. What he did to Slynt in the books was an insult to justice. He let the worst criminal in Mance Rayder walk after killing a sworn brother of the watch for a comparatively minor offense. There is no defense for Jon's poor judgment, hence, the show decided to leave that matter out entirely. Even the show's version of Jon exhibits bad judgment. He deserted to join Robb's war/rebellion. He is proven an ineffective battle field commander. It really was ridiculous that he got elected "king" in the north. It was Baelish and Sansa who beat the Boltons. Jon did nothing effective in that battle.
  14. You and I usually disagree on a lot of things in the general book forum. I'm a Dany-fan and a Jon-hater. But I very much agree with you on this particular opinion of yours. Logic no longer applies apparently. How muscular do you think Meera's legs are by now?
  15. That's because HBO is really hard at work on Fan Servicing Jon's supporters that they've bent and changed the story to the point that it no longer makes any sense.
  16. Dany's claim is already stronger than Jon's. The crown passed from King Aerys II to King Viserys III and to Queen Daenerys. The question of Female vs. Male no longer apply. Cersei became the first ruling queen of Westeros and established a precedent. So Jon being male is no longer important.
  17. Daenerys is the hero in the story. She has successfully ended a slave trade that has victimized millions over the course of thousands of years. She is an agent of change. Millions of people now have freedom because of Daenerys. Millions more over the years will be saved because she destroyed the Masters and their sadistic system of exploiting the weak. I am sure breaking the wheel follows the same ideas.
  18. I want Littlefinger to succeed in finally destroying the Starks, including Jon Snow. That will complete his accomplishments. He already nearly destroyed the Arryns, Baratheons, and Tullys. Add the Starks to the list of Littlefinger's victims. Honestly, I would be disappointed if the trouble between Sansa and Arya turn out to be nothing more than two high school girls having a spat.
  19. Tyrion is compromising the war strategy with his over-complicated plans. That plan to capture a wight will backfire and cause more problems that it's worth. Dany got the upper hand on her enemies only after she stopped listening to Tyrion. This plan to capture a wight is a bad idea. It's giving Cersei too much time to plan and prepare her moves. The best way to fight this war is to attack King's Landing directly and destroy the Red Keep with dragon fire (while Cersei, Jaime, Qyburn, Gregor, and Bronn are all inside). A lot of people will die but then again, a lot more will die if the Lannisters remain in power when long night comes.
  20. Drogon already had a full belly from snacking on cooked Lannister and Tarly men. It was just too bad that the meal didn't include Jaime and Bronn. Dining on the Tarlys is a waste of time. Besides, Randyll is a stubborn man and likely to leave a bitter taste in poor Drogon's mouth. Cremation is for the best. And cremation is what they got.
  21. Correct. Daenerys was well within her rights to execute the Tarlys. She gave them every opportunity to bend the knee, but Randyll stubborn refusal left Dany with little choice but to execute him. Randyll and Dickon deserved to die.
  22. I don't think so. Besides, the annulment can be easily contested. The marriage with Elia was consummated and therefore legal in every way. It cannot simply be ended. The legality of Rhaegar's marriage to Lyanna can be easily contested.
  23. I really want to see The Unsullied lock-step battle formation and their iron discipline on the battlefield. That would be something.
  24. Why did the have to make gendry have such a ridiculous weapon You very well know the answer. Fan Service. To remind people of Robert Baratheon. And since when did Gendry ever cared about Robert? Robert never cared about his bastards.
  25. You are so right on this. I don't think the show writers will have the courage to do this to Jon, however. At least book Jon will be "wighted" in the books. I like Jorah in that group. The Hound is ok. Gendry is an asshole.