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  1. To be fair, Ned is used to seeing the long face of the north. So he goes to the tourney in the south and sees a better proportioned face. Even a mildly attractive Ashara would light his senses. Ashara is beautiful but she's not in the same league as the Targaryen women and perhaps not even in the same league as Cersei Lannister.
  2. The problem is, Bran also uses Hodor for his own selfish reasons and not out of necessity. Bran is doing unethical things. That said, Arya is the evil one in the Stark family right now. Bran is not evil. He's just emotionally sick.
  3. My thanks to you all for the continued interest in this old post of mine.
  4. Sansa Ofcourse Brandon would second the list if he were POV. That was stupid to make an attempt on your king's son over a sister who ran off willingly. Lyanna is not worth offending and disrespecting the royal family over.
  5. Ned is not the boy scout that everyone thinks he is. He was old enough to know what his dad and older bro was up to. And they were up to no good plotting against their king.
  6. Interesting discussion but MMD is not a Targaryen. The meaning of the phrase "three headed dragon of House Targaryen" loses significance if even one of those dragons is not a Targaryen. I used to believe Drogo's soul brought life to Drogon, but I now believe Drogon is a past Targaryen. Maybe even Aegon himself.
  7. The pink letter's arrival forced Jon to admit his crimes. He already broke Night's Watch laws many times over. He let Mance Rayder walk away from execution. A man who was guilty of the most heinous crimes against the watch and the people of the seven kingdoms. Jon let this poor excuse for a human live because the guy can help get his sister out of Winterfell. This, right after he executes a sworn brother of the Night's Watch for a comparatively minor offense. The way Jon handled the situation of Janos and Mance is an assault to justice. Jon allowed personal feelings and personal interests to decide his actions. Jon is very much unfit to lead. He is the worst leader ever to command the watch. He follows this idiot move by sending Mance + wildlings to go get his sister away from Ramsay Bolton. I will admit, Jon is not the sharpest of people but even one such as him would know this act is a declaration of war against Roose Bolton, the legitimate warder of the north, unlawful, and a violation of his vows. The pink letter escalated the threat that Jon believed Arya was in. I would imagine he had images in his mind of Arya trying to run away from Ramsay and his dogs. Was Jon simply going to rescue her and then force her to return to Ramsay? We all know Jon was not going to do that. He was going to take Arya away from the Boltons and he was willing to endanger everyone in the kingdom to do it. Irresponsible behavior for one tasked with defending against the Others. It is clear from the text that Jon betrayed the Night's Watch, committed illegal acts, started a war, and broke his vows. All that to rescue his sister. Jon destroyed the wall and the watch for the sake of Arya. He's the worst leader in the history of the wall.
  8. I don't think GM will allow Jon to cheat death. GM went to a lot of trouble to set up what happened to Jon and Jon really brought it down on himself. I would hate to see Jon come back to life as a human. He shouldn't get another chance.
  9. Wolf = savage Starks = savages
  10. Their feelings towards him at the end of ADWD is more a reflection of how they feel about their king, Mance Rayder. That Jon betrayed his oaths and broke the laws to spare Mance is a positive in their primitive wildling point of view. When Jon revealed to the wildlings that he spared Mance, that got him plenty of brownie points. Jon earned points with the wildlings but lost points with everybody else because he broke the rules and his oaths. He should have executed Mance. And that was compounded when he revealed he started a war with the Boltons just to get his sister out of their hands.
  11. He did not because Rhaegar effectively broke the alliance at that point, whether Lyanna ran off by choice or not. The marriage was needed to seal the alliance. Aerys also had Brandon in custody, thus preventing the bonding with the Tullys via Catelyn. I am actually not going to be surprised if Lyanna's abduction was planned. It accomplished a lot. That Brandon rode into the red keep threatening the royal family put him in Aerys' hands was a blessing. The Starks alone could not hope to win against the king.
  12. The question really is, whether being real or not will be enough to get support from the lords and ladies. The answer to that is NO. There will be many factors to consider before they would choose to support Aegon. It's not just whether he's real or not. The direct answer is YES they will care whether he's real or not. That is one factor. Can he win is another important factor. No one wants to support the losing side. Are the people weary and tired of Baratheon rule? Obviously they are. The war between the Lannisters and the Starks brought ruin to Westeros. It never got this bad under the Targaryens. The people know by now that they had it better under Targaryen rule than what they have now. I would like to see Daenerys ruling on the Iron Throne with Aegon as her consort. Maybe there will be a joining of the Targaryen and Blackfyre line of the family in the future. A marriage alliance between Dany and Aegon.
  13. No, Rickard was set on usurping the Targaryens. He would never consent to an alliance with the dragons because he wanted to put Robert on the throne from the start. A rebellion was going to take place as soon as Rickard had all of his alliances bonded with marriage. If there is anything complex about this matter, I would venture to say it came from the side of the dragons. That Rhaegar meant to seduce Lyanna to prevent the marriage alliance between the Starks and the Baratheons.
  14. Would ASOIAF without magic, dragons and the others been better? No. The books would be boring to read without the dragons. The primary protagonists is the Dragon Queen and those dragons are an important part of her story.
  15. Jon was already feeling or lacking the feeling from the bleeding. The boys did a good job and punctured him well. The unresponsiveness from his sword hand. Perhaps Bowen's knives hit the nerves and damaged the signal to his hand. But that's minor considering the mortal wounds he took. yes