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  1. The "military might" of the Dothraki has been discussed to death on the book forum. The Mongolians are a terrible comparison because of several things: 1) They had an incredibly well organized army with a series of ranks as well as incredible discipline. They were able to perform maneuvers that would leave their opponents dumbfounded, and execute incredible plans because of this. The mongols also had an extremely strict line of succession on the battlefield that allowed them to rapidly reassert control in the unfortunate case of a commander's death. 2) They had heavy armor and weapons, creating a modern army that often outclassed its enemies on the field. 3) Their forces, while depicted as "hordes of cavalry", were actually a combined arms approach consisting of infantry, contingents of ranged weapons, siege weapons, light cavalry, and heavy cavalry. 4) The Mongolians were perfectly happy and capable of amazing diplomatic acumen. They also often used subjugated peoples in their military to complement their fighting styles. These soldiers were often re-equipped with superior weapons, while any weaponry they possessed that was deemed superior to its Mongolian equivalent was rapidly replicated and incorporated into the Mongolian military. If Daenerys's Dothraki hordes are able to do anything in Westeros, it will NOT be because they are a serious military threat. It will be because The Plot Demands It!
  2. Renly had sent Mace Tyrell or Randyl Tarly with 15 or 20 thousand of his soldiers to Storm's End to stop Stannis? LIke, he has 20k Knights and 60k infantry, right? What if he learns about that, and says "My seat is not Storm's End but King's Landing.", then sends Randyl Tarly with a Rainbow Guard, 10k infantry, and 5k knights? Then he has 15k knights and 50k infantry to march to King's Landing. . . preferably faster than he was before. XD
  3. Today I read something about how GRRM refers to some characters as part of a "Big Six" (a.k.a. the six main characters). Just curious: a) Who they are? b ) Do you agree? For me, Jon, Dany, Tyrion, and Arya are definitely main characters. Beyond that, I'm not quite sure. I know that some will be very important despite not being main characters (Aegon, Samwell, Littlefinger), but I'm not sure who else I'd call main characters.
  4. In particular, I remember that Olivar Frey (Robb's Squire) wanted to stay with him due to his oaths and sense of duty/honor. He was forced to return to the Twins (I wouldn't be surprised if he was dragged there, honestly). He was kept out of the Red Wedding, and I wouldn't be surprised to know that he was held captive at the Twins to avoid him warning Robb about it somehow (be it by stealing a raven or going away on his own). Now, he and Roslin are the only Freys that we know of that hated the Red Wedding, and had to be forced to either be a part of it or be kept out of it. Is it possible that lordship of the Twins would pass to Olivar after all the shit goes down there, and the Freys eventually recover their honor (if Olivar continues to act honorably as he has so far)?
  5. The thing is, they are medieval nukes. There is absolutely nothing that can match them. . . especially if the Others have no siege weapons to get lucky with and bring them down. Is there any reason to believe that anything other than "Dragons Show Up At Massive Ice Monster Invasion. What Happens Next Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!" clickbait style writing will ensue if "Uncounterable Medieval Nukes that are the specific weakness of these great invaders" show up? I can honestly say that unlike many other things, I can see no way for Martin to make the War of the Dawn 2.0 tense except either taking the dragons out of the picture earlier or having Ice Dragons to counter them.
  6. There is going to be a Dance 2.0, per GRRM, from what I've understood. But it seems odd to me that the dragons would go over to Aegon. It seems even weirder that the dragons would be allowed to progress in the story given that the Others are going to be important. So do you think that the dragons are going to make it to the War for the Dawn? If so, do you think the Others will have some way to match them (e.g. an undead Cannibal)?
  7. As per the title. I never thought about it, until I read a theory that it is in the "tapestries" that Littlefinger had sent to the Vale. Seems odd that Tywin would have forgotten about Joffrey's blade. . . especially given his obsession with House Lannister having a Valyrian steel blade (which makes him letting Jamie keep Oathkeeper very weird).
  8. Reading through the series again (cause what else will I do in a quiet ER at 4am for weeks at a time? ), one detail caught my eye: When Brienne sees the Brotherhood Without Banners they are . . . changed. Lem is noted to have rotting teeth (never mentioned before), and seems far more . . . vicious than he did. The brotherhood is no longer gentle with its prisoners, and acts much more like vicious broken men. The Brotherhood is much more merciless now, and has lost its honor (the episode with Merret Frey being a clear indicator). It seems that ever since Dondarrion revived Lady Stoneheart, the BWB has been on a moral decay. . . which we are given physical descriptions of through the POV characters. Thoros seems distraught by how far the brotherhood has fallen, but he seems to be alone (though maybe Gendry is to a degree, which is why he now smiths at the Inn). So, Do you think that the BWB has undergone a moral decay as a direct result of Lady Stoneheart's cruel leadership? And if so, do you think that it is accompanied by actual physical decay or merely described that way by the author (drawing the eye to physical decay, rusting weapons/armor, etc) to drive home that they are falling? Further more, Can they still be redeemed? If so, under whose leadership? Will Brynden Tully take over, and promise to bring Justice to the Riverlands again (bringing the Freys to account for their actions, for example) and restore the King's Peace? Is there another character that will drive this (e.g. Jamie, Brienne, or Gendry somehow taking command and turning the Brotherhood back into the righteous force that it seemed to be under Dondarrion)? Or perhaps a new character will rise to curb the Brotherhood, and return it to the righteous path?
  9. I meant if they declared, and marched at the start of the war (before the ironbon attacked). At that point it's pretty obvious that sending a good commander like Bronze Yohn with a medium sized force to put the ironborn in their place would be a good idea.
  10. What makes you think the Umbers and Manderlys will as well? I also don't see why the Karstarks should too. There is still Alys, and wasn't one of the Karstark boys (the one with Robb's foot soldiers) a hostage? I'm curious, why were the Boltons extinguished along with the Greystarks? Do we know? I find it hard to believe that the King in the North would extinguish a family that is related to his own completely, and then be like, "Hey, Boltons! Nice to see you there. You promise to raise no new rebellions? AWESOME! Peace out." Especially the Starks of old (Theon, I'm looking at you!).
  11. Obviously they weren't the Lords Declarant at that point. That being said, what would have happened if those lords called their banners and marched for Robb Stark and Riverrun when the war started? The Royces, Templetons, Waynwoods, Belmores, Redforts, and Hunters call their levies and knights and march. Maybe the Corbrays come into it somehow. What happens when the Young Wolf has two and a half large armies? (23k from the North + Freys, 11k from the Riverlands, and another 15 to 20k from the Vale sounds about right?) Does he send his foot over to the Vale army, and order them to march against Tywin Lannister (now to a much fairer fight), and take his 6k cavalry against Riverrun to start with?
  12. Same reason that a Lannister would inherit Casterly Rock if all the Lannisters died except Genna's brood. The children would take the name of the house they were inheriting to help secure their holdings. Admittedly, this can only be done when the man is marrying up, and is probably only considered when the inheritance is fairly large.
  13. Honestly, the story could have gone on pretty much as is, but with much more tension between the Reach and Dorne. Oberyn kills Gregor, and Tyrion is declared innocent. Cersei refuses to believe it, and hires assassins on the DL to kill Tyrion. Varys catches wind of it, and warns Tyrion through Jamie. Their conversation happens similarly to how it did, and Varys once again takes Tyrion for an "escape through the tunnels". Tyrion goes through the same conversation with Tywin, and kills him the same. Tyrion continues to Essos, and that storyline continues. Then we could have had Oberyn be the Dornish POV relaying to us what is happening in Dorne (though I think at least a couple other Dornish POV's would have been needed for that storyline to progress). The storyline with Tyrion continues with minor changes. Even the whole "Dornish Revenge" thing could have been continued, as they had not, at that point, killed "The head that spoke the words" nor visited Fire and Blood on the Lannisters. Honestly, if I'd been Oberyn I probably would have gone with something like, "The Mountain is beaten. Tyrion has been declared innocent by the gods". When Tywin objected that the Mountain was not dead, I would say, "He was stabbed through his bowels. He will die. Be it in a few hours, a day or three, he will die. I, for one, am content to let him lie there and suffer for his crimes." PS. Wouldn't it have been awesome if both the times Tyrion stood accused falsely and asked for a Trial by Combat, he was declared innocent. Then he was accused RIGHTLY of a crime, and he declared a trial by combat with some amazing warrior of awesomeness like Oberyn defending him. . . . and he loses to a no name knight/sellsword and is rightly declared guilty.
  14. I'm just curious what happened to them, and why they were extinguished. I know they rebelled against the Stark in Winterfell. . . . but I'm curious about the whole story (if it exists). PS. Am I remembering wrong, or did they rebel with the Boltons at the same time?
  15. You mean the Oberyn vs. Gregor fight and Tyrion's trial?