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  1. Old Nan says the NK was a Stark. It would make sense because only the prideful Starks who governed the north could erase this fact from history to hide the shame of their house. The Starks are the "ice" in this story.
  2. The list of dumb people is short and Sansa Stark tops that short list of dumb people.
  3. Daenerys took an adverse situation, getting forced to marry into the Dothraki, and won over their leader, Khal Drogo. She not only survived but thrived. She took the initiative and hatched dragons and brought them back into the world. She won over the loyalties of Jorah Mormont. She won over her Bloodriders. She won the loyalty and respect of both Barristan and Belwas. She handily outsmarted the slave masters of Astapor and won over the unsullied. Aegon 5 tried to hatch dragon eggs, sacrificed many lives to do it, and failed. Daenerys succeeded. She is not only a great player but she's a winner. Best Players in the Game of Power Daenerys Mance Tywin Walder Roose Renly Tyrion Varys Petyr B. Green Grace
  4. The white walkers would have no use for a "fire" baby. Fire is incompatible with ice. There is a much, much greater chance that Craster is a Stark.
  5. Think of them as a code of ethics. Something they practice to maintain ethics within those with the abilities. Bran is slowly sinking into the depths of evil because of what he has been doing. There are very good reasons for having those codes of ethics. They serve to keep the wargs from regressing to something vile and primitive.
  6. Samwell might get angry because he cares about Gilly and by extension, Gilly's baby. I'm sure Samwell will grow to like Mance's baby in time. The more important question is, what will Mance Rayder do when he finds out that Jon tricked him and his baby is actually in Oldtown.
  7. I would expect many people were suspicious of Robert's and Ned's explanations. But it's not advisable to express your doubts in public. Robert won and that is that. I doubt the small people actually even cared about what happened. The lords decide to go to war and they have to march. Ned helped perpetuate this lie and we will find out later that he did so to protect his family's honor. So why would a man like Selmy still hold Rhaegar in high regard if he was guilty of rape and kidnapping? Barristan probably had his doubts but he can only repeat that which is publicly known.
  8. Those were primitive times and Greywind's pelt would be luxurious accessory for someone with lots of gold like Lady Frey. I am curious what the Freys and the Boltons did with Greywind's fur. I don't think the Freys would have much use for it in the Riverlands but Roose is just the kind to take it back with him to the Dreadfort. The south is less primitive than the north. Grey is not exactly an attractive color though. A Ghost pelt would be more suitable for wear.
  9. Knowing the whole story won't make the members of the NW sympathetic towards Jon. More like the opposite. Jon is wrong no matter how you look at what he did. Many of those men left behind families they cared about as much as Jon cared about Arya. None of them ran off and abandoned their vows to help their families during the war of the five kings. They are better men and boys than Jon. Giving Mance Rayder a get-out-of-execution-pass is not a minor matter. It's not just a betrayal of the Night's Watch, the realm, and justice. It is a very selfish, self-serving act. That one act of gross injustice alone, the differential treatment of two men guilty of insubordination, made Jon unworthy of leading the watch. Mance Rayder, a sworn brother of the watch, was guilty of insubordination. Rather than comply and face punishment, he ran off. He joined the wildlings and advanced himself in their ranks until he became their king. He is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of Night's Watch men as well as many citizens of the north. And Jon let him walk! Janos Slynt was only guilty of insubordination. And Jon killed him for it. If that is not a gross violation of justice then nothing is. Does anyone think G. Martin just happened to write the plot so that Mance and Janos were both guilty of insubordination? Martin carefully crafts his story and takes an ungodly amount of time to work out the details. He meant for that parallel to exist and he meant for us to question Jon's motives and actions. It was unjust to kill Janos and then let Mance get off. The act of rescuing Arya is a gross betrayal of the NW. That is a declaration of war. Taking away the wife of a nobleman is hostile behavior and equivalent to starting a war with that nobleman. Many people will die because of that very selfish act by Jon. If the gods are good, Bowen Marsh and his partners will take Jon's body and burn it immediately.
  10. Jon's baby swap might actually turn out to be a bad idea. Craster is probably a distant Stark relative. His son at the Wall has the purest of all Stark blood. If some of the White Walkers are Craster's boys then they too have Stark blood. The Night's King was a Stark and he could have passed the Stark blood down to his offsprings with the Night's Queen.
  11. Robb's mistakes, in order of its contribution to his and the North's demise: Betraying his strongest ally. Robb made a pact with House Frey and he broke that pact. It is easy to see why the Freys would be furious. They lost kinsmen while fighting for Robb's side and he betrays them. Letting himself be crowned king in the north. Which meant the north would become independent if he should win the war. Any peace treaty would force the other side to concede the north and allow it to become independent. Trusting Theon Greyjoy to negotiate with his family. Not watching Roose Bolton carefully. Killing Rickard Karstark. Would the Starks lose the war regardless? Not necessarily. Because there was more than two sides to the war. The best outcome for Robb was the break up of the seven kingdoms. The warring sides would have to come to the table and negotiate. Robb could not hold the entire continent and rule over the seven kingdoms. The land would have broken up into at least two new kingdoms. Three to four might be more accurate. South, East, North, and Iron Islands.
  12. Jon made it difficult to impeach him. He gathered an army of wildlings for the purposes of attacking the Boltons and saving Arya. And Mance. Bowen Marsh does not have the man power to stop his mad lord commander from escalating the conflict with Ramsay. A conflict that Jon started. Given the options that he had and Jon's determination to rescue his sister regardless of the consequences, yes, Bowen Marsh was correct to do what he did. Yes, there was a lord commander who also committed treason in the past. The Night's King. He was eventually taken down and not by impeachment. By force of arms.
  13. I don't think Arya is admirable. No way. Bran has done some admirable things but warging Hodor is not one of them.
  14. Drogon is special and yeah, he may have the remains of Drogo's soul in him. Other theories do say he is the reincarnation of Balerion. If Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are the reincarnation of people, I would think they would be Drogo, Rhaego, and Viserys. All people who were very important to Dany. If the "three headed dragon" has more than one meaning, it is three Targaryens under Dany's banner/control. That would make Drogon = Rhaego, Rhaegal = Rhaegar, and Viserion = Viserys.
  15. I agree with you. And it has been going on for thousands of years. Think of the millions who suffered because of it. Here are some runner ups to most evil acts: Craster's baby donations to the White Walkers. The sacrificed children were innocent. In terms of catastrophic damage, I would also add Jon's betrayal of the Night's Watch because it will break down the defense of the wall due to the chaos and divisiveness that it created. Human sacrifices to the trees, like the ones practiced by the Starks and their ancestors. The "manufacturing" of an Unsullied soldier, as practiced by the Astapori.
  16. Jorah didn't draw anything out of the fire. Dany woke the dragons from petrified dragon eggs, sacrificed her love, and did this while the red comet was in the sky. If we are to believe the prophecies from the undying ones, Dany will do this two more times. Light a fire means to sacrifice a traitor to the flames in exchange for something. The dragons are weapons that should prove effective against the Others. They may be useful in winning the fight. Winning the fight is the first step. The walking wights will need to be sent to the afterlife soon after the Others are gone. The people will still have to survive a long, brutal winter. The second flame will bring about the permanent death to the walking wights. *The third fire will call the red comet and switch the seasons back to spring. Something to love could refer to a man or simply love for life, in which case, spring represents life. *Mind, I don't think humans can have enough power to shift an entire climate, but belief is important and gives hope for the people. It could be that the red comet will lead the people to the east, where they can hold out until spring comes again.
  17. I can agree that Sansa is a better person than Cersei. I mean, really, Cersei helped little Melara to fall down the well, just a bit. But Sansa is not what you would call admirable. She's not a hero. She looks out for #1 in most of her chapters. Sansa's main sins are her incredible selfishness. We have read here a theory that she will murder Robert Arryn.
  18. True and in keeping with what Rhaegar did. Both men broke the peace and unity of the people they were to lead for the love of a woman. Rhaegar destroyed the realm to pursue an affair with Lyanna. Jon broke the NW to rescue Arya from Ramsay.
  19. Ghost, Nymeria, and Shaggy Dog. I don't like anything Stark but those three wolves will be the vessels that will give Jon, Arya, and Rickon second lives when they die. I think Jon, Arya, and Rickon will die and become wolves.
  20. I want Jon to simply stay dead. Of course it's not going to end well for the NW and the blame goes on Jon. He should never have been chosen to lead in the first place. The first hints that he's not really dedicated to the watch came early as mentioned above when he left the wall with intent to fight for the Starks during Robb's rebellion. He's too compromised to make for a good, impartial ruler. I don't think Jon will rule (in the books) even if he comes back to life. He's not fit to rule.
  21. Dany is Azor Ahai. I don't believe anybody else is going to wake dragons from stone. Mind you, this happened while the red comet was passing. Another marker of Azor Ahai.
  22. The short answer, because Mance Rayder had no intentions of ever bending his knees and swearing fealty to Ned Stark, or any other lord or lady of Westeros. Mance wanted to get the wildlings on the safe side of the wall and do it without making compromises. Ned, if approached properly, will listen if he can be convinced to come to the other side of the wall and talk with Mance. But Ned, and any person of authority in Westeros, would require Mance to bend his knees to the authority of the crown before the wildlings can be allowed to cross the wall. Each wildling will have to swear fealty to their new rulers. That is part of the main themes of the story. The solution is known but people are unwilling to bend and compromise. I blame the wildlings for this impasse.
  23. Ashara was very likely beautiful. So many men wanted to dance with her during the Harrenhal tourney and it can't be all because she was flirty. On the beauty scale, I will say Ashara would rank far below Dany and a little below a younger-Cersei, slightly above Lynesse, but be comfortably above Catelyn, Margery, Arrianne, Roslyn, and Sansa. If we were to find a real world comparison, perhaps she is on the same level as the lovely actress Raina Hein.