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  1. Quentyn came to dance with dragons. He brought a signed agreement to the ballroom but it was not enough. He pushed the boundaries and learned that dragons are dangerous playmates. This is the kind of dance where you can die if your steps aren't good enough. Victarion is coming to dance with dragons. He brings a Dragonbinder to the ball. Will it be enough to get a dance with a dragon? Marwyn is coming to dance with dragons. He brings knowledge to the ball. It takes three to get it right. Dragons are not to be taken lightly. So which of the remaining "suitors" will do well in the ballroom and get a dance with the dragon?
  2. All men must die. Death comes for every one eventually. He died because it was his time to die. It was foolhardy to steal a dragon. Too many things can go wrong. One did and it was enough to get him killed. So what is the purpose of his arc? The plot has been steadily building connections between Daenerys and Westeros. Many come seeking the Dragon Queen. Quentyn's story built a connection between Daenerys and Dorne. It's just one more thread between Daenerys and Westeros. Quentyn came to dance with dragons. Quentyn came to dance with dragons. He brought a signed agreement to the dance but it was not enough. He pushed the boundaries and learned that dragons are dangerous playmates. This is the kind of dance where you can die if your steps aren't good enough. Victarion is coming to dance with dragons. He brings a Dragonbinder to the dance. Will it be enough? Marwyn is coming to dance with dragons. He brings knowledge. It takes three to get it right. So which of the remaining suitors will do well in the ballroom and get a dance with the dragon?
  3. Robert was not delusional. He didn't have multiple personality disorder. I don't see any indication that he was mad. What I do see is a fool.
  4. He was a pretty good commander on the battlefield but Robb was no king. Given the simple and direct nature of battles, that is to win, Robb did fine. However, when it came time to judge people and carry out justice, the boy was a complete failure. When it came time to honor his oaths, Robb was a failure. He is very much like his bastard brother. Both decide based on feelings. He wanted Jeyne, not a Frey bride and an oath was not going to stop him from following his heart. That's poor material for a king. He lacked self-discipline. Politician is a pretty vague term. When a person is a good politician, it means they are keenly aware of the feelings of other people and what motivates other people. A good politician is also a good communicator. Naturally, a good politician knows how to listen. The politician is also good at selling to other people and sway them to their point of view. A good politician has appeal and charisma. Last but not least, a good politician knows when and how much to compromise. The politician knows which promises can be broken and which cannot. Robb was lacking in a lot of these qualities. Understand, I am not hating on Robb like I usually do when we discuss the Starks. Robb will do what is right until it conflicts with something he really wants, like Jeyne. And to those who want to downplay this, it is serious. Because Robb had a duty to think of the welfare of his bannerman and the people who depend on him to win this war. When he chose to follow his heart instead of his oaths, that basically meant he chose the path of self-gratification (getting Jeyne) instead of the path of maximizing their chances of winning the war.
  5. Option 2 is his best chance. Doing so will mean Sansa will forever become Alayne. She marries Harry under the false identity of Alayne is one thing. May as well become Alayne for good and marry under that name.
  6. Only the ruling monarch can legitimize a bastard. So this is not happening unless LF can find a way to boot Cersei and the Lannisters from power. Aside from that, I agree with the persuasive power of cash over a proud but cash poor house.
  7. I imagine this is a charming place by the standards of Westeros and the period. Assume you are lowborn with gold to invest in a small to medium sized business. Tell me this. Would your purchase this inn? What improvements would you make? Do you have any ideas to increase the revenue? How many people will you employ and what qualities do you look for? You decided against buying the inn. What business would you buy in its place and why? Inn at the Crossroad or the Quill and Tankard. Use your best guess. Which is more profitable? Which business will better fit your management style and why? You chose to build your own inn and instead of buying an existing business. Where would you locate this inn and why? What can you do to maximize your profit at your chosen location? Assume these skilled business owners agreed to mentor you for a year. They agreed to correspond with you and to make themselves available for consultation whenever you need advice. What valuable advice can they each person give you? Lord Walder Frey, Lord Petyr Baelish, Lord Weyman Manderly, Lord Mace Tyrell, and Lord Tywin Lannister.
  8. And that leads to disaster. People who think with their emotions do not do well in a leadership position. Taking Arya away from Ramsay with the intentions of sending her where her husband can't find her was a poor leadership decision. It broke the rules of the watch. It is oathbreaking. But those are not the biggest issues with what Jon did. It started a war with the Boltons is the big problem.
  9. Probably so. Petyr is lord of Harrenhal and lord of the Riverlands. Then again, the snow may trap them in the Vale.
  10. Bad luck. Jorah and his wives were fine. They just had bad luck. Jorah is impotent. The wives were barren. His maester was offing the babies. Any combination of the above.
  11. Jon sent Mance to get his sister. Jon is the mission commander because Mance is following his orders. No offense, but you're going around in circles trying to find an excuse for Jon when there are none. Jon cannot pick and choose whose prisoner Mance is based on his own convenience. He sent Mance to get his sister from the Boltons. He even ordered Edd Tollett to fetch the group of wildling women to help Mance. Jon and Mellisandre tricked Mance and let the man believe they have his son to ensure his cooperation. If Mance is all of that and if he's so valuable then it was fundamentally stupid to risk his life by sending him to get Arya. That was a risky operation. So if this how Jon sees Mance and then he sends him to rescue his sister anyway, that makes Jon a big idiot. Which he sort of is anyway. The real reason why Jon spared Mance Rayder is obvious. Mance told him he disguised himself and entered Winterfell during Robert's visit. Pretty damn impressive and very ballsy. Jon realized the man could help his sister. All of this was done for Arya. Jon was willing to let everything go to hell for Arya. Jon was making idiotic decisions all because he wanted to take his sister away from the Boltons. I'm not saying Jon doesn't have a liking for Mance. He does. But he is also aware that Mance Rayder is a criminal who should be executed. Jon's compromised judgment and his subsequent decision to let Mance go unpunished is because he cared more about his sister than he did about the NW, his job, the kingdom, his oath, and the rules.
  12. I disagree. Waking dragons from stone is the definitive sign of Azor Ahai. I also am in agreement with the OP, the kings in faided raiment were the former versions of Azor Ahai. Those are not the Targaryen kings of Westeros. They predate Valyria. They were encouraging Dany because she is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai. Jon is not Azor Ahai because he will not be coming back. At least not in the form of a man. He may come back as a dog in the form of Ghost but he is not coming back as a man. Good old Bowen made sure of that. I'm not even sure that Jon will come back as a dog. Bowen Marsh and the guys will find Ghost and finish him off too.
  13. Black Walder is the only one of these who acted in the interest of the kingdom. He followed the orders of King's Landing to remove the leader of the rebels from the north and bring a halt to the war. It became the War of the Four Kings, thanks to Black Walder's help. He gets a pardon from me.
  14. Arya, in my opinion, has no role to fight the white walkers. If anything, Arya is one of the baddies because she joined a death cult who does the same thing that the white walkers do, kill people. They worship death. Arya is so messed up now that I don't see her making it back home in one piece. She has become something sickening. An 11 year old who murders people without remorse. I predict she will die while working on her hit list.