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  1. There are no record of a female Targaryen going mad. I agree with Damsel's post. The females are not vulnerable to madness but the males are.
  2. The dragons hatched on their own hundreds of years ago. They had no need for artificial incubation because 1) the eggs were fresh, 2) the parents took care of the eggs. By the time of book 1, all the fresh dragon eggs are gone. Illyrio had to get his three from Asshai and they are not fresh. They are so old that they have turned to stone. There are no living dragons to act as parents and incubate the eggs. Our hero had to fulfill the role of parent after the impossible feat of bringing life back to petrified eggs.
  3. I will have to argue with some of your points. The Greyjoys rebelled. That was a major conflict. Dorne was technically in rebellion. King Viserys III was still alive and living across the Narrow Sea. People still called Robert the Usurper behind his back. It is hard to undo the legacy of three centuries of Targaryen rule.
  4. I have a chance to think this over. I am now of the opinion that we should do away with Great Houses and level every noble house to make them equal. All will be answerable to the monarch and swear loyalty to the monarch directly.
  5. I don't see it that way. I think HBO made a corporate decision to take the story in a certain direction and it is not the same direction as the novels. It is bad writing in the sense that they have given up on plausibility, continuity, and nuance. They basically changed the characters and made up their own. The only thing remaining the same are the names and even that is inconsistent.
  6. Yup, that he did. Baelish has done more to take down the establishment than anybody.
  7. I'm reading a quote from a quote from another thread but so be it. The pale swords are reminiscent of Dawn. It is possible that those men were related to the Daynes. Milkglass is how Dawn was described. We do have to ask a few questions. The men are in their later years. Their clothes have faded. Are they trapped somewhere? Imprisoned? It is one of the more interesting visions in book 1.
  8. Fair points. I think the truth of the matter is that there are competing theories out there that have an equal chance if not better of being right. You cannot use that Other as proof of anything, other than bad screen writing from the show. Not really. Brandon and Lyanna provides symmetry to what the Targaryens are up to. And this is a story with symmetry, Fire and Ice.
  9. Dorne (Daynes): They keep to themselves and don't start wars. I like the sand snakes though, maybe one could marry into the Daynes. Reach (Tyrells): They do a good job and they fought against Robert and his rebellion. Stormlands: Should be annexed and become property of House Targaryen under Empress Daenerys. Crownlands: Belong to the ruling monarch and a loyal steward should be designated for this and the Stormlands. Iron Islands (Farwynds): Gylbert is an interesting dude and he doesn't seem to stir up trouble like the Greyjoys do. Vale (Naharis): Lord Daario Naharis and the new governor and warden of the east, dispossess Robyn Arryn. West (Mormont): Lord Jorah Mormont, the new warden of the west. North (Bolton): He removed the two-time rebels from power, he believes in a quiet land, he's capable. Warden of the north. Riverlands (Goodbrook): Restore the Goodbrooks to power, dispossess all of the remaining Tullys, take back Riverun from the Freys and give it to the Goodbrooks for keeping faith with House Targaryen during Robert's rebellion.
  10. It was her decision. She made that call. Plumm was actually useful with that information. Too bad he turned his coat later on. The old sellsword should pay for that betrayal later on.
  11. Polygamy is not legal. There are close ties between religion and the state and that may partly explain the reasons. There are practical reasons why it is illegal and that is to prevent squabbles over inheritance. It gives security to the first wife and her children. It makes marriage alliances stronger when you know the potential husband cannot simply set her aside in favor of a younger woman later on. Any children produced outside of the first and only legal marriage will be bastards.
  12. High Valyrian is the language of the upperest of the upper class. It is not practical in Westeros but you can understand why the royal Targaryens will have been taught. It is part of their heritage. Prince Viserys must have had the very best education and he then passed all he knew to little Dany during their travels. It is said that children pick up a language easier and that will partly explain how it is that Dany speaks many tongues. This is similar to Emperor Hirohito of Japan. He spoke a Japanese that was no longer in common use.
  13. I suppose so. Maybe V was scared of pain and that doesn't make martial arts any easier.
  14. His small size is non threatening and he accepts insults. Helpful in that situation.
  15. Tyrion saved Jorah, Penny, and himself. He managed to get Yezzan to trust him. Jorah and Penny were lost but Tyrion's planning got them accepted with the sell swords. This play also took away Casterly Rock from Jaime and Cersei should they have the good fortune to make it back to Westeros. His contracts basically gave the Lannister lands to the mercenary officers.
  16. With Marwyn. I hope. That will force Samwell to follow.
  17. Hanging is for those who broke the law. The only ones on your death row who broke the laws are Ramsay (Lady Hornwood) and Euron (rebellion, calling himself king, and attacking the reach). Qyburn broke the equivalent of company policy and got fired. Black Walder fought against a dangerous rebel who tried to steal half of the kingdom's lands. That's not law breaking, that's law abiding. The Weeper is a free man who answers to no one. A man can do as a man pleases where he lives. He is beyond the law as long as he stays on his side of the fence.
  18. There is certainly the tools of literary fiction at work in the novels. Irony, symmetry, parallel plot lines, heroine's journey, hero's journey, numerology, uncertain history. What you are asking though is very specific and I just don't know. Jon sends Aemon off. Aemon dies. Jon gets killed by the men of the watch. Rhaego was murdered. Dany executes MMD. Robert kills Rhaegar. Lancel kills Robert via the boar. I don't see a pattern but I do see a weak correlation which can be explained by consequence. I may be able to say that had Aemon been at the Wall, he may have managed to talk Jon away from getting involved with Arya and Ramsey's domestic business. If MMD had not murdered Rhaego she would still be alive. If Robert had lost to Rhaegar he would have died in that river or gotten executed for treason instead of getting killed by Lancel 16 years later.
  19. You and I see the Freys differently. In my eyes, the Freys are very practical and competent. They made their money the old fashioned way, they earned it. They don't preoccupy themselves with battle glories. They avoid wars whenever they could but their less-competent and prideful liege lord Hoster keep dragging them into it. It's not Walder's fault that Lyanna ran off to break her oaths to Robert. It's even less his fault that Hoster agreed to join the rebellion to get rid of a soiled daughter. I hope you can see why Walder would have little respect for Hoster Tully. Hoster's ambition to move his family up the social ladder got a lot of Rivermen killed. Fast forward to the future and Tully's daughter makes trouble with the Lannisters. Tully's son-in-law commits and admits to treason. Tully's grandson starts a rebellion. Tully's grandson starts knocking on his doorstep and tells him to cooperate in his rebellion or he'll attack. There is no evidence whatsoever to label the Freys incompetent. If anything, Walder Frey is a skilled businessman who has done a good job of running the family business and building his wealth despite being hampered by his foolish liege lord, Hoster Tully. The Freys never started any of those wars. Their foolish and proud high lord was the one who dragged them into a fight that they had no quarrel with. So Walder wants to avoid sticking to the losing side and possibly losing his wealth. It's hard to blame the man. I'm not saying Walder is the most honorable of men. Walder Frey is no Willem Darry. Willem Darry was an honorable man who remained loyal to Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys even if it costed him everything. Willem Darry is the paragon of honor and duty. Walder Frey is not. But that doesn't make Walder incompetent, nor foolish. He just puts family safety and business practicality ahead of honor. I don't admire Walder Frey but I can't fault him for doing the red wedding after all the foolish things Robb did. The Red Wedding preserved the Frey fortunes and gained them a castle. Maybe they won't be able to hold on to it and maybe they will. We just don't know. But for now it looks like a winning move for the Freys and the only thing we can be sure of is now.
  20. Thank you for bringing this up. Nothing in the text suggests Elia did anything wrong. By all accounts, Elia was a fine and decent woman. To the o/p: She deserved better than what she got if Rhaegar ran off with another woman. I am not sold on R+L=J but since this topic assumes that and I want to comment I will go with it for this discussion. But we have to also consider other equally likely scenarios. Like Lyanna ran into Rhaegar for help because she wanted to avoid her marriage to Robert. Ever chivalrous and soft, Rhaegar agreed to give her shelter. While this is not a violation of his marriage vows it was still irresponsible for a prince of the realm to do. The prince does not take sides. Another scenario, and the one that I favor, Lyanna was already pregnant and ran to Rhaegar for help. Whose the baby's daddy? Mance Rayder and Brandon Stark are the best suspects.
  21. Gain can be measured in other ways besides gold. Walder Frey got his revenge on Hoster Tully. He took the man's property, wed his daughter to Edmure, and shortened Robb by a few inches. The war ended abruptly and saved the lives of his remaining small folk. He got rid of Walda. House Frey married into the new high house of the north. It was a gain compared to what they could have lost if they had stuck with the boy who never respected them in the first place.
  22. I suppose if either Irri or Jhiqi were to leave the world of the living Penny can fill in and be the 3rd handmaid. But yes, it was an act of pure empathy and compassion.
  23. I don't think it's fair to say the Freys have no honor. They do. They had an agreement with Robb in exchange for marriage. They fulfilled every part of their obligations and they paid dearly to honor their side of the bargain. They lost Stevron and incurred casualties.
  24. That's coming from the show. Book Tyrion has his own army of sellswords. I doubt he's interested in serving Dany. Which is fine with me because I don't trust Tyrion.
  25. This