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  1. Jon is not in the line of succession. R + L = J is not a proven theory. The youtube channels of The Order of the Greenhand and Preston Jacobs eloquently made their case against this flimsy theory of R + L = J. Even if R + L = J is proven, Jon is still a bastard. Polygamy is not legal in Westeros. The child of these two will be bastards. An annulment with his wife is not likely because Rhaegar + Elia was consummated and they have their children to prove it. King Aerys disinherited Rhaegar's children. Any child of Rhaegar and Lyanna, even if Rhaegar pulled a divorce and somehow got his second marriage legalized, are no longer in the line of succession because Aerys chose Prince Viserys to be his heir. Viserys became King Viserys III when his mother, Queen Rhaella, crowned him on Dragonstone. This removed Aegon and Jon from the line of succession. Jon is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. Taking the Black means you give up any and all claims. Aemon Targaryen took the black to permanently remove himself from the line of succession. Jon committed treason against the Night's Watch, supported Stannis, sent Mance Rayder loose on the north, broke his oaths, and got himself executed for treason. He's dead. Jon does not look like a Targaryen. He looks the opposite. DNA testing has not been invented yet and like I said above, he is a bastard and Rhaegar's children got disinherited. Take note that if Rhaegar pulled a miracle and somehow married Lyanna that it made Aegon and Rhaenys bastards. Aegon and Jon cannot be both legitimate. Only one can be legit and the other a bastard.
  2. It's quite easy to justify Roose Bolton undermining Robb from the beginning. Robb rebelled against the throne and Roose had a duty to remain loyal to their king. Roose can say he was working against a rebel from the very start in service to the crown because he is a loyal man. Roose was serving the crown against the rebels.
  3. Here's what we know. It was cold. Cold can make your fingers stiff and frost on the blade can make it stick. Jon spent considerable time indoors with Tormund and then the Shieldhall when he admitted to his crimes and announced his intentions to attack Winterfell. The humidity may be enough to bring enough moisture to the steel blade. That moisture becomes sticky in very cold temperatures. He goes from a humid area, back to a very cold outdoor air, and then back into the humidity of the giant's sleeping quarters. It is possible for frost to form on the blade and the sheath. It's obvious from the text that Bowen was and is a very dutiful man of the NW. His reasons are clear: He had to stop his fool of a commander. We don't need to bring unnecessary complexity to try and make B Marsh and the NW look like bad guys. They were good men who did their duties to the NW.
  4. A Greywind coat would make a fine gift for the High Septon. You know, because it's holey!
  5. None of the five. Because the Targaryens retained the legal right to rule. The laws made no provisions for rebellion. Rebellion is illegal. Therefore, the Baratheons had no legal right to rule. The legitimate ruler was King Viserys III. The right to rule passed from King Aerys II and on down to his chosen son, King Viserys III, who was crowned on Dragonstone by Queen Rhaella herself. Viserys was in fact the rightful ruler. Stealing the kingdom does not make it yours. Possession does not make the throne yours. According to their system, rebelling is illegal and therefore any rebellion is not legal. Any gains from rebelling is ill-gotten and stolen.
  6. It is hard to predict but the answer would depend on whether the Starks are in position to negotiate a peace or if they are badly beaten. If they are in a position to negotiate, what would they do? Does Robb have enough honor and sense of responsibility to do the right thing and force Arya to marry Elmar Frey? Arya's happiness, what she wants to do and doesn't want to do is completely unimportant. What matters is the oath that Robb gave in order to get the Freys to help him. If the Starks are losing badly they will have no room to negotiate. Arya will be married off to a groom chosen by Tywin.
  7. yes
  8. Ah, so this brought back memories of a fun old film called "Where the Boys Are".
  9. Good answer. The value of the human commodity is very high and thus lucrative. The more lucrative, the more incentive for the traders to take the risk. The Dothraki are a powerful force in Essos, the most powerful, and they can go anywhere they please. Mantarys will not win a fight against the horse lords and they will be smart enough to just the Dothraki pass.
  10. In terms of most powerful there are none that can equal the last moments of Game of Thrones. And for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons. The return of the dragons is the most significant moment. Daenerys Targaryen became the mother of dragons and a great destiny is set.
  11. Sansa is annoying, dull, dumb, selfish, and a Stark. All negatives in my opinion. I hate Sansa almost as much as I hate Jon and Arya. Oh, and this is not a hate post. I am simply giving you an honest answer to the question you are asking. You wanted to know why I hate Sansa and there is my answer.
  12. To be fair, Ned is used to seeing the long face of the north. So he goes to the tourney in the south and sees a better proportioned face. Even a mildly attractive Ashara would light his senses. Ashara is beautiful but she's not in the same league as the Targaryen women and perhaps not even in the same league as Cersei Lannister.
  13. The problem is, Bran also uses Hodor for his own selfish reasons and not out of necessity. Bran is doing unethical things. That said, Arya is the evil one in the Stark family right now. Bran is not evil. He's just emotionally sick.
  14. My thanks to you all for the continued interest in this old post of mine.