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  1. Yes. Somebody had to stop him from his madness. His raiding party to attack the Boltons is treason. Jon became a huge liability to the Nw when he made the decision to take his sister away from her husband, who just happened to be the son of the Lord Paramount and the new Warden of the North. Jon interfered with the Bolton family. He had no cause to do that. He is expected to leave all of that behind when he took his vows and joined the Nw. Great!
  2. I can't stand Sansa. She's such a twit. I don't think Lyanna was a twit but rather a highly irresponsible and very thoughtless person who thinks only of self-gratification. I don't support R+L=J but it was still thoughtless of Lyanna to run away from Robert. Inconsiderate. So yeah they have that in common. Lyanna is more of a tomboy like Arya. All three girls are their own worst enemy. Real screwups if you ask me. I really can't stand Sansa out of the three.
  3. I would love to have Dany find and hatch more dragon eggs and to have a monopoly on them. I would love for the Valyrian Freehold to rise again and take control of the eastern continent again.
  4. I really hope not. I don't like Jon but I love Dany. I don't want anyone else to have dragons except for Dany. She is the only one that should get to have that kind of power and privilege.
  5. Yes to both questions. I don't think it will play out that way but I would be content if Jon stayed dead and Dany stayed in Essos. Lots of work to do and plenty of adventures to be had in Essos. I want to see the 5 forts and Stygai and Dany seems to be the only one who can take us there.
  6. The younger, more beautiful queen is Daenerys Targaryen. The one who will take everything from Cersei. I can't wait to see this happen. My questions is, when will this happen? Before the final battle with the Night's King? After the battle with the Night's King? I am leaning towards AFTER the final battle with the Night's King and Daenerys is ready to set her plans in motion to break the wheel. Daenerys will become Queen of Westeros. And even though I don't like Jon, I believe he will rule beside her. Similar to Allysanne and Jaeherys did two hundred years ago. I don't see any other candidates, at least not on the show. More dragon eggs will be found or laid. The dragons are needed to balance out the White Walkers.
  7. I hate Jon but I wouldn't say he's incompetent. In the books he's a traitor but not an incompetent. He's too emotional and he doesn't think with his head. He's a crude person who should remain with the wildlings. I do agree that he would not make a good ruler. He might make a decent village chief of the free folk in the footsteps of Tormund.
  8. The team running the show are good at marketing. I can't say they're good at writing the screenplays. Best to bring in consultants. I nominate Elio and Linda if it's something they would care to do. They will do a great job and they can help Brian Cogman.
  9. I really want Jaime and Bronn to die. I don't care how as long as they die as soon as possible.
  10. Yara will survive and honor her pact with Dany. The Ironborn will stop reaving and take the path towards peaceful coexistence with the mainland. I think Theon will find a way to defeat Euron. He has to to do something worthwhile in this story. Someone in Euron's crew has to be asking themselves if the alliance with Cersei is really a good idea. All it takes is a few doubters and perhaps Yara and Theon can win them over. But don't expect anything good to happen without first having a good fight. A naval battle between Theon and Euron would be awesome. All Theon need do is find a thousand ships, right. The only source for that many ships is Braavos, an anti-slavery state who just might thrown in with Theon because he supports the Breaker of Chains.
  11. Correct. The story on the show is inconsistent and unbelievable. It doesn't build upon previous events in many cases. Although sometimes they do a decent job of tying the past to the present. Like Sansa's cowardice in season 1. I just hope that plot leads to something interesting.
  12. Dany had the Reach, the West, Dorne, and Dragonstone before the episode. She added the North as soon as Jon effectively knelt. Dany's territories or holdings are Dorne, the Reach, Dragonstone, West and the North. The Vale may need a little more convincing. Maybe take Robyn for a ride on a dragon would help. The episode 7 preview shows the arrival of the Iron Fleet. This is a good time to set those ships ablaze and get rid of Euron for good. In less than a few minutes those ships can be eliminated. Cersei is in a tough spot but that old broad will do something crazy. Dany just needs to finish her off and get on with saving the realm from the white walkers. Cersei's holdings are the Stormlands and the River lands. She also holds the capital.
  13. Only two things: Dany is now Queen of the North. Jon effectively knelt. The CGI. This can never be faulted. But I have to nitpick and say those lovely visuals deserved a better script.
  14. Poor script. I wonder if the producers had a chance to think if it had reasonable logic before filming. The CGI was great, as always. The acting was great. But the plot was awful.
  15. Whether he comes back a fire wight or an ice wight will depend on who revives him.