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  1. Suppose Jon Arryn did as he was commanded and delivered the heads of Robert and Eddard to King Aerys II. Rhaegar got Lyanna preggers and they had an offspring. Lyanna dies in childbirth. Listed below are my predictions of what will happen. Please tell me which of my predictions you agree will happen and answer the questions that I have presented. Benjen will be forced to join the Watch. Which happened. King Aerys II will disinherit Rhaegar and his entire line in favor of Prince Viserys. Which he did do. Another House will be given supremacy over the North. But which house? Who will marry Catelyn and Lysa? Does Petyr have a chance now? Prince Viserys becomes the most sought-after bachelor in the world. Who will marry him? Princess Rhaenys and Prince Aegon are disinherited but they can still make valuable marriage alliances. Where will Rhaegar keep his bastard? Will this have any effect on the King-Beyond-the-Wall and his plans? If so, what effect? Balon will silently fume but not rebel. King Aerys II continues to have the best Kingsguard in recent history. Will Jon Arryn be rewarded for his loyalty?
  2. Was it Jon's intention to simply rescue a girl in need and then to promptly return her to Ramsay? Because if that was his plan then his crimes are lessened a bit. We know it wasn't. Jon's behavior was so offensive that just the matter of letting Mance escape punishment was very wrong. Mance was Jon's dog. Jon sent him to get Arya and the buck stops with Jon.
  3. And that's a good thing because the current generation (Robb, Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran) would be awful. Rickon is getting wild but if taken away from the wildling very soon and raised properly away from his siblings, he might turn out ok.
  4. True. We must also remember that Aerys had advisers like Varys around him. Varys could have asked the king to spare the boy because of his youth. He was only a squire and most likely did not shout, "Rhaegar, come out and die!" like the other deserving fools did.
  5. You would have to include the Starks in that company. Even Osha knew they were looking in the wrong the direction.
  6. Tyrion, that cynical imp. But if you don't succeed, Jon Snow, try and try again given the importance of the matter to make everyone aware of the coming danger.
  7. Poll: Should details from other GRRM stories be used as evidence for ASOIAF theories? His written stories? Yes, with caution. George knows people are reading his previous work to mine for clues. He wants to surprise the book readers so expect ASOIAF to have similar elements but the plot will differ. HBO's show? No
  8. I do seem to recall George comparing the Others to some disaster coming about as a result of human actions. I wonder what action that would be. As much as I greatly dislike Jon, I do not believe it is simply due to his birth and his actions. The Others could take advantage of his screwups at the wall but that is another matter. It is likely something that many humans do. Something that has a widespread impact on the environment. What are the humans doing that bring the Others? Is it an environmental issue, like cutting down too many weirwoods? Maybe the trees keep away the Others like mothballs keep away the moths. Overpopulation? Westeros doesn't appear overpopulated to me, but then I am using our modern idea of population density. It could be crowded when compared to natural sustainability. Violence? Is it only victims of violence that can be turned? Is it slavery? You could argue that the Others practice slavery when they make use of corpses.
  9. The phrase, "it was all meant for Brandon" and "he was born to be a king's hand" are very suspicious. This combined with Lady Dustin's conversation with Theon are enough to cast suspicion on Rickard Stark's motives.
  10. "Brandon. Yes, Brandon would know what to do. He always did. It was all meant for Brandon. Winterfell, you, everything. He was born to be a king's hand and a father to queens. I never asked for this cup to pass to me." p. 60, AGOT. It sems to me that Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon were plotting their treason for years. The pregnant lady that Bran saw, that could have been the mother of Rickard seeking revenge against the Targaryens.
  11. The king has a right to deny them those alliances.
  12. Even more so. Brandon did not humbly seek an audience, he demanded Rhaegar to come out and threatened his life. Would you expect to threaten a judge in his court room and get away with it?
  13. I don't have my books with me. I will reply when I get home. Suffice it to say, Rickard must have known that his planned alliances would threaten his king. Those alliances would elevate his influence to the point where he could become a threat to his monarch. He had to know, unless he knows nothing like his grandson Jon, that the monarch could never allow his alliances to form.
  14. Brandon and his thugs rode in and threatened Rhaegar. If a bunch of rough looking, angry men came in with their weapons and entered your living room, what would you do? Many people in the U.S. would shoot them down.
  15. True. Walder could have turned his back on any deal offer that Robb made and begged Tywin's forgiveness. I have a hunch that Tywin made it a condition of Walder to help take out Robb though. Roose, I'm not sure what his angle was in all this. But he too came out pretty good for now.
  16. Lady Dustin's conversation with Theon is one evidence.
  17. Craster served the Watch, without actually serving the Watch. He was basically a traitor to the Free Folk because he sheltered wounded rangers and fed them. His Keep was actually an informal outposts for the Watch.
  18. Because Brandon committed a crime so unspeakably vile that he had to be executed. He rode in to the Red Keep, surrounded by his future bannermen, all fully armed, threatening to kill Prince Rhaegar. No lord would ever allow such impudence to go unpunished. The king could never allow Brandon to leave with his life. That Stark idiot deserved to be flayed and salted over the course of ten years for his cheek. I am sure Brandon was tortured and put to the question. Probably by Varys. He would have revealed everything by the end. He'll be Lord Chatty before too long. I believe he sang about the plot called Southron Ambitions and that was why Aerys lured Rickard to the city.
  19. The Prince of Dorne functions in a similar capacity to the other High Lords. However, there is some social prestige they have that others envy, because he retained his style or formal address of "prince" instead of relegated to "lord" like the rest. It may have to do with the fact that Dorne was never conquered. They were "unbowed" and joined the kingdom through marriage.
  20. Walder had more options to handle the situation than poor Bowen had.
  21. Yup, the usurper's dogs would have murdered them. That is the reason why I would have no problem whatsoever with Dany roasting Stannis when she takes back the throne. They would not have given her mother, brother, and her any compassion. There is no reason for her to give them and theirs any when she takes back Westeros.
  22. Jon Snow: Ooooh, Aryaaa!
  23. So you don't think Robb's Rebellion killed many men, women, children, the old, the sick, etc? Sure it did. Did it stop Robb? Did Robb say, "hey guys, my war is killing children. I will bend my knee to Queen Cersei. I will surrender and take what comes." No one in the master class at Astapor was innocent. Sure you can say there were some little fish but when you read carefully how the slaves were treated you realize there were no little fish. Cruelty was everywhere. From killing newborn babes to murdering puppies. There were many who died in Robb's war with Tywin that were completely innocent. None of the ones who died in Meereen were innocent. Alright, I suppose ,maybe you had someone just passing by and was a tourists in the city who happened to just be wearing a tokar and of the right age. Sure, that is possible. Wearing the tokar is a sign that somebody belonged to the Master class. Robert's Rebellion killed innocents of every age. If saving lives were the priority then Jon Arryn should have turned Ned and Robert over. Two young men whose families were conspiring against the king are not worth the thousands that died. Tywin's attack on the Reynes killed children. Do you believe only the strong and the guilty would have died if Stannis had succeeded in taking King's Landing? War is hell and innocents die. One question you should be asking is if the war was justified. In the case of Astapor, I say YES. Over 8000 Unsullied are now free and many more in training are free.
  24. That is exactly why Robb lost. He put his desire for Jeyne ahead of his oaths to his most powerful ally. And let me add, an ally who fulfilled every part of his agreement in the pact. Jon's transgressions are pretty similar. He placed his love for Arya ahead of his duty to protect the realm. Understandable why his brothers would want to stop him from doing further harm.