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  1. 1. The Handmaid's Tale 2. Big Little Lies 3. Rick and Morty
  2. It seems to me that they do whatever they think will service their dudebros audience. In addition, they seem pretty much determined to avoid ASOIAF's fantasy elements as long as they aren't cool enough for the dudebros (dudebros like dragons and wrestler zombie while they don't like grown lady zombie). So honestly the question that should be asked is will dudebros like this? Will dudebros like Tyrion dealing with depression? No? Let's have him tell dick jokes all the time. Will dudebros like Bran and Sansa more than Cersei and Jaime? No? Well let's reduce them to secondary "characters" (Bran - serving exposition only, Sansa - interchangeable, serving Ramsay's main arc), put Cersei and Jaime as the most important characters along with Tyrion, Jon and Dany.
  3. If he had lost interest in the series then he would have published two final mediocre books a long time ago and been done with it.
  4. A shame is that people are ready to bury GRRM while he is still alive and kicking.
  5. You mean her birthright that Jon usurped like Renly did Stannis EXACTLY THE SAME WAY?
  6. I hope so along with Daenerys and Tyrion. I don't want an "All was well" ending.
  7. So the show ruining it for the books, which made the show exist in the first place, is OK?! Do people not realize what an adaptation even means anymore? How did the show was successful when it was actually based on books? How did the books not ruin the show then?! Actually he hasn't been involved in the series since season 5 and he said that D&D can do whatever they want and he can't do anything about it. If he had had any control, Dorne would have been different and Sansa wouldn't have been raped. You pretty much contradicted yourself with this sentence. A story is not just a checklist of plot points and the endgame. If that was the case then why don't they just reveal those and be done with that? A story is characterization, context and themes. The journey is as important as the endgame, even more. He doesn't have his story changed. D&D hack his story until it is not his anymore, because they rather have their preferred characters have the plots of other characters (Jon instead of Stannis, Tyrion instead of Dany\Barristan\Quentyn) or change the plot of main characters to serve secondary characters (Sansa is not worthy of her own plot from the books because "there's this story line with Ramsay" and he's so obviously more important than her so she is put in there instead of Jeyne). I'm sorry but you don't get GRRM's story, you get D&D's fanfiction. If you want GRRM's story, read the books.
  8. Nobody expected them to wait. People are mostly bothered by D&D about how their characterization is off, how they interchange characters so lightly even though it doesn't make sense, and how they reverse the themes of the book because instead of telling a good story, they prefer to shock the viewers with violence, sex and rape.
  9. The show didn't keep the "bear no living child" part of the prophecy, it was dropped in season 1 and retconed in season 6 without any "until". Aunt/Nephew is not incest in Westeros.
  10. Tyrion won't become Hand of the Queen cause Martin actually remains true to the characterization he has written. I don't see any logical situation in which Dany names Tyrion her hand (or anyone for that matter cause Daenerys is done being a queen). Cersei won't burn KL. Aegon will most likely conquer it, but I can see it happening on the show cause they like to whitewash their heroes.
  11. I guess Sansa and Arya just don't care about their father and how he would have done it. Dogs, Daggers. Who cares about that "fetch me a block" line and why Jon thought that hanging Janos is wrong.
  12. Does anyone think Arya will execute LF with her thin needle?
  13. Yes, but IMO Jon in the books will go through internal journey and deal with the trauma of being resurrected, I don't think he will be the one to decide to leave the NW, I believe that it will be forced upon him and I definitely don't think he will take over Stannis' ADWD plot.
  14. In s2, He was mean to Gilly, unlike the books where he feels compassion for her and feels sorry that he actually can't help, instead he gets angry at Sam, he constantly defies his commands, he still doesn't get that in the NW he is just like everyone else, he's the one who wants to join Qhorin instead of the latter asking for him, showung again that he hasn't matured and then they completely disregarded his time with Qhorin, probably decided it's not important enough only to get Jon sexually harrassed by Ygritte. His time with Qhorin was important! That's when Jon learns what it takes to be a leader the most, and then thanks to him, his ranging party got killed. S4 had pacing issues because they wanted big e9 battle, but Jon's arc resolution should have been refusing Winterfell and becoming the new lord commander, it resulted with him not doing much in s4 so they invented gang rape keep and rushed his ADWD arc in season 5, removing all of his internal conflicts about Winterfell, his oathbreaking and basically whitewashing him and making him a bland regular hero.
  15. A story is not just a checklist of plot points. Context matters, characterization matters, themes matter. So no, the story will not be the same, the story can't be the same when the only thing the characters from the show share with their book counterpart is the name. And Arianne does not care about revenge ffs, and I don't believe Cersei will burn KL, especially not the sept that doesn't have any wildfire underneath.