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  1. You know more than a few readers believe it was Mance who brought the wrath of the Others down on the kingdom. Me? I think the Starks did it. It was something the Starks did. Mance would torture women and children if it allowed him to keep his "freedom" as he sees it. His morals, if they exist, are flexible and he is the worst kind of criminal, an oathbreaker. Ned even said, no man is more dangerous than an oathbreaker.
  2. Catelyn screwed up big time on a few occasions. She is what Sansa will be in a few years. Still, why devote numerous vids on Catelyn's faults when Jaime and Cersei started the whole war. Catelyn made the situation worse but so did Ned and Tywin. Stannis, Renly, and Balon contributed to the mess after the war started. And dare I say the Young Wolf contributed to the mess too.
  3. Probably so. The overall relationship between the telepaths (Greenseers and Undyings Ones) remind me of an old Scifi movie called "The Time Machine" where the people on the surface are preyed upon by the people who live below the ground. The eloi and the morlocks. The Greenseers and the Undying Ones manipulate some susceptible surface dwellers to provide for them continuous supply of blood sacrificial victims. How does this relate to the Others? Perhaps they are victims of the telepaths too and they have managed to rid the other side of the wall with these dangerous humans. They want to cross the wall and march down to the God's Eye and kill the last few remaining telepaths including Bran.
  4. It's good to know you're still in one piece. Mance loves his free spirit ways and he will not hesitate to torture and kill women and children if he thinks it will give him immunity from having to bend his knees and obey man's laws. He's a rule breaker and would not let anything like morals keep him from what he wants.
  5. This is true and why the Union prevailed. The southern economy ran on free labor. The issue of slavery in of itself is not parallel to ASOIAF as a precursor to the war. While I have no doubt that Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon were plotting treason, I do not think it is secession from the rest of the 7K was their intention. The south clearly had that intention. The War of the Five Kings was based on supporting family and house pride. Tywin and Catelyn were both at fault for escalating what should have been a small matter into something that killed thousands of innocent people. Just as Jon Arryn can be faulted for escalating what should have been a comparatively small matter of the lives of two boys from treasonous families into a rebellion that killed many innocents. Robb should have gone to King's Landing and sworn fealty as he was commanded to do instead of calling his banners and ramping up the conflict. Slavery is the main factor in the War for Independence taking place at Slaver's Bay but it is not a big factor in the conflict between the lion and the direwolf. Yes Bran is guilty of a vile form of slavery and mind control but that is not the reason for the War of the Five Kings. Bran is actually an innocent victim of the lions when the Lannisters threw him off the tower.
  6. The last year of his life right before Summerhall.
  7. Slaver's Bay is a great teacher and the perfect laboratory for trying out different ways of ruling. In my opinion, Dany represents the same youthful idealism that George had when he was younger. Now that idealism has been tempered with age and experience. Specifically, I think we will see representation for the common people. The free people of Mereen has access to the court and be heard by the highest authority in the land. I expect there will be something similar in place for Westeros except it will be more formal. The Hand will appoint a court where the commoners can air their concerns. The key change is representation for the commons where they can have some input in how things will get done. What interests me most is how she will provide for succession. Not something any 17 year old would think about but that will be determined by whether she has the ability to have children or not. She may institute a voting system in which the representatives and the nobles will get to choose the ruler of the land. In that case, she will be the last ruling monarch and the successor will be an elected person who will only rule for a finite term. She may stick around to see the land through the long night and depart in Spring back to her adopted children to fulfill the role of Mhysa according to her last vision in the House of the Undying.
  8. Robb married Jeyne because he preferred to do that rather than take a chance on someone he has never met before. That, despite what he says to Catelyn, is the reason. Robb chose with his heart and he tried to excuse it by hiding behind "honor" when what he did was the very opposite of honor. Robb was not behaving honorably, he was behaving selfishly. There is nothing honorable in what Robb did. The problem that many of us have with Jon is not how he handled the situation with Ygritte. It's how he handled the situation with Arya, Mance, and Ramsay. There was no honor in the way Jon handled that situation.
  9. Rhaegar is not the last dragon. He was barely a dragon and the dragons may not even let him bond with them. That's just a loosely used term. Daenerys is the only real dragon among the children of Aerys and Rhaella. Now, on to the question. No, Jon does not look anything like a Valyrian. For that reason and many others, I do not buy into the R+L=J idea. While Gendry may resemble Robert, even Ned had to squint and look closely. Whereas the look of the Starks, Jon's looks, is very obvious even at a casual glance.
  10. You might find a Youtube channel called "The Order of the Greenhand" interesting. I do not believe R+L=J. That theory hinges on the very narrow foundation that require all of the following to be true among other things: Lyanna died from childbirth. The child was born right before Ned and his men arrive. The baby lived. Lyanna could have slitted her wrist after learning Rhaegar died at the trident. Perhaps she had a child months before the Tower of Joy incident and it was that child that Ned took to Winterfell. That opens up the possibility that she was already pregnant when Rhaegar kidnapped her. Perhaps she got pregged by Brandon, or even Mance as the M + L = J theorists believe. I personally would like to see B+L=J as it brings a parallel to the story. With a pregnancy that resulted in the death of the mother it is also possible that the child also died. I agree with the OP, Jon was born a bastard and he remains a bastard. There are numerous good possibilities for his parentage and most lead to him being a bastard.
  11. The author expended a great deal of effort. I will say this, if the Palace of Dust was shaped like a Firewyrm, it is more likely that the builders knew the same stone shaping technique that the builders of Dragonstone did. Shade of the Evening. It opens the mind and dulls the senses. Really? It dulls the senses but you can only do that if you also dull the person's resistance. It's anesthesia for the nerves and the mind. It opens the person to manipulations and suggestions. The roots entering Bloodraven's skull would cause pain unless he's been completely numbed from drinking the potion. Drogon. He has a strong bond with Dany and I think he knows when she's in danger. You only have to reread the chapter on Daznak's Pit for confirmation. The direwolves protect their humans and it is reasonable to assume that the dragons also protect their humans. Dany won the mind games in the HotU. But they finally got the upper hand when she sat at the table and started to listen. Temptation, the hunger for knowledge. Magic was winning over intellect until Drogon came to the rescue. Drogon knew the danger and started attacking the bi-colored door immediately.
  12. That would be correct. The knowledge is not for general consumption. The Starks kept it secret.
  13. Which is why Rickard Stark's motives are suspect. Southron Ambitions.
  14. That's how rich people stay rich.
  15. Very well, let's look at this mismatched pairing. Finding a suitable spouse is like scouting athletes. You're hoping for future potential. Jorah just won the prestigious tourney. His father is a respected man of the Night's Watch. Lynesse is the youngest sibling. Hightower would have to give a big dowry to get somehow of high rank to marry her. I am talking someone who is a lord of their own castle. Jorah is not rich by the standards of the nobility but he could keep her comfortable enough. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  16. So, in your opinion, who builds better ships and why do you think so? Who are the best shipbuilders on Planetos? Ironborn Braavos Qarth Redwyne Ibbenese
  17. The Rhoyne worshipped turtles! The Qohori has the Black Goat. George said we will not see god in ASOIAF. At least not a god as we define it today. These are just spiritual representations to focus people's beliefs. For all we know, just like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz, there's a few prune-like, dried up telepaths sitting in the dark beneath a weirwood telling people to worship a black goat/red god/weirwood/drowned god. I don't have anything to point to a connection between the Red God and the Drowned God. These are ancient, barbaric religions and not too much better than the Old Gods. The RG and the OG practiced human sacrifice. The DG tries to drown you. I guess that is the connection.
  18. Her story alone can sell the books. I can't say that for any other character. I actually loved her eastern story arc because it took me away from the dreary doldrums of the North and the aimless travels of Arya in the Riverlands. Her eastern story arc was always meant to be significant. The Dothraki are even more important to the story than the Wildlings. I am sure the liberated former slaves will also have an important role to play.
  19. You may be right but it's way cooler if Howland used blood sacrifice to magic himself up. That's his Powerade.
  20. Lyanna is a "slim, sad girl" and unlikely to have the arm strength to hold the lance steady enough to unhorse three experienced riders. Her riding skills are superb and we cannot doubt that. That riding and having a good seat is important to jousting is fact. I just think there is plenty of room for doubt here. The booming voice and the arm strength required are attributes that Lyanna would not have. I can understand getting lucky with the first tilt but three. Oh well.
  21. Strongly seduced with the help of wine? Would Selmy see that as the same thing?
  22. 2 and 3 Pycelle was capable of giving sound advice to Cersei and she may choose to listen some of the time. I also think this is Varys paying Pycelle back for the sack of king's landing. It was Pycelle who talked King Aerys to open the gates to the Lannisters. I now suspect Pycelle knew full well what would happen. The Lannisters were in communication with Pycelle and used him to set up Aerys. Varys was paying him back for his treachery.
  23. He doesn't have a single Targaryen physical feature. That is correct. He's all North, all Ice, all Stark, all direwolf. Not even a little bit of Valyrian feature. That is indeed odd.
  24. His nephew was his brother's son either way. Ned or Brandon's. Ofcourse, we could all really go out on the far side and say Benjen may be the papa but he doesn't act that way towards Jon, so I am sure he is not the sire.
  25. Polynesian. However, the appearance of the SI in the books is not the same.